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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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the u.n. calls on israel to open up itself firstly on the dollars atomic arsenal for inspection and join the global nuclear nonproliferation treaty. nato is expected to approve the deployment of missiles on turkey's border with syria despite warnings from russia that the move will further destabilize the volatile conflict zone. and speaking exclusively to our colombia's farkle rebels or say they are being forced to fight for peace as the government keeps up its deadly raids on militants and despite ongoing talks.
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you're watching r t live from moscow kitchen have you with us israel is under pressure from the u.n. to open up to the world of the nuclear arsenal it denies it even exists in an overwhelming vote of the general assembly approved a resolution urging the country to allow inspections of his atomic facilities archies policia reports. one of the pastors never opened its facilities in fact the israeli government has never gone on record publicly stating that it has nuclear capability they were sponsors always been no comment but of course it is widely assumed and widely understood that israel has a nuclear program particularly in the south of the country into mana what we're hearing now is a resolution that has been overwhelmingly passed by the united nations general assembly and this calls on israel to quickly open its nuclear facilities to international and inspectors from the international atomic energy agency the resolution was passed with one hundred seventy four in favor
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a six against and six abstentions and essentially it's calling on israel to join the non proliferation of nuclear treaty not as of yet it is off all countries who do have nuclear arms but who are not recognized by this nonproliferation proliferation treaty these resolutions of the united nations are not legally binding but they are important because they reflect world opinion and they certainly carry political weight so this is something that will make television sit up and take notice what we've witnessed ever since the palestinians went to the united nations last week and were recognized with increased status is a strong reaction from the israeli government the israeli prime minister netanyahu or not that he was approving some three thousand sick knowhow in this essentially an area known as the one which is in these two men the west bank and it does mean that these two areas will be cut off from each other the international criticism came harsh and came quickly we're now hearing that australia is the latest country
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to summon its ambassador to talk to him over this latest israeli move this doesn't follow announcements by force and bush and sweden that they were considering recalling of their own have bassett is over this announcement from tel aviv we've since heard from paris that they are not going to record an investor but that the issue is still on the table and to quote the french ministry all options are available britain has also said that it's waiting to see how. talks will go before the dances with the solution but certainly there has been a lot of international condemnation it hasn't as of yet been any official israeli reaction to the country's raise on the ground many believe that this was a bind a time yahoo head of genghis parliamentary election is trying to curry favor and gone to vote within the domestic market. iran claims to have captured an american drone in its airspace the scan eagle aircraft was apparently conducting a reconnaissance a flight when it was seized by the u.s. naval forces responded saying all of the unmanned planes are counted for university
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of tehran professor sayid mohammad marandi says washington is responsible for heightening tensions be united states is going to be a hostile manner towards iran the very fact that drones are causing the growing overrun you know spirit americans are carrying out. psychological warfare against iran shut down the iranian central bank program in iran from even importing medicine some people have died because of a shortage of medicine in iran because of the sanctions at the united. country that hurt them more than anyone else because it shows how aggressive western countries are behaving and how irrational and barbaric this heightened tensions because this forces iran to behave more aggressively towards the united states and its allies because it sees. a potential only reason why american drones could be in iranian airspace is for them to carry out surveillance operations against iranian targets.
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nato foreign ministers are meeting in brussels where they expected to approve the deployment of patriot missiles in turkey and harasses alliance partners for the weapons several deadly cross border fly incidents with syria r t is an italian if we call it is that the nato headquarters. the move comes is meant to calm down circuits fears that civil war in syria will spill over the syrian borders and bring missiles into turkey together with chemical weapons which according to records by media recent record suggests that act by the e.u. and the us officials. they say that syria has chemical weapons that are ready to be used against rebels in the corridor and of course turkey fears that those chemical weapons might also spill over the border into turkey although person bashar al assad has said that this is not the case and syria will never use chemical weapons against their own people they fear still remained here the nato headquarters and
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secretary general has already said that if this is indeed the case an immediate response should come from the international community mediately visiting istanbul on monday russian president vladimir putin has stressed once again that's russia does not support president assad's regime it supports peace and syria and deploying patriot missiles to the turkish syrian border would only escalate the conflicts on the border and escalate the conflict within the country the countries which could supply turkey with such missiles are you there the u.s. germany and the netherlands however for germany and the netherlands it's may need a me needs a parliamentary approval in order to deploy their missiles to turkey and that will take of course extra time and. then day inside syria stage media reports that a rebel mortar attack on a school in the damascus suburbs has killed twenty nine students and a teacher it's the latest incident of collateral damage in the conflict that has allegedly claimed hundreds of lives in the past few days alone the syrian
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government maintains is finding terrorists armed and controlled from abroad let's get some reaction now from political analysts appear guilin. mr delaney an increasing number of civilians are being caught in the crossfire what reaction can we expect from the international community and indeed from nato to this latest reported killing all the innocents. well you know there are two aspects of this that humanitarian aspect which is never enough for a kind of big convention and the geopolitical aspect from a jew for that it will point to you this is civil war in syria and then there are true groups fighting by proxy on the one hand you have russia supporting. maybe not the regime but. certainly not the rebels on the other hand you know you. think so. many of the rebels. but.
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possibly a bit more on this side. and i think you. know. it's an example to syria. low but. i think we can see if. she hears. what you are even if it's real. then it could become something different. beast but so far it seems that you know you can stick. with us for. supporting the rebels. without missing mislead the lane let me just interrupt here just say we just want to apologize for the sound that's coming through hopefully we can hear you in the next question that turkey has come under fire from across its border with syria
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several times and several turkish civilians have been killed doesn't that give ankara enough reason to protect itself with nato as pay child missiles. secret this was. not checked to protect them from an attack. it's not yeah but we do want here. but syria might. send outside of it. if they leave the country but no one was. very much up in the air with the civilians. to be ready. to defend. the new besides the message sent by the west. is not exactly.
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a message to syria from the west you say now russia says the deployment of these missiles will only escalate to the conflict what's your take. on the conflict is ready for to do that. with. the two sides getting weapons and support from the different groups. started very good time to support the rebels russia. maybe not right with the regime so this is a big. relief. that this size might be any additional sign that the big issue is absolutely out of the question. and it's broken that. reconciliation which seems you know he's the most civil the steve. thank you very much we'll leave it right there political analysts appear again when we do want to apologize for that interruption in our signs or that interview.
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by the painstaking search for peace in colombia sees the latest round of talks between the government and fatah rebels begin on wednesday negotiations come amid the deadliest military raid against the opposition since talks began in october the colombian president says an agreement to must be reached by next november at the latest and as valid as she keep up military operations he says if the rebels just they will be given a part into politics during an exclusive interview to r.t.e. a top fog official admitted they wanted peace but are being forced to fight for it . q and how on earth are gravel some colombian officials holding talks trying to hammer out a peace deal letting america's fiercest drive also and their force attempt to put an end to the fifty years old conflict this has claimed more than half a million lives and the sole woman at the negotiating table is dutch fighter and yet no meyer she left her alone to join fired ten years ago to fight what she calls social justice and has become
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a symbol of their revolution struggle that is spoke exclusively to our t.v. in the fields t.v. interview she in the new talks launched we have not taken the arms because we wanted we have taken the arms because the colombian state and the united states imperialism have obliged compelled us to do so that's a that's one very important thing to keep in mind. we as an armed organization have always wanted dialogue we have always wanted peace we have always asked for peace the prospects for success during the negotiations in how a mediated by cuba and norway are fragile this saturday the colombian army launched a bombing offensive killing twenty rebels this was fired in and sing a unilateral ceasefire and turn it told me that with people being killed for their views it's unfair to blame them for. people who were in colombia want to fight for ideas different than the neo liberal ideas are killed so how is it possible to
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participate in politics if people who are other ideas i kill. and that's the reason of the arms throwing colombia that's the reason why we are still fighting that nettled me fine it is not sponsored by the other latin american countries he spied such claims from the west and also commented on scandal cost to ensure that he was founded by the colombian army and was made public gets the full interview here on our t.v. it's coming your way on wednesday. still to come third time's a charm as angle of merkel launches a campaign for yet another term as german chancellor we'll look at what her reelection would mean for the single currency bloc that's right after the break.
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would you shoes do just what their name implies they get between people and drive them apart like a wage and these issues seem to always take the forefront in the media it's things like abortion gun rights marijuana legalization and the weather well the weather isn't really a wedge issue but people sure talk about it way too much there's only so much room with the national discourse and the switch issues just eat up all of the time and attention but the thing is that there's a little so the goal the tenth amendment you know the one that says that any powers that are specifically delegated the federal government are reserved for the states and last time i checked the constitution doesn't have a special we've because saying that marijuana has to be an all or nothing a national proposal and that goes for abortion and most of the wedge issues also there's a simple answer all these wedge issues just left the states make up their own minds but then again without wedge issues what would the mainstream media have to distract us with but that's just my opinion.
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you're watching r t i'm going to marco has been reelected head of germany's christian democratic union with a record of ninety seven point nine percent approval she is not hoping to win a third term as chancellor in next year's general elections earlier german politicians to fund the vet told me he believes germany doesn't have any real alternative to the i and for all. in crisis times people always flock around the strong leaders. there is neither in the union in the christian democratic union challenger nor is there anybody from the opposition so far who is a strong enough personality to really challenge her so markel is trying to tie the e.u. to a fiscal union if michael is reluctant for a third term how much will her european economic policy change i mean will it
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become more aggressive she seems to have a lot of weight since she is the most popular person at the moment. yeah it will not become more aggressive but it will be felt more strongly because this fiscal union which is imposed from central bureaucratic brussels will force. the people to accept things that they otherwise wouldn't accept so it will become and so governments and parliaments will lose its sovereign budget rights and that is unbelievable for a confederation of states as europe it is so if she is reelected will she be seeking to firmly establish germany as the center of the euro politically as well as economically no i don't think so i think she will still seek the support of all other european partner countries however the central forces of brussels will
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become stronger and that is generally a bad. development it would be much better the sovereign states the consideration would have its proper parliaments to decide upon these things instead of somebody in the central in brussels. india has announced it's ready to deploy its navy in the south china sea to protect its oil interests the concerns were caused by accusations from vietnam that china is interfering with shipping and oil exploration in the area with beijing building up its military the sea is at the center of a five nation scramble for we influence and control india does not lay any territorial claims but it's needed national interests are tied to the scenes vast natural resources professor joseph chan of hong kong city university thinks the indian government cannot stay thoughtful and in the conflict huge of domestic political pressure. the recent course has been the issue of
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a new. army so far a keys indicating territories in disputes between time in the near chinese territory. may need the two pieces of land at the eastern and western hills up to yuma layers known as the our natural predators and asked my chin because of the mistake nationalism the indian government cannot afford to be seem to be reaped in dealing with time you know obviously a higher. government popular and provides more support for military spending that has to be spending on more than a station that may be india has its own security has on its own energy security problem and it is two weeks for all cars to go into self time to see chinese authorities on one hand also has to satisfy the nationalist sentiments
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and at the same time you would like to avoid serious conflicts. or even an escalation of. what his neighbors. now for some live analysis on the matter we're joined by a. professor and dean of jindal school of international affairs. now mr charlie have so this is the rhetoric coming out of india how is it justified considering the indian cosas hundreds of kilometers away from the south china sea. well it's true what you know these days is in your interest not confined by geography if you look at. the v. india is trying to secure oil and gas supplies it's quite global and so china sea off the coast of vietnam in your state owned company has invested war two hundred million dollars already for exploration saw i think you know it's
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seen as a big gator but necessary move by the indian military to be able to see the if our interests are now so widespread then we will also need to shore up our capabilities to defend our interests come what may and of course the situation in seoul china sea has been deteriorating in terms of security and high level of competition and bickering between some r.c.m. countries and china and since vietnam is one of the contenders for these disputed territories and india has a relationship with vietnam that is expanding we have to look at this. you know we love our athletes to the. achievements in this context i'd also like to add that we are now looking at a situation where the border dispute in china and india the territorial land border dispute looks like it is inching forward slowly but surely towards some kind of was
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a deal closure and settlement why on the other hand on the needle and the. terrorists we are now seeing possibly the so it looks like the conflict is being removed and reshape the competition between egypt to make it powers moving of it from langley's to. waterborne format i want to talk about though the interest that you talked about from delhi side in what way exactly is china accused of damaging delis economic interests. well. you know it's because there have been some car confrontations between indian vessels and the chinese navy in the past and there was a green verbal exchanges and will china asking you to stay healthy from the disputed territories which it claims in entirety and the disputed waters so
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that he has some resistance that we're seeing there. or recognize a supreme movement of the ceilings so i could extent there has been a verbal exchange that borders on on being confrontational and i think i do yeah india is a naval forces strong enough to challenge beijing's military might today or on our own i think he india neighbors only with chiefs statement is more important entrancing on capabilities and the same respect saying that they're trying to be more prepared to leave the eastern corner of the in the usual manner as to the. original need. easily taken literally same factor using listening to the need to gain means we foretell easily think one of these so there's a lot from passionately some decent things to do but the executable decision
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missions that are over but he had almost all or maybe is near and then he was also coming perhaps a week where we were being somewhat of a rough balance of power which would not be a bad idea in the long run he moved. out of commerce and. we're going to have to leave it right there thank you very much us rerunning cheli a professor and dean of jindal school of international a face. a look at some more international stories in brief now a number of egypt's newspapers have refused to publish their tuesday editions in protest at the nation's new draft constitution the document as been drawn up by an islamist led panel with the backing of the president journalists are denouncing it because they're concerned about potential restrictions on freedom of expression this comes on a day new anti government marches are announced in the capital cairo protesters want an end to the president's seizure of extra powers and
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a rethink on the constitution. demonstrators in the northwest and bahraini village of drugs have been throwing molotov cocktails at passing cars that were demanding sunni rulers introduce democratic reforms and provide more jobs the rights and opportunities and in the capital manama government forces used tear gas against a rally close to where an international human rights delegation was visiting but brainy authorities have been cracking down on activists for almost two years with their own eighty being killed and thousands put behind bars. a devastating typhoon has slammed into the solomon philippines killing at least forty people and forcing all those fifty thousand to from their homes rescue workers are being hampered by a power cuts and roads blocked by landslides and fallen trees the storm has reportedly weakened now in is moving to the northwest. in just a couple of minutes will be breaking the set without cheese any martin.
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invented by the famed soviet author p.d. is good for you is that if in the nine hundred fifty s. these frames were initially used to treat fractures in deformities by cutting bones and slowly pulling them apart and therefore stimulating tissue regeneration it was out of was able to reshape arms and legs and people who thought they were crippled for life about a third of patients admitted t.v. it was out of center nowadays seeking series three focus medical reasons most of them a man and most are not what you would call vertically challenged professor novick of who operated on many of them says it usually comes down to man's pride first patient return to us with a leg length i mean request to meet is fifteen centimeters to the want to surgery
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because panos tool in him we like to say that we need to break their legs in order to fix their head like lengthening surgeries are banned in many countries and even the will out there pressure daily expenses in russia the entire course costs eleven thousand dollars about one tenth of the similar package in the united states financial considerations were one of the reasons they brought this washington state native to western siberia yet his main motive for the surgery had to do with how he fared in the others in america average height is one seventy five i was one sixty seven or one sixty eight and so eight centimeters would have brought me right to average for women height isn't so important girl can be sure it's not a big deal like your guy is like expected to be taller just before the operation most this matter a russian girl who found he's a regional high. why didn't dering if he still want to have this surgery adding
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seven more centimeters to he self-confidence she took told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're perfect. so now or so they call you so what a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations. to live on one hundred thirty three possible suppose i should try it because you know how fabulous i'd look i got so many i mean i have way and i know that i have to be really messed up. in the old story so personally apologize it's a little worse cheaper to live through the white house or to the. radio guy for minestrone. what clothes were about to give you never seen anything like this until
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. one up guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set and i want to talk about the national defense authorization act you know the bill that obama signed on new year's eve of last year that allows the indefinite detention of american citizens without due process while a draft of the n.p.a. two thousand and thirteen just came out and an amendment added by lawmakers seems to require interior are right to a fair trial so no more indefinite detention rights are actually not so much the white house has already alluded to a plan to veto ma'am i meant citing reasons completely unrelated to indefinite detention confused the hell alone let me break it down a little bit last thursday the senate approved a measure sponsored by senator dianne feinstein that's sort of void.


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