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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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today's news and the week's top stories on our t.v. the palestinians get the backing of the world at a historic u.n. vote as israel announces plans to build new settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. egypt is heading deeper into chaos after the country's top court halted all work in protest over being blocked from ruling on the new constitution is comes amid public outrage triggered by president morsi self-imposed powers. wiki leaks will release a raft of new and shocking revelations in the next year according to join assange speaking to r.t. the whistleblower says the new material is said to rival even the publication of u.s. diplomatic cables. from
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our studios in central moscow this is r.t. glad to have you with us the palestinians moved a step closer to being fully recognized as independent the un voted to upgrade the administration's diplomatic status to a nonmember observer state our middle east correspondent parsley or reports now on how the move may signal a change in the way the world sees israeli actions. it might should be no foregone conclusion but that didn't dampen the jubilation on the streets of palestine. overwhelming support for upgraded palestinian state has to a nonmember observer state in the un one hundred fifty eight voting in favor nine against look at me forty one abstentions it's a report of political and legal victory to hold israel accountable in
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a practical way on its violations the international law and its violations of the rights of the palestinian people especially on the expansion of illegal. yes palestinians can now apply to join the international criminal court and other global organizations giving them better bargaining chips in dealing with israel but it came at a price within hours tel aviv announced it was building three thousand more homes in the west bank a sure sign that the situation on the ground won't change overnight or the words the it's not a step forward it's a step aside or even you know a step. berkut it's really a pity the international community gives hand to this violation the us was also quick to cost a cloud over the palestinian party mood the unfortunate and counterproductive resolution at the united nations general assembly that just passed today's grand pronouncements will soon fade and the palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and
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find that little about their lives has changed but washington's unflinching support for tel aviv has separated from some of its longtime allies in the un more and more countries are turning their back on decades of negotiations that have led nowhere what has changed has been the continual failure of the us controlled so-called peace process to lead to any kind of end to occupation and what i think was the catalyst here is that political pressure on other matters in on the palestinian authority from their own population from their own people who were saying you know what we've had twenty one years of failed diplomacy we're not looking for twenty two we want something different and that's something means a real shift in policy first and foremost the consensus on the international stage is that israel needs to stop building settlements deemed illegal by the un certain
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to be international community you know is a whore's. a provocation which heroes of course our detriment. so god. it was a little more than a year ago that palestinian president mahmoud abbas came to the un in a bid for statehood since then tel aviv and washington's approach to the middle east conflict has gained them an ever shrinking minority of supporters the irony is that the bid was passed on the watches of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his rightwing foreign minister avigdor lieberman it was last year that lieberman boasted in the united nations that the moral majority of western states was with israel it now turns out he was wrong and whether israel wants it or not it's increasingly clear that something needs to give policy r.t. tel aviv earlier israeli academic miri eisin i told my colleague kevin owen the general assembly's decision puts the whole peace process under threat. the majority
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of israelis including this government by the way have stated clearly that they'd like to see palestine independent and both of us understand that there is a difference between saying palestine independent and doing it on your own with the united nations without israel as a partner as if saying that the impediment is just the state that's here let's do this hand in hand without negotiations without us as a partner to do a one sided to impose it on israel and they feel the strong need to give a response as an israeli i can say that has to do with domestic politics personally i don't necessarily adhere to that stop i think you've heard a lot of criticism here in israel in linking it in such a way that is also about politics but of course israel maybe not helping the matter could be said on top of the and i was with the settlements also announced is not going to hold over a hundred million dollars of aid to the palestinians to pay but debts to israeli companies is not really an option one of course you go to will's blah just refugee
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populations on your doorstep well that refugee population is something that needs to be taken care of in any case but i'm looking at these as part of the last four years the decision that was made on thursday from my point of view as an israeli was anti israel not just pro palestinian i want to see something which is a win win situation one that's both pro palestinian that goes towards an independent state not just in rhetoric no not just rationed but in actuality and to do so those same palestinians kevin house to come back to the negotiation table for the last four years they have refused to do so they've refused time and again and we're all aware of that it was one of the main reasons that the forty states who did abstain from the vote on thursday did so because of that rejection of israel it isn't just about being pro palestine it's also about accepting israel here and that's where we need to go divisions between the president and the judiciary have dealt a stunning blow. stability in egypt the country's top judges call
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a strike in protest over the rushed approval of the new constitution as well as morsi sweeping new powers a referendum will be held in under two weeks as protesters numbering in the tens of thousands remain on the streets of cairo from cairo has more. good unrest returns to the streets after the revolution that toppled hosni mubarak after the election that brought in mohamed morsi egypt is in turmoil once again these round the clock protests have been going on for over a week now it resembles early two thousand and eleven when hosni mubarak was removed from power but that was nearly two years ago shouldn't the revolution have amended by now the mood on top risk where became defiant again after last week's to creba president morsi meaning his decisions would face new legal challenge we had the revolution to get rid of a tyrant a dictator. and we didn't in order to that we made elections and with that
