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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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and welcome back to the big picture i'm sam sachs coming up in this half hour ohio is always a major player in presidential elections and it's not going to be any different this year knowing its importance how are republicans trying to steal ohio from it and first they came for your schools then they came for your hospitals and now the corporations are coming for your private land how do we stop the corporatocracy
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monster before it's too late and the answer in tonight's they only take. so in case you didn't notice there was not a single mention of the ongoing euro zone crisis in last night's debate not a single mention of the fact that the entire global financial system financed by over a quadrillion dollars in debt to maintain the standard of living in the west is crumbling right before our very eyes in europe and will soon hit the shores of the united states and greece things are getting really bad austerity imagination is increasing the popularity of extremist political parties the violent neo nazi golden dawn political party is making huge gains in the polls in greece as austerity continues to rip the greek economy to shreds a new report shows that golden dawn is now the third most. a popular political
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party in greece with fourteen percent backing now that's twice as much support as the party how did in june of this year golden dawn has managed to attract support by rolling an anti austerity platform into their larger anti immigrant and anti-homosexual agenda and their fears agrees that the rise in popularity of golden dawn may come with a rise in hate crimes against immigrants minorities and homosexuals. let's see the tear economic conditions propel extremist leaders into government i think we've seen this tune played out before there's times take. tough economic times make people desperate and in that despair they sometimes turn to liars hustlers an outright psychopaths who promise them everything but actually plotting to wipe them out clean them up consider the economic chaos in the united states of chicago to selma after the civil war that war had wrought incredible damage and on top of that
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the economy was changing at a blinding speed because of both the industrial revolution and abraham lincoln having subsidized coast to coast rail lines white people were out of work and in crisis so the k.k.k. came along and promised to help out saying that all their problems were because of those freed slaves taking their jobs that one day their neighborhoods and their governments would be run by those same free slaves just like the very first feature length movie ever made birth of a nation check that out if you want to see the ultimate k.k.k. recurring film. similarly in europe after world war one the chaos in germany caused by the treaty of versailles reparations brought the german middle class to its knees and adolf hitler promised to help in spain and italy it was a similar stories those nations struggle to recover from world war one leading to the rise of franco in most a loony so here we are now with a serious economic crisis in the western world caused by american and european
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banks toure's stealing trillions of dollars but in greece which doesn't have its own currency anymore and chose to use the international banks to zero they've repeatedly gone along with the bankers demand that greece take money from their poor working class people to make the already rich bankers even richer and the greek people are really really upset so now along comes the greek reincarnation of the nazi party a hard right bunch called the golden dog that not only wants to go after all the immigrants in the country but also wants to go after the banks toure's they're fascists literally they call themselves that and the logos a variation on the swastika but they want to go after the banks tears and in large part because of that in the last election they got eighteen seats in parliament and they're growing again according to some estimates as many as thirty five hundred greeks have committed suicide since the banking collapse started and the bankers
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demanded the greek government cover the cost of the bank's crimes. but there are alternatives in iceland which was hit harder by the banks or crisis than any country in the world the people voted twice to tell the banks no yes let it banks there's a lot of the government to make them whole but the icelandic people told the bags to go to hell they fired the bankers and some of them are actually facing criminal charges and iceland with a relative autonomy of having their own currency like the rest of the scandinavian countries. it's doing pretty well right now the fastest growing economies all of your a subtext to both of these stories is that inequality is rising quickly in all of the countries of europe that are embracing the same sort of austerity the republican party is pushing here in the united states and that inequality has its own side of things. meanwhile the nations is said no to the banks toure's and to austerity ice land in scandinavia and the scandinavian countries are not only do in
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five but they're also seeing the lower levels of inequality and thus their economies are doing better and they're not seeing the high levels of under rouse that showing up in greece. so here's a tip when it comes to stealing a presidential election it really doesn't require that much effort it doesn't require a nation wide conspiracy to stuff ballot boxes or rig voting machines now all that might actually happen on november sixth but it's not really needed it doesn't take all that much planning an execution to tip an election to one side or the other especially in a close election which this one is very likely to be you see a close election all it takes is an operation in one state heck even one county to steal the election think palm beach county in florida in two thousand or think ohio in two thousand and four or think ohio again in two thousand and twelve as poster
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nate silver with a five thirty eight blog at the new york times wrote today the chances that ohio will decide the entire election this year are now fifty fifty silver writes quote we're now running about forty thousand electoral college simulations each day in the simulations that we ran on monday became that who won ohio won the election roughly thirty eight thousand times or in about ninety five percent of the cases ohio is central enough in the election melech total math excuse me about it now seems to matter as much as the other forty nine states put together. in other words if you want to steal the election set up shop in toledo which is what secretary of state john who state is doing when he's declaring his war on early voting keep an eye on that recently tom took on the vulnerability of our elections ever since we decided to privatized the vote in america take a look. here in the united states from coast to coast we have privatized the vote
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and in doing so we've removed the lynchpin holding together our democracy. several european nations including ireland germany and the netherlands have experimented with and then did electronic voting machines in fact germany's supreme court ruled that evo two machines were unconstitutional and ireland sold theirs for a penny on the dollar as scrap metal but here in the united states we continue to put out more and more evo to machines owned by corporations that seem to have vested political interests that's despite the fact that it's pretty well documented to such machines may have flipped political races in favor of republicans take for example what happened in nebraska in one thousand nine hundred six republican chuck hagel running on an evo d. machine company security security huge contract to sell as machines to nebraska then decided to run for senate in nebraska against ben nelson and guess what despite being a long shot candidate badal won or at least that's what is known voting machines
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calculator at least some of them the washington post said this following the surprise victory a victory against an incumbent democratic governor was the major republican upset in the november election that says in nationwide as bev harris who wrote the book on black box voting pointed out a goal inexplicably won nearly every voter demographic and one in largely african-american communities that had never even voted republican he was the first republican senator elected in nebraska twenty four years and he was elected in part on these voting machines something similar happened in georgia in two thousand and two according to polls heading into election day. democratic senator max cleland had a five point lead over his republican challenger saxby chambliss but after the votes were counted on the machines chambliss ended up winning by seven points not a single poll heading into the election showed chambliss with a lead let alone a seven point lead yet that's what the corporate voting machine said happened no paper trail no record and chambliss went on to serve in the senate despite all this
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weird stuff with evoking machines in two thousand and two george w. bush signed into law the help america vote act which set aside three point nine billion dollars for polling stations to replace traditional voting methods with evo the machines and since then our use of the voting in our life has exploded ahead of the two thousand and four election the c.e.o. of a major evolving machine company promised to deliver ohio's electoral votes to george w. bush of course bush narrowly won ohio and the numerous well documented accounts of election fraud in that state including ballot box stuffing voter caging and you guessed it evoking machine manipulation in two thousand and seven three years after the election ohio's secretary of state concluded in an official study that the state's evo the machines had quote critical security failures that could impact the integrity of elections in the buckeye state and of quote in other words the ohio election could have easily been stolen or delivered to bush just as c.e.o.
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promised that's what happens when you privatized voting we handed over to private for profit corporations and now history is repeating itself. heading into this year's election a quarter of all of its castle be on evolving machines that don't have paper trails and have been shown over and over again to be easily hacked and some of these machines just so happen to be owned by people affiliated with mitt romney as the free press reported bain alumni now raising big money as romney bundlers are also in the electronic voting machine business this appears to be a repeat of the infamous former c.e.o. of de bold wally o'dell who raised money for bush while his company supplied voting machines and election management software in the two thousand and four election in texas washington colorado hawaii oklahoma and ohio evo two machines will be used that are owned by a company called heart intercity heart inner civic is partly owned by
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a capital investment firm known as capital eleven investors of hiv capital used to work at mitt romney's bain capital and two of them are currently bundlers for the romney campaign in other words the private operators of these evo t. machines may have already picked the guy they want to win this is not how our democracy should work even if it's not this bad just looking this bad but this is what happens when you privatized the vote we've devoted many segments of the show to this creeping privatization agenda the efforts to inject the profit motive into our commons from water facilities in detroit schools and chicago public parks in benton harbor michigan we the people's democratic control of our commons is being taken away by transnational corporations. these are critical sins against democracy violations of democracy but privatizing the vote itself is a moral sin and
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a mortal sin actually against democracy itself and this sin might be what hands this year's election off to the oligarchy once again this is they've been doing since two thousand thomas paine described the vote as the beating heart of democracy if we could private it we could talk about privatizing schools or water supplies but the vote the thing that is at the center of the entire thing this needs to become a major issue we need to do like ireland and sell these machines as if they were just scrap metal pennies on the dollar and get rid of them. i will fight all the networks i also promised that i'd fight every single day from every murder you. take over. my own place.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country music stars are a fool you know what that is my terrorist cells in your neighborhood all want to keep us safe to featurism the olympics and the christian public schools can secure
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beliefs about it's. going to school for you to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that. and welcome back one more story tonight about the election and while the polls in the united states may show a dead heat in the race for the white house when you ask foreign nations who they want the next president to be well it's a landslide the b.b.c. surveyed more than twenty one thousand people in twenty one different nations and on average fifty percent of respondents shows president obama and only nine percent
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chose mitt romney france was the biggest supporter of obama with seventy two percent hoping for a reelection the only country that supported romney over obama was oddly pakistan and i'm guessing that has something to do with the incessant drone strikes that are killing innocent pakistani civilians around the clock of course with former bush war advisors like john bolton those drone strikes will only ramp up under a romney presidency and when you take a closer look at the numbers in pakistan they don't really want either of the two candidates in the white house who can blame them but still romney edges out obama in that country which has to mark the first time ever that pakistan and fox so-called news have ever had the same agenda.
