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here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terror cell. no one wishes to feature is on the
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on the liberal and the christian public you. can really go to the. what's up guys so this is a year ago the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mike mullen declared that our national debt is the single greatest threat facing our nation and we have every sponsibility to eliminate that threat great point about the military budget is something that the establishment likes to discuss when talking about our looming debt crisis number one governor romney suggested to increase the military budget because the us had less ships now than it did in one thousand nine hundred eighteen well i don't mean look anything worse than that suggestion was obama's response because he went to bat defending our hyped up security measures which are on steroids as it is to this administration's latest purchase for example for brand
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spanking new aircraft carriers estimated at twelve billion dollars a pop yep there's dick cheney drooling over a model of the u.s.s. gerald ford so president obama keeps ramping up our security arsenal and governor romney says that we don't have enough ships wow if one of these candidates were competing to show their intent for peace instead of war you know what i'm sick of the us trying to build peace through strength i'm sick of hearing that the deficit is our great. it's national security threat as the u.s. military blows forty billion dollars on four more aircraft carriers for no reason i'm tired of these candidates defending a defense budget that's indefensible if you are to join me in love to break the set . of the.
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amidst all the election fervor there's been one little issue left out in the cold climate change yep it's the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and the issue is shoved aside and ignored by the tea party establishment and it's interesting that this climate silence as it's now being called would happen now since this year is seen one of the most extreme temperature changes on record across the globe to talk more about the long standing climate debate and the political silence and talk to brad johnson writer and campaign manager of forecast and facts here's part of that interview. climate change is a very real issue it's just that the candidates aren't really capable of talking about it in a serious way. why. well we should make clear that president obama has a real record of accomplishment in climate change and through the course of the election season he's you know made reference to climate change and you know to. his
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convention speech about pointing out that it's not a hoax and not a joke. but i think that one of the reasons that it's been hard for the candidates who are you know to talk about this is that. it talking about it would require them to put a plan on the table and it would require them to essentially get declare war on the fossil fuel industry which is pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into this election cycle and i think that's the real problem is that they're afraid of taking on that fight and frankly there hasn't been demand from the american people for them to do so sure you are taking on big oil is definitely a big feet brad but what i mean really what has obama done other than you know talk about cap and trade which is definitely does a profit making scam i mean does that really alleviate anything to do with the what the climate change problem i mean just simply acknowledging that it exists and that's a great i guess but really what has he done to advance this issue well i mean i
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strongly disagree with your characterization of cap and trade. but i think that the legislation that the bombing of new station trying to. to cast would have made a true transformative difference in the fight against climate change but president obama has made unprecedented invents investments in renewable and clean energy and energy efficiency he's put into place strong pollution standards that have essentially ended the construction of coal plants the united states established the first greenhouse gas standards for both. vehicles and for power plant ok ok let's let we have a lot to cover so let me actually actually get into this cap and trade thing i mean the economists to one of the leading economists who was behind talking about cap and trade said that it doesn't work in fact a lot of people have said that it actually increases missions i mean when you're
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export in your carbon and third world countries are now taking on carbon emissions maybe you can explain that how it's not really just a money making scam i mean is there really get to the root of the issue here brad. putting a price on carbon is an essential part of taking on climate change you have the pollution it's being you know the profits for extracting carbon are being directed to the you know fossil fuel industry and the cost of the pollution are being passed on to the rest of society and to future generations so i mean it's certainly reasonable to have a debate about how to structure. attempts to do that and you know there are many people who you know question capitalism and got in that system but the idea that it's just a money making scam it's just ludicrous well i think i think the reason why a lot of people look at people like al gore and other people who are promoting what you say is a good solution brad because you know we're told all the time calculate your carbon
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footprint that you know the burden is on you and then you have the pentagon the biggest polluter on the planet you have factory farms producing millions of tons of carbon methane dioxide and. thing every year more specifically livestock accounts for sixteen percent of the world's annual production of methane which one of the most powerful greenhouse gases i mean brad when we're being told by the establishment the burden is on you we should all be looking out for you know doing this when really they're not doing significant things and nothing to really deal with this problem when it comes to corporations and the government itself but i think this is the debate we should be having and unfortunately that's not the debate we're having in fact we're having this debate you know international stage about how who's who wants to you know produce oil coal and gas faster it would be you know i do think that's i think that's the essential challenge for the american people is to figure out how we can you know how do you know this kind of debate whether it's you know how strongly and quickly aggressively we should move to
