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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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more weapons of find their way into the besieged the libyan city of bani walid sells a struggle to flee the violence coming from pro-government forces in the area there's something growing calls for the international community job knowledge of the ongoing bloodshed. it's only isn't gulzar no wave of empty government rallies and demonstrations in the month of the in the north of the country pals with police and
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tens of thousands marched in the capital for what's been dubbed anti monti day. and the same man to a certain message brings thousands of twenty other to the parliament in woodridge outrage over the government's creeping spending cuts. and the leader of al qaida calls on muslims to back syria's rebels while an opposition group kidnaps a lebanese journalist in aleppo saying his work is not compatible with the revolution. poso as obama and romney trying to outrun each other with just ten days left before the us presidential elections many americans are still don't know there are they can do this to choose from.
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at seven am here in moscow you're watching our live with me to bang with their thousands of families are struggling to escape from the besieged libyan city of bani walid as the bloody assault by pro-government militias continues into the third week of the ridges a military action has been stopped and aid is being distributed however sources inside the city say there's no water food or medicine fighters in the area also blocking a desert highway trapping those who managed to flee the violence. look at this people did. this good this gun and this people know this sure thing now why you don't know one week now this is the outside and doesn't know what the we're doing when i was living with you thing when when the government along better brush why it was can you want to actually find it harms and shelters indiscriminately move in two thousand families have fled seven families are with us at the moment yesterday we fled to the valley but they were firing into even their their families who died
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in the shelling children died too they fired by women and children mistreated their heads. i sucks promotions and rockets above our heads i saw the dead. a libyan political activist whose relatives inside bani walid says the international community is ignoring the crisis in libya just a warning you may find some of the images in this upcoming report upsetting. houses are being birds. is the people who are inside the city who can move. and leave the city or you go a few of the militia of fear of the. belongings inside and see if the united nations to go on to future to let people go inside their houses you
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will see a. picture. of him until he embraces the west is turning over our own lives and letting these militias do whatever they want to believe you need to kill them to know who i was. and the worst is criticizing these militias so we'll leave you alone with the first of. all of the interference of use militias. need to maintain that had the right to intervene in libya last year in order to end the bloodshed however in an about face members of the alliance and now reluctant to acknowledge the humanitarian disaster in. the former british ambassador to libya oliver miles as nato no longer has any responsibilities in the country. i think that these problems are got to be sorted out by the libyans and they are being sorted out and the worst problem at the moment is the one in value or lead and that's a political problem compounded by
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a very old feud between two towns which we misurata and bani walid the fighting that's going on now is directly because of the belief that the people in by the walid have been harboring. the revolution on the new government you can call it humanitarian crisis relatively small town of bani walid has something like seventy thousand inhabitants the number of fighters who are believed to be loyal to gadhafi is not very large but of course fighting is terrible and of course it's got to it we must hope that it comes to an end as soon as possible. are g.'s keeping a close eye on the situation in bali when the ball for ascended calms from that whole town of bailable at our team dot com the analysis on the troubles in libya is facing you also its longstanding leader of one michael duffy was toppled in the
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arms revolt the help of nato. massive crowds have descended on the spanish parliament voicing their anger with the veil stares and cuts imposed by the government r.t. sarah ferguson reports a ride from the heart of the protests and madrid. he's number that attend that hearing but they just think it's a shame to move the. lens of the country and now unemployed and that green line enforced by me is all routes to work and that's obviously cruising a huge amount of value over the journey the years a dozen homeowners experience it proclaims the year a crisis doesn't discriminate we've seen protests like this happening in italy in greece imagery and in protests going on we saw clashes breaking out in the north of italy the level of anger amongst people really rising we've seen this year oh quite
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this. year quite it's dragging on for a number of years really causing people as a very man of economic pain the end to monte day has drawn tens of thousands to the streets of italy's capital in protest over the belt tightening measures the country's current prime minister is taking researcher jerome russo believes people are right to fear that they country could fall victim to the white nino crisis. but people who are very well aware that the government's main goal is to who was the story on the italian people and so the protests were always really sort of discredited the government in a much broader sense and in our view for returning to a more democratic more politics in europe the problem is that the situation is that only getting worse especially since november last year when this i mean that technically going into power we've seen serious tax hikes we've seen new spending cuts we've seen reforms in all the holes in the pension system a. veritable of assaults on labor rights and here in florence i mean you can even
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see it in the streets in the outskirts there are more and more people who are sleeping out in the streets i mean the border goes at night and the situation is getting worse it's not just out there as it is but i do think that it's only it may be next in line with the situation in in spain especially spins further out of control you know the answer to that is actually not to have cut back spending money to invest more in the economy to invest in growth to make sure that there are jobs and the only way to ultimately get out of this debt is to grow your way out of it and not just cut your way out of it so one of the main arguments of the people here is that it is if you actually listen to the people who are not too good an actual interest from abroad you will come up with a lot more sensible a lot more rational response to this crisis. stay with us all the updates on the protests raging across the e.u. as our correspondents bring you the very latest.
