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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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his client has spent over a thousand days behind bars without trial and now for the first time the lawyer for private first class bradley manning is opening up about the case we'll bring you the rare appearance you won't want to miss. ann miller american military efforts might be concentrated in the wars in the middle east but across the border here at home drug cartels are armed to the teeth with weapons they're not the ragtag band of criminal gangs you know magine but a well armed force to be reckoned with had it will take a peek into their arsenal of tools. to divide after being conquered it's been just a week since president obama won the election and already several states are
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speaking up to set secession ahead we'll tell you about a movement that's trying to rip the stars right off of the american flag. it's tuesday december fourth eight pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our t.v. well in case you've been living under a rock there is some news coming out of the u.k. prince william and kate are expecting their first child this has set off a media spectacle this is a huge story in europe but here in the u.s. the mainstream media has a ramp up its coverage take a look. ever since the royal couple got married britain has been waiting for its royal baby now that baby is on the way the media would be waiting for this story with bated breath its acute morning sickness treated with every hydration that
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cheesy with. supplements and try to get it back on track they were planning to announce this at this point but she has not yet twelve weeks pregnant they haven't even told prince charles or the queen about this until today. leisure every woman is enjoying c.n.n.'s coverage and listening to a male reporter talk about morning sickness while while they're covering a story that has little impact here in the u.s. arts he will cover what is really important and we begin with what's called one of the most significant cases in u.s. military history and that is the case of army private bradley manning he is accused of the biggest security breach ever and up until now manning's attorney david coombs has refrained from making public appearances or talking to the media but last night coombs broke his silence and we were at the church here in washington d.c. where can spoke about how the case is played out and described his relationship to manning. you'll be three years after bradley manning was
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arrested for leaking hundreds of thousands of top secret documents his attorney makes his first public appearance brad's treatment i want to get will forever be i believe in our nation's history as a disgraceful moment time not only was it stupid counterproductive. it was criminal that was the focus of a week of pretrial hearings leading up to cruise's debut to the press for the more than nine hundred days manning was locked up the defense says he was subject to solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day in a small six by eight foot cell where he faced forced nudity in sleep deprivation i'm confident by the time this case comes to a conclusion the record of trial will be the longest record trial in our military's history and his first court appearance manning described being detained he says he
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felt like a caged animal using white tape he showed the court how small a cell was in quantico virginia he also put on a suicide smock he was forced to wear during the nine months he was held there manning supporters and the defense is calling this torture they're saying that manning has already been punished and because of this the charges against him should be dropped. his supporters see him as a hero for shining a light on the government's dark secrets one thing you don't see in the press is the good truth that has come out of these documents but his critics see him as a traitor putting national security at risk he's done more damage censure cowie to our national security this guy allowing all this stuff to get out there we cannot be trusted a lot of state department international causes they still have got to give us for that because we let this nobody has their manning's attorney paints a much different picture of his client he recalls his conversations with the army
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private who hopes to one day get a college degree so i asked. with that degree what do you plan on do. and he said i want to go into public service and i asked him what he meant but. he said i want to join some sort of campaigning group. going to public service and perhaps one day run for public office meanwhile as the military court looks into manning's pretrial treatment the military judge announced that the trial is postponed until march sixteenth at the earliest in washington liz wahl r.t. . also ahead here on our team and a seemingly endless and increasingly violent drug war mexico's police have more than a small criminal gangs and deal with these cartels all are well organized in our gales had a look at the tools of this trade and the seriousness of the problem. it's
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part of american power continues. things on our show. might actually be time revolution. i mean troops are going to procure a drink at starbucks as a surprise it came. here
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is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that the americans call a. i'm sorry. here there. are. some. want to feature a liberal because. there's really. no exposure to the structures from what you and i should care about because they're
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a profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break this up.
