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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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witnesses in libya say the situation in bani walid is getting more dangerous with foreign snipers swallows on rooftops and allegations of chemical weapons being used in the besieged town. the i.m.f. trashes greece's plan to deal with its massive deficit as the e.u.'s last line of economic defense celebrates one here in service. and we look at how the two
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main runners in the u.s. presidential race plan to deal with the powerful israeli lobby and tell of beeves on relenting etched into bomb iran. hello and thank you for joining our team this friday it's eight o'clock here in moscow i'm karen tara well gangs of foreign mercenaries reportedly from the gulf states and turkey have joined the assault on bani walid in libya this is according to ali for raj whose relatives are trapped inside the besieged town which is traditionally loyal to the country's toppled colonel gadhafi regime he's currently in egypt and wear a disguise in his identity over safety concerns. they told something dangerous that. the sniper but as a as the father and mother not me being now maybe if it got out of them somewhere
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else inside the city and you have the media to do it don't do this nobody you know i. nor by the world. if we didn't know do today to look to fit into this a bit of you know and be today to talk of the if you think city bear knows. from how as to how do i get those spirit everything you would know family get our now or if somebody tried to come back to dad almost then maybe she had belief in to them and dr denbigh would deny. now the earlier claim by libyan authorities that bani walid has been captured is being contradicted by witnesses who say the battle is ongoing there are also reports that pro-government militias have unpacked chemical stockpiles and use the weapons against civilians more and that from march's middle east correspondent pulse lier. we continue to hear these reports of
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wide scale killing of armed gangs and militia loosing peoples' homes and patrolling the streets now we are in contact with one who has family inside the city and he tells us that they tell him that upwards of five hundred people have so far been killed of course we have no way of independently verifying this information we are also in contact with the local journalist who is on the outskirts of the city and we're being told by this person that thousands of people have tried to return to in the confusion over the reports of whether or not the city had fallen now we understand that they have been prevented from going back into the city by these roadblocks that dani has set up and that soldiers have been firing in the air causing wide scale panic and as a result thousands of people are now stranded on the desert highway now we also continue to hear these reports unconfirmed as of yet that chemical weaponry is being used reports of phosphorus gas and nerve gas i can confirm that these
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militias used internationally prohibited weapons they used phosphorous bombs nerve gas we have documented all these in videos recorded the missiles they used on the white phosphorus raining down from these missiles many people died without being wounded or shot they died as a result of gases the world needs to see who are they targeting other really good doctors men other children women and old men killed his men the prevent the media from getting into bani walid simply because they fear the press might recall their crimes and terrible deeds. the united nations mission in libya says it doesn't have any more information than what it is being told by the government and points out that it is not in the city of bani walid and it cannot add any additional information the director also did not comment in fact refused to comment as to why they were not inside the city now the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has said that he is not concerned by the fact that the army is inside the city but
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rather that moscow is concerned why the situation is happening and what russia wants is for the united nations to provide information in terms of what is really going on in the side now we did ask the united states state department why their story was being ignored in the west and the answer was that it was not being ignored but followed closely but you just need to take a look at the u.s. state department web site and you'll see there that the last time a bunny while it was mentioned was back at the beginning of this year so of course many questions being asked why is the united states and other powers failing to condemn the excessive use of force in the city in the same time why have they not condemned the human rights abuses that are so clearly taking place there the battle for bani walid has lasted several weeks now but unlike last year's revolution against gadhafi it's yet to capture the attention of the mainstream media author and journalist neil clark says that's because the current situation in libya is an
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inconvenient truth for those who backed change there. let's think back to every twenty eleven we couldn't because the newspaper in the u.k. or us or put on the b.b.c. or c.n.n. without hearing about what was going on in libya a humanitarian disaster were told colonel gadhafi forces were killing lots of people there were dangers of a massive massacre in benghazi and because of that we went to war that that was a reasonable war and today the situation lever is much worse we got a humanitarian catastrophe taken place the number of people killed since need to intervene is going up but by between ten and twenty times we've got massacres going on at the moment and their silence complete silence here in the u.k. and in the u.s. they got what they want what they wanted they got rid of gadhafi they've got a pro western government in power now in tripoli they've taken control of the oil industry this privatization western corporations moving in and they don't really give a toss to be honest about what's going on about about the human rights abuses the fact that demonstrations are banned throughout the country it's time to move on on to syria of course. the.
