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luck little. luck if you got the. limo to. live. this club is hosting a tournament in which teenagers are taking part they are playing a computer game
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a touch of the caribbean crisis or as its better known the cuban missile crisis the game has a historical setting in the united states in the former u.s.s.r. of fighting battles at sea in the air and on the ground do we got them but everybody's dead this video game is based on the actual events of october one thousand nine hundred sixty two a period of confrontation between then u.s. president john kennedy and soviet leader nikita for a show in response to the american deployment to ballistic missiles in turkey targeted may just soviet cities the soviet union retaliated the stationing their own missiles in cuba about time the world found itself one step away from the stance of global nuclear war. the way of life in this small village never changes that's why the appearance of any newcomer in south is a big event. when the first soviet specialists came to the village in august one
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thousand nine hundred sixty two the locals were told to keep their mouths shut. a large plot of land in the village outskirts was fenced off with barbed wire what went on inside that enclosure was kept secret for a long time today and old bunker is in ruins the residents have found a use for everything they could take from those ruins. here for example you see all these places all these are now in grown were set up all the by russian i'm. not even came here now you can see this now you can game and look at this so we are in a place where part of the wall was the border of that there was. his family has been cattle breeders for decades omar lopez largo has a big farm by local standards in autumn nine hundred sixty two cuban military men knocked on his doorstep among them was
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a young officer william rocket almight hello or more hello friend. how are you my friend i haven't seen you for ages. you haven't dropped in for a long time it's been so long since we saw each other how's it going not too bad ok let's go inside. back in one thousand nine hundred sixty two when i'm our first met the cuban military there wasn't time for idle chit chat. the conversation was short and to the point his family was asked to give away their land for the deployment of military hardware brought in by companeros from the soviet union but abram of a came and said that we should leave the house in the next seventy two hours at that time a construction team was already at work here it took them seventy two hours to build a new home for us. camouflaging the missiles under the trees with tents turned out to be an almost impossible task the pantries grew too far away from each other on
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october fourteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty two a u.s. air force surveillance drone flew over the territory of cuba it took several aerial photos cia analysts identified the soviet ballistic nuclear missile launchers on a photograph taken a listen christabel. takes hours of processing and about six hours. of looking at it i was really surprised. this is country is not conducive but it's good for secrecy. out of the group of officers who were sent to kibera nine hundred sixty two a small handful is still alive for many years they have been gathering to mark the anniversary of dispatching the first soviet missiles to what's now known as the island of freedom this time the veterans met the commander of the russian rocketry . before you forget all call of us. in cuba i was division service chief and there's a good surname in the division where i served we had a general is name was general of. in the end they all posed for pictures against
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the background of an r twelve missile the soviet union delivered a total of forty two of these missiles to cuba they were able to reach the us territory in six minutes after launch. world that they were all in order to transport my regiment to the port but their ball we needed eleven seventy carriage trains. with a lifting capacity of sixty tons each woman was. a secret operation to transfer soviet troops to cuba it was code named and there after a town in the north of the soviet union most of the forty thousand troops that took part in that operation was sure that they were going to the north. in september nine hundred sixty two field nurses and i needed on sky i found herself onboard one of these ships a voyage lasted eighteen days and that's the idea we were wearing peasant dresses
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sticks old shoes and ordinary stockings our men the saw that soldiers and officers were dressed in flannel to group shuras with small bathroom for soldiers and big one for officers who knew. all the ships that arrived from the soviet union in one nine hundred sixty two were more than this port the service men proudly got off the ships without hiding their faces alleging that they had arrived in cuba to gather the harvest cause no doubts among the locals the weaponry was discharged in conditions of top secrecy even today the shooting of films here is forbidden. the former participants of those events who guarded the secret cargoes agreed to speak into cameras only inside their cars this was a real real secret movement sometimes people. dying off the lights of st. barry quiet.
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the military tried to stop traffic everything but anyway they say this is a secret. world of cuba see yankee no mother land or death. yes yankee no. local school children know these mottos of the cuban revolution by heart they are still wearing pioneer scarves after the cuban revolution they borrowed that symbol from menu on the soviet union. the morning line up in school looks more like a military ritual. cuban school children study the events of the past fifty years that history lessons prata telling them about the revolution itself a teacher shows a selection of black and white archive on a monitor the schoolchildren are shown how americans carelessly spent their time in a pre-revolutionary cuba as if they were the masters of their own destiny. to me
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fidel is the biggest hero of all heroes whom i know because fidel supported the ideas of our independence as he is a revolutionary oh the only person had to put up resistance to the united states in the time of neo colonialism. the history of the kievan revolution and prevails rise to power i described in the memoirs of witnesses and in photographs today one can find these publications at bookstores in the center of havana historian thomas d.s. is a frequent guest here some new books including foreign literature and human history have appeared here more recently. this book reminds me of my youth. it was printed in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine you could usually find these cards gather an entire collection of these cards in the top a history of the cuban revolution.
