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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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lebannon inflame is violent protests rage on into the night across the country with several demonstrators killed following the funeral of the slain security chief. dozens killed as the former stronghold of moammar gadhafi sees another assault by pro-government militias a year after the western backed libyan revolt we talk with a man whose family is trapped in the besieged city. of or in kuwait city over one hundred people wounded by rubber bullets shot by police and demonstrators angry at me with men than for the voting laws.
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five am in moscow. bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news we begin in lebanon where mass protests in beirut are raging into the night with shots fired in the southern district of the capital residents also report hearing ambulance sirens those no information on any casualties even while in lebanon's northern city tripoli armed clashes have left at the four dead including two children tear gas was fired by the army into a coup to control hundreds of angry demonstrators after the funerals of those killed in friday's car bombing artie's arena the loucheux has been following the protest in beirut which supposedly started as a peaceful procession. it started off as a substantially a peaceful and rather more or march during the funeral of the of the police official who was killed on friday in the bomb blast that one often and it got so. then several hundreds of those people branched out and went on to storm the office
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of the prime minister they were the ones who had flags up the free syrian army or rather the syrian opposition and also kind of once they got there the starting point rocks and of course the very heavy police presence when trends started firing tear gas and also fired several rounds of live shots into the air is the only that there are people who are heard but not by the gunshots just sister mrs that followed the protests that you get very far he was in the christian quarter of the vote on friday afternoon killing eight people among them police intelligence chiefs with some of her son who is known for his active and serious downs and a lot of his supporters are saying that in fact it's syria that was behind this terror act in the on friday it holds for i think your rage on sunday for. the situation in lebanon and over in
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a very it's. a growing number of lebanese accuse the regime in neighboring syria for friday's deadly blast but our international relations professor mark almond thinks the assad regime would be the last to benefit from the situation. if you think about the legacy of. two thousand and five that played very heavily in syria where we're due to. be. sued and we can to assad's government directly we want to be able to was because it's all too easy to point the finger at them they are so you have demonized in west maybe. you said you were talking on the other hand perhaps you are cynical. this would be a very good way of getting outside forces almost on. and maybe they don't decide to the poor. little schoolteacher who was expendable that could have happened we don't know the could be entirely internal ribbons reason so you know i don't get political we just want to root the business trip matching the risk to them so i
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think to leap to the moment in this huge pressure to do it is. meanwhile in syria a car explosion hit damascus sunday killing at least thirteen and wounding dozens more a taxi rigged with explosives blew up outside a police station in a busy neighborhood no one's admitted to the blast with the latest in a series of deadly bombings in syria biggest cities in the last few months previously rebels and al-qaeda linked groups said they were behind such attacks the latest blast comes as the international peace envoy met syria's president to try to broker a what i'm. going to settle on it was me editor in chief of the syria tribune media traveling blog thinks the blast is aimed at blowing railing peace efforts at the boards of. meat. they are trying to destroy what they are bringing me is trying to do obviously there are countries that are not happy about. any success that any brahimi may have it all depends on the will of the countries backing that up the
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rebel groups are all controlled from the outside if somebody gives your money weapons and means of communication this means they can control you and these countries can have that or will cease fire in forty eight hours or even less if they are if they have that will be the rebels have absolutely no prospect of achieving what they want or what what can happen at the moment is a longing to struggle to weaken syria more and more and this is what we se as hope will not happen in new spate of deadly violence in the siege of bani walid in libya a former stronghold of ex libyan leader moammar gadhafi the libyan army and a loyalist militia have been shelling the town accusing those inside of kidnappings are he's spoken to one man whose family is currently in bani walid who asked us to shield his identity as he explain what's going on because he says he's scared for his life you may find some of the video in the upcoming report upsetting. i have of course from my family when they told me that the situation there right there is
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really hard of all there is a horrible. everywhere in this city the civilians building our fallen down even the venue where. we don't have a lot of medicine right now the house the hospital keep in the in the people outside from the hours within three weeks there is no food can go inside but only because of the militias that it's around but nobody the closing the rolls that is the food in the few there are one and then away from the three sides these the house that the iraqi women's and i actually found even a. really good at this a million. i mean well lead siege has resonated also in libya's capital where hundreds gathered to protest against the deadly bombings they've reportedly broken into an area around the parliament venting fieri over the attacks that have left dozens dead and hundreds injured in the past few days as