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to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. we turn now to a war being fought are right here along our borders that is the war on drugs mexico's attorney general is now saying that twenty five thousand people have gone missing in the last six years this amid chaos and violence that hasn't. sued in mexico as it struggles to fight drug cartels and some people some say that it's the u.s. policies that fueled the war on drugs emboldening the drug mafias that profit off that you legal drug market but beyond policies mexico's cartels are armed with massive arsenals take a look at some of the tools and their trade as you can see they have plenty of a k
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forty seven rifles machine guns and shotguns just to name a few rocket propelled grenade launchers you see here are some of the heaviest weapons the cartels use and they even have their own monster trucks in mexico has seized more than one hundred of them so where do the cartels get their weapons some are from central america but most of them come from the united states the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms found that sixty eight thousand of ninety nine thousand done found in mexico actually originated in the u.s. for more on where and how drug gangs are arming themselves i was joined by adrian pyne assistant professor at american university. seventy percent of the guns and weapons that have been captured by mexican police have been found to come from the united states and a lot of those are coming through originally coming through legitimate quote unquote legitimate forms of trade those people can walk into gun shows in there is
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oh no in new mexico and very easily buy these weapons so one thing that's how the us is the drug war is an incredibly profitable enterprise for industries like the. like the gun trade and of course it's profitable also for banks in the united states that are laundering the money from drug cartels like h.s.b.c. that was exposed as having done that it's it's also beneficial to the da to private prisons and to the military itself which means the drug war is justification for their very existence to some extent so we can see who's been a. getting from it on the other side mexico is not benefiting from it nor has drug consumption going down gone down in the united states right and all this we had just showed those pictures there of the some of the weapons that the drug cartel has and over the years we have seen them grow and continue to get more
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sophisticated and our weapons as we saw are getting more sophisticated are they only going to get more advanced. well you know i think that a lot depends on the kind of policy that the u.s. has visa vi mexico and of course central america other latin american countries because this drug war is not just in mexico and so policy or rather the actions of the cartels in large part are responsive to u.s. military policy as well as of course economic policy so the u.s. has been pouring five hundred million dollars a year into the drug war in mexico alone and many more millions throughout the rest of latin america this has helped to increase the militarization of latin american countries and in response the militarization of course of cartels and so you know we're just kind of having this war increasing on both sides but also our economic policy has promoted. new liberalization of privatization the usurpation of
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collectively held lands in mexico and taken away economic economic opportunities which has created a situation in which drug trade is one of the only economic opportunities for many people in northern mexico and so we are in a sense creating the conditions for the escalation of this drug war on both sides. and you're saying there are you the u.s. pouring all this money into financing that this war on drugs meanwhile i mean these numbers just came out pretty grim twenty five thousand adults and children have gone missing seven thousand bodies remain unidentified. and more eggs. why isn't there more being done to help these families who are still looking for loved ones and i mean is this an example of of how this drug war it has not been productive this drug war absolutely has not been productive on the human rights front and in addition to that number of twenty five thousand which many feel is quite low
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there's the official estimate of sixty thousand killed and some researchers like molly malloy the university of new mexico estimate that it's actually more than double that so one hundred twenty thousand plus people killed over recent years in this drug war over the past six years in this drug war additionally we've seen a vast increase over the previous presidency in mexico of human rights abuses carried out by the police in the military which in many cases are trained by the united states as part of the drug war so certainly all of these things the disappearances the killings and also the human rights abuses carried out directly by the state are linked together economically and also in terms of u.s. military policy and you had mentioned earlier the ease that these cartels are able to get these weapons and a lot of them it starts off legally. and you know there is this big debate over
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over gun control in the u.s. could this be an example about how lax gun laws could be leading to the ease of the of the cartels being able to easily obtain these weapons in the u.s. the message is actually what it is i mean it's the united states lack of gun control that is greatly facilitating the slaughter of mexicans as well as of course people here in the united states i mean we have one of the musos gun control policies in the world and the result of this are these tens and hundreds of thousands of killings and you know. aside from the debate of whether or not people should have guns i mean it is it's our second amendment right to have guns but how do you make it what needs to be done to make sure that those guns do not end up in the hands of these drug cartels that are slaughtering people.
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well i think first of all you know we need to tie our gun policy will we need to be thinking structurally so we need to be thinking about why is it that it's attractive for these cartels to buy guns in the first place and for that we need to receive in our neoliberal economic policies nafta that are making it impossible for people to go into other trades we need to stop selling bullets. and you know i do think that we need to very deeply interrogate our relationship with guns in this country despite the obsession with the second amendment because guns killed you know it's not just that criminals kill people people with guns and up killing people and in mexico because of the ease in the united states the united states has become the primary market for getting guns so that is a much bigger discussion that needs to happen but happen alongside questioning of why it is that people need these guns in the first place and that's because we have
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impoverished mexico with our trade policies. a lot of this bloodshed happened under mexican president calderon and we are seeing this transition of leadership do you see any promise under mexico's new leadership well the new president pena nieto has promised that he will bring in peace to mexico but he hasn't really said how he will do that and he's you know the leadership he's the new leadership of the pretty government which was in power for over seventy years prior to the pan's leadership and he's really the protege of silliness they were tare who is the person who along with clinton signed nafta and bra. the impoverishment to mexico and the usurpation of collectively held lands that i mentioned earlier that has created the conditions for the drug trade to thrive as it has. macy with the return trip pretty government is the return to pretty polly a sea of actually collaborating with drug cartels much more closely than the pam
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government the. above and beyond that what we've seen already is that when the installation of the new pena nieto government we've seen repression of protesters we've seen tear gas rubber bullets fired into crowds it's not a very hopeful scenario in terms of human rights and really it's really interesting appreciate you coming on the show about pine assistant professor at american university. also had an r t drone. iran claims to have captured yet another u.s. drone this as criticism balance over how disconnected drone operators really are that story next. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made can you trust no one. with the global reach where we had
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a state controlled capitalism it's called fashion's when nobody dares to ask we do r t question more. r t is the state run speaking russian channel it's kind of like. russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. he just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old and just you know look through.
