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government forces in libya claim colonel gadhafi his former stronghold is now in their hands after weeks of shelling leave dozens dead and the many more displaced. the u.s. is said to be hit by a new wave of potentially painful revelations. being holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london hasn't stopped the wiki leaks founder julian assange is from working now wiki leaks is releasing more than one hundred files relating to the treatment of prisoners in the u.s. military detention complex details coming up in just a moment. but while the battle for the white house is in full swing in america at
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this time in our special election coverage we look at the pentagon's fears of a cyber pearl harbor. so just moments after seven pm here in the russian capital this is artsy life with me rule research showing libya's government forces claim they've taken control of the opposition stronghold of bani walid but they do admit that pockets of resistance do still remain it's after a week's long deadly assault with reports of dozens of residents of the besieged city being killed by pro-government shelling other details now to auntie's paula slayer. we continue to receive these conflicting reports from our sources on the ground we're hearing that the army is actually withdrawing from the city or there we are hearing of wide scale killings from the government sources they say that the
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system has fallen and we continue to receive verified video footage as well as reports of wide scale killings of indiscriminate shelling and also the use of poisonous gas some of the photos and video we've been receiving show dismembered bodies children who've been killed and some of that footage is coming from television that has been broadcasting these visuals almost non stop there is still a question mark over whether or not chemical weaponry has been used doctors at the scene do report that many of the patients they were treating are suffering from toxic gas inhalation and certainly here in the same kind of thing from eyewitnesses but again we are receiving unconfident reports that many of the shells are being fired with gas inside them as if we cannot independently verify this fighting has been going on now for the better part of three weeks and in that time all communication in and outside the city has been hampered it took us several days to make contact with people inside the besieged city and they told us that these army
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forces were manning or the entrances and exits to and from this despite the fact that thousands of people have fled to neighboring sites and refugee camps we have managed to make contact with and he's asked us to hide his identity because he is afraid for his family who are still inside. he tells us that the army is pushing back you also says quite alarmingly that he hasn't heard from his family for several days and he's incredibly fearful as to the fate of militias after. the fighting. from the from from the city. the militias. they were taken to the. old man in his. doesn't have an ego. just
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a council member people. really big on the first. i think about. the from the militias. to be. six hundred from the militias on the wilds of the newly the along the street of the middle of the city i'm barely touched me ever since the violence started some three weeks ago residents of bani walid has been appealing to the international community for assistance moscow took up the school by drafting a statement that it put forward to the united nations security council earlier this week but that was blocked by the united states prompting a response from moscow saying that if found as odd and strange in a context understand why such a statement had not been approved it's also cause many an international community to accuse both washington and others of double standards you need to remember it wasn't so long ago that russia and china were blamed for voting against resolutions
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in libya and now the question is being asked why when moscow puts forward for calling for assistance in body why did is this being stopped by washington. right there we didn't make contact with what i witnessed in the city she says that militias are carrying out mass killings of civilians continue to call for help from the international community. these are not governmental forces there are militias an armed gangsters surrounding bani walid without any legitimacy the media is prohibited from reporting on what's happening in the city this is to ration is horrible crimes are committed communications were deliberately cut in order for these gangsters to prevent any person from communicating what's really happening there bulldozing houses they're setting houses on fire stealing everything they find moreover they committed massacres killing as many people as they code people here in bani walid want to return to their homes they say that their cities totally destroyed nevertheless they want to go back and live in the wreckage they refused
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to be driven out of the city secondly they request all humanitarian organizations including the u.n. to come to bani walid and see the destruction for themselves and see the devastation we need immediate aid we need to military assistance urgently. a fresh wave of embarrassment could be about to hit the u.s. as wiki leaks begins releasing over one hundred classified files this thursday. detailing america's detention procedures including those that infamous prisons such as kuantan and grave laura smith has this report. being holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london doesn't seem to have stopped from working he's been there for more than four months now in fact quite the opposite in fact whenever i speak to him or to any of his supporters i say what's he doing in there they all say always working all the time and this is the result of his work starting today thursday and over the next month likely it's going to release over one hundred classified or restricted files on the rules and procedures that govern the treatment of detainees