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a kiwi editor pat africa news wire says those who backed the libyan revolution should share responsibility for the turmoil. obviously the government is behind this siege of bani walid it's clearly a violation of international law of human rights norms why are they targeting this town of one hundred thousand people this is totally unjustified and i think the state department should really be called out for not condemning this siege on body wiley because they in fact it was that of backing the general national congress government as a pro us regime only reason why the united states and nato went into libya in the first place was regime changed to seize and privatized the oil industry in that country and also to seize the foreign assets of the libyan government which was in excess of some one hundred sixty billion dollars there was absolutely no justification whatsoever for the war that was waged against libya last year's
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report it. in kuwait more than one hundred people including eleven police officers have been injured in clashes protesters took to the streets demonstrating against a change to voting laws police use rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds gathering to vent anger with the government for what they say is a constitutional to the opposition says the amendments to be electoral laws give the government an advantage and have called for a boycott of the parliamentary elections scheduled for december first kuwait seen regular protests demanding democratic reforms for more than a year eric draitser from stopping the period was a dot com thinks the wave one arrest hasn't got enough international attention because it's in the u.s. strategic interest to keep the monarchy in power. point kuwait has long been a client state of the united states and more and more kuwait plays a central role in the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council on kuwait it's been used as a weapon by the us as a foothold in the region along the persian gulf and kuwait continues to fill that
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role it's a country that we don't hear so much about in the headlines but it is very much part and parcel of us that gemini in the middle east the the western media which is controlled by the same interests which control wall street the western media it's not in their interest to tell the story of bahrain or kuwait in bahrain the united states has military interests as well as political and propaganda interests bahrain is a client of the saudis which is in turn a client of the united states kuwait similarly is also a client state and for that reason you don't hear about rampant human rights abuses you don't hear about the attack on working people the way you do in places like libya or syria which were long since on the u.s. get lists. in the program of spain suffering a lots of economic troubles now facing a new challenge a separatist movement in one of the richest spanish regions could come to fruition after the results are released of sunday's regional voting plus. russia's ra's
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fast said to be the world's largest most of the oil producers of britain's b.p. plans to get rid of its troubled portion of the joint russian venture all that and more after the break. the north cost terrorist attack. ex hostages blunders into their lives after the tragedy. still gives try to cross over the past. because their future. be written. surviving terrorism ten years on r.g.p. . fifty feet. fifty.
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about humans and work this is why you should care only on the.
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thanks for staying with us here on our team thirteen minutes past the hour now the cia wants to expand its fleet of drones and try to tap the white house to get the green light for the move earlier this week it would let the pentagon potentially increase its operations abroad including regular strikes in pakistan the cia's request came shortly after new troubling statistics emerged on attacks that officially target militants pakistan's interior minister said more than two thousand people killed by american drones eighty percent of them were civilians made correction from pakistan's political lobbying group says washington's only creating more militants but some of its tactics. this is a major blow. to diplomacy and position in pakistan in this is the first time that
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a senior official actually come out to say this make this kind of a statement there's no evidence that the drones have actually helped buckstone control the militants on the contrary pakistan has been very much very successful lives in the military in flushing out a terrorist from the northern region of so wide that in two thousand and nine and clearing and cleaning up that entire area and if now we see a resurgence of some of the activity of the terrorists it is because of these safe havens on the what i would call the american side of the border which is the afghan side of the border ninety six incursions from the of gun territory into pakistan resulting in killing of banks and soldiers and bugs and civilians. emerged this week that it could claim the title of the world's biggest list of the oil producer it could be russian giant ross neff after britain's b.p. moved to sell its fifty percent stake in its joint venture in russia t.n. k b p in return b.p. gets fifteen percent of raw snap and around seventeen billion in cash the state owned oil major actually wants to get its hands on all of t. and k.b.
