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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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witnesses say the situation in bani walid is getting more dangerous with. chemical weapons being used in the town. and greece's plan to deal with this massive deficit as the last line of economic defense
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celebrates one year. in the us presidential race deal with the power. to bomb iran. watching on t.v. with global news live from moscow rule received gangs of foreign mercenaries reportedly from the gulf states and turkey have now joined the assault on bani walid in libya he's been gathering first hand accounts of the situation in the besieged town traditionally loyal to the toppled regime and with more on this now. while fighting continues in the perceived libyan city of where it has been on the go for more than three weeks now we are beginning however to hear disturbing reports that
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a foreigner troops and snipers could be used in the assault on the city. they told something dangerous that. maybe if it got out of them somewhere inside the city do. you know. now earlier in the week there were conflicting reports at the city had fallen these reports have proven untrue but not before thousands of bani walid residents tried to make their way back to the city now we are hearing from our sources on the ground that these people have been stopped by roadblocks that have been set up by militias at the entrances and exits to the city that there has been firing in the air widescale panic and that now thousands of people are on the desert highway in addition to this our sources tell us that they continues to be armed gangs and
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militia that opera trolling the streets and are ransacking people's homes we're hearing reports of homes been bulldozed of homes being looted and we continue to hear these reports over the at the moment and verified of the use of chemical weaponry i can confirm that these militias used internationally prohibited weapons they used phosphorous bombs and nerve gas we have documented all these in videos recorded the missiles they used and the wire transfers raining down from these missiles many people died without being wounded or shot they died as a result of gases the world needs to see who are they targeting other really good of his men other children women and old men killed his men the united states state department was questioned by our team in terms of why the story is being ignored in the way it's done their answer was that they're not ignore him. story they are following it but you only need to take a look at the u.s. state department website and see that the last time anyone it was mentioned was back at the beginning of the year we support the efforts of the libyan government
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to get control of militias and to provide security throughout the country including in bani walid and to do so in a way that. is respectful of the human rights of all citizens and allows humanitarian organizations to get in so we are watching the situation very closely now the libyan army was given the order to use all means necessary to deal with the city and so what you're saying is that all means necessary are being employed. parasites leeches a message to all of them across libya wherever they are whoever you are and however strong you are and who have your back is on the revolution should we. also we hear from our sources both within the city and elsewhere in europe and north africa people who have family inside the city that the killings are far from over.
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reporting there will the battle for many will leaders last several weeks now but unlike last year's revolution against gadhafi it's yet to capture the attention of the mainstream media author and journalist neil clark says well that's because the current situation in libya is an inconvenient truth to those who backed the change there. let's think back to every twenty eleven we couldn't because newspaper in the u.k. or us or put on the b.b.c. or c.n.n. without hearing about what was going on in libya a humanitarian disaster or a hole colonel gadhafi forces were killing lots of people there we're going to have a massive massacre in benghazi and because of that we went to war that that was the reason for war and today the situation lever is much worse we got a humanitarian catastrophe taken place the number of people killed since need to intervene has gone up but by between ten and twenty times we've got massacres going on at the moment and there's silence complete silence here in the u.k. and in the u.s. they got what they want what they wanted they got rid of gadhafi they got
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a pro western government in power now in tripoli they've taken control of the oil industry there's privatization western corporations moving in and they don't really give a toss to be honest about what's going on about about human rights abuses the fact that demonstrations are banned throughout the country it's time to move on on to syria of course. this is r.t. now greece apparently stands no chance of meeting its deficit reduction deadlines us according to a preliminary report by the international monetary fund's debt inspectors nevertheless they remain daunted the writer will recommend more sturdy already though on top of eighty nine stalled reforms for that athens has yet to push through e.u. leaders are also mulling giving greece a time extension to implement the cuts but the timing of it all is rather symbolic it was on this day one year ago that a desperate e.u. agreed on some of its most extreme crisis fighting measures the effects of which is
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morry of financial reports approved somewhat under whelming. measures approved by european union leaders these day ego were designed to tackle the debt crisis the german chancellor angela merkel described as europe's worst economic crisis since the end of world war two the e.u. has spent months hammering this. out of the venture it was proclaimed and it was hoped to first save greece by writing of how awful for its debts which amount of that at that time again to one hundred is sixty percent of the country's g.d.p. and the second aim of this package was to protect other european countries from this financial instability to an approach that purpose it was decided that to more than double the european union bailout fund also known as european financial stability facility we've been hearing skepticism already that but a year later it's clear that not only has the crisis not drawn back but also the
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european financial climate has worsened with more and more countries now joining greece and experiencing financial economic fallout likes a whole to go experts say the raw several reasons behind this fiasco and one of them is some countries squandering in tough economic times they're still continuing to spend too much cash on military sector rather than on social needs and greece is a very good example here of this very bad tendency let's take a look at the greek people are making their anger towards government spending cuts very clear. one area where greece continues to spend big when it comes to weapons seven billion euros last year alone spent on defense greece three considers that it's it's facing a threat from turkey. and that we need to maintain credible military forces to that threat and one of the key places where greece shops for its defense
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needs is germany athens is old is make up around fifteen percent of billions arms exports the most in europe despite germany's repeated belt tightening mantra of courses export earnings for germany and nato interest there. so it's just being done and it's not being talked about so much every once a while the topic pops up but this just being done and politicians in germany are not really questioning it with greeks enduring a dire financial plight with little sign of reprieve is there an element of hypocrisy in germany calling for cuts while encouraging greece to buy its weapons. not all of berlin's elected representatives buying into their gun peddling government's priorities for them social spending cutting is the first you know the thing that comes to their mind for me as a queen the first priority that comes to my wife is cutting into defense sector as
