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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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believe enough rituals claim they control the country's last tub of gadhafi supported bani walid people in the virtually destroyed city of pleasing to the international community. breakaway regions across the stereotype torn europe take inspiration from scotland success in securing permission of former for referendum to independence. and in our special coverage of the u.s. presidential race to focus on foreign policy and what the pentagon calls the looming threat of a cyber pearl harbor. international
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news and comment live from moscow this is all sea with me hello and welcome to the program. was started in libya where government forces claim to have taken bani walid the last bastion of colonel gadhafi supporters in libya it took three weeks of one of the clashes however pockets of resistance that's still reported on the outskirts of the city. and you may find some of the following pictures disturbing. we continue to receive contradictory reports as to what is happening inside bani walid on the one hand we're hearing from pro-government sources that they said he has fallen and that it is in the hands of the army but we're hearing exactly the opposite from our own sources and those are people who have family inside the city and we're hearing firsthand information now it's taken us almost three days to make
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contact with a local resident of the city that also gives you a sense of whether or not the statement that the situation is under control is in fact accurate. the situation is very difficult the city is almost completely destroyed residents are buried in the rubble many among the victims are children and the elderly there are even more children and elderly using your channel we're appealing to the whole world our city is dying what's happening in bani walid everyone just attacked it is just armed forces where is there a legitimate government they announce a country of law a country of justice where are they why can't we see them now red cross international has said that some twenty five thousand people have fled the city to neighboring with cams this is more than a quarter of the population we also continue to receive unverified supports of the use of poison gas and also indiscriminate shelling by television is also ball cost of almost nonstop pictures of dead and dying children we have spoken with
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a man who has family inside the procedure town he went on to say there are people i extremely frightened there is no government for a very large block i know or. most of them. because. everything the u.s. . house is there yet that could by. far. beating guys is. getting. earlier this month the libyan government ordered its army to use all
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necessary means to deal with and what we continue to see is a situation that all accounts remains dire indeed on a choose day the united nations security council russia did put forward a draft statement that called for a peaceful resolution to this ongoing crisis now the united states blocked this and the response from russia was that the blocking was a behavior that was difficult to explain particularly in light of the fact that four american embassy officials were killed in the country last month so you do have fingers being pointed at both the united states and others in the international community and accusing them of double standards these are countries and capitals that on the one hand are so quick to blame the syrian president bashar assad but are very slow to take action when you have a crisis like it's like what is happening in bahrain while. my colleague kevin i spoke to a member of libya's ruling general national congress and he also mahomet's fire how
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the government justifies the deaths of the civilian population and bani walid. for you. and your colleagues. you would have to take the full picture we are taking care of the family every single family. been taking out of been awarded houses and everyone we've spoken to. them we've spoken to families at least two families and they're saying that is not the case there is an intense amount of pressure there still. well you see where the government forces attacking a place where there are outlaws hided of course it won't be easy it's like a thirty second operation there will be some small mistakes but the whole picture of the whole thing is being. perfectly we are taking
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care of all the family all the all the really all the women houses are ready for them food everything we're not getting the pictures. that there's been reports of chemical weapons being used to fight. a fax from doctors purportedly in the city which says victims are suffering from toxic gas poisoning the going come in the man . these are lies these are lies i trust the guys who are over there trust our forces there are muslim there are human values are very high i have lots of trust and confidence there will never have been these things being used during the days of the dictator of the monitor he did use lots of things like this but for our forces all of them they have forward against these things they have values they have they will never break the
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rules. they were. staying with lee bin our world update a man wanted in connection to last month's time on the u.s. embassy in been ghazi which claims the lies of the ambassador and three other americans is reported killed in a shootout including very meanwhile it's a need of crude sentence the leader of radical islamist group. a year in prison for instigating the. washington has demanded to need to put everyone responsible for that type of trial. israel and hamas have supported later reached an official truce after several days of deadly attacks. the negotiations the violence erupted on monday when rockets began flying into israel from gaza the reciprocal way bad strikes killed at least the students. lebanon's main opposition bloc has called on the current government to resign this comes after clashes erupted last week over
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a car bombing that killed the top security chief but the growing sectarian divide the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says could take advantage of any political vacuum in neighboring lebanon the lebanese government has denied be dominated by pro syrian politicians ungreen the sunni led opposition. inside syria the u.n. brokered cease fire is in jeopardy even before it officially takes effect on friday damascus has pledged to stick to their agreement mediated by peace and brahimi but some rebel groups say they will keep fighting regardless international affairs analyst. says they own the position is confident of continued foreign support. government does for an unseen syria is found. on site powers including the united states and the cia through turkey turkey itself or they leave the country slipping kate friends your money is providing intelligence support saudi arabia and qatar we