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eat and is apparently holding talks with its other shareholders if signed the overall deal is set to become the second biggest oil agreement ever. well a new top dog in global oil is bound to have some ripples across the industry r.t. dot coms business section is on top of all of that you can check it out online. there is all to play for in monday's final and crucial debate between the main u.s. presidential candidates as polls put barack obama and mitt romney running neck and neck and while the sound bites out of the sound bites nationwide television the other contenders say they are being sidelined green party presidential nominee joel stein and her running mate were arrested this week after trying to make their way to the venue for a last tuesday's debate stein blames the system for locking out nearly a third of the country's population at the upcoming vote green party campaign manager ben mann ski believes the two party system is down to outdated laws and corporate influence the reality is that there's nothing in our constitution which
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prevents a multi-party system from emerging here in the u.s. but we do have laws on the books all across the country and we also have the actions of private corporations that have grown up over the last sixty years to prevent independent parties from challenging the two establishment parties here in the united states the laws that we have in the books prevent or make it very difficult for independent parties to get on the ballot to give voters that choice those laws date from the cold war they date from the mccarthy era and which there was a fear of communism and socialism and they tried to make it very difficult for progressive parties in particular to emerge here at the green party we have overcome many of those challenges jill stein is on eighty five percent of the ballots yet there still preventing her from taking part in the debate if you look at the success of the green party despite all the obstacles we face it says that there is a great demand for the greens people vote for the greens here in the u.s. . tell boaters keep their options open the other candidates through the mainstream
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media blackout in their own televised debate brought to you by r t america we're also keeping a close eye on the upcoming vote on our web site. there who are on the rise. for dismissal of the offensive. stuff you will see if you want to look to see. there's a push against cuts in britain where around one hundred thousand people turned out in london to protest against austerity scuffles or erupted immediately after the march as hundreds of protesters broke away and tried to storm shops saturday's rally in london was organized by trade unions and attracted people from across the country prime minister david cameron recently warned of more tough decisions for the struggling economy ok sorry for. many people that turned out that is against the cuts they say. the economy now there are people from all walks of life said there are no this is worried about the n.h.s.
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there are police officers all feed the world worried about cuts the frontline services in amongst the people you see many many families up all across the age range but they've been affected in some way by the continued cuts my parents rely on the n.h.s. you can see cars getting worse my son to stephen he's paying nine grand a year in fees i work in the country sector and legal aid is being caught so we went with nine hundred people and i won't be able to get the same help from the next year they just protect their rights they protect the interest of the rich and they build out fear in the people who are it now because it's not just britain that's been affected the starts the cuts in europe why the euro crisis rumbles on we see. taking great the specially in the last month in spain in greece across the year i say to people that's simply saying that they've had enough here in london now that thousand that they've come out here so much against we'll start. the rally
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in britain echoed feelings elsewhere in europe with angry crowds gathering in spain in greece tens of thousands of greeks descended on athens. with police as a nationwide strike got underway in madrid parents teachers and students march to condemn imminent government cuts to education and cap three days of industrial action but the hands on a purse strings are moving further away from national capitals the e.u. leaders are going to give more power to brussels with a deal that could bring centralized banking supervision researcher durham russo's know some that will help solve the crisis until it tackles the root cause. being that we've learned over the past couple of years is that when you're in the years they do something about that in this crisis they usually mean the exact opposite and in one sense on the see the end of the price of the site probably needs to step into the pressure i don't agree start next to one of contracts in the economy in fact playing not employing them to twenty five percent that you have regions in
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spain which are demanding secession you have actually. fascist forces on the rise in the move that we haven't seen since the one nine hundred thirty s. so the really what's happening here is that the spreads these are actually spinning out of these things are getting a lot worse and the stomach completely bananas to address any of the structural problems which include most importantly the debt the embrace between more financial sector which is completely insolvent and a series of states which are going to be over i'm going to turn now to some other stories making international headlines israel's prime minister has announced construction in east jerusalem will go ahead despite palestinian claims the proposed area as part of their capital city the palestinian leader and the european union have criticized the new building plan describing netanyahu as actions as destructive to the peace plan for the region the two sides have been embroiled in a turf war over ownership of jerusalem since one thousand nine hundred seventy. three people killed four wounded after a gunman opened fire near a mall in the u.s.