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tackle climate change instead to bury it under the table yeah i just think a lot of people probably have a big problem with this issue because of the hypocrisy coming from the establishment line when they do talk about it which really doesn't address the core of the problem brad what role you just talked about big oil clearly they have an enormous influence one of the biggest you know lobbies of course with our government what role does the oil industry play in this side of the debate that denies that this is happening at all. they destroy the house both funded and supported climate to know for literally decades now and instead it's an unfortunate reality and it's you know it's one of those things it's it's easy to believe in things that. you know ensure your profits so i mean it's something that you know everybody it's from from the koch brothers to exxon mobil
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you know they played a role in you see it in one thing that you see now is a lot of it's been passed through to front groups like the u.s. chamber of commerce but the unwillingness to accept the scientific facts of climate change or you know on foreign unfortunately frankly something that's true of all of us i mean the fossil fuel industry bears the greatest responsibility but you know this is something that you know the american people and you know and the people all around the world aren't doing a good enough job. oh i guess i guess i'm confused of why the issue of climate change is a bipartisan issue i mean you can argue i think a lot of people actually deny that the climate is changing i mean it is it under brad that these changes are occurring i mean are we reaching not only record hot temperatures but are there cold temperature records as well going on or is this specifically like just explain a bit more about why you think it has become a bipartisan issue and one of the naysayers. wrote the reason for kind of the
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republican party lurch towards conspiracy theory in science that is is is pretty straightforward there for the essentially the history of the united states the conservative right has been. linked with the fossil fuel industry as a pillar of its political and economic strength and this is a fight for the future it's you know that industry it is simply incompatible with a sustainable civilization and so if you. it's insists it's incompatible with the republican party as it now stands so the. you know the move away from. you know acceptance of the science and you know debates over how to address it into our current you know situation where you have you know republican candidates who you know probably argue that it's a conspiracy by scientists you know in and some kind of marxist liberal conspiracy
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it's you know it's unfortunate and it's deeply troubling but it's. it makes perfect sense well i don't even think a lot of people are saying that you know yeah there are of course a lot of people saying that it's not manmade by i've encountered a lot of people who say that it isn't happen at all i guess that is you know when you have a massive disinformation campaign being funded by big oil that's what happens brad what do you say to people who say it's the solar flares that are happening in conjunction with the warming periods well i mean it's just factually not true so what activity has has declined over the last twenty three years as global warming has continued to increase so i mean to me scientists have investigated this and it's just not true. ok and just lastly to wrap this up why do you think candidates like jill stein for example i mean who is addressing climate change every time i've really heard her speak and who offers solutions i mean why do you think that we
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don't prop up someone like this and don't talk about her more. and more i mean i mean it's. i mean it's one of the reasons that you know we don't talk about things that you know are going to happen in the third party candidates like aren't going to be elected president then you know and when they can when when a third of our agenda right you can raise a billion dollars to raise the price you know to run a presidential campaign which is what it costs now and then you know. she will have more of a political voice but you know. and there are many people who are working towards that but you know. personally i think that it's. it's better to challenge the people who are in actually in positions of power to do their job they have a bright are not going to do anything i mean the oil industry pretty much owns politics so why don't organizations like yours support candidates even though there are third party candidates i mean they are presenting solutions to this problem but
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we want we want we want to support avenues that we actually but we have a chance of success and that's important to us taking a moral position that isn't going to actually you produce change might be you know make you feel better but we have a responsibility to actually doing things and work well i looks like it isn't really working as it stands right now brad but thank you for coming on and breaking it down brad johnson well it's fun to have somebody arguing at me from the left for a change. feel like you see so far go to our you tube channel at youtube dot com let's bring in a set and subscribe to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash break in a set and if you've got something to say feel free to write and let me know what you think and if you're wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on air or follow me on twitter at abby martin so stay tuned to hear about the case of the holy land five coming up next. wealthy british style some time to.
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market why not. down the. wind what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. more news today. the full these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the day. the mother. of the
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a mission to free accreditation free in-store charges three. months free. free. free. the old free born. free media. the. lead. the holy land foundation or the it was once the largest muslim charity the united states started the us the people it affected were in palestine because the spend nations goal was to provide relief for palestinians in the west bank gaza strip as well as the countless palestinian
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refugees in neighboring countries the foundation was a beacon of hope but that hope died in two thousand and one just three months after nine eleven when president bush issued an executive order to shut the organization down freezing its assets and accusing it of raising funds for hamas but that wasn't the end because what followed was a crusade against the holy land five these men pictured here and now all five of them are in prison serving sentences up to sixty five years so talk about this case in the relentless fight for justice i'm joined by nora la sheep writer and daughter of imprisoned co-founder her son. nor i know that today is a very special holiday for you so i really appreciate you coming on to talk to us absolutely it's my pleasure so you're in new york right now doing what you've been doing for years which is fight for your father's innocence tell us a little bit about what you're doing there and this latest appeal to the supreme court. absolutely this is what's going to happen on on. actually
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what happened today was that the supreme court conference on whether or not to try or whether or not to hear the holy land foundation case now it has been eleven to mulch was years of. arrests trials and now after all of those eleven tumultuous years we wait the decision that happened that was supposed to happen today and we're expected to hear sometime on monday what that decision is so all of us are waiting very patiently and are hopeful. and i was understand that the government has been keeping a close watch on the holy land foundation for a number of years as you said before nine eleven but in the wake of the nine eleven hysteria they came and shut it down as if the case was directly perpetrated or directly related to the perpetrators of the attacks i mean was this justification what they needed what were the initial charges. the initial charges the prosecutors
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use the material support which has come under fire by many civil rights attorneys and it was actually enhanced by the patriot act and the actual charge was that my father and the other members of the holy land five were charged with. conspiring to send material support in the form of charity that is in the form of clothes food medicine to palestinians the committees which are distribution centers that the prosecutors were claiming were fronts for the language they used is that these were controlled by or worked on behalf of. the interesting thing in the perplexing thing about this argument is that these very same as the cat committees received funds from our own government agency the usa id and none of these committees were listed as designated terrorist organizations on the department of treasury list so how how was the court able to ignore this fact i mean that the u.s.
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. idea had contributed to the exact same charities nor. that is absolutely the question anyone who sat through the first trial which by the way in that it ended in a hung jury the first jury in texas did not fall for for this perplexing argument however the second jury did return all guilty verdicts but that is definitely one of the big questions and one of the biggest questions that that's going to be asked and that was in the petition to the supreme court is is whether or not for because in this case it was the first time in american history that a an expert witness was allowed to testify using a false name and so one of the major questions that are going to be asked is and this is mentioned in the petition and my father's lawyer writes the h l f k's quote presents the perfect opportunity for the court to determine whether or under what circumstances the prosecution can present an anonymous witnesses so the defense is
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mainly saying that obvious testimony which you know that this israeli intelligence officer testified under a pseudonym so the defense lawyers are saying that testimony violated my father's sixth amendment right to confront his accusers but really putting all of this lawyer language aside what this really what this case comes down to is in its essence this is about a bonafide bold humanitarian mission that was put to an end that was crushed by the bush administration. put on or it's a very tragic case and i think it's interesting to note that these charities. called the cot which literally means contributions to the muslims make to the poor as as you stated i mean i remember when i was a big deal in the news that obama went to a madrassa as a child as if it were some sort of terrorist camp when the word literally translate to school do you think that the government was able to capitalize on these
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semantics and sort of play into the fear that people have about muslims. absolutely fear fear tactics were used in the courtroom not only with showing videos completely unrelated to my father of suicide bombings and videos of little children in gaza wearing fake suicide vests mock suicide vests and holding shoulder muscles but also using guilt by association by by associating my father in the other members of the holy land five to members of her mess and so yes guilt by association fear tactics all of that were used in this courtroom and nor let's talk about where your father is now they've actually transferred him to something called a communications management unit or cmu which is called the northern guantanamo i mean what are the conditions of this prison why was he placed there and have you argued what has been argued against their constitutionality well soon after two
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thousand and nine which was the sentencing my father was transferred to be a communications management unit now there are two of them in the country one in indiana and one in illinois muff my father was transferred to the one in illinois it's a little remote city called marion and he these communications management units as they are called there its main purpose is to restrict communications between inmates and their families the media their lawyers and so we my family gets basically only half the phone time if that that we used to have and the most cruel aspect of these prisons is that all of the visitors the visitations have to happen behind a plexiglas wall and so every. every visitation has happened behind i haven't been able to touch my father in over three years which in of itself. is just.