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evolution and the actions to choose someone to the present us and turned out that this guy is also a tyrant himself however morsi claims his new powers are only temporary he nor any of that could be the key to in the world here closely me they will tell you it is a temporary thing it is full emergency it told us the serious the same thing city is a war on the president obama and we stayed under emergency rule for seventy years opponents say egypt's new constitution is too islamist could set the country on the road to religious dictatorship for some sections of society are keen to show their support for morsi and this storm for judges who would block the constitution and i'm here to support the president morsi for them is open but if you for them is open for them to the constitutional court. most of us knows that since it is the morsi is that they got elected by the people when it was at the fight for. still you know
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the rifts in society are undeniable and perhaps more even the north or a tear in ism is fear is that chaos will tear apart any games made by the revolution this is something new in egypt that's why it's it's more of a city thing in a way where you'll find that people are facing each other in the streets in the ministrations and facing that type of violence from islamic groups egypt's president its government its courts its very constitution are no matters of heated debate one of the few things moved to do seem to agree on after the long night of mubarak a new day is proving elusive botton party. promises some shock and awe as a raft of new wiki leaks is to be released next year speaking to our t.v. editor of the whistle blowing web site claims that social media is turning the us into a totalitarian state and you can see the full interview on our website at r.t. dot com but here's
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a taste of what's there. the problem is that all the time everyone nearly everything they do on the internet is permanently recorded every web search to know what you were thinking one year two days three months ago now you don't know but google knows it remembers the national security agency intercepts requests the u.s. border it knows. me well enough with security agency whistleblower who was research paid for the national security agency's signals intelligence division describes this as a turn key to tell the terrorism that all the infrastructure has been built for absolute totalitarianism it's just a matter of turning the key and actually the case has already been turned a little bit and it is now affecting people who are targeted for us drone strikes organizations like wiki leaks. national security reporters who are having their sources investigated is already partly turned and you know the question is would we
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would go all the way. down. the u.s. army private accused of passing classified material to wiki leaks has spoken for the first time since his arrest at a pretrial hearing bradley manning says constant anxiety attacks made him consider suicide during his two years in detention he went through the longest pretrial detention of a u.s. soldier since the vietnam war as he was held for more than one hundred days chase made our lawyer and author of a book on manning says even members of the military are supporting me in prison the private. own opinion in the military and intelligence and in law enforcement is quite divided i'm not going to lie most people in the military have a very strict by the book attitude towards many of the rules not all the rules but many and we'd like to see that you can get it but i have talked with infantry what is to them who is caught on camera. infamous collateral murder how it got your
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video who sees bradley manning is a hero who sees the leaks of the iraq war logs including i don't look at your video as an unqualified good because now americans can finally see how that war is actually going in ditto for the afghan war logs. there are also people that have beyond who think such a game is week in week so it's very good for national security including the former director of the minneapolis office of b m b i believe roundly who is the time magazine person of the year two thousand and two and i have a long interview in my book with the former top cia analyst ray mcgovern who also sees this public knowledge of this benefit to the public debate about our borders should be in measurable good so there is disagreement that the military and intelligence communities about this. election turnout has tumbled in kuwait
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seems that the opposition what god has paid off and a few minutes we'll tell you why the changing the rules has enraged the voters plus . german frustration grows as taxpayers see more money heading to debt ridden greece all that still to come this hour. at least fifteen people have been killed and more than thirty injured in the syrian city of homes i wouldn't says say there are were two separate car bomb attacks near a mosque and a stadium many of the injured are still in critical condition and the death toll is likely to rise this comes amid reports of syrian warplanes have hit rebel targets in the suburbs of damascus fighting between militias and regime troops has been raging in the area from around the month. this week or some video i emerged apparently showing the execution of ten prisoners by syrian rebels one of the gunmen is heard referencing an al qaeda linked group behind several terrorist attacks in the country in the meantime syria has experienced two nation wide
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communications blackout the opposition accused the assad government of staging an information blockade but news analyst patrick says it primarily benefit those backing the rebel militias the move massive problem again with syria we've had this problem from the beginning which is the skewing of information coming out of the country the syrian observatory for human rights was responsible for a lot of the initial bogus claims or allowed the west to sort of justify the backing of the free syrian army terrorist groups leaders of our western countries particularly nato countries or encouraging the syrian terrorist rebels guerrillas whatever you want to call them to really accelerate the bloodbath in that country because in the eyes of washington of london the bigger the plugs out the quicker they're going to have reaching here in just a report just came out this week with a supplying satellite units to rebels rebel groups terrorist groups essentially in