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the leader of al qaeda a man he has urged muslims to kidnap westerners as a reason free in prison jihad is a new video posted online he also urged islamist to support the syrian rebels with quote all that they can and quote as he accuses international community of allowing president asked that the chance to defeat the syrian opposition terrorist leaders seize the conflict as an opportunity for the rise of islamists in the country meanwhile in the city of aleppo rebel kidnapping lebanese journalist say his work is not in line with their revolution my new well and writer editor in chief of german monthly news magazine says it's not the first time rebels have resorted to such tactics if what they feel is a criminal action at this journalist but he is not the first journalist who was kidnapped we see and a huge number of journalists we are chilled by by the rebels in syria we're killed
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by related groups i just want. to remember that the journalists of the syrian t.v. channel syrian used to be which where were. some journalists and where the news building was also in the end of june this year so what i ask where are the organizations where are the organisations moralists with or where are they protesting against these actions and i ask myself something else i have being in syria as a journalist of course i had a view that i was in the masters and what i can say i met a lot of journalists who were not reporting consistently to the syrian government because they were not detained they were knocking at their feet we are free to virtually this country so you see that there is a huge difference how do you know this murder in syria and the monster huge difference in the risk. as the conflict drags on it's not only syrians living in
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some of the countries that are being hit the subprocess the border with israel to fight territory one community of syria's facing tough times is vital trade with damascus it's not all dried up. the race for the us presidency is heading towards its final week with the polls showing both republican and democrat candidates as being effectively tight well many americans doesn't talk did with obama and romney might be ready for an alternative some don't even realize there's already a different choice lori haas ministered to the streets of new york to find out if people know third party candidates exist at all. this week third party candidates for the u.s. presidency held a debate do americans even know that this week let's talk about that did you watch
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the third party debate. do you think did best. obama do this no that's not the third party debate who do you think did a good job in the third party debate i think there parag obama did a little bit better job than mitt romney i know that the third party debate that was the main candidates debate but the third parties are we have actually other candidates that are running did you know that no i didn't know there's joel stein the green party there's gary johnson libertarian and none of these names ring about you know i don't think it's unfortunate that americans don't know they have more than two main options. were democrats or republicans we don't go over for the why do you think that is. the tradition. tradition. we do we used to i don't think either one of the third party have other ideas other than democratic somebody sure they do they're against the n.c.a.a. they're against the war and john's there against drone strikes there's
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a lot of other ideas. you don't agree with me about no drone strikes no why not protecting us and saving our soldiers from being killed even when they have a very low actually preventing straight unfortunate collateral damage as part of war you know what else is running with that to mean one don't i don't so do you feel informed enough to make a vote. no. for to go get it right i think the media has pretty much walked that whole aspect out why do they do that they're supposed to be impartial they're supposed to be saying the news the poor ocracy you know i mean. you've got democrats you got republicans two heads of the same snake and they're both supporting big business big corporations to me they want to make it look like you have a choice you know two sides of the same coin so it seems like most americans don't know that there are more than two candidates running for president and with only
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a few days left of voting day chances are obama or romney is going to be elected. well being blocked by the mainstream media third party candidates a do have a choice and tons to to deliver their messages to the voters here on our team and a little more than a week of the final round of the us presidential third party debate will be hosted on this very channel in the run up to the event moderator tom hartman from artie's the big picture shows his view on its significance. third parties historically have have influenced presidential elections there's never been a third party that actually won one but there have been third parties that have changed the nature of presidential elections i don't think that in this election cycle the third parties are going to have a real significant effect in terms of this particular election but what they are doing and what these debates are doing is raising those issues raising those topics
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and subjects that generally are ignored by both the corporate mainstream media and the two major political parties in ways that tend to energize movements and movement politics is typically where actual political change happens movement politics eventually infiltrate even major party politics so so i think that these are very important dates. now is the final rounds of the third party debates you can watch that. on monday november the fifth and don't forget we have special coverage of the u.s. election on a and online each week looking at the race with a fresh eye starting this monday we assess the presidential campaign through the eyes of the protest movement they can sing on domestic policies and the economy. what lies ahead for each room a movement mobilized calls for a new america who stands for the millions you know one percent us election is close
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. to twenty million. activists have staged protests in central moscow to support opposition figures who this week challenged was plotting disorder in russia the rally was broken up by police who said the group by the nor requiring advance permission for demonstrations in the city center some leaders were detained but released shortly after the protesters demanded all charges against high profile opposition leaders said get with belts off and his fellow activists should be thrown out the street would freeze on friday all comparing i'm dressed in rochelle for this autumn investigation was triggered via a documentary shown on russian t.v. . we have more news for you on our website at www dot com let's take a look at what they tell you right now well i'm pretty bold we've got the story i want to find these man who has received more than one hundred thousand dollars after his wife gets full while giving birth and when i leave.
