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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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colombia's a far the rebels all say they want to talk peace with the government as we hear from one of the armed groups negotiators in an exclusive interview with our g.'s the spanish channel. the un general assembly called on israel to open up its nuclear arsenal for inspection and join the global anti atomic pact. and it has cure for spain's banks of the euro zone approved some forty billion euros of rescue for lenders a lot of people are probably crippling. this
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three pm here in moscow you live on archie with us with me to bomb was a good to have you with us colombia's armed opposition group says it wants dialogue in peace with the country's government the statement came from one of the group's top members san diego ca to tania name mayor he spoke exclusively to r.t. spanish language channel ahead of a fresh round of peace talks in cuba. human how enough are gravel sent colombian officials holding talks trying to hammer out a peace deal letting america's fiercest drive also and their force attempt to put an end to the fifty years of conflict this has claimed more than half a million lives and the sole woman at the negotiating table is dutch fire to turn yet no meyer she left her alone to join fire ten years ago to fight what she calls social justice and has become a symbol of their true illusions charcoal that is spoke exclusively to our t. in the films t.v. interview she knew talks were launched we have not taken the arms because we wanted
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we have to get the arms because the colombian state and the united states imperialism have obliged to compel us to do so that's a that's one very important thing to keep in mind. we as an armed organisation have always wanted dialogue we have always wanted peace we have always asked for peace the prospects for success during the negotiations in her honor mediated by cuba and norway are fragile this saturday they call them in army launched a bombing offensive killing twenty rebels this was fired in and sing a unilateral cease fire and turn it told me that with people being killed for their use it's unfair to blame them for. people who were in colombia want to fight for ideas different than the neo liberal ideas are killed so how is it possible to participate in politics if people who are of other ideas are killed and that's the
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reason of the armed struggle in colombia that's the reason why we are still fighting the nettled me for it is not supported by the other religion american countries they spied such claims from the west and also commented on scandal cost to enter the area was founded by the colombian army and was made public gauge the full interview here on our t.v. it's coming your way on wednesday. the un has called on israel to open up about its nuclear arsenal the general assembly has overwhelmingly approved a resolution urging israel to allow the inspection of its atomic program it's also called on israel to join the nuclear nonproliferation treaty artie's policy reports from tel aviv. this is one of the pastors never opened its facilities in fact the israeli government has never gone on record publicly stating that it has nuclear capability they were sponsors always been no comment but of course it is widely assumed and widely understood that israel has a nuclear program particularly in the south of the country in dimona what we're hearing now is
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a resolution that has been overwhelmingly passed by the united nations general assembly and this calls on israel to quickly open its nuclear facilities to international and inspectors from the international atomic energy agency the resolution was passed with one hundred seventy four in favor a six against and six abstentions and essentially it's calling on israel to join the non proliferation of nuclear treaty not as of yet it is off all countries who do have nuclear arms but who are not recognized by those from on proliferate proliferation treaty these resolutions of the united nations are not legally binding but they are important because they reflect world opinion and they certainly carry political weight so this is something that will make tel aviv sit up and take notice what we've witnessed ever since the palestinians went to the united nations last week and were recognized with increased status is a strong reaction from the israeli government the israeli prime minister netanyahu or not that he was approving some three thousand new sic knowhow in this
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essentially an area known as the one which is in these two men the west bank and it does mean that these two areas will be cut off from each other the international criticism came harsh and came quickly we're not hearing that australia is the latest country to summon its ambassador to talk to him over this latest israeli move this doesn't follow announcements by force and bush and sweden but they were considering recalling of their own have bassett is over this announcement from tel aviv we've since heard from paris that they are not going to record an investor but that the issue is still on the table and to quote the french ministry all options are available britain has also said that it's waiting to see how. talks will go before the bosses with this issue but certainly there has been a lot of international condemnation it hasn't as of yet any official israeli reaction to his raise on the ground many believe that this was a move by the time yahoo jennie's parliamentary elections to trying to curry favor and gone to vote within the domestic market. iran claims it has captured another
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u.s. drone over its territory the revolutionary guard says the unmanned aircraft was brought under control by iran's a defense units after it entered the country's airspace and u.s. navy spokesman claims none of their drones have been lost that's just us of this with prefers a say a demonic marandi joining us live from the university of tehran mr marandi do we believe here to run all u.s. navy officials. well i think historically speaking in these on these occasions on such occasions when the iranians who have been more truthful who in. their statements. the united states still very last time when the iranians brought down a drone an american drone a very advanced american drone safely and were able to capture the americans denied it and they said that it crashed and made all sorts of contradictory statements and
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stories the western media still even. is unwilling to see that the iranians were able to capture it because i think it implies that iran very capable electronics warfare capability and iranian military industry is highly about and that's something that the americans really don't want to acknowledge and they don't want others to accept right if if america does not want to acknowledge that one of these drones is there is then who will this drone belong to who does it belong to if not the u.s. in your opinion. well it already belongs see iran there has been some footage shown on an iranian web site i think on the far east news agency web site of a drone enough to military commanders. looking at the drone itself. i think what is important is that well first of all the iranians will be using the
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technology to develop more advanced drones of theirs where they can use to survey or carry out surveillance operations over palestine as well as over areas in the persian gulf but i think more importantly is the fact that the united states is that we haven in a very hostile manner towards iran the very fact that drones are constantly going over iranian airspace the americans are carrying out. psychological warfare against the iranians they've shut down the iranian central bank and that's preventing iran from even importing medicine some people have died because of a shortage of medicine in iran because of the sanctions that the e.u. and the united states have imposed on the country and also the fact that even iranian radio and t.v. they've been banned by american the americans and europeans for example press t.v. is no longer viewed in asia europe and north america so they're trying to strangle the iranian economy hurt ordinary iranians and to silence the iranian people and i
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think that hurts them more than anyone else because it shows how aggressive western countries are behaving and how irrational and barbaric washington has maintained that it's joe's don't violate iran's borders i mean by any if they do as iran claims what do they look for. well the iranians have already captured a very advanced american drone deep inside iranian airspace and that is a violation of international law they've shown the footage and they've shown the drone last year to foreign reporters so obviously the americans just as they're probably being dishonest now they've. dishonest in the past what is significant is this heightened tensions because this forces iran to behave more aggressively towards the united states and its allies because it sees such actions potential only reason why american drones could be in iranian airspace is for them to carry
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out surveillance operations against iranian targets professor said mohammad marandi from the university of tehran thank you for your time. it's a good day for spain's aging banks says the eurozone has cleared some forty billion euros to prop them up that's part of the cash agreed on a deal struck in the summer but despite is deteriorating financing madrid is still rejecting the idea of a bailout for the whole country. oliver explains. the money should be ready for distribution to spanish banks by the twelfth of december this is the finance ministers gave it the green light is part of their monthly meeting in brussels this money will be distributed with thirty seven billion euros going to states for nationalized banks and two point five billion going towards feigns so-called five what it feels mean for spain is that they join the likes of portugal italy along with greece as countries who are entering this festive period probably full of the
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joys of christmas regarding their finances responder's people who showed in the recent past that they are very much upset with the current situation in the country in the fact that the government's asking for money in order to bail out the banks well that's hardly going to put them in good stead with the spanish people who have already vented their theory against the way that the government is handling the situation. recent surveys are eighty five percent of us spent years have little or no faith in their prime minister with his government cutting benefits and freezing pensions that's a politician to one man disbelieves of madrid should allow for economic development instead of austerity and saving the banks. there is a fundamental flaw within the banking system which is that. the government has basically taken over the banks they created the banking cartel they created the
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central bank they allow banks to print money that is not covered by anything the government intervene too much in the market. and that the way to solve the problem is my government withdrawing my drinking the role of government by getting government to spend less tax less and regulate less that is what will get commie back in order that's what will cause the job where if you throw again and unemployment disappear. so. failing companies being supported by government is only a very short term solution in the long term it is a disaster. almost a million americans want to see the united states divided america's mounting debts and questions a foreign policy spec a growing movement in different states to secede from the union we take a look to the spray.