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local historians claim to have been moving three hundred fifty attempts to assassinate fidel castro the leader of the cuban revolution according to them the cia was the main offender. bortle one of the three hundred fifty six assassination attempts on fidel's life was supposed to take place in mid september one thousand nine hundred sixty during his visit to the united nations headquarters the thing is there was a poisoned cigar got that the policeman responsible for the operation refused to obey orders thus the wording that the cia operation in one nine hundred sixty. in one nine hundred sixty one a year before soviet missiles were deployed in cuba the cia had worked out a military operation to bring down fidel's government a group of american trained cuban emigrants landed in cuba's play of pigs so quiet it on the superior forces of fidel castro stopped their offensive by next may day
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the attempt to seize power fails. the bay of pigs but that is after. it was poorly done. and can of the had stopped the. head had stopped. the navy from giving support i mean it was strictly. the the red rebellious force that when and which was a bad bad move on the part account the place. ever out of though was only twenty when the bay of pigs battle took place little has changed since then. he hasn't been here for forty years but he had no difficulty finding the place where the american send forces landed. the government forces fought for every millimeter of land after the battle was over one revolutionary soldier wrote cuba on the sand to mark the
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victory. at vancouver kauai and the most powerful u.s. warship the houston was sitting over there. it carried a lot of weapons and foodstuffs. fidel arrived here on a tank with a hundred millimeter gun he fired four or five times at that ship sank and it tilted and sank this is how we achieved what we wanted hello if we. later the military museum was opened in the bay of pigs devoted to the legendary battle a cuban military plane which took part in the events was installed near the entry there are monuments erected along the road to the bay of pigs dedicated to the soldiers who died in the american bombings. more than eighty cuban revolutionaries died in battles against the invaders the local residents still remember an incident when the invaders tried to burn
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a bus full of volunteers with napalm the volunteers had come to the bay of pigs to help fidel's government troops. that are. hello hello so good to see you. by my father my brother my sister's husband and my wife's two brothers four together with me here. goodbye so long well so long it was great seeing you not to see you. the soviet union started supplying these planes to cuba shortly after the bay of pigs invasion as a result the most advanced make twenty one fighter jets with trained crew and started patrolling the airspace over the island. through my old friend. have we flown together. how high we used to fly
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and how fast. yes this was a very good craft it has never failed me. at all in september one thousand nine hundred sixty two we were ordered to take these planes to cuba. we didn't feel any danger of course we were so young. because we had been prepared and we were ready for anything. the soviet u.s. standoff grew more tense every day these top secret shots were taken during nuclear tests but a soviet testing ground at that time very few people thought about the real consequences of a nuclear conflict never before had the world been closer to
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has been a submarine commander for twenty years in august nine hundred sixty two he was in charge of one of four submarines left soviet territorial waters for the first time ever they were carrying nuclear arms torpedoes rorik knew nothing about the submarines destination until it reached neutral waters. with but we didn't know what was in this on the lobe when we opened it after leaving cola bay if we saw the route inside even now i remember the coordinates are two hundred twenty degrees from young mine to cuba now during his eighty two years old he was one of the youngest commanders at the time like all the other commanders he had been told to use every weapon available in the event of a confrontation with the enemy you know you have been authorized to use either
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nuclear torpedoes or conventional ones. one nuclear torpedo and twenty conventional torpedoes is nothing to sneeze at you know. that would amount to three torpedoes salvos. meanwhile the cuban missile crisis was rapidly sliding into his darkest moment when president john f. kennedy was told about soviet nuclear missiles in cuba he decided to declare a naval blockade of the island and ships of any kind about to cuba from whatever nation are. whether it found. contain cargoes of offensive weapons be carrying back . the so called hawks among us top military commanders were trying to persuade kennedy to wipe out soviet missile sites in cuba by delivering a first strike the head of strategic air command curtis lemay was the principal advocate of such a solution to the crisis lamaze attitude was. if it's going to war is going to
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come this is the best time because we had superiority over the soviets in terms of numbers. and let me let me when they were asked what he would do it cuba you know what he said he said burn it and he meant it he meant. by late october cuba was ready to face enemy air strikes special shelters had been built in havana and locals had been alerted to the need to start evacuating the city as soon as the signal came through that will at who were in this strange when we saw american aircraft breaking into our airspace so we also saw american naval vessels approaching our country from this trench a passage leads to what is in effect an underground town the tunnel stretch over hundreds of meters several thousand people could find shelter here in the event of a nuclear attack you least on the underground through. that we can see the base of a periscope installed inside. to buy not kill or recently
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a by. then they were in duty twenty four seven. on october the twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred sixty two the world was closer to a nuclear catastrophe than ever before one of the soviet submarines was find out when it surfaced in the south of us to see the sub responded by putting a nuclear top paedo on full alert and that moment a crew member became aware of u.s. seamen trying to establish contact with the best as captain sure sure captain civility brought the submarine to the surface again. when you're asked to look around and see what was going on what. it was there was some confusion on board. as a result the order to fire a nuclear problem torpedo was not given. near which tree. following contact with the americans they stopped firing at the submarine if the
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situation had dragged on for another two minutes the nuclear talk radio in the first compartment would have been launched marking a point of no return. what are the. cause along with this is the torpedo compartment will. not appear that there were twenty torpedoes including a nuclear one warship in this torpedo to book i'm only pretty cool no threat what these handles could have sent the air into the launcher. and this high pressure air injection could fire a self. of one nuclear or five conventional torpedoes all. october the twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred sixty two was dubbed black saturday that same day there was another incident in cuba a u.s. spy plane was flying over the island photographing soviet rockets it was shot down by the soviet and missile defense system. they have the
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order and they. obeyed the order so they shut down. they used to and this is the engine of the one part of the main part of the engine. they are leaving the on the next it's a crisis. alexander says always one of the offices of the air defense unit that was ordered to destroy target thirty three the plane piloted by rudolf anderson after it was brought down is over and many other officers have been told to get ready for war. as we waited for them to strike back we sort of withdrew into ourselves there was a complete silence your no talking and no emotions. everybody was in anticipation of further events without knowing how it all would work out.