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the confession i am a total get a friend that i love grabbing hip hop music and for. that he was kind of a yesterday. i'm very proud of the world with its place. at first very much as burning your eyes right right i mean it's like a derivative of actual pepper it's a food product essentially. it's much stronger than anything you'd be biopsied. thousands of times and stronger than any one of the you ever put your.
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player on today said it captured a u.s. drone that was flying over its airspace in the gulf this is what iran state run media press t.v. is reporting. iran has captured a u.s. drone that has violated the country's airspace you're looking at the latest pictures that have come in in which the d.c. has made this announcement and it is backing that up with what you're seeing there on your screen. the u.s. however is denying this u.s. officials say no drones are missing and there is no evidence to back up iran's claims this as a recent report out of the washington post says that the amount of drone crashes are on the rise is particularly high among drones that take off from civilian airports one issue at these airports is that is air traffic controllers u.s. drone crews complained that air traffic controllers in djibouti are poorly trained speak little english and give preference to civilian flights even when drones are very low on fuel and that's not all investigations into one predator crash in march two thousand and eleven found that the pilot was quote confused an inattentive when
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landing the plane and because he was working from a remote location he wasn't fully aware of the wind and weather conditions but this in mind makes you wonder if the prospect of a drone getting lost overseas shouldn't come as a shock. the senate today passed a defense bill that bars indefinite detention of u.s. citizens without trial the national defense authorization act of two thousand and thirteen passed in the senate moments ago in a ninety eight to zero vote it's the fifty first time in history that affects the defense bill passed excuse me though it only passed a second time it passed unanimously the bill authorizes five hundred twenty five billion dollars in pentagon spending and while the bill covers a wide range of defense issues we have been reporting on the contentious debate over the power it gives to the commander in chief to indefinitely detain american citizens this past thursday an amendment backed by senator dianne feinstein and
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rand paul to curtail these powers passed through the senate intelligence committee however privacy advocates for me leery of the feinstein amendment and fear it does not do enough to protect americans right to a trial the bill now passes to a joint conference between the house and senate before it heads to the president's desk for his signature well during this time lawmakers will further discuss this and a host of other issues included in the end i will keep you posted of what comes of these talks. still ahead here on r t united we stand that might have been the american monster before but a new session by several states could shake up all of that up next we'll tell you which states say they're better off going alone.
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the climate of american power continues. things are so bad might actually be time for a revolution. and it turns out that a popular drink of starbucks has a surprising ingredient. well
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the election is a thing of the past but many americans aren't seeing the change they hoped for now in all fifty states there's a group of people that are so unhappy with the current state of affairs that they think the best way to move forward is to form a new country are to correspond a marine apart and i have a story. tonight. or two longer here is that for a former colleague one of the right to determine its oldest of the. test a perfect thing for you to move forward. for weeks following brock obama's reelection nearly one million americans have moved forward by
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campaigning to break apart all fifty states have filed online petitions with the white house requesting to peacefully secede from the so-called perfecting union a movement that's garnered more than thirty thousand signatures in north carolina where many like michael toggled. see independence as a symbol may twentieth a consistent one is the day that north carolina sated from the union and america's stars and stripes ripping at the seams there's no doubt in my mind that it is inevitable i mean something like this with the the debt this country has with a growing disunion among in the among the people they can't last forever and that's the lesson of history big empires always collapse on their own weight secession supporters like bernard first some say washington's weight of growing debt and lists wars government intrusion and a broken immigration system has become a bipartisan destructive force is beyond reform you can't reform that federal
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government whether it's the republicans in charge or obama basically of the republicans are just as bad as far as we're concerned they're corrupt and are out of touch in southern former confederate states like north carolina culture and social issues play a big role for those like harold cruz who believes the us is too big and thus destined to fail north carolina and the south in general. were different country already and the united states and we simply need our own government we have different values different belief systems critics have dismissed secessionists as disgruntled voters angry over president obama's second term however in this your thousand a presidential election obama became the first democrat in more than thirty years to win north carolina a red state turned blue with the promise of change four years later tens of thousands of voters in the very same state believe they'd be better off on their
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own us the average american the things they believe in they're tired of the endless wars and here we are talking about invading iran now i can't think of anything more the white house meanwhile promises to review and issue an official response to all petitions with twenty five thousand or more. signatories at least seven states fit that category that we used to be on the interstate driving along at fifty five miles an hour by ourselves with secession as a goal now we're being passed on both sides in lanes by people going faster than we are and it's amazing because here we were thought to be radical fifteen or ten years ago and now we're mainstream. a mainstream movement to move apart marina port nial r.t. . and that is going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered you can check out our you tube channel you tube dot com slash our team america also check out our website r t v dot com slash usa and you can follow me on twitter.


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