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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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part would i say it struck me more. ok everywhere you moved you to watch the booby traps. the rat traps. the. rock a warhead in a freezer the. dragon two hanging over the doorway and i'll soon be free to treat it just a blow to you you know drive away. we found some additional explosives and for that matter also found area of brotherhood flag which really shocked me i never got the impression from.
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talking with the. they had a political agenda no if they were terrorists they could've made bank by selling the explosives that they're already had out of the bombs judging on the video. i think they just like to play war it just became their lifestyle and it's like you or i would go fishing. there would have a family gathering to go out. and they would take things with them and. show. the program to try to see these folks coming in. they get the. money. for you bargain or you know take care.
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could be used as a tsunami device. i have that. going right now you know what nobody is all wrong i just get all the stuff i text. like this man you want to cooperate with him when the trouble she gave me the stuff. i try to work with this holy shit some of my friends. just like you i don't have a lot of them in my fridge same thing with my friends. i don't care about personal problems or. we should destroy this town here if the church wants to see if you abandon your humanity. there all the. survive to destroy kill and destroy more. spy those george steal and destroy more than. you can do it. i could not only have
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a sixth grade education but i'm not ready to abandon my humanity because. to many he manage. just authorities are going to go in this building over here if i know there's explosions over there are. going on over there hurt those people he's a go between between his. he does give me ordinance some dangerous stuff and some not so dangerous the. anger needs from him of gotz illegal tracer rounds or illegal ammunition. i have a working relationship i feel with the scrappers they know that i can burn them if i want to burn but that's not my object. and by helping them out they help me out doing my job on arson fire or stolen property or whatever. law enforcement doesn't like it because it's one of my confidential informants that
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i got the information from. chief you cannot just call a fire chief. keep deals with film on a different level just trickly law enforcement officer. he will not tell us anything that he doesn't want to tell us but he won't tell anybody else either. if we need to know something he will find a way for us to know if. i feel everybody has to make a living. as long as they don't bring anything dangerous into town where the danger is the local community i don't have a problem with that. i'll stop them. if there's something caught in there and i am afraid of it they know that i'm going to have to call blown up i did travel trailers blown up like a pick up. the dead that's the rules they know the rules. doesn't hurt people and went downtown i just search it come by to pick it up when you know
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. he's fully qualified you know i mean if you look at me judge hey look at ship the stop shop there is a vulture. that's in authority to look. he's looking for your dead ascii junkie. the saudis can lift. him and have you know full. well as look at my mom said no because those guys bite you if you hit a run off snakes are better not one of them what you really want she needs as a vicious try to survive out here.
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when rain would on his side in me. i don't bother nobody and nobody bothered me. so my mother may then i would retaliate with horror at the way and well deal. considering anybody out there an enemy a known brand out there. today to read into my man this. man had doing much of anything else i'm morgan i have been. a mistake after that he knew momo oregano. the smart enough to hide he knows militaries in the area and he's smart enough to
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know when somebody has been scrapping in his area and knows how to find them jr staked his claim to the blue mountain side of the range during the first gulf war when territorial feuding between scrappers player into a shooting. he's been in that area unchallenged for many years now and i know there are several people in town looking over at the end of the side when they see all those just dropping their big stuff and with the price of the brass the way it is right now they think he's got a gold mine over there it's one of the most dangerous areas you can work in that's all big bombs rockets sidewinders scattered all over their. to better run the range j.r.'s chop his v.w. bugs primer black paint offers optimum night time camouflage doors that could slow a getaway and windshields that might give up its location were stripped say for the good back seat to better still bomb fins missile bodies and various missions. to
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bomb and. you've got me at one hundred ten percent all by the oh you don't get in trouble. can fire the dando offense and. this here required a face in the guild. who want to check for. you what. maybe you had to go maybe your. jr joined the marine corps to age seventeen after serving three tours in vietnam and twenty years in uniform he left the service ultimately he circled all the way back settling on the same military range where he trained as a teen. ager impromptu. at
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downtown at the main door to. the net my. mom. to get keep it today. keep it up no good now. call that give me a reality. like that i thought that they were that ever elf. it will. we better. go get it would take
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her over here with us tonight it's a back door you know. the old boy. burned down or the political good out there. that explain all the ball and then back over here way over here. i can figure out why hit way back a year. it may. be but usually they get. four or more a crew along with the fifty caliber and i provide. you i'd trust my own thing if. game too early going to a good kid getting chased or caught or. i can't say i have
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a. hard to hard to catch me i'm all mac. you are. both like i work not. big out there is night with reduced lighting say absolute. age is just an see there is no way i would go up there. there's no way i would. even consider going there. like the scrappers do. is crazy crazy way to make a living. vader's me is the fact that you're stupid and you go. and there and you've blown up that puts myself with the bomb squad and deal with the guys all in danger we have to go in there. i can tell you how many times i've been in there on rescues people get injured or you know they're dead but you still have to go in and
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retrieve the body you still have to make sure that you're dead. i've always felt that the jet flying at six hundred miles an hour probably doesn't seem to. know they have all this magic equipment on their jets but it still bothers me. that jet can fly over and fire rockets from fifteen miles away and not have any idea you're there. at a comfortable spot. comes there is no come over it again. what's the matter you have. jr nicknamed this compound freedom village green code for a safe haven behind from. science
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technology innovation all the least a million minutes from around rush hour we've got the future covered. for you. to. go tell me how much time a. prime. minister locked. up.