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a proportion of its national earnings greece spends almost twice as much as any of the e.u. member on defense compounded by a less than transparent human process and a reputation for corruption i think there is in the lead in greece both within the oil exports fear as well as the. low below that say of weaponry that does keep specific percentages and briberies it never a single cell of arms with former defense minister. singh custody facing charges of stealing government cash it's easy to see why big money for the military gets people riled especially when economists estimate that if greece had cut defense spending over the past decade to similar levels of fellow e.u. states they would have saved around one hundred fifty billion euro more than their last bailout peter oliver r.t. . or in about ten minutes time here on r.t. our business to delve into the real impact that you use boosted bell our fund has
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had over the past year or so much more news for you in a few minutes after a quick break. nineteen iranian channels have been banned in the countries that's called iran for not tolerating free speech among other things well played lads well played i love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning personally a bit of censorship doesn't bother me that much because there has always been censorship and there were always be censorship if there are any words or symbols or opinions that could get you bumped off fear or legal trouble in your country then guess what you have censorship sorry to say it but that's how it is i don't mind a country saying that there is something so antithetical to their way of life that
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it must be banned i'm fine with that that's your business in your country and you should be able to protect your culture and your values but they'll lie to me and tell me that you live censorship free when you don't it's your choice you let the iranian channels back on the air or come out of the closet and admit you believe in restricted speech but that's just my opinion. you will come to the. previous solar towers this month to move is the center of our universe the tides of forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative
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construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage for brand new turbines boost efficiency with the simplify design and who. can store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the moon. here. the future. will change when america picks its. muslim rage. pushing china and russia as. the two parties still dictate. this election. to the fifth artsy.
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news today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. good to have you with us here on our. one of the most pressing issues the next u.s. president will have to deal with there's a whole cries of his country's close ally israel backing all blocking calls to bomb iran may ultimately be a choice between keeping israel support and what is best for the american people this report. a red line should be drawn right here the
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line beyond which lies war with iran. many thought benjamin netanyahu was message at the u.n. general assembly this fall was addressed not so much to the international community but to washington netanyahu would like to be able to communicate to the world that the israelis are ready which he has to attack and that it will be done with the full support of the united states and he's not getting that the tension in the media peaked when president obama practically referred to israel's warmongering as noise that he's trying to block out any pressure that i feel free to do what's right for the american people and i am going to block out any noise that's out there pledging full and unconditional support for israel is part of any presidential election campaign in the u.s. the possibility of war with iran needs a new dimension to this election season the israelis will attack the iranians they
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will attack it's just a matter of when so americans must decide which presidential candidate can better manage the situation despite campaign big crying president obama has strong allies like israel under the bus the last debate on foreign policy has shown the candidates hold almost identical views on the issue what if the prime minister of israel called you on the phone and said our bombers are on the way we're going to bomb iraq. let's not go into hypotheticals of that nature our relationship with israel my relationship with the prime minister of israel is such that we would not get a call saying our bombers are on the way when i've sent young men and women into harm's way i always understand that that is the last resort not the first resort of course a military action is the last resort as far as red lines for iran i understand and share this or not you know whose insistence that iran should not obtain
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a nuclear weapon my red line is iran may not have a nuclear weapon iran is a nuclear nation is unacceptable the united states president obama said exactly the same thing. twenty nine standing ovations to these really prime minister's speech before congress among other things showed just how powerful these really lobby is in washington despite president obama's support of a two state solution for israel and the palestinians his party members that their convention this fall called for moving the capital of israel from tel of the of to jerusalem it remains evident that there is no daylight between the two parties of israel obama was the guy who gave the impression with his cairo speech and others that he was willing to begin to renegotiate america's policy on you know on israel and palestine but in fact when he came down to hard political realities has backed off but will he back off when israel decides to attack iran whoever is
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elected as america's next president will have to walk on the same raise the weight which is between this world that is itching to bomb iran and the american people don't want another costly and devastating war based on phony red lines in washington i'm going to check on. well with differences between obama and romney rather hard to distinguish he is helping other candidates have their share of time exclusively on this channel you can watch the live clash between the winners of the last round of the third party debate alternately joel stein and gary johnson. we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did. you agree let's get back to something the president i agree on and the two you agree that the voters have a choice perhaps with you wondering who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things never you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see
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the second round of debates between the major third party candidates over thirty. now one of the three top russian opposition leaders has been officially charged with preparing to incite mass unrest a moscow based investigative committee says he may have used foreign funding in order to do so more on this now two parties are joining us live hello to you tom. hi there rory yes sir gaoled out soft has been charged with plotting mass disorder in russia the charges say that he wanted to organize mass violent protests starting in russia's westernmost enclave of kaliningrad and then in other regions of the country but he wanted to involve russian nationalists in the violence as well and that he had been plotting with others to try and set up training camps to prepare he had already been under
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a travel ban as the investigation progressed he denies all of those charges the investigation began after a television documentary was shown recently on russian television about the opposition protest movement over the past year the documentary showed hidden camera footage and said good old out solved and others had colluded to try and organize the mass violence and that they had also taken money from georgian officials to help them do that russia's investigative committee is you. that documentary evidence two of those have also been charged one of them was detained in the ukraine. it is thought that he was detained there however he says that his confession was given under pressure from. if he's convicted he could face up to ten years in prison. and there live in central moscow thank you.