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state of wisconsin the shooter forty five year old radcliffe haughton was found dead of self-inflicted. after a six hour manhunt that locked down the shopping center the attack was the second mass shooting in wisconsin this year. eleven suspected al qaeda linked militants have been arrested in jordan authorities say the detained were planning to attack shopping malls and western diplomatic missions in the country in the foil plot that on the u.s. ally smuggled weapons and explosives from syria were to be used it's the first planned attack to be intercepted since a triple hotel bombing in amman almost seven years ago. pro palestinian activists and european m.p.'s aboard a gaza bowed humanitarian ship have been detained upon arrival at an israeli port the vessel was commandeered by israeli troops during the latest attempt to break the blockade of the palestinian coastal territory two years ago a similar enterprise ended tragically when nine activists were killed as their freedom flotilla was raided by israeli troops victorious duran from the company
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that owns this latest vessel and says their missions won't be held back from bringing international attention to gaza's plight. we can achieve that we can make the international community to focus on the fact that the blockade still is going on that it is a siege and the heat is getting worse year by year and we are doing is actually able to w.h.o. munni said save the children and fifty other n.g.o.s are saying that. the blockade has to end it is now its sixth year and he'll say that there are. true situation she un situation the health situation is deteriorating you dettori eighteen all the time. pro independence parties have one bass country elections in spain this poses are new challenge for the government it could mean
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that one of the country's richest regions catalonia would also push for independence economics blogger gonzalo lira says the debt crisis is the main reason behind the desire to break away with the economic problems and economic discontent you have the urge to split away from the majority because you feel that the majority as a minority you feel that the majority is not cognizant of your problems is not help you to overcome and it's a certain kind of blinders that the minorities will have that they feel that they are not being taken care of when in fact everybody suffer equally and this is the case in spain everybody suffering under the sea and step by step alone ians by them each independent region each of you just on this region feels a day in particular are being made to suffer its impact the entire country to be a huge unemployment issue in spain fifty percent youth unemployment and twenty five percent adult unemployment and the problem of these fire really. a crisis that spain faces which is not going to have a happy ending and which is going to require drastic cuts. and just
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a generalized economic reboot of the country and that's why you're seeing so much protests and so much political gains from the independence from what's. next what could have led to world war three a closer look at the cuban missile crisis stay with us. download the official ati up locations to yourself and choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's now t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. at any time and.
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for a decade the north forced terrorist attack. x. hostages blood us into their lives and after the tragedy. still gives try to cross over the past. because their future will be written. surviving terrorism ten years on our team.
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well look. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've dumped a huge earth covered. this club is hosting a tournament in which teenagers are taking part they are playing a computer game a touch of the caribbean crisis or as its better known the cuban missile crisis the game has a historical setting in the united states in the former u.s.s.r. and fighting battles at sea in the air and on the ground we got there but everybody's dead this video game is based on the actual events of october one
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thousand nine hundred sixty two a period of confrontation between then u.s. president john kennedy and soviet leader nikita for shawls in response to the american deployment of ballistic missiles in turkey targeted it may just soviet cities the soviet union retaliated the stationing their own missiles in cuba about the time the world found itself one step away from the start of a global nuclear war. the way of life in this small village never changes that's why the appearance of any newcomer in south is a big event. when the first soviet specialists came to the village in august one thousand nine hundred sixty two the locals were told to keep their mouths shut. a launch plot of land in the village outskirts was fenced off with barbed wire what went on inside that enclosure was kept secret for a long time today and no bunker is in ruins the residents have found
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a use for everything they could take from those ruins. here for example you see all these places all these. are now in grown. set up all the by russian i'm. not even came here now you can see this now you can game. so we are in a place where part of the wall was the border of the their war. his family has been cattle breeders for decades omar lopez largo has a big farm by local standards in autumn nine hundred sixty two cuban military men knocked on his doorstep among them was a young officer william racquetball might hello or more hello friend. how are you my friend i haven't seen you for ages. you haven't dropped in for a long time it's been so long since we saw each other how's it going not too bad ok let's go and turn. back in one thousand nine hundred sixty two when i'm our first
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met the cuban military there wasn't time for idle chit chat. the conversation was short and to the point his family was asked to give away their land for the deployment of military hardware brought in by companeros from the soviet union but abramoff they came and said that we should leave the house in the next seventy two hours at that time a construction team was already at work here it took them seventy two hours to build a new home for us. camouflaging the missiles under the trees with tents turned out to be an almost impossible task the pantries grew too far away from each other on october fourteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty two a u.s. air force surveillance drone flew over the territory of cuba it took several aerial photos cia analysts identified the soviet ballistic nuclear missile launchers on a photograph taken over san cristobal. takes hours of processing and about six hours.


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