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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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well i'm john berman here in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture sheldon adelson as you know tycoon who helped bankroll the romney campaign is i know i should even though as a man isn't in the white house why is adelson meeting with republican lawmakers does he have ulterior motives and. today hundreds of low wage workers took to the streets in new york city protesting for better working conditions and better salaries we'll talk to someone who took part in today's events asking where he sees the fight for a living wage going from here and later in the show we'll have a your take my take live segment your chance to call in and ask a question or make
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a comment drive on the air. fred first you don't succeed bing bing again you have the republicans top oligarchy foreign casino magnate sheldon adelson is already offering to fund the next election for republicans apparently to protect himself from criminal prosecution adelson spent one hundred fifty million dollars on republicans in the two thousand and twelve election more than anyone in american election history and now he's promising to spend double that amount come the next election as already met with prescribed prospective twenty sixteen republican presidential candidates governors bobby jindal john k. sake and bob mcdonald to get them on his side which is pretty odd when you consider that the same sheldon adelson told the wall street journal for publication wednesday that he supports abortion rights stem cell research he supports president
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obama's dream act and added that he's quote in favor of socialized medicine and quote. so why is this guy so busy buying republicans but put yourself in his place democrats typically do things for the vast majority of people on employment insurance social security medicare keep our food supplies save for unions that sort of thing outside of petty crime stuff like congressman jefferson and wrangle were accused of and generally don't shill for big corporate interests or fat cat billionaires it is pretty much the part of the people pretty much since their founding over two hundred years ago but republicans eagerly do things for whoever pays them the biggest bucks for example every single republican freshman in the last congress denies there's such a thing as global warming why because the fossil fuel industry the second richest industry in the world will give a lot of money to any member of congress who denies global climate change similarly
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the republicans are lockstep against banking regulations why the industry that passes out the largest amount of cash here in washington d.c. is you've got it the banking industry and republicans are in favor of so-called free trade and so-called right to work for less both policies that harm the vast majority of working class americans but they make fortunes for transactional corporations and their billionaire c.e.o.'s who then eagerly thousand bucks to any politician willing to take their side republicans who even denies science like the age of the earth if they think it will help them raise money from cash any televangelists and scam artists like ralph reed other words by and large democrats can't be bought but the republicans are perpetually for sale to the highest bidder and while shelly adelson may think that stem cell research immigrant rights and socialized medicine are just fine things is first priority is covering his own butt so if at first you don't succeed bribe bribe again. washington post reports that
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adelson is flying to washington d.c. to meet with republican leaders in surprise hopes of changing the foreign corrupt practices act currently president obama's department of justice is investigating adelson for violating that act as it's been suggested he was bribing officials in china to get its casinos built and chinese control territorially. which is of course probably why adelson spent so much money to defeat president obama because a republican romney administration would bring with it a new republican attorney general and a new republican justice department to find out prosecuted or might just settle out of court for a small fine to make it all go away this is the life of the rich and powerful in america being in trouble with the law they just buy a few politicians and get new laws to protect themselves used to call bribery but today thanks to the supreme court's citizens united decision it's called business as usual. now and the people who get left behind when billionaires like sheldon
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adelson own our politicians i'm talking about low wage workers last week we told you how hundreds of fast food workers new york city walked off their jobs the workers at restaurants like mcdonald's and taco bell were striking for better working conditions and a living wage well now other low wage workers from carwash employees to supermarket stock boys had joined the cause earlier today hundreds of low wage workers along with various advocacy organizations marched through the streets of new york city and held rallies in some of the busiest parts of that city including times square one of those individuals who took part in this day of action is juan compass a former new york city car wash worker one joins us now from our new york studios welcome. great to have you with us so what was the scene like today. well it was great you know seeing how the workers were all workers and supporting each other you know. it was awesome how many people were showed up and what was going on you
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know what was your sense of any interesting stories from it to share with us. in the car wash where i used to work they wouldn't give us no supplies no boots and gloves you know we will what will acid almost things that will go in your hands and so your. participation in this was to try and get better working conditions that it would be better can this in since we get paid fit the. china you know china pay seven twenty five five fifteen hour that's below the federal minimum wage how do they how do they pull that off well basically they have there's a lot them for car washing car washes where they had they supposed at the tip to the to the paycheck to make it look like seven twenty five but what they doing is the force of the you know they put him on it it's the same we make him eight hundred dollars the tip with only making fifty dollars that we can tip wow do you do they do they report that to the i.r.s. or just to you i mean how does how do they how do they get away with that. i really
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don't know so it's that they just have very good bookkeepers of him like that so so some of the other people that you were on strike essentially with today are out protesting with. any other stories that you heard that you thought were interesting . yeah her late stories from montana workers who would walk fifty blocks to the house because seven twenty five was and is enough for the rent it's not enough for the food to feed their families and it is very sad that people have to walk at the make a choice i walk today frankly tomorrow. wow that's that's really that's really bizarre what does a fair deal like. you said seