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overall five entries into some form of patents ultimately countries go bust just like companies don't typically become fast if you are continually spending and promising more than you offer union thank you for the company you are heading for a fall of a crash like many more years for a country but it happens eventually so we have to begin to try and balance the books that doesn't solve everything but it is a prerequisite so what you're saying is the government's trying to enter mental therapy but failing what's unbelievably curious about the government's rhetoric is they're talking as if they're taking a chainsaw to public spending that this is going to be the biggest package of austerity this is really going to hurt it's a bit like going to a dentist and the dentist saying to you this is going to be very very painful surgery on really really sorry but you're going to have to suffer it and then delivering a pinprick this is if they're sending out mood music to the money markets is if they're trying to pretend they're being tough but the actual figures suggest
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nothing of the sort they're cutting spending in real terms by a little less than one p. a year so over here the pound a year so over the course of five years in very broad terms they're going to cut from spending a pound to cut spending ninety seven pence that is a cut and it will be probably the first government in my lifetime that is actually cut government spending in real terms but it's not a very substantial cut top so the kind of austerity that you're talking about what would that look like to the ordinary man on the street. well i resent the term austerity there's a danger that the political debate is now configured in do you want austerity or do you want growth i want growth but i think that living within your means at government level is necessary to achieve that i'd like to see the signs of the u.k. strike wrong but for what it's got to at the moment about forty five forty six percent of all i'm actually in government expenditure to have
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a medium term plan and to get back down to about thirty percent with a couple to expenditure so that's to say that roughly speaking for every three pounds at the moment being spent we wouldn't be spending in future you don't need to do that overnight you don't need to do that by thursday week but i think you need to have a credible plan in place to do that and all of the evidence suggests that if you can get the size of the state down to around about twenty five or thirty percent of g.d.p. then the economy takes off so i don't buy this austerity versus growth i don't buy the argument that we should only make the cuts when the economy starts growing i think we need to actually get the government out of the way to allow the economy to grow it would be as if you were in a hot air balloon and so you were only going to throw the whites out when the balloon takes off now you actually need to throw the white south in alder to let the bloom take off so i would go through line by line on everything we're spending money on at the moment and ask is it really necessary can it be done in the private
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sector can it be cut altogether can it be extinguished and the most successful retrenchment programs are beginning to roll back the studies that were conducted in canada or new zealand took that approach despite the u.k. government saying that they have conducted a comprehensive spending review really it's nothing of the sort they ring fenced various areas they're spending more on other areas and their salami slicing a few areas put that into perspective for me what does it mean in terms of schools and hospitals which is what we think about when we talk about government spending. yeah the national health service which the government in my view it in its total economic unwisdom for political reasons has a ring fence the national health service so we have probably the most socialist health care system in the entirety of europe not only privatized overnight and there's a pilot in britain as if there's only a point to retreat you want to have a national health service all the american system i don't much like the american
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system but i think that we have to be aware that cradle to grave health care for virtually any illness or plight that you any individual suffers from is simply not affordable or if we want to afford it then we're going to have to see our normal surprises in tax chancellor george osborne talking about cutting ten billion pounds from the welfare state all those kinds of measures hitting the poorest and media in our society. i'm not persuaded by that argument at all really what with saying with regard to the british welfare state since it was set up now looking back now best part of sixty years nearly since the beveridge report which was established the founding principles is that we need a welfare safety net that is provides what beverage himself described as subsistence levels of support and only ideally for a temporary period of time what we've actually seen the growth of the world. is it really possible to imagine a person british society doesn't qualify for some sort of wealth as you might have
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housing benefit even if you were in work if you've got any kates you qualify for child benefit you may qualify for tax credits if you are a low earner it goes on and on and on we have universal benefits for the elderly if you are a multi-millionaire in your seventy's you get a free bus pass you get if you get winter fuel allowance one athlon individual said to me he'd like to use winter fuel allowance to help him to heat is an indoor swimming pool this is not a welfare state it was a neutral originally imagine this is a welfare state that has got totally out of control because nearly all human activity so i think you could slice it back and focus it on those who really need it let's say for the sake of argument the bottom ten percent of the population they're all there abouts rather than spreading these huge people over virtually every part. you recently led a panel discussion titled fifteen ideas to transform britain about encouraging