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syria so they can communicate while the internet is down to their country there was an initially sold in the media in places like the washington post as a move by the assad government possibly to shut down rebel communications but actually upon further investigation it looks like it's possible that actually the combination of the united states offer tubes and the syrian rebels could actually be behind the bringing down the internet and the reason is is because if the blood escalates country the last thing that the west wants is any reports coming out on the internet of actual rebel terrorist atrocities in that country atrocities that we've seen quite a bit of. recently. on our website we have more on what is happening in syria including how france could be about to start funding militant groups and some of which are associated with al-qaeda. in kuwait pro-government candidates have won the lion's share of seats in parliament after saturday's election but the is the
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most let opposition which boycotted the vote claims the turnout was as low as twenty six percent dismissing the lawmaking body as illegitimate the opposition has vowed to continue their protests until the u.s. backed monarchy dissolved parliament was a cafe off reports from the gulf state. the voting in kuwait highly controversial elections may be over but the battle over the country's political future has only just begun lots of new faces in the newly elected parliament which is deemed to be far more government friendly than the previous assembly but that is because the opposition didn't want any candidates and oh boy cause of the vote the protest was deemed to be a success with official estimates of placing voter turnout at roughly thirty nine percent in stark contrast to the sixty percent voter turnout that we've seen in the last three elections in this country the opposition claims the turnout was in fact much lower and it's obvious the new body is illegitimate in fact they told the new
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assembly on constitutional and according to the popular committee who are boycotting the election votes the new body doesn't represent the majority of the great people and has lost off the air and political legitimacy the question is of course whether the opposition is now going to take its battle to the streets and whether the monarchy will respond with a heavy hand now what happens here in kuwait has implications far beyond the country's borders as an opec member any sort of on a rest is bound to have an effect a worldwide crisis the country also serves as a hub for the pentagon's ground forces with thousands of american combat troops stationed here as a military council wait to get on the gulf monarchies as a whole have been struggling to stave off the effects of the arab spring with varying degrees of success kuwait is largely seen as the most tolerant of all the trees but the worry is that the trend could be reversed over the past few months the country has seen increasingly violent escalating protests between the opposition and security forces with the latter using tear gas stun grenades and
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rubber bullets to disperse crowds political parties are banned as are political gatherings of more than twenty people and activists are claiming of a clampdown against dissent here in the spring treat authorities that did allow thousands of the opposition demonstrators to gather in a largely peaceful rally on. friday of course the coming weeks are bound to test the limits of the government's tolerance as well as the self control of the opposition what happens here in kuwait could very well write the next chapter of the arab spring this the caffein of r.t. the weights lawmakers in athens that breathe a sigh of relief as the german parliament frees up forty four billion euros for greece the bailout will allow the debt ridden country to avoid a default the finance minister vowed that this would be the last time taxpayers will be asked to pay for foreign debt chancellor angela merkel maintained of the loan of the country's best interest this as a frustration amongst germans is growing over the seemingly endless outflow of cash
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investment advisor patrick young says the concerns spread much further than germany's borders. i think there are a considerable number of people who would like to cut greece loose at this juncture a because it's probably the most humane thing to do but second of all because ultimately the greek government has simply field to do anything that has really been supposed to do in terms of privatizing action and so on many times it's not good legislation but field to follow through the taxation system in greece is broken all of these sorts of horrible things lead us to the fact that greece is governed in a third world fashion at the moment and not to the first world fashion and that ultimately is causing a huge amount of frustration with a great many e.u. finance ministers some of them because they've got lots of money such as say germany and poland and so on some of them because they've actually taken their medicine the poor irish twenty thousand people on the streets of dublin at the weekend complaining about the us narrative medicine they've had unknowingly they're
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hearing that the greeks are going to get all manner of concessions in order to be allowed to get through the next hurdle and get there next be a light that's not fair it's very unreasonable of a lot of people and that's leading a huge number of politicians to be increasingly fed up with the whole greek situation as hatred of the town. lloyd's goes further than simply phone hacking britain is revising its attitude towards press freedom lord leveson report published on thursday calls for tougher regulations in the u.k. authorities probably boyko reports on the inquiry that exposed to see the relationship between the paper's police and politicians. revelations that the british press and gauged in phone hacking sparked a wave of public revulsion and kicked off one of the biggest media scandals the u.k. has seen yes at times it for us and not just fleet street. but downing street as well as the allegations went all the way to the heart of the
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british government to douse the flames number ten ordered the creation of the leveson inquiry in order to investigate the claims and now two years in the making after a chorus line of celebrity witnesses and millions in taxpayers' money the leveson report damning about the press and heavily critical of both the police and the government for what it says was their cozy relationship with the media cameron has been shown with hunt to have been actually batting for the murdoch empire was part of all of this so you know i think that you know there used to be a bit more of a focus on the site is of the police to actually to do anything about these criminal acts lord leveson his recommendation is for highest standards of self-regulation by the press in forced by legislation and that's what critics fear could stifle the already declining newspaper industry and deal a huge blow to the freedom of the press in the u.k.