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wedge issues do just what their name implies they get between people and drive them apart like a wage and these issues seem to always take the forefront in the media it's things like abortion gun rights marijuana legalization and the weather well the weather isn't really a wedge issue but people sure talk about it way too much there's only so much room in the national discourse and these which issues just eat up all of the time and attention but the thing is that there's a little something called the tenth amendment you know the one that says that any powers that are specifically delegated the federal government are reserved for the states and last time i checked the constitution doesn't have a special weed clause saying that marijuana has to be an all or nothing a national proposal and that goes for abortion and most of the wedge issues also there's a simple answer all these wedge issues just left the states make up their own minds but then again without wedge issues what would the mainstream media have to
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distract us with but that's just my opinion. me it is easy to. get to meet.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is art you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. a cut cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut.
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well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. welcome back the united states is looking a little less so with less roots movements growing in each state to secede from the union but the move is large a symbolic almost a million americans have now signed petitions to the white house saying they're angered with the government encroaching on states' rights artie's marina but ny or has mall. tonight. or tomorrow here is that for a former colony won the right to determine its all best of. the test a perfected art your moves forward. for weeks following
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barack obama's reelection nearly one million americans have moved forward by campaigning to break apart all fifty states have filed online petitions with the white house requesting to peacefully secede from the so-called perfecting union a movement that's garnered more than thirty thousand signatures in north carolina where many like michael toggled. see independence as a symbol may twentieth a consistent one the day that north carolina sated from the union and america's stars and stripes ripping at the seams there's no doubt in my mind that it is inevitable i mean something like this with the the debt this country has rolling disunion among in the among the people they can't last forever and that's through the lesson of history big empires always collapse on their own weight secession supporters like bernard first some say washington's weight of growing debt and loose wars government intrusion and a broken immigration system has become
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a bipartisan destructive force is beyond reform you can't reform that federal government whether it's the republicans in charge or obama basically of the republicans are just as bad as far as we're concerned they're corrupt and are out of touch in southern former confederate states like north carolina culture and social issues play a big role for those like harold cruz who believes the u.s. is too big and thus destined to fail and the south general. were different country already and the united states and we simply need our own government we have different values different belief systems critics have dismissed secessionists as disgruntled voters angry over president obama's second term however in the two thousand and eight presidential election obama became the first democrat in more than thirty years to win north carolina a red state turned blue with the promise of change four years later tens of
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thousands of voters in the very same state believe they'd be better off on their own. the average american the things they believe in they're tired of the endless wars and here we are talking about invading iran now i can't think of anything more the white house meanwhile promises to review and issue an official response to all petitions with twenty five thousand or more. signatories at least seven states fit that category that we used to be the universe driving along at thirty five miles an hour by ourselves with the session as a goal now would be a pair from both sides and lanes by people going for here we are and it's amazing because here we were thought to be radical fifteen or ten years ago and now we're mainstream. a mainstream movement to move apart marina port nial artsy. and maybe it's enemy but it's been revealed to us now relies on iran that's when it
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comes to the treatment of its soldiers spied american sanctions imposed on to run the pentagon has purchased medicine from the islamic republic to treat those goods in five and afghanistan find out more on that on our team's web site. also while you're online and facebook isn't hard to water over people's privacy it's revealed its new cell phone app can end up at magically uploading every image taken with a mobile device to the social networks about its data services this and much more on our teeth dot com. india says it's ready to deploy its navy to the south china sea to protect its oil interests this comes amid accusations china's expirations in the disputed area professor joseph chan of hong kong city university told us that both india and china are looking to maintain a high profile both domestically and internationally by getting involved in the
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dispute. the recent course has been be issue of a new passport by the time these authorities indicating territories in disputed region time in the near. territories may need the two pieces of command eastern and western foothills of the himalayas known as the our natural pradesh and chin because of the mystic nationalism the indian government cannot afford to be seemed to be read in dealing with time you know obviously a higher. government popular and provides more our support for military spending especially spending on more than one east asian while that may be india has its own security has on its own energy security problem and it is eager to explore car to get in itself