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have thought to go come in here were hiding on that other. google poor poor. experience had loved that dog aluminum fins stabilize a bomb or missile trajectory and hansen its targeting dollars. jr retrieves the bomb pins from a target called downtown. one set of clean aluminum bins brings between sixty five and seventy five dollars for a metal recycler. but to sell this aluminum at the metal recycling yard jr first needs to remove a series of metal bolts which secure the fan kit to the bomb or missile or go it is a legal or metal recyclers to accept military ordinance otherwise they can be prosecuted for accepting stolen government property material brought out from the
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bombing range just to be stripped and cleaned before recycling the land and shred it along with other metals. are long with or nearby on the. car too far out from lane. when he got a good draw our dollar to go to work. that it would do if you don't give you thirty minute when you can we draw the a card oh i did or didn't i don't do either one i don't have to worry about that i'm just going to give rush out of i love doing it so excited to challenge. him they would interview her and i. guess they plow through i mean they really come into here.
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you figured i was never going to want to be away from people. neighbors will worry about what i want to do and i want a new neighbor and i like about well what people around the peak i don't put up and nobody. steals. what i think was a desert in the frontier where you play the hill or you eat or cook and or you freeze. i have bloody plates. stay here. because the motto meant to. glory. we've been going on twenty three years. talking.
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is out. in so. what. he is from different mines. around throw back in they give you a choice the judge told me i had two choices i used two years ago to mildred. so i took an order. to kill for a live. self if they do that some are going to like about. that one for a mob just days were power. couple i tried talking about that i might do some stupid. it came back from vietnam and never forget it because people would criticize you for. anything i did write that because they want to live there you know dealing with a country as you do when their choice. it's the unsanctioned view that despite your
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words and with any. girl you know critics say it's so good when you come there you . can answer that it's just. each change much each night is fine it's. not easy but a very very violent person you couldn't get close to you. know just to shut up will just. another low but i won't give even a thing or any body else dillaway shit no mr smith it wasn't a talk of rain nothing only. we're hearing the military
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invasion when in camps he. is having nightmares. and then arrange their showing still to a certain means nothing even then. waking or. you know you did something. and the only person that would stay with. me no good going to last. he's got cards you know. and i don't like to be good. for you. that. plays. in the dark. caves. feast for that's why i bring him out here first. here leave first moved over here
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the only thing we had to our name was a broken down right you know trucks. right down to being. this oh yeah. are i think it grows are. going on nor are they down the road i'm working that my mood. like a dog our nato allies he does when he will get hold of her men. and women in the nato with that in mind her down without all that we don't make her a bit of the other. no way no bad no for. whatever i want to eat of whatever he or the lion temple has got her original i don't mind.
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i don't ask where you go i always make sure he had caught a cigarette. and when you're young what. are you getting. it's a two way go go down it will go down if you don't pick up another you'll cut all that's ok and you buddy would always when i. thought what you call you do you do
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water with your old girl. roughly twice the size of san francisco the bombing range is marked by five different target areas or kill zones where live ordinance is dropped. from cluster bombs to helicopter strafing and all they take them and helicopter a cauldron. killer in another part of that nerve fur if you think about the target here i'll call you can't get in the. room for the helicopter work out that goes to all of the targets and all they got to do it for the chopper here the chopper here you're screwed that is. made my charge order i don't want people here. you don't take you know you.
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know that most of the miners are old faithful. and no hill faith payback somebody. you never know will jump it will pop. you stay. there i'm not. sure that war at home. you know you had to chance it. for mel wrench because collins. you know it
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didn't get it just the way of what you like it not about god that the earth is no more dangerous god not a figure free way to get killed on our freeway you shot everyone else. you got he had her do what you got upgraded to. take world is one of the have. all but. jr keys on fresh vehicle tracks they might signal the recoil bring the tools out bite out of mind as well but counter below you become a target. from keeping alive. he can lead coburn to fill it up the money that. could be
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killed in behind the northern economy not for him to maybe take his number on. it well if there are grateful for it. and treat it like a common. regular card. oh yeah. that's coming from a. bill that will. give my. car. i'm the only one love i'm not. explode
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. save the prize for. each. venture. is a good job. the
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. money you're forming friends had sold today and gone down to. money flowing from the sky today is not if indeed. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is. hard welcome to the big picture.
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