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fired into the world we go will start with afghanistan where at least thirty seven people have been killed and seventeen wounded in a suicide bombing in the northern part of the country where the attacker wearing a police uniform blew up in a crowd gathering at a mosque to celebrate the holiday and the province's top officials were inside the mosque were did escape unharmed there were however police officers and soldiers among the dead at this point no one has claimed responsibility. at least one person has been killed over forty injured in peru's capital lima during a protest against the government's decision to move a local wholesale market by demonstrators allegedly attacked police with clubs and rocks forcing them to defend themselves but the authorities had to use concrete blocks to prevent vehicles from entering the market. but hundreds of
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millions of muslims across the world are celebrating the muslim festival of eid. it's one of the islam's holiest holidays in moscow alone some one hundred and fifty thousand muslims took to the streets for a customary prayers and feasting. festivities took place under the watch of thousands of police who reported no major incidents of violence is generally shunned during the festival with great emphasis being put on community for the whole day lasts for two days and occurs on different days annually this according to the lunar calendar. let's get some business here there's artie's dimitri medvedev good to see you to. day and today marks exactly one year since a breakthrough in solving the greek crisis a breakthrough well yeah exactly that's the billion dollar question whether there has been a breakthrough or not so far little progress has been achieved in that respect but it was a crucial of course moment when banks agreed to basically write off fifty percent of greek related debt and you know let's take
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a look at what's happening on the markets by the way as i speak danish banks saxo bank says basically that the situation today reminds them of groundhog day for the economy in europe and the steam jacobson says a turning point could be reached following the elections in germany when angela merkel would need to form a new coalition. i think what we see is a combination of germany being still saying nine nine nine and at the same time that the social change unless you just briefly will increase i mean to me the real surprise here is that the source of tension is not bigger and more to be seen in the streets because ultimately this extended britain the victim has become the middle class and the employees who today takes hold listen ever before and what they do take home is actually not able to buy them anything close to what it did just one year or two years ago. all right take a look at what's happening in russia more than one percent losses on the back of low oil prices also we are both anticipate seeing the g.d.p.
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figures in the united states which have been quite slow and disappointing over the past couple of months so we are seeing investors fearing a slowdown even more in the united states and therefore they're playing playing it safe also on the currencies market was seeing the ruble being shared in favor of the dollar and the euro meanwhile when it comes to the dollar euro rate it's has been pretty stable today. in other stories the european bank for reconstruction and development has upgraded its growth forecast for russia now the. expects the country's economy to surge three point two percent this year however the anticipated results could be shadowed by high inflation the expected to be official targets and reach around six point eight percent by the end of the year. china has seen an undeclared outflow of six hundred billion dollars last year according to global financial integrity group based in washington experts say it's driven by
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frustration with a banking system that subsidizes state companies and by businesses profiting from loopholes in these states pervasive controls last year's outflow was part of a three point eight trillion dollars lot of capital that left china since the turn of the millennium. sandra day stands groupings to become the first russian financial corporation to provide retail credits in africa the firm has set a subsidiary in nigeria that will work in local store chains analysts say the country's retail banking is not developed and could become a golden goose for the russian bank however doing business in nigeria has often been related to stable political situation and the high level of crime and therefore risky. or i will coming back to the topic of the eurozone economy to discuss actually we are discussing the fate of the eurozone next with professor northam mack's on r.t. to stay with us.
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it's perched atop a jaw drop and the view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the chance i bear in railway but the ball's cremains a spiritual center. scenes like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of orthodox worshippers did themselves implicity walter to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls to be their stronghold constructed on
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top of the city but soon enough it became an economic siberian oil of its time bringing in a third of the state revenue but the location had of the uses for the russians the russian crowd a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists hair and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled hare they lead a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves whilst leaving this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of
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a scape but within the yeah the czar and his family would be dead.
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i'm joined today by dr max also a professor of political administration and author of the books investing rather than saving and the delightfully optimistically titled the crisis is coming to talk to us a thanks very much for speaking to me now jeremy currently finds itself in a relatively decent position economically can it keep that up germany is not at all in the driving seat germany's economy is functioning but germany is driven rather than driving by the process of going on unfortunately i think the.


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