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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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general director of one of the firms involved in the project says what they're trying to do is offer a different opinion to the world. the american new york centric view of the world does not take into account many of the strengths that exist in the in the country because they put. companies lower the u.s. companies and the asian companies doing better. ok let's check out the russian clothes then shall we for the equity markets because it was indeed a mixed before massage you can see there the my six drop just in the last hour of trade. korean a half percent that's after the purchase of b.p. investors seem rather old to mystique about that check up the ruble the see how that got on as well because it did manage to gain enough for the first time in a few weeks actually said again to the basket of currencies for the euro there you can see one twenty one forty seven dollars continue south arts and manufacturing
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data for the whole euro area contracts in particular germany falling through it too large i would check out the show in the european region and really it was days are coming from china's. better than expected that out for the news in the u.s. they are being helped along by the sounds of new american homes they rose the highest pace since april twenty. or write those from a business for this hour now stay with us because on the way middle east experts. on how ousting president assad could affect the region stay with us. so where next for syria there are those that say that a foreign military intervention in the country is far from a foregone conclusion and i'm joined by one of those people right now professor going to mare from the university of mines thank you very much for speaking to me.
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so what options are still available in syria first of all a military intervention in syria is a nonstarter right from the beginning because this would be based on the international norm of responsibility to protect and this needs the approval of the united security council and it it's obviously in that neither china nor russia will give this approval they would definitely make of. is there still a role for the arab league to play the arab league is one of the main act in the region especially saudi arabia and also. both of them tremendously supporting the rebels it is in the interest especially of saudi arabia
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that the a wide government in syria is oust it so definitely as a main route actor saudi arabia and the majority of the arab league they will play and important role for the future for them for the future settlement why should saudi arabia want the alawite south stood well it's the basic. in rivalry between the conservative sonny monarchy in saudi arabia and the shiite government in iran so. if. it's oust it in syria it would mean that the shiite xs from iran via. the shiites in iraq syria to be shiite hizbullah in southern lebanon this axis
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will be destroyed it. which means also that this would be a tremendous blow for the political influence of iran in the gulf region now you mention quite a few countries there is there a risk of the crisis in syria spilling over into other countries and the conflict is spelled already in lebanon there are. quite a number of fights between. living in malta in women in particular in tripoli and. sunni supporters of. sirte it. is also developing into a proxy war because saudi arabia massively supporting the sunni hariri clan in order to weaken the dominating
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shiite hizbullah in lebanon so the situation in lebanon is very tense and. the chances that even another civil war will take place here chances. are relatively high now kofi annan might have stepped down from his role as a peace mediator but is his six point plan still the best option for peace in syria . well i think it's the only option however right from the beginning especially the united states but also saudi arabia qatar they were against it and they really made it a nonstarter it's quite clear that brahim. off anon is taking over the same plan and it's also obvious that russia is still supporting the plan so if you really look for
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a peaceful settlement it would be the only chance but as long as saudi arabia is turkey united states u.k. france as long as they demand for the toppling of something there's no chance that this plan can actually put be put into reality in your opinion how accurate is the news coverage of what's been going on in syria being. like in every war there's propaganda from the from both sides for quite a long time it was mainly the information from the opposition which was reported in the mainstream media in the west. or is information. from the south side was neglected and discarded is programmed however recently during the last few months it has turned out especially and that the
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atrocities the massacre has committed by. rebels have it. such. that they can no longer be neglected so we see a great deal of much from all objective reporting on the situation down with quite a number of journalists in the country bows. on the side of the rebels as well as on the side of the government are spring type uprising still a risk to leaders in the gulf states there are definitely tremendous florent for all governments in the g.c.c. countries there are three tarion rulers mainly based on one family the greatest fit of course. in the case of saudi arabia because we
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have strong gap between rich and poor a higher rate of unemployment so there's quite a lot of the satisfaction with the saudi government so the saudi government has to do everything it can in order to secure its survival so saudi arabia is still very much at risk from demonstrators saudi arabia is definitely the country which has to feel the strongest opposition and this was also the reason why the saudi government tried to quell any opposition by extremely generous projects for housing. employment for support financial support of its population however it still the question is whether this will be sufficient to secure the monarchy in
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the long run which in focus now to the ongoing dispute between iran and israel do you think that we could see an attack by israel in the very near future it's pretty unlikely first of all there's a massive objection from the american side so if israel were to take this really would be a blow for the relations between israel and the united states obama cannot afford. during the presidential campaign actually to enter into a new war another point is that all generals all major. responsible people for the security of israel have to clear out and that an attack from israel against iran would be disastrous in addition to this we have to see that as a tremendous threat and that be allies of iran especially.
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hizbollah will attack israel this could be a devastating effect on israel and. very important impact would be in that oil prices would increase dramatically and this would be a tremendous blow for the whole economy of the world so there are too many objects and it's against the israeli plans to attack iran but surely if israel attacks iran before the u.s. general election a bomb has to support them doesn't this is just what the american government doesn't want to do it all because obama has won in the last election mainly because he had promised we would bring bring back our boys from iraq from afghanistan and he had promised not to start any
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of involvement in the region so it would be extremely unpopular and also be increasing or prices would be a major problem during an election campaign how important is the role of russia in the middle eastern region role which china and russia are playing is very. it's from the western point of view they are blocking any attempts to topple the syrian government through their veto in the un security council from the russian point of view they have been. for for decades the most important allies of syria and they have a naval base in the only one in the mediterranean they have excellent
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economic relations and they are the main supplier of sophistic weapons. to syria and these points these circumstances it's quite obvious that. russia would do all it can to support the syrian government professor thank you very much for speaking to me you're welcome. wealthy british style. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy because
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a report on. it well into the future. for his work hours this month the moon is the center of our universe the tides are forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage brand new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and who needs batteries blakes can store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the moon. no injun day care on chief we've got the future covered. for a decade up north almost terrorist attack. ex hostages blunders into their lives and after the tragedy. still gives try to cross out the past. because their future. be written.
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what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage working the iran tight rope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads to two parties still dictate will there be a challenge this election a close god every day to november fifth all artsy.
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more news today in holland says once again fled up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are rooted a clue. headlines from gadhafi the siege former stronghold said to be sliding towards a humanitarian catastrophe while libya's pro-government fighters claim they are controlling the city center with only a few pockets of resistance left. they'd end america's wars and take the influence of big money out of politics all election promises but not one joule farther to the barack obama or mitt romney's manifestos but the sidelined third party candidates have their voices heard in the t.v. debate. and deadly negligence and public losing trust in britain's beleaguered health service medical staff and i was threatening to strike fear in during
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a two year pay freeze which could be extended as well as an increased workload and that's destroying stuff whereas you can find the stories i don't see dot com twenty forty five quarters and i must go tom you know in this is a little box that i see how you must mean sport of course another night of champions league action again begun in russia was a big night last night and again tonight it certainly was and it is the moment he helped north there's a need some petersburg fans there singing in the heavy heavy rain but it's not going all the plan more in the cabin and just. thanks for joining us this is indeed sport. ten minutes. aiming to kick start their champions league campaign. in.
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turkey stuffing. in. take your we take a look at the weekend that was in the russian premier league on a particular strikes which made all the difference. i'm sure. the second. action this week kicked off in petersburg as anita hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow russian sites yesterday and claim their first win after three attempts under the side standing in their way. just to go. on into the competition. spent heavily on players over the summer but group stage last. place. in itself so forty five minutes north. group
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a poor show will be seeking to keep their perfect record intact against. another big spending p.s.g. meet. in group b. also hold a one hundred percent record heading. striving for their first wins of the competition in the. group seems. to keep. group. dortmund other real madrid big lucky codes winning their first two games on can all but secure their passage to the last sixteen with victory in germany. let's head where footballing legend. piero is gearing up to quite incredibly play his if hundredth game of his pro career the italian star's new side f.c. student whom the striker joined last month will face perth glory on sunday the
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thirty seven year old has already scored two goals and three axes for the st the night fits the veteran heard previously spent nineteen seasons with eventis he also played ninety one times for italy winning the world cup in two thousand and six. percent. this important. five weeks. to the condition and the condition. to do my best. let's talk tennis where maria sharapova has started the year ending w t a championship in istanbul with a confident victory over server irani the russian is aiming to finish the season on top of the world rankings a feat she can achieve if she wins all of her white group matches the first of which she did with relative ease the second seed taking
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a break but you get the one later on to clinch the you can set six three on the twenty five year old kept up momentum in the second and final set around the on able to stop sharapova for notching up two more on monster breaks meant the score was six three six two overall to the russian. i. i can ask you what i've done to get on patrick did battle in the white group second much of the day the czech had not only cleaned the last three corresponding fixtures between the per but it also was a straight matches on indoor hard courts but to advance it wasn't playing to the script the fourth seed claiming the first set six three and never looked back in the second taking it six two afterwards pulled out of the tournament altogether complaining of illness stows or team for a. while in the red group but only one match was played on the sole u.s. open winner stringer williams go up against the curb or of germany the first time
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to all the fir with williams taking the decisive break at the end six four after that kerberos resistance crumbled williams in treatment fashion powering her way to the second set six one. of the american can't finish the season as we're number one the title in istanbul with a worthy consolation. brings us the goal for puerto carrington has taken the lead following the first run of the p.g.a. grand slam over in bermuda over one point three million u.s. dollars all programs on the card being greens the irishman with a two shot advantage hartington's five on the run of sixty six included. seven birdie swan which came on the tenth by this wonderful approach effort masters champion bubba watson so it's very much in contention for sinking a birdie putt on the eleventh for his third birdie of the rod in the us open champion webb simpson he's also there or thereabouts my computer full approach on
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the twelfth the set up his third birdie of here. but it is holding tim who is the man to catch a birdie on the seventeenth coming up strengthening his advantage over watson heading into whedon's the day to. run tiger woods isn't involved there are thirty six year old american preparing to take part in the cia m b classic in kuala lumpur a tournament he hasn't entered for thirteen years the world number two stating he's proud of forty achieved throughout the season the spite not winning a major really excited that at the changes that have evolved this year last year i didn't want to go off herman. meant till the last term of the year. at the world challenge and. the sure of one one three times and. you know it to be such an all time witnesses very very proud of to the world of high octane engines now where in formula one the indian grand prix is just
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around the corner to thaw is the nature of this helmet and has been speaking out ahead of this weekend's event stating another year without a title is something he'll him to put right next year when he takes over michael schumacher seat of mercedes. definitely very sad that we've not been able to win another world championship in that period of time when i feel that we as a team are good enough to done so and i feel that i'm good enough to have done so so for whatever reason it hasn't happened and. i'm not complaining this is i'm still in form one and i still work opportunities in the future i'm still a young man finally let's head back to where it doesn't weeks and i don and dusted in the russian premier league let's check the best tracks from the weekend that was it is of course goals go to war time.
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thanks. tom. goldman. sachs. thanks. clinton. ochs.
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thanks. some. time if you want a little more. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. neutrino fashionable heights inside the. radioactive fallout of all government betrayal the government blog entry lauded and lauded and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of radio like the fall of.
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the news a secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build the world's most sophisticated robots which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach the creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only on the dog. that's.


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