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know that they're providing top jordan that's will be a real force this invited by the syrian opposition by the western powers that they mention and it's out of place and they don't want repeats and they want to remove the government of syria from both president bashar assad and but i'm the they believe in the rebels believe that they've got the momentum they've got the support from the outside world and they say that they're not going to abide by the states or it's because they they haven't been pressured by the outside powers the back them perhaps they have even been told not to support the ceasefire. right now breakaway regions all over austerity torn europe have fresh inspiration on their separate his campaigns scotland's deal with london to hold an independence referendum has shown the way to the likes of come to learn here sarah fast examines the trend. tied to changing in europe nationalism bred by ways of crises has swept
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across a once united union scotland has just been granted the historic right to cheese whether or not it was for maine as part of the united kingdom in the next couple of years they're not the only ones across europe right now and there's a growing movement thinking nation heard from catalonia. scotland has been leading the way the year its independence seekers these are some of europe's richest regions each steeped in their own unique identities and cultural pride along with the cape belgium spain and italy have all seen a rise in calls to separatism that could be said to redraw the map of europe. in venice recently thousands took to the streets to demand a referendum on the start listing an independent the nation republic. and hearing. it's almost. saw. thousands of people who have gathered in their regional or government they were gone presented the
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original. signed by thousands of british to have a referendum for him to. favor in spain in the sight of catalonians marching on mass in barcelona to call for home rule is becoming more and more familiar catalonia says a people with a long history have language and identity and it has been struggling for the last thirty years to be recognized and to develop. policies other areas of spain and italy is seeing similar in the xmen. it's a sentiment that stretches all the way to belgian with the separatists new flemish alliance trying thing in the dutch speaking flanders region the rapid momentum gained by these need ment's seems to have been fueled primarily by the economic crisis this swept year leaving richer regions less willing to put them money in the
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hands of essential is government but there are several regional results the main reason to take on or make is that we are being. in a situation worse than a colony because there's a worse. actuary in italy it's the highest in the world and our services are extremely poor we when you build your nation. our region our resources we cheer and that's how bearable iran two million people out of a population of seven million and how. it means a lot of people is asking for the right of the nation in a democratic way but the union orientated vait is also a strong points to support their case if successful in their beds the present dependence leaders will have to deal with way more than just control of their own economies questions of the membership border security arrangements could muffle discontents
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a referendum. and these are the realities his cause his face his face as a father theirs is the only nation with the right to vote on the issue but these in support remain adamant that going it alone is the way forward a strong industries like the beaming tourism sector in scotland spirits scotland this established as the european leader and while life terms on this was over one hundred twenty million pounds a year to the scottish economy and it's a growing sector scotland is a very successful country as it is. when it can stand on its own feet its own. given times a year a day won't really quite still but life ahead but one thing seeing sense in that school this recent success is only going to strengthen the cools the days who are demanding their rights to cheese. see scotland and also have the sound he's ations fly north so the new disease for
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a long time and known as fun true turned posting explosions near become so called tune but tel aviv remains a different movie i'm surprised. nineteen iranian channels have been banned in the countries that's called iran for not tolerating free speech among other things well played lads well played i love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning personally but of censorship doesn't bother me that much because there has always been censorship and there were always be censorship if there are any words or symbols or opinions that could get you bumped off the air or legal trouble in your country guess what you have censorship sorry to say it but that's how it is i don't mind a country saying that there is something so antithetical to their way of life that it must be banned i'm fine with that that's your business in your country and you
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should be able to protect your culture and your values but don't lie to me and tell me that you live censorship free when you don't it's your choice you let your reading channels back on the air or come out of the closet and admit you believe in restricted speech but that's just my opinion. we'll come to the. previous solar power this month to move is the center of our universe the tides of forever. while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage one brand new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and who needs batteries can store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the moon technology i'm getting here on r.g.p. we are going to the future coming. soon.
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with less than two weeks left before america votes we're bringing you special coverage of the race for the white house as the presidential frontrunners play the foreign policy cold in their latest attempts to voters the pentagon's issued a stop a cyber threat warning the threat of a potential trade by hackers from abroad that is. america's military invasions interventions and targeted attacks have traditionally
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been deployed on the battlefield yet today a significant shift in technology has created a brand new terrain for warfare the internet which most people use for communication research and entertainment is being dubbed the battlefield of the future in an era of hackers and viruses computers are something of a weapon in the emerging world of cyber war or virtual world where military strikes are invisible and everyone online remains vulnerable earlier this month u.s. defense secretary leon panetta warned that america faces the possibility of a cyber pearl harbor if online security is ensuring things the even greater danger facing us in cyberspace goes beyond crime and it goes beyond harassment. these cyber attacks. perpetrated by nation states or violent
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extremist groups could be destructive as the terrorist attack on nine eleven while the pentagon is looking to expand washington's ability to respond to cyber attacks. it's also developing procedures that allow frontline troops to have a new generation of cyber weapons at their fingertips the army's cyber effects request format otherwise known as surf is a system that allows combatants to request cyber fire operations from the u.s. cyber command some operations could include infiltrating an unclassified network inside of a ground force headquarters to disrupt their communications what the military is trying to do know is to embed computer experts when you're dealing for example with counterinsurgency you want people who know how to do forensic work on a laptop if you capture somebody how to dump his cell phone how to prevent you or.