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came up dong the controversial mag load website is to his old tricks with a new online project but i know what it is at our team. wealthy british style it's time to. go. to the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. to report on our. mission. critical free. free. free. free. free.
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old free blog video for your media project a free media. dot com. would
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be soon which brightened if you move a song from funds to impression its. stance on t.v. dot com. this is largely good to have you with us as the bloodshed in syria continues its effects are being felt in the nearby israeli occupied golan heights wondrous community which has for years been dependent on damascus is now facing desperate times because of the conflict. reports. he cannot hear the gunfights of homes and aleppo from here but residents of the small village of marsh in the golan heights are nevertheless feeling the effects of fighting in syria since two thousand and five the dirs farmers here in the golan heights have been selling the excess of their crops to damascus at trade facilitated by the united nations and the red cross but since their arrest began in
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syria many farmers here start to worry that these may end up being a rather bitter fruit apples are the main source of income for the druze families in this area until seven years ago they struggled while trying to compete with the produce of these really settlers who locals say the same apples but because of these really government subsidies pay less to go the harvest and sell for a bigger price an offer from damascus seemed like a blessing at the time the syrian government. says part of syria. their produce our produce is part of syria so they were committed to this to help the. farmers and. for marketing. the golan heights have been occupied by israel since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven some twenty thousand jews living here consider this land syrian and themselves syrians does a helping hand from damascus seemed
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a logical solution to the problem even these are the government allowed the export to take place but with the civil war raging on across the border there still has been no offer for the apples from the syrian government something which begins to boree local farmers. we are just simple people we have no idea of politics but our country used to be. and now the north and that affects us financially farmers say this year's harvest is much bigger than last year's but says the quota for the israeli markets has already been made in syria remain silent the jews leave much of the produce to rot. about the whole of the middle east is in trouble now. and we are the ones getting hit. the golan heights. time for some other stories from around the world a wave of attacks across iraq leaves at least thirty one dead and around one hundred injured marrying the muslim holiday of. shia neighborhoods in the capital
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baghdad were targeted including a blast at a playground that reportedly killed three children a roadside bomb also hit a bus carrying iranian pilgrims authorities promise to ramp up security for the remainder of the holy festival. the death toll in the ongoing clashes in peru's capital lima has risen to four as the authorities trying to have big vendors from one of the city's central markets more than one hundred twenty have been injured so far including around seven two police officers violence first erupted on thursday after the flow of goods into the area was blocked traders are battling plans to relocate the market to a different part of the city where the rent is much higher. the death toll in the caribbean caused by hurricane sandy has risen to fifty two forecasters say at the hurricane could merge with a winter weather fronts to create
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a devastating super storm fears of the super storm could reach america like she's air force various areas across the southern u.s. to declare a state of emergency sandy could impact the u.s. presidential elections in vital states like florida like canada's have already canceled events. fears of a police state are becoming a reality in seattle that's after the federal government gave its permission for aerial spy drones to be used over the city trevor tim activists for the electronic frontier foundation doesn't believe that the units are the only basic law enforcement. people are really worried that their privacy is going to be invaded by these drones you know the argument is that these drones are exactly the same as the ones that fly overseas because they're smaller and their battery life is lower but the problem is this technology is advancing so rapidly these drones are going to be able to fly for hours and days the time very soon and the police will take
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advantage of that and when the technology advances to the point where they can fly for hours at the time for it very cheaply police can start using them for surveillance i mean a bunch of police agencies already have expressed interest in this police across the country have expressed interest in using them for proactive purposes in california for example here sheriff down the down the street actually said he wanted to use it to find marijuana growers or use it for proactive policing the public records request that suspicious persons or large crowd control so there's definitely a legitimate worry that this is what they're going to use them for. and just a few moments ten years long and revels the story of the infamous russian yet a terrorist attack and meets some of those who held hostage coming up.
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fallout of government betrayal. and clawed and clawed how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who will give them no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because all right eli d. full of. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. operations are today.
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my name is alexandra. ten years ago i acted in the musical north doest and i was on stage the day that the terrorists stormed the theater. i was lucky i survived stella i've become an actress i began to value life more value times to value the love of those close to us. the conclusion i've reached is to be generous in love and kindness. i will overcome all difficulties i believe in good.
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british. alexandra first took to the stage when she was only three and a half years old by the age of thirteen the young actress was playing one of the major roles in no one doest. the role she played in her childhood gradually developed into serious dramatic characters but despite becoming a professional actress alexandra still enjoys playing in children's comedy shows. ten years ago the audience received the performers of the nord-ost musical just as warmly critics even deemed at the first russian show to be worthy of a global stage the popularity of the musical exceeded all expectations.


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