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end syria army has agreed to halt military operations from friday morning until monday a four day truce is part of a proposed ceasefire between government forces on the rebels for the muslim holiday of i eat however government forces are reserving the right to respond to terrorist attacks after some militant groups promised to continue fighting despite the government's announcement syrian rebels are claiming they made crucial advances in aleppo and are controlling the majority of the city x. pentagon official michael maloof is step to call that this latest ceasefire will be effective. the government is prepared to have a cease fire but it takes two to tango as it as it were and i don't know that the opposition is prepared to to to stand down and i think they they feel that the government will then take advantage of the cease fire to realign troops and put in
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artillery so i think that they're going to be reluctant to do that there are terror attacks going on in syria a lot of the opposition is coming from outside forces more radical elements of joint so syria is being subject to outside terrorist attacks and it's going to go on and unfortunately the united states is backing this is well as turkey and and i think that the united states really doesn't have a clear policy on toward toward. the side except to get out but then the question is what and then what are you going to have after that and if aleppo falls that could begin to raise additional problems and could cause a major spread and isolate the regime on the one hand i've talked to people in lebanon for example who said that those below will attack even israel if aleppo falls simply because of the assistance that the israelis have been giving to the
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opposite. so i would be skeptical that such a cease fire not only could go into effect but that it could even hold. europe provides a platform for revolutionary sentiment in iran after getting rid of alternative options coming up later this hour in london embraces the launch of a new opposition t.v. station that aims to to capitated iran's government just days after checkpoint stay runs run broadcasts are denied access to e.u. airwaves. grace apparently stands no chance of meeting its deficit reduction plans according to a preliminary report by the international monetary fund's debt inspectors nevertheless they remain undaunted the write up will recommend more austerity on top of eighty nine stalled reforms that athens has yet to push through the leaders are also mulling giving greece a time extension to implement cuts but the timing of it all is symbolic on this day one year ago a desperate e.u.
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agreed on some of its most extreme crisis fighting measures the effects of which are too serious an ocean and now reports have proved somewhat underwhelming. measures approved by european union leaders these day if you go were designed to tackle the debt crisis that german chancellor angela merkel described as europe's worst economic crisis since the end of world war two e.u. had spent months hammering this package out and eventually it was proclaimed in false hopes to first save greece by writing awful for its that which amounted to at that time again to one hundred sixty percent of the country's g.d.p. and the second aim of this package was to protect other european countries from this financial instability too and for that purpose it was decided to more than double the european union bailout fund also known as european financial stability facility we've been hearing this captus is more ready than but
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a year later. it's clear that not only has the crisis not drawn back but also the european financial climate has worsened with more and more countries now joining greece and experiencing financial economic fallout likes hainault paul to go experts say the last several reasons behind this fiasco and one of them is some countries squandering in tough economic times they're still continuing to spend too much cash on military sector rather than social means and greece is a very good example here of this very bad tendency let's take a look at. the greek people are making their anger towards government spending cuts very clear. one area where greece continues to spend big when it comes to weapons seven billion euros last year alone was spent on defense long running tensions between greece and turkey as cited as the reason greece spends so
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much since the one nine hundred seventy four turkish invasion of cyprus athens is spent an estimated two hundred sixteen billion or. considers that it's it's facing a threat from turkey. and that we need to maintain a. credible military force is that threat and one of the key places where greece shops for its defense needs is germany is orders make up around fifteen percent of berlin's arms exports the most in europe despite germany's repeated belt tightening mantra in my point of view there's no justification that greece continues to spend so heavily on military equipment but of course it's export earnings for germany of nato interests and so it's just being done and this is not being talked about so much every once in a while a topic pops up distrust being done and politicians in germany are not really questioning it with greeks enduring a dire financial. with little sign of reprieve is there an element of hypocrisy in
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germany calling for cuts while encouraging greece to buy its weapons. not all of berlin's elected representatives buying into their gun peddling government's priorities for them social spending cutting is the first thing that comes to their mind for me as a queen the first priority that comes from my wife this cutting of defense sector he from two thousand and two until two thousand and six greece was the world's fourth largest importer of weapons even now with critically biting debt it's in tenth place as a proportion of its national earnings greece spends almost twice as much as any other e.u. member on defense compounded by a less than transparent human process and a reputation for corruption i think there is in the lead in greece both within the all of course fear as well as the. say of
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weaponry that does keep specific percentages and bribe or is it never a single cell of arms these are the people who have gained money in many times often times they have sent but money abroad to swiss bank accounts with former defense minister. singh custody facing charges of stealing government cash it's easy to see why big money for the military gets people riled especially when economists estimate that if greece had cut defense spending over the past decade to similar levels of fellow e.u. states they would have saved around one hundred fifty billion euro more than their last bailout peter oliver r.t. . so while politicians in greece and over what to do next and rush hour it's all about what not to do next cracking down on stupid the russian parliament moves to filter out bills that have no hope of passing an effort to clamp down on reckless populism you can read more on the bills that. have angered lawmakers on our web
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site r t dot com. also on line no southern comfort for election monitors texas threatens to arrest international observers if they dare set foot in polling stations on voting day. a new iranian opposition t.v. channel has been launched the founder of rojas says his goal is to overthrow president mahmoud ahmadinejad the new arrival is brewed being embraced in europe as a success for freedom of speech even though run itself is denied a voice in the e.u. after nineteen of its state run stations were taken off air artie's poland but that takes up the story. in london we went to the launch of a brand new and very different iranian news channel this studio belongs to t.v.