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your backpack joan from being interfered with i mean really everything even to the to the squad level in the platoon level is starting to have her encounter hacker issues but it's not only tactical implementation that the u.s. is looking at allegations have emerged that washington has already launched its first offensive strike in two thousand and ten the first weapon to be made entirely out of code targeted he runs a nuclear program a computer virus known as stuxnet infected to iran's enrichment facilities but the capability to turn up the pressure inside iran's nuclear reactors or switch off the oil pipelines and tell the system operators that everything was normal the attack destroyed nearly one thousand of iran's six thousand centrifuges according to reports the virus was a joint collaboration between the us and israel ward. struct of experts however warned that washington's growing involvement in cyber warfare could come back to
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haunt the u.s. it's a double edge sword which you use against your enemy is of eventually going to work its way back to you everybody's looking for deniability if you. play or any of the other variants it's the only one they can prove who did it or how you did it you can just so you were really shocked this is happening. this soft power dimension to new u.s. policies in the digital world is reflected in its desire to win hearts and minds of the online community last year the u.s. spent nearly twenty million dollars to help foreign citizens access online material and social media meanwhile the u.s. government is working hard to spy on internet communications not just on its own citizens but foreign nationals as well america's largest overseas eavesdropping base is in britain and the top secret facility carries out a whole range of military diplomatic and commercial surveillance the beginning of
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a new global battlefield where viruses replace drones and how kurz may be calm some of the highest ranking officials in the u.s. military what may still sound to some like science fiction is fast becoming a virtual reality marina r.t. new york. so dunn is accusing israel of being behind a series of huge explosions at a cartoon almost factory which coached for the jets reportedly carried out an air raid on a client which tel aviv believes is provided rockets to hamas and gaza israeli officials have ignored the accusations and offered no political analyst. it's clear. this is not the first attack again and. it has happened before. the war ended on gaza of the beginning of two thousand and nine there have been a number of. sudanese territory and it is largely to
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say that israel is the country that is responsible for such so again is. my understanding also is that after the war again as goes the beginning two thousand none. of us are going to administration and the previous israeli government but each an understanding too far to the. right on its source is. time now for business with natasha good morning and you say the u.s. could be the world's biggest oil producer within the decades absolutely and of course that has major implications for russia currently the second largest producer all the details in just a moment first let's check out the equity markets will start over in asia the only place it's actually trading this hour what we're seeing there is actually a mixed picture at the moment tokyo's nikkei is recovering from a four day losing streak but some japanese companies are feeling the pinch of weaker earnings that includes sharp and videogame maker nintendo both are in the
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red this hour on wall street overnight stocks ended a lower for a second day in a row here the closing figures same old disappointing earnings the u.s. fed reserve kept interest rates on change on the currency market what we're seeing there. is that the dollar showing strength against the single currency at the moment the ruble closed wednesday higher to the currency basket will bring you fresh figures in less than an hour and over and over russia what we saw is equities ended ones these trading session mixed the my success slipped into red in the last hour of trade and at the movement let's see what rudy is doing it's snapping out of its longest losing streak in five months and not despite the fact that we're about to face the biggest surplus and for years the united states is about to become the world's leader on oil production the seven percent jump in u.s. low production this year is the biggest and six decades thanks to high prices and
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new drilling methods and in less than a decade it could top saudi arabia bumping russia into third place and that's all from the business desk coming up next on our team is al gore knowles and his spotlight. if you. meet.
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graham don't go north against terrorists. ex hostages blood listen to their lives after the tragedy and. still get ends try to cross out the past. because their future will yet be written. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build the most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the dog. what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the
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tightrope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads the two parties still dictate will there change the selection of clothes guy every day to november fifth on arts he. will come to the future. for his solar power this month the moon is the center of our universe the tides are forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage brand new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and batteries can store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the moon technology update here on r.g.p. we've got the future coming.
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up. again a welcome to spotlight. on i'm old enough and the name right. the program is. the organization for security and cooperation in europe has been around for several decades. it may as well become a legend but as time goes by and it tracks the war and war criticism members claim a major reform is needed to keep the o.c. afloat though been a station sector general. is in moscow these days and the possible reform is among
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the topics he will talk about with the russian leaders between their official meeting. has come to r.t. to discuss all these issues with us. i don't use it for security and cooperation in europe was created as an east west forum during the cold war after the collapse of the soviet union the o.s.c. transformed into a unique security community which was supposed to prevent conflicts but it has no legislative power supporters see doesn't advantage this a.v.o.'s sees a moral authority for its members but critics however say it's no longer capable of resulting crisis russia in particular blames the o.s.c. your being biased against it over human rights and democracy issues and maintains the abuse ation needs to restructure to restore its efficiency and. homeless.


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