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enterprise in this country the ideas put forward by a number of m.p.'s and three of them were performed by you i'm just going to go through them with you and if you could tell me what you mean by each of them the first is super charging startups. what what we mean by super charging startups is to make it easy for somebody who's got a business idea to begin to get off the grant in the land of building a business before last few rungs of the harvest the biggest decision is how do i take on my first employee for example what sort of barriers to i face you're immediately sort of complex tax rules i want to make it easy for somebody who has a great idea almost you know at three o'clock in the morning to begin to get their business off the ground your second i dare is rewarding our educators and it's agreed really almost universally that our teachers aren't paid enough is that what you mean. i'm not sure that it's true that teachers are paid enough by the way but i don't really know what teachers should be paid so that there are two changes that
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i'd like to make the first is to allow profit into the system if you can run a fantastic school which teaches kids mathematics english and the rest i have no problem with you making a profit for what is a fantastically useful exercise for the next generation but i'd also like to make sure that teachers are employed and remunerated in the way people are in the private sector so rather than teachers being on the back which are set in some sort of smoke filled room in war torn between politicians bureaucrats and trade union like individual schools to sign mr bloggs is a great history teacher we can't afford to lose him we've got to give him a a playwright's and schools will have to make decisions of course you know are you going to spend the money on perhaps building a better chemistry lab and better sports facilities or are you going to spend the money on trying to bring in better quality teachers those sort of decisions which every day you're faced in private sector companies should be faced by those one in
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our schools as well we've talked a bit about the welfare state that your third eye dare is winding down out of work benefits seemingly just when people need then the mideast. i think that it's true that people who feel like need them the most at the moment are not advocating anything here which is even as extreme was what bill clinton brought in in the united states of america and it's two things firstly i'd like to see benefits begin to be time limited the assumption the assumption this is going to apply in all cases but the assumption is you need a short amount of help you've suddenly lost your job you need a little bit of help to talk through perhaps for six months or so maybe for a year before you find another job that's the concept of one and you need to work hard in those few months to find another job but i'd also like to like to bring into the fact that we would be eligible for community work because what's happening at the moment with the government is that they are royally addressing a ludicrous problem in our welfare system which is that some people are actually better off claiming welfare benefits than they are taking on a job they take on
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a job that's not particularly well paid suddenly all these benefits get guillotines and before you know it you're working forty hours a week you actually have less money in your pocket than you would do if you filled in some government forms that's not but i think there needs to be another problem that needs to be tackled and that's if you like the leisure but if your choice is to work for forty hours a week for let's say twelve thousand pounds a year or to stay on welfare doing no work for eleven thousand pounds a year although it would be true in that circumstance that you would be better off in work you might not want to do forty hours a week work so it's in my view that if the community tax payers are coming to you all right and providing you with the money that you need to three square meals a day i pay your heating bills have a roof over your head then it's reasonable to expect you to put in some work to the community clearing up litter in the park scraping freethinking off walls and the like and where this is being trialled in wisconsin in the united states of america it had a fantastic dynamic effect what happened was we didn't suddenly have huge squadrons
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of unemployed people scraping away what actually happened was these unemployed people suddenly inspired to. i don't find real jobs in the private sector and low and behold those vacancies usually at the lower end of the income scale look at the people who work in fish and chip shops or bars or or restaurants those suddenly got filled so i think it's a win win over actually encourage a work ethic and encourage a mentality that would get people who have been out of work into the labor market what about the effect of the economic situation in the european union on the u.k. where herring that means zero growth is forecast this year in the e.u. what impact will that have on u.k. has holds. well there's no doubt at all however one wants to blame or praise the united kingdom government they're not masters of our interest in tight and boy direction for the next person radical change of course in the european union
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countries and the western economy as a whole not percent growth is going to have to be something that we get used to so let's hope that that's the worst of it and we don't actually say a full scale eurozone crisis because when william hague said that joining the euro might be a bit like entering a boning building with no exits well perhaps he was right but nevertheless the united kingdom is sitting in the porch and if that voting building goes up we will definitely feel a substantial and highly negative side effect of that little bit thank you very much thank. magine assets that the damn phone watches show every single moment. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with
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a video camera so i moved over and he phoned me. you know we realized there were following everyone from early in the morning. the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him. to me double operation on our chief. judge his wedding bells fifteen goods. to kells. forty kilograms of wright's one thousand flatbreads. and a live. but one is the bride in a bad mood. to tell the groom is not the one.
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to rule it is a done deal. thanks . to me speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.o.i.p.
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betting on both in a drug war straits wall street picks up the bill as obama and romney burned through hundreds of millions of dollars hoping to buy a friend in the future president. but never ending violence in syria more challenges for special envoy lakhdar brahimi he's in moscow for talks after the holiday true superimposes mediately home. and make a mosque project in london sees even some muslims in opposition they fear the real goal of the group behind it is to incite radical idea. max it's time for sports here and.