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at the last moment when tensions and reached their peak the kremlin and the white house found a compromise. christophe had responded to a us offer a security guarantees for cuba by deciding to have the missiles dismantled when the news reached the cuban leader fidel castro he flew into a rage the decision had been taken to hide his back one of the most seasoned soviet cantinas. went to van after talks with castro. when the talks got under way my father received a message from moscow saying that my mother had died my father was in no position to go back to the news had a visible effect on castro people who showed a good deal of compassion for my father he said he respected him for staying behind and i'm sure this helped the talks. the blockade of cuba was lifted and operation got underway to remove the soviet missiles from the island they were being loaded on to upper decks without disguising them in any way the
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americans saw that the russians weren't fooling them those were not mockups of missiles but real hardware. the key difference job meanwhile gave himself credit for resolving the critical situation emerged in the wake of the cuban missile crisis. direct threat of a world thermonuclear war which has emerged in connection with the crisis in the area of the caribbean sea has been diffused. i mean those who were involved in operation were awarded no medals or other distinctions. felt the americans had not been julian pressed by the soviet union's military might he focused his anger on the submariners. he accused them of cowardice because they had failed to reach cuba but there was no point in arguing with him fully. in those years even top military leaders couldn't approach crucial unless they have to. tell you was impulsive. when you realize the snap of somebody's fingers will have you
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traveled under force there was a dreadful experience. later cantona rurik yet of and the captains of three other submarines experienced many humiliating moments. they weren't given their june for the fact that they had been able to keep their heads in a very difficult situation. and have resorted to their right to use nuclear weapons because perceive there was no thanks at all but i'd rather not talk about it i don't want to frame my nerves the commanders had a very hard time yes we were dragged through the mud but what about our subordinates including my crew do you think anybody ever thank them for the eighty day mission. time seems to have come to a standstill here revolutionary posters and linen suspended from ropes showing
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through the windows. plush american cabriolet is the best reminders of the so-called colonial era before the revolution. drivers make a special point of avoiding any discussions with foreigners about cuba's current policies not all don't talk to our politics or get out of here no no no forget our politics. i live here q where you go back to russia but i live here. at a nest of frogger finds it quite difficult to run a private business and be a taxi driver for tourists in cuba these days. numerous bans within the country are only part of the story an economic embargo on cuba has been in effect for fifty years already. less than two hundred kilometers separates cuba from the united states that no u.s. made commodities can reach the island.
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cubans are still crowning the benefits of the revolution despite the embargo and the difficult economic situation. festive atmosphere is present in the streets of havana around. the daughter of the former officer of the cuban army william rockit is about to get married william shows old photos to his future son in law as it tells him about his family one of them features an old friend alexander markov a soviet pilot who took part in the events of the cuban missile crisis the two offices correspondent for years before the internet came to cuba then they switched to skype. t.v. yirrkala alex gentle be aired alex how you doing man. hello william how's your family how's life. mine is ok how's your family.
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we're ok. visit us some time. marsha good you know alex i might come to moscow soon. yeah looking forward to seeing you in my home village. nothing anywhere by. today the caribbean or cuban missile crisis computer game is popular among those who could be the sons the real participants of the one nine hundred sixty two events now with the help of computer graphics it's possible to imagine how the events could have turned out if the soviet union and the us didn't find a compromise the worst outcome possible a new clear pocalypse. actually there little this looks less realistic in a game than in real life or just in anything like that ever occurred in real life there wouldn't have been us or a video games. like this left chela share with the winner of this tournament most of the contestants couldn't make it to the finals and the game begins once again
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regardless in real life however there is no such thing as a reset after a nuclear disaster. i shall be soon which brightened if you want someone from finest impressions. whose frame starts on t.v. dot com.
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