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now it's time for tonight's the good the bad and the very very current a c.e.o. a list sleazy ugly the good u.k. drug policy commission the commission made up of leading scientists law enforcement officials and scholars believe a report yesterday recommending the decriminalization of drug possession of small amounts of marijuana the report stated that quote taking drugs does not always cause problems but this is rarely acknowledged by policymakers and also went on to say that quote with some forty two thousand people in england and wales sentence annually for drug possession offenses. and about one hundred sixty thousand given cannabis warnings this amounts to a lot of time and money for police prosecution and courts but those numbers are nothing compared to the us where seven hundred fifty thousand people were charged with marijuana fences and arrested in two thousand and ten alone the u.k. is on the right track to creating sensible drug policies it's time lawmakers in
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washington got on board to another bad ovide lamontagne lamontagne is the republican nominee for governor of new hampshire he was asked by reporters whether pay equity laws like you lilly ledbetter fair pay act are proper exercises of government and rather than support the idea that women should make the same pay as men for the same work lamontagne told the reporter quote i don't know that it's appropriate for the government to continue to micromanage the workplace and quote new hampshire has one of the largest wage gaps in the nation and it looks like if mr lamontagne is elected in november he's content to let grow even more and now the very very young. really pastor robert j. anderson anderson spoke at a panel discussion this past weekend sponsored by the maryland marriage alliance the group trying to block the marriage equality ballot measure in maryland during his speech anderson quoted from the bible using scripture to infer that people are
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worthy of death he then went on to say in a little more bulb only stating quote if we don't vote against it question six then we are proving these things that are worthy of death and quote now i would have preferred pastor anderson read all the other passages about sexuality in the bible you know the ones filled with concubines and slaves and multiple wives you see the bible approves of a lot of bizarre kinky stuff all of that conveniently left out to a pastor anderson's hatred of gays and that is very very ugly. so if the month of october behaves the same way previous months this year of
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behaved and it will break historical records for high temperatures recent data from noah the national oceanic and atmospheric administration shows that the world just experienced its hottest month of september ever average temperatures during the month were one point two one degrees above the normal average and it continues a disturbing streak of warm temperatures the first nine months of this year have recorded the eight eight hottest average temperatures in the history of the world. now september also saw arctic ice reach its smallest levels ever recorded what this means is climate change is not only happening it's speeding up and it's speeding up because political leaders in the united states and canada are beholden to big oil instead of future generations which brings us to what's going on in texas members of the tar sands blockade have been camped out in east texas engaging in civil disobedience to stop bulldozers belonging to
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a foreign corporation trans canada from clearing trees to make room for the keystone x.l. pipeline and those protests receive a big boost last week when more than fifty new protesters risked arrests to bring supplies food and water to the demonstrators you see with the approval of this new pipeline approved by president obama by the way a foreign corporation will make huge profits running toxic tar sands oil across our nation leaving us with the cancer inducing pollution and leaving canada in a few oil barons and texas with all the profits climate scientist james hansen warned that the completion of the pipeline would be quote game over for the climate . this isn't hyperbole the future of the planet is at stake only we just aren't aware of it because we're all blindfolded by the corporate media as transnational corporate executives carry out the destruction of our planet for quarterly profit
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gains climate change wasn't mentioned in any of the presidential debates this year for the first time since one nine hundred eighty eight pulitzer prize winning journalist chris hedges called the keystone pipeline quote part of the final phase of extreme exploitation by the corporate state and quote unfortunately he's dead on and is the subject of tonight's philly take. so here's a tad what's happening in east texas a foreign corporation actually a multinational corporation based in canada is confiscating private land belonging to a seventy eight year old great grandmother in order to build a toxic pipeline to ship oil off to other foreign nations just another day in third world america here is eleanor fairchild an actress daryl hannah standing in front of tractors that are clearing a pathway for the pipeline right through fairchild's three hundred acre ranch was tractors belong to the canadian company trans canada which recently want to prove