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now from foss the rocket translates to freedom and that could give an indication of the political agenda behind the new t.v. station in fact its founder is so very many opposed to the current government that he says that he wants to help the rainy and people to capitated the current regime denies having any financial backing or any seal of approval from international organizations or western governments cannot believe. the british government will back the regime can be against t.v. for the change of dictatorship. they want to put this regime by the news in fact the very emergence of a new oppositional iranian television channel in britain teamed with involuntary departure of press t.v. from the u.k.
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that's led some to question whether the brits with all their love of trumpeting free speech and balance are doing so very selectively obviously. very early on the first country in the world. television news channel there are only too glad to welcome a propaganda channel as it were the one percent does no one in iran even those opposed to. even those opposed presumably do it islamic theocracy. would support this out t.v. its founders say that they are inspired by events like the arab spring and television channels like al-jazeera and al-arabiya in fact they say that unlike in libya and afghanistan they want to promote political change from within and looks like perhaps because of their oppositional political agenda nobody here is stopping them probably both. r t london. israel's plans for iran go far beyond banning or
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supporting t.v. channels until of eve's top ally the united states will have to choose whether to back or block them archies going to can now reports for the next u.s. president it will ultimately be a choice between israel support and the good of his own people. a road alone should be drawn right here. the line beyond which lies war with iran and many thought benjamin netanyahu is message at the u.n. general assembly this fall was addressed not so much to the international community but to washington netanyahu would like to be able to communicate to the world that . the israelis are ready which he has to attack and that it will be done with the full support of the united states and he's not getting that the tension in the media peaked when president obama practically referred to is world's worst mongering as noise that he's trying to block out any pressure that i feel free to
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do what's right for the american people and i am going to block out any noise that's out there pledging full and unconditional support for israel is part of any presidential election campaign in the u.s. the possibility of war with iran needs a new dimension to this election season the israelis will attack the iranians they will attack is just a matter of when so americans must decide which presidential candidate can better manage the situation despite campaign big crating president obama has thrown allies like israel under the bus the last debate on foreign policy has shown that the candidates hold almost identical views on the issue i water underscore the same point the president made which is that if i'm president of states what i'm president of states we will stand with israel what if the prime minister of israel called you on the fall and said our bombers are on the way we're going to bomb iran
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what do you bob it is let's not go into hypotheticals of that nature had our relationship with israel my relationship with the prime minister of israel is such that we would not get a call saying our bombers are on the way what i've sent young men and women into harm's way i always understand that that is the last resort not the first resort of course a military action is the last resort as far as red lines for iran i understand and share this or not you know who's insistence the iran should not obtain a nuclear weapon my red line is iran may not have a nuclear weapon iran is a nuclear nation is unacceptable the united states president obama said exactly the same. twenty nine standing ovations to these really prime minister's speech before congress among other things showed just how powerful these really lobby is in washington despite president obama's support of a two state solution for israel and the palestinians his party members at their convention this fall called for moving the capital of israel from tel aviv to
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jerusalem it remains evident that there is no daylight between the two parties of israel obama was the guy who gave the impression with his cairo speech and others that he was willing to begin to renegotiate america's policy. on. israel and palestine but in fact when he came down to hard political realities has backed off but will he back off when israel decides to attack iran whoever is elected as america's next president will have to walk on the same reasonable weight which is between its road that is it going to bomb iran and the american people who don't want another costly and devastating war based on phony red lines in washington i'm going to check on. what differences between obama and romney hard to distinguish r.t. is helping other candidates have their share of air time next tuesday live on our t.v. catch the clash between jill stein and gary johnson the winners of the last round
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of the third party debate. we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i feel the same as the president did. you agree let's get back to something the president i agree on and the tube you agree that the voters have a choice perhaps you wonder who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tuned in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates are thirty. saddam has threatened to retaliate over an alleged israeli air strike on an arms factory and to him tel aviv is not commented on the reported attack but has accused of being a part of an iranian backed arms shipping network foreign policy expert robert naaman says that if israel is to blame it's a blatant violation of international law. if the you know the sudanese allegations