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in u.s. custody over the last ten years these include operating manuals and of course interrogation procedures for camps in iraq and cuba abu ghraib and of course kuantan i'm obey among the first documents to be released is the foundation documents program tons of it which was written in two thousand and two and put into force then and we can say that this document is the one that went on to shape the treatment of prisoners in u.s. military camps through the years on into the grave but of the military detention facilities and the documents talk of all aspects of camp life access to legal visits medical treatment access to that as well what possessions the prisoners are allowed to have and also of course they all talk about how prisoners. are interrogated violence is prohibited in the documents that have been released in
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writing bartz the they encourage this kind of exploitation of the fears of prisoners love of their homeland love of comrades love of family and and of course intimidation ecuador says that it's all through meeting with britain to discuss his failing health the ecuadorian embassy say that our soldiers are losing weight and he's also suffering problems with his vision he can't go outside so he gets no fresh air limited daylight particularly now that the winter is coming or you can see it's quite dark outside so those things you know will be taking a toll on his health. embassy's had previously asked to listen to shore and says that if he is the hospitalized for example he wouldn't be arrested but the deputy foreign minister back to back door told r.t. that the u.k. is unwilling to discuss not only safe passage to ecuador which would essentially honor the terms of the asylum that ecuador has offered him but also even the principle of what they do in a situation in which it was however the british foreign office says that it hasn't
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had any notification that julius sars is suffering and is sick and that if it does they will consider that so we have to see how this situation progresses nearly ten minutes past the hour here in moscow this is our new t.v. station is going on in london this thursday night to give a platform to the voices of those in opposition to the current leadership of iran now this comes just over a week after nineteen state run iranian t.v. and radio stations were banned in the e.u. investigative journalist tony gosling says viewers are being stripped of the chance to hear both sides of the story. the opposition has got absolutely every right to freedom of expression just as those satellite channels should be allowed to speak the ultimate thing here is it should be for the viewers to decide not for the people that own those satellites we need that freedom of expression this is about the international suppression of information on the satellite systems i mean you're watching me on satellite now and if you don't like what i'm saying you're quire
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liberty to go over to your television or use your emotions which we often what happens when one of these faceless organizations big corporations like eutelsat or intelsat decides they're going to close it for you that is not freedom of expression and it's actually quite sinister i think that many of these channels and now being closed down and this is also in the backdrop of this is the build up to potential war in the middle east we've got this battle going on in syria with most of the syrian opposition groups controlled by these business organizations in the west like the council on foreign relations these kinds of groups very well documented by charlie skelton in the guardian recently these are front organizations they're not really representing syrian people and these are the so-called experts that we're seeing right across western television so what we're seeing is a difference of opinion going on in different parts of the world which is based on who is controlling the satellites in that area. this is a t.
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and cyber crimes gripping minds in the pentagon the head of next month's presidential election as obama and romney clash of a foreign policy the defense department's worried enough talk on the scale of nine eleven could be repeated on the line that's coming up with many other stories after a quick break. nineteen iranian channels have been banned in the countries that's called iran for not tolerating free speech among other things well played lads well played i love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning personally a bit of censorship doesn't bother me that much because there has always been censorship and there were always be censorship if there are any words or symbols or opinions that could get you bumped off fear or legal trouble in your country then
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guess what you have censorship sorry to say it but that's how it is i don't mind a country saying that there is something so antithetical to their way of life that it must be banned i'm fine with that that's your business in your country and you should be able to protect your culture and your values but the lie to me and tell me that you live censorship free when you don't it's your choice you let your reading channels back on the air or come out of the closet and admit you believe in restricted speech but that's just my opinion. will come to the. previous solar hours this month the move is the center of our universe the tides of forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage for brand new turbines boost efficiency with the simplified. design and who needs batteries
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little breaks can store energy discover a new air clean how we're driven by the moon. here on the wheel the future. it's a pleasure to have you with us here on r.t. today on rule re sushi and with the less than two weeks to go before americans choose their president obama and romney are scrambling to secure a crucial last minute votes in a final t.v.
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debate they outline their foreign policy goals which for both include pressure on iran and that of strengthening the u.s. military power the pentagon believes right now that cyber crime is the biggest threat of all and as part of our special election coverage. has to tell us. america's military invasions interventions and targeted attacks have traditionally been deployed on the battlefield yet today a significant shift in technology has created a brand new terrain for warfare the internet which most people use for communication research and entertainment is being dubbed the battlefield of the future in an era of hackers and viruses computers are something of a weapon in the emerging world of cyber war a virtual world where military strikes are invisible and everyone online remains vulnerable earlier this month u.s.