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to build a massive toxic tar sands oil pipeline right through the united states and right through mrs fairchild's property down to texas where oil billionaires can refine it and then ship it off to the rest of the world making big profits for themselves and for trans canada you see texas has a very lax eminent domain laws meaning trans canada had very little trouble confiscating a large swath of mrs fairchild's ranch and not a single local politician or lawyer has come to her aid mainly because you don't say no to big oil in texas and when mrs fairchild joined by activist daryl hannah an actress confronted those tractors she was promptly arrested for trespassing trespassing on her own property she's powerless watching her ranch full of life for us wetlands and natural springs operated with heavy machinery and bisected by a massive pipeline because one day spilled toxic crude oil all over what's left and she's not the only one several other nearby landowners are taking trans canada
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court pushing back on the eminent domain claims who knows if they can win now that even our courts have been corrupted by big oil money. but the big picture here is that the confiscation of mrs fairchild's property is all part of the trans national corporate oligarchy plan it's all part of their plan to turn the united states into a third world mining and dumping pit for transnational quarter. britain's mitt romney the guy who bragged about harvesting businesses at bain gave lip service to this plan in the recent debate. i want to get america and north american energy independent so we can create those jobs and notice how he said north american energy independence and not american or u.s. energy independence is because mitt romney thinks we should continue buying our or oil from his corporate buddies who own oil fields in canada and mexico adding on to our already enormous trade deficit and given the way he ridiculed president obama's
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green energy investments clearly romney is not interested in getting american energy independent through green energy he's only interested in helping transnational oil corporations like trans national trans canada in canada make helping them make huge profits and that's exactly what they're doing at the expense of mrs fairchild and the rest of us trans canada's x.l. pipeline won't create millions of jobs like mitt romney and the rest of the oil shills say it will it would create a few thousand temporary jobs in the united states and that's it and really aside from the billions in profits that the oil barons are going to get in texas it's all the united states is getting out of the deal well we're also getting the pollution from refining the toxic tar sands here instead of in canada the risk of spills along the pipeline built here instead of in canada and the deforestation and contamination of here instead of in canada and who gets the thousands of cancers
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and the toxic chemicals velshi out of the smoke stacks of the refineries in south texas why that would be the mostly poor and mostly minority people who live in the few hundred miles from texas to and through louisiana where the prevailing winds carry those poisons but canada is getting all the profits and gets is getting most of the oil mexico south america india and china little to none of that refined oil is going to be sold here in the united states in fact gas price. in the midwest are expected to increase by twenty cents a gallon when this pipeline is finished this folks is a scam but tragically these sorts of scams are the norm now as our national sovereignty and our individual health are being ruined by transnational corporate capitalism is devouring the last remaining bits of the american middle class and turning the united states into the most rapidly undeveloped nation that's ever existed in american citizens are having their property taken from them to boost the profits of
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a foreign corporation and it's clear that our democratic institutions have failed it's clear that the corporatocracy is now making way too many of the decisions tell everyone you know about the theft of eleanor fairchild's ranch land because if this is allowed to continue and it could be your home your property and your livelihood that's stolen next that's the way it is tonight on the big picture tuesday october twenty third two thousand and twelve and a special reminder coming up shortly on our team will go live to chicago for the third party presidential debate moderated by larry king debating tonight our virgil goode candidate from the constitution party joel stein candidate from the green party. candidate from the libertarian party and rocky anderson came in from the justice party and before the debate starts tom hartman will be live from chicago friday analysis and insight on a variety of issues including what we can expect to hear from the debate participants so stay right here and as tom always says don't forget
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