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cruel and unusual punishment and you know most of these facilities are mostly full of muslims which is just. sort of one ton a moment they've been called guantanamo north. little guantanamo as they've been called because they housed like about seventy five percent muslim inmates nor i'm so sorry to note i don't want to cut you off we have about thirty seconds left just please tell people how people can help and find out more about this case absolutely you can visit freedom to give dot com to learn more about the case and you know just keep us in your thoughts and this is the time to act and you know no matter what happens i tell my father keep your head up high because that's what he told me the day of the arrest and i say that we are not approaching the end we are approaching the beginning and you will remain in the consciousness of people until
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the day you are exonerated and i know that day will come soon thank you so much for your courage strength those nora law she writer and daughter of the prison co-founder of song along. thank you. this week marks the fiftieth anniversary of the cuban missile crisis in october of one nine hundred sixty two the term mutually assured destruction was introduced in the common discourse it was the closest the world has ever been to nuclear war a war that would have resulted in the deaths of at least one hundred million americans more than one hundred million russians without mentioning the catastrophic global effects of the fallout it was a terrifying time to live under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation here's a clip of the address given by president kennedy at the height of the crisis. will be the policy of this nation three go to any nuclear missile launched from cuba
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against any nation in the western hemisphere. it's an attack by the soviet union on the united states requiring a jury response upon the soviet union under kennedy's direction the us imposed a naval blockade on shipments of armaments from the soviet union to cuba and open diplomatic play of the us pledge to not invade cuba if the soviet union withdrew its missiles from their territory and as an added secret deal the us promised withdraw its missiles from turkey and italy the last minute khrushchev accepted the deal and the crisis was narrowly averted this resulted in the creation of a nuclear hotline between the u.s. and the soviet union and laid the groundwork for what later became the nuclear nonproliferation treaty the objective of which is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and technology in hopes to one day have complete global disarmament despite the u.s. and russia signing on to this treaty almost fifty years ago are we really any safer now than we were back then take a look at this graphic they're currently nine nations that have operational nuclear
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warheads the five permanent members of the u.n. security council the u.s. russia france china and the u.k. along with israel pakistan india and north korea south africa used to have nuclear weapons what was the first country to abandon its program completely. so the exact number of nuclear weapons in the global arsenals unknown in fact most of these countries keep those numbers as tightly held national security secrets it's estimated that the stockpile of nuclear warheads is a figure close to twenty two thousand six hundred globally but twenty one thousand six hundred of those belonging to the u.s. and russia alone here's the kicker though while they mention the nine nuclear armed countries we don't actually count the countries under nato those nuclear umbrella what's that you ask well as you see with most international laws the nuclear nonproliferation treaty is probably one of the most useless pieces of international legislation ever drafted because it hasn't stopped the u.s. from loney nuclear warheads to countries like germany italy belgium the netherlands
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and turkey that's right folks loans these countries host us own nuclear warheads approved by a nuclear sharing program it's a policy that's widely regarded as a blatant violation of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty a treaty signed and ratified by the us whose sole purpose is to stop the transfer of nuclear weapons oh the hypocrisy not only is the us ignoring this important treaty but our government has the nerve to coerce other countries into complying with its guidelines for example our government takes a hard line against nuclear iran suggesting that this would create a nuclear arms race in the region hello that ship sailed long ago when israel was armed with its very own nuclear stockpile which by the way the country still doesn't admit to having to this day interesting that the u.s. takes such a stern approach at preventing other countries from obtaining nuclear weapons considering how the u.s.
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is. the only country to ever use not one but two nuclear weapons during war a bullet or a ting to thriving japanese cities that more than sixty years later are still feeling the effects so let me break this down the nuclear arms race never ended there are still thousands of nuclear warheads that could be fired at any moment by mistake by miscalculation or by madness or life as we know it could end on this planet so for the anniversary of the cuban missile crisis let's imagine a world free of nuclear weapons every country on this planet owes its people to immediately disarm and work toward a future based on strength through peace sort of strange war. wealthy british style sun. that's not on the phone.
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