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is there any way in which you can be a little bit censored or a little bit monitored and most people say no with britain now in the midst of a post leveson going over it's the country's two top politicians who are likely to be the most embarrassed david cameron might be suffering from some uncomfortable flashbacks back in. by the prime minister promised to support the leveson recommendations as long as they went bonkers and cut to last week i have some serious concerns and misgivings on this recommendation they break down into issues of principle practicality and but david cameron's change of heart regarding the inquiries findings would be causing him half the headache that nick clegg might be nursing at the moment the liberal democrat deputy prime minister used to talk about liberal democracy a labor previous s.s. will be will be remembered as the government who took your freedoms away we want to be remembered as the ones who gave them but not anymore here he is off to leveson
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publish the report i have always said that i would support lord justice leveson reforms providing they are proportionate and workable and i will come on to why i believe that is the case as far as the reports corporate core proposal is concerned namely a tougher system of so for a glacial supported by new independent checks recognised in law recent polls suggest that over two thirds of britons have little or no faith in the newspaper industry anymore and with revelations about the strong links between the police the politicians and the media it's not only trust in fleet street that when doing things going to be the word you know obviously we've been very worried about murdoch and his pressure for some time but i think it's always gone on between should keep an eye on it and be aware of it. with opinions raging for and against new legislation it's turning into a no win situation for those in power by questioning the results of the inquiry
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david cameron looked to his critics like he abandoned the victims of media intrusion for some good press which is what got the government in trouble in the first place polly boy k r c london. now for some other stories from across the globe this hour. a radical islamist sect is being blamed for a series of deadly attacks on churches and buildings in northeastern nigeria there are conflicting reports about casualties but at least ten people are thought to have died gunmen in cars and on motorbikes rampage through two villages in borno state targeting christian worshipers and government buildings in what are you understood to be attacks by boko haram a group. disabled people in spain staged a mass protest against government cuts in health care due to austerity measures more than ten thousand people turned out for the demonstration many in wheelchairs or with guide dogs the spanish government is struggling to deal with the country's
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debt crisis which has left one in four people unemployed. c.c.t.v. footage shows that the moment a tunnel collapsed in japan claiming the lives of at least nine people authorities are unclear as to how many people are still trapped rescue efforts have been hampered by thick smoke after some of the vehicles caught fire police have launched an investigation into the incident. prime minister. has won the presidential election in slovenia he got twice as many votes as the incumbent turk the ballot was held only two days after anti austerity protests in the capital erupted into clashes that left fifteen people injured in the country's deepening economic crisis isn't likely to top the new president's agenda winning a very takes power. coming up some adventurous russians reenact the historic march towards paris during the napoleonic wars r.t. follows the cossacks all the way to the shop and see that's after this break.
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a report on our. world. series technology innovation called the list i'm elements from around russia we've got the future covered. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you
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knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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to ensure in lines of three arms length apart the word march. on an ordinary autumn moaning in the provincial french town of montrose life is taking its usual laid back cools but today the townsfolk are in for a surprise russian coast like troops from the napoleonic wars have photos and it's a great day. the likes of these men have not been seen here for the past two hundred yes it's almost as though a full parade was travelled through time bringing with it all the splendor of the pool bred horses weapons and oma but with typical of the day. and the russian cossack so here again marching to its best of old home full moon of low pressure leave it in comes from a family of coal sex and he's learned to sing the old version of the.


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