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a time to see chinese authorities on one hand also has to satisfy. nationalist sentiments and at the same time it would like to avoid serious conflicts. or even an escalation of. what his neighbors. and now to some other news making headlines of this hour nato is said to approve the deployment of patriot anti-missile systems on turkey's border with syria the alliance says the move would be purely defensive to protect uncorrupt in the syrian conflict the u.s. has won syria's president as third of using chemical weapons and crossing the red line this amid u.s. intelligence reports suggesting damascus is preparing to deploy its chemical weapons something the syrian officials deny. more than a thousand protesters have clashed with police as they try to storm the city hall in belfast the andras erupted after the consul's catholic majority voted to remove
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the british flag from the building for most of the year causing a fierce backlash from the protestant contingent five police and two security guards who were injured with demonstrators vandalizing police cars and trying to smash through the gates the union flag has previously flown at the city hall for more than a century. protesters across bufferin have once again been clashing with authorities with public anger on the rise as the kingdom repeatedly failed to implement the reforms that promised demonstrators in durazo have been throwing molotov cocktails at passing cars with the government using tear gas on a rally near the capital manama amid a human rights delegation visit you want to vishal has said the government also violated human rights by depriving more than thirty activists on the citizenship. after the break will be analyzing recent amendments to an indefinite detention law
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in the us stay with r.t. . the ride that takes your breath away to eating across the sky as it was a mohnish could you know the biggest salt lake in europe and more than two hundred species of birds but also it is them are on the verge of extinction on these islands in the south of russia they find shelter before migrating to other parts of the world. here we see the great white pelican and several species of the domination pelican which are both in the read data but there are only forty to fifty couples left in the region your palate can use as well as other species at
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the monish gugino feed and face these birds are waiting for their parents to bring them food to the best cash for them is in a small area is a lake with the war is relatively fresh as fish cannot survive in the salty a part of the money and the lakes getting salt every year the money goes and all to fish or reservoir which has failed in the nineteen fifties in the areas hot climate the evaporates quickly and the local stores natural sultanas takes over just order parts the parts dormant yes there are relatively few water sources here some water comes from the dawn river and some for the cuban during the last three to four years we've had a very severe drought to this drought we are practically standing on the bottom of this like it's been falling every year the majority of birds have been retreating as well or they nestle in new orleans. of birds the drying out of the lake cool so threatening one of the world's biggest populations. they live on one of the
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monic on island next destination. there are more than four hundred is the animals here theory is a protected wildlife reserve it's a place of serene peace and calm in recent decades dozens of canals have been dug around here to cultivate the local staps broad grassy plains this may be useful for humans but it does badly hit many species as the animals here for instance so i get antelopes which are extremely shy i was scared away only to be killed in the hundreds of thousands by poachers focal here believes the substance found in their homes can cure impotence just some forty years ago there were more than two million saigon antelopes living in asia and they no where else in the world but now people brought the species to the brink of extinction so this region has been reaching
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a life of thousands of years but now i know relatively short space of time it's my been diversity of creatures is second and farm it's by man and nature itself. to live on one hundred thirty three possible for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck. i mean. i believe that i will be really really messed up. and we're all very small portion. of that little words that you're going to go to the white house to give it to the radio guy and pull out a bale of minutes for a big picture cause they all want to go global are about to do good you've never seen anything like this on telly.
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what's up guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set now i want to talk about the national defense authorization act you know the bill that obama signed on new year's eve of last year that allows the indefinite detention of american citizens without due process while a draft of the n.d.a. two thousand and thirteen just came out and an amendment added by lawmakers seems to require interior our right to a fair trial so more definite attention rights are actually not so much the white house has already alluded to a plan to veto the amendment citing reasons completely unrelated to indefinite detention confused hot alone let me break it down a little bit last thursday the senate approved a measure sponsored by senator dianne feinstein that's sort of boyd's part of the current n.d.a. law the part about indefinite detention the operative words here are sort of you
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see what you wrote is quote an authorization to use military force a declaration of war or any similar authority sean not authorize the detention without charge or trial of a citizen or lawful permanent resident the united states apprehended in the us unless an act of congress expressly authorizes such attention wait what unless an act of congress authorizes such detention yep the amendment is written vaguely as the n.d.a. is itself creating a loophole where the undeniably unconstitutional practice of holding u.s. citizens under military prison for an indefinite amount of time can still occur looks like the word for indefinite detention is far from over if this pisses you off and you've come to the right place so let's break the set.


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