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good to have you company coming up summit bottles to scarred soul but i'd like to well when you tell it well and she suffered she won the face of grouping on a day of crunch games in the russian economy. while no turkish delight again loses at the hands of an imperious arena and it's easy to pull the i'm getting close to sebastian vettel clinching is the full straight win. for the troops and his target only i was fine on the along with three right she's the guy. we start with the football where to you came from a goal down to grab a late win at an in-form terek to go top of the russian prime meanly brazilian put the chechen side to head off the beach and keep the eagle in fear to the new york post just a minute see but to see the honda lead in a cross by. good jinnee golf to level matters midway through the first half and
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with just two minutes to go point is boom boom headed home to finish off a free cake by fellow st ransom's elms the army men by the point play at the top of terry stay for. the manjeet second and saw that seven game winning streak come to an abrupt end to the thinking behind side to the fourth minute lead through all of whose me but angie swiftly equalized courtesy of top scorer to seen it through i was the gentle giant makes the seventh goal of the campaign however alan khazei of made it to one to rubin with a real cracker from just outside the box after twenty minutes of mattie's outstate as the design side drives the seventy. one and nearly killed off anomaly from the paint screens to get off into eleventh after one there win in a rain match just outside moscow russian striker alexander coronets the winner after thirty minutes seven qur'an you was the provider as the nama have now i won
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four out of the last five matches to shrug off a disastrous start to the season. one sounds like champions any came from behind to win three singles struggling a lang yes xander critical for his early penalty save by keep to tell you could he have but that it may be strove made amends on the follow up is the john splashy side to the lead in many scene. but the ministry has two strikes ten minutes from now to make calls in facing free kicks meant it was the hindsight he led the interval was any who have won the last three games i will level the twenty minutes the guy could you call for a good free kick that on the full time approaching the rush to start making national defense it makes up a real calamity here to clinch the second or not but victory retreat to see the champions go and just three points off the top spot off the bottom a lanyard remain and two points off the relegation side. well there moved off the bottom of the table but remained in the drop zone after being held for one one
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through a process to short the beauty of the home side ahead after sixty four minutes told to look for their second straight league victory but fifteen minutes later another sublimate poor man levelled with a heavy blow to ensure the points were a share. of the team get to the bottom of the table after losing two nil at spartak a strike just before the interval gave the moscow side the late and it didn't get enough second after sixty four minutes caught the goalkeeper unawares wrapping up a comfortable chainmail victory to finish the week in the table. there was plenty of controversy in england to beat nine man chelsea three two at stamford bridge with the blues then lodging an official complaint about referee mark clattenburg chelsea claiming the ref inappropriate language towards their place it was a game full of incident damaged louie's own goal and robin van persie strike told
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united in charge that chelsea clijsters plan matter i'm going to manage as either side of the interval then drown this of advantage and surprisingly fernando torres was sent off beforehand as crap united when a single from an offside position that put united second one point behind chelsea in the table elsewhere the b.c. says last minute strike against newcastle achieve one win i will west from them go forward after beating second bottom southampton two one and everton came back from two dance drop suchi with liverpool in the movie side darby which read striker luis suarez having the last minute when ruled out for offside. wonderful finish and he should have. or should how this is at least he's called and it was thoroughly deserved and been a brilliant one for us instead or for st it bought at the same time i'm very proud you know look at my young team today in a real cauldron of an atmosphere and who stood up to have a thing against a very very experienced team and it was another terrific straightforward force. now
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in tennis arena williams has powered her way past maria sharapova to win the season ending w.t. a championship it is the third time the american has claimed the title and she did it without dropping a set in stamboul williams who's the world number three didn't face a single breakpoint against the russian and hit eleven aces on her way to a six four six three victory drop of a never really in it often overpowered by william c. smacked forty winners to her thirteen it can close an incredible second half of the season for the american after losing the first round of the french open she went on to win wimbledon the limpid gold and the u.s. open but she was being pretty modest after her latest crash. it was important to know it's just another step in my career. so just like this is what i wanted to do know is my main goal. here was to reno you know i'm playing really great tennis second half of the year and you know she certainly played a really consistent today and served with a word and get a chance to see
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a breakpoint today but yeah i mean overall if there's a few you know little moments where i could have found myself back in the match and and then she served extremely well and took those opportunities away but overall it's been a great week for me and. scored four in god's five two victory over you gotta send his team to second in the eastern conference the slovak forward was on fire from the off scoring twice in the first period. before alexander pope of. however early in the second rank them all got one back to make it three one and in the middle of the third period. but any hope of a comeback with just thirty two seconds later it will be played at least three things up with an empty netter these runners up have now i want to leaven the last thirteen games. elsewhere alexander the dog loves to third period goals go to
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scar four to win over sabir that suit also had an impressive performance as he finished the game with a goal and two assists and it brings to an end eight of the new k.h. l season time now to look back at the pick of the action. but we have problems with that package but. here it is i can tell you enjoy. lyndal
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. live live. live
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. now let's move to motor sport where double defending formula one champion sebastian vettel has won his fourth straight grand prix in india to increase his lead at the top of the driver's standings with just three races left the german
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took the checkered flag almost ten seconds ahead of former leader financial along though in his red bull team mate mark webber completed the podium mclaren lewis hamilton and jenson button came in fourth and fifth respectively vettel is now thirteen points clear of a long day with a total of seventy five available in the last reality as well can you reichen and is a distant. and lastly the san francisco giants have won their second baseball world series title in three years completing a four game sweep of the detroit tigers the teachings were tied it three a piece at the end of the ninth inning but it was the giants who got the winning score in the tenth pablo sandoval three home runs in game one was named b.m.v. of the world cvs. so that brings the end of the sport's more in a couple of. the
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judge is waiting balls fifteen goats two counts. forty kilograms of rice one thousand flatbreads. and a live. but why is the bride in a bad mood. now to tell the groom's most wanted. the role is a done deal. is to. see. what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the iran
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tight rope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads to two parties still dictate will their challenge her selection of close god every monday to november fifth on our team. russia. which brightened. about someone from finest impressions. who threw stones on team dot com.
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