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are true this is a flagrant violation of international law and israel sudan are not were it you can't bomb a factory in sudan anytime they want everybody has the right to defend themselves within the confines of international war israel and other countries including the united states doesn't have the right to go around bombing other peoples good reason saying that it's in self defense and we don't even know what was going on in this factory was a conventional war builds was it something you know since the new series can measure what it was. intended for hamas in gaza you know it's really the voices are suggesting or do they have nothing to do with gaza at all we don't want to live in a world where one country can unilaterally make these claims doesn't have to provide any evidence and then can carry out a military action on the basis israel has really says that they should be pursuing diplomatic channels not unilateral military action now look at some other
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international headlines and brief violence has erupted once again in the chilean capital santiago last hundreds of student protesters massed ahead of municipal elections some rallies turned ugly as the demonstrators spent their anger at the authorities accusing them of ignoring their education reform students say the cost of education is failing the whole of society making studying an affordable. at least fifty six people have been killed in almost two thousand homes damaged in an outbreak of ethnic violence in western myin a mark the clashes between the buddhists and muslim communities erupted last sunday refugee camps in the region are experiencing overcrowding with over seventy five thousand people left homeless by the unrest. the tropical holiday island of bohol moss is the latest victim of hurricanes. sandy where people have been forced to shelter from violent winds and torrential rain storm has left
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a trail of devastation across the caribbean claiming twenty one lives along the way cuba haiti and jamaica have all fallen down florida is believed to be the next stop for the hurricane which is now reportedly starting to weaken. and to meet you joins us for the business news and samsung and apple continue to fight it out on the mobile phone market that is correct as you may know we've had a series of court rulings one against the other on copyright infringement and now samsung is making provisions for yet another billion dollars just in case because there's another ruling in december let's take a look at what's happening on the markets in this respect of both companies have come out with earnings forecasts in the first quarter reports and in japan we are seeing samsung actually go down and spur despite the fact that in the first quarter it has room for to record earnings and it's down around two percent this hour of
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what's happening in the united states at the close apple there as reports the forecasts for earnings in the fourth quarter which is a crucial quarter for these companies christmas sales of course we're keeping these in mind and. these of forecasts were lower than expected and therefore apple shares ended down one point two percent we'll see what happens in friday's session of course but overall the session was pretty flat point two percent at the close and if we take a look at what's happening on the currency is the u.s. housing data there is basically has been affecting what was happening on the on the currencies market we're seeing a pretty flat picture between the year and the dollar at this hour but we've had the euro climb up as the housing data was not so reassuring showing that it may actually stall the sector and that would keep the u.s. economy from recovering at a stately steady pace whereas the russian rubles you can see there's absolutely flat. the clothes no change for the euro rate for example and on the commodities
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markets we're also seeing world coming down another half a dollar this is on global demand concerns and that of course. would have a pretty negative effect on the russian market when it opens in around one half hour's time so we're not expecting a positive opening us take a look at what was happening on the first day for the russian market the r.t.s. and m i six declined within around half a percent and that's also on the back of these lower oil prices we might see a continuation of the story. now another story as european bank for reconstruction and development has upgraded its growth forecast for russia now the bank expects the country's economy to surge three point two percent this year something that about economies could only dream of however the anticipate a result could be shadowed by high inflation even expects the expected to be official targets and reach six point eight percent by the end of the year. and renee sands group aims to become the first russian financial corporation to
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provide retail credits in africa the firm has set up a subsidiary in nigeria that will work in a local store chains analysts say the country's retail banking is not developed and it could become a golden goose for the russian bank however doing business in nigeria is quite risky due to the unstable political situation and a high level of lime. all right that's it from me for now i'll be back in fifty five minutes time as always with another update of the business news coming up next we discuss what lies ahead for the debt ridden euro zone with the professor northam x. or. magine assets that the devil watches you every single mom. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with
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