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defense secretary leon panetta warned that america faces the possibility of a cyber pearl harbor if online security is ensuring things the even greater danger facing us in cyberspace goes beyond crime and it goes beyond harassment. cyber attacks. perpetrated by nation states or violent extremist groups could be as destructive as the terrorist attack on nine eleven while the pentagon is looking to expand washington's ability to respond to cyber attacks. it's also developing procedures that allow frontline troops to have a new generation of cyber weapons at their fingertips and the army's cyber effects request format otherwise known as surf is a system that allows combatants to request cyber fire operations from the u.s. cyber command some operations could include infiltrating an unclassified network
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inside of a ground force headquarters to disrupt their communications what the military is trying to do know is to embed computer experts when you're dealing for example with counterinsurgency you want people who know how to do forensic work on a laptop if you capture somebody how to dump his cell phone how to prevent your drone your backpack joan from being interfered with i mean nearly everything even down to the to the squad level and the platoon level is starting to have hacker encounter hacker issues but it's not only tactical implementation that the u.s. is looking at allegations have emerged that washington has already launched its first offensive strike in two thousand and ten the first weapon to be made entirely out of code targeted he runs a nuclear program a computer virus known as stuxnet infected tehran's enrichment facilities with the
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capability to turn up the pressure inside iran's nuclear reactors or switch off the oil pipelines and tell the system operators that everything was normal the attack destroyed nearly one thousand of iran's six thousand centrifuges according to reports the virus was a joint collaboration between the us and israel more destructive things experts however warned that was. growing involvement in cyber warfare could come back to haunt the u.s. it's a double edge sword which you use against your enemy is of eventually going to work its way back to you everybody's looking for deniability if you saw him doing stocks or flame or any of the other variants it's the only one they can prove who did it or how you did it you can do so you were really shocked this is happening. this soft power dimension to new u.s. policies in the digital world is reflected in its desire to win hearts and minds of the online community last year the u.s. spent nearly twenty million dollars to help foreign citizens access online material
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and social media meanwhile the u.s. government is working hard to spy on internet communications not just on its own citizens but foreign nationals as well america's largest overseas eavesdropping base is in britain and the top secret facility carries out a whole range of military diplomatic and commercial surveillance the beginning of a new global battlefield where viruses replace drones and how kurz may be calm some of the highest ranking officials in the u.s. military what may still sound to some like science fiction is fast becoming a virtual reality marina for nine r.t. new york. talk about this a further with the former pentagon official michael maloof joining us live here from washington d.c. good to see you today so let's talk about the tactics possibly some are saying this amounts to a scale mongering what leon panetta the defense secretary had to say warning that a cyber pearl harbor as destructive as nine eleven could be right around the corner
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what's he trying to achieve here. well i think he's trying to get congress to act on the one hand to give the united states more authority to require that companies and actually. increase their security and against against these kinds of attacks it's not it's not a. minimal thing you know it's been going on for years actually but now it's reached a crescendo because more and more people are becoming hackers and are quite efficient at it and we're not looking just at military systems some of which can easily be protected because of encryption however the united states infrastructure itself is also liable to attack it's completely vulnerable simply because from from water to . telecommunications throughout the united states and i think that's what he's
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alluding to and there's been a battle royale going on in congress for months about passing legislation to give the. pentagon and the authority and homeland security the authority to increase this requirements on companies to. to to harden and to make make more prudent their protection or their so as you say as you say this is a there are there are some legitimate concerns as you say that if indeed a cyber apocalypse type would come as you say you know that they should be something that could be some cut off to water electricity all sorts of things could suddenly fall off the map but you know that the pentagon is thinking that that cyber crime is the biggest security issue at the moment and yet we've heard nothing about this during the presidential debates you think is it too difficult to sell a virtual issue to voters two weeks ahead of the election.
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i think people are not familiar with the with the concept there are they they don't quite understand what the concern concern is they they feel that the government's going to protect them somehow and that's really not the case and there's what we had and it's an instance recently where the house select intelligence committee just came out with a report on two chinese companies which they allege are capable because of their technology to not only spy on what. information is flowing through through telecommunications technologies but can actually sabotage systems halfway around the world and you won't know where the threat actually actually occurred and where where the damage was actually originated exactly to and i think that generation and also in the. system i do apologize was a big if if you're jumping in here are running so a long long time at the moment but you mentioned china just
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a second ago that how much of this campaign could actually be targeting china whose hackers the u.s. blames almost daily for types at this point as well. yes i realize that and i think it's a it isn't aimed at china for one because of the influence of its two principal telecommunications companies in telecommunications technology throughout the world and but you know at the same time the as your report pointed out the united states has been doing it as well so it's a it is a double edged sword and but we're not doing anything to protect our systems and we have a privacy issue here as a result of all this especially with u.s. companies to to guard against these kinds of things and it's not happening. former pentagon official joining us live here on our team many thanks indeed for coming on the program today. sudan has threatened retaliation over an
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alleged deadly israeli air strike on an arms factory in khartoum iran denounced the attack saying it could escalate tensions in the region the television so far refused to comment on reports that four of its fighter jets carried out an air strike on a plant providing rockets to garza but political analyst dr will. says it's quite clear who's to blame. this is not the first attack again a sudanese territory. it has happened before the war ended on gaza at the beginning of two thousand and nine there have been a number of attacks against sudanese territory and it is largely to say that israel is the country that is responsible for such as they get is. my understanding also is that after the war again is gaza the previous american administration and the previous israeli government it is understanding to fight terrorism right on its sources israel is the country that is interested in fighting against other
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countries who are allegedly supplying with weapons and supporting hamas politically . but it's good to have you with us here on r t today that's ahead and some other international news for you a brief time for the r.t. world update now the syrian army says it will hold a military operations from friday morning until monday that's part of a proposed ceasefire for the muslim holiday of aid over the army's reserving the right to respond to weapons off of some militant groups stated they will continue fighting president bashar al assad brokered the temporary home to hostilities with several rebel groups earlier on thursday. and unknown assailant dressed as a local police officer has killed two u.s. troops in afghanistan the orders gun province attack which has been classified as an act of terror by the local government now being investigated by the u.s. military the so-called green on blue strikes are on the rise more than fifty people have kids being killed in such incidents this year alone. let's get some business
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news also use katie pilgrim good to see you today the olympics as we understand hope to give the u.k. economy a boost what i hope when i was over there at the time i know it's surprising isn't it and i think a bit of a relief as well rory when you consider how much it cost but right now looking at the figures there's also optimism going on because the u.k. economy as far as the g.d.p. is concerned came out so far in the third quarter that expected giving london stocks a boost as we can see just just a tenth of of the sense that has sought evaporated from earlier but nonetheless we are looking at positive figures and indeed for the european markets as a whole a lot to do with corporate figures as well now let's also check out wall street because it is getting and that's often the u.s. orders for long lasting goods in september and that's mainly because of a rebound in bookings for commercial jets the talk of the jets i want to mention
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the fact that budget airline easyjet will start flying between moscow and london as early as twenty taina talking with jet setters let's get some exchange rates and see what is going on because the ruble has finished up for the day it was a mixed before his eyes you can see completely flat against the euro and took in of the year as dipping down outrange of fortunes for the common currency that on the most good markets closed up in the red we had a chance of rosner after losing almost one percent of president putin has to be the representative eros snaps will increase the russian companies transparency for talking to transparency brought has revealed some of its private size asian plans now the country intends to sell up to five percent in railway operator russian roadways and up to six percent in top oil company next to opel the country found to get up to ninety six billion dollars from privatization of state assets twenty six day. all right up next here in our table quickly max kinds of for you the latest
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report from the front lines of what he calls a financial war. the new super secret laboratory to mukherjee was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and ingredients which is why you should care only on the algae dog call.
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you won't come to the. cricket solar powered this month to move is the center of our universe the tides are forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage for brand new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and who needs batteries lakes can store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the moon technology update here on chief we've got the future coverage. to be soon which brightened if you knew no bounds from phones to impressions.
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to screen stunts on t.v. dot com. i max kaiser welcome to the kaiser report surely people i told you of turning onto your gold yes it all started back in march of seventeen of two thousand and eight bear stearns of collapse that weekend ben bernanke it celeste rates by seventy five basis points on sunday night and on monday morning i had arrived at the bundesbank to speak to their head of the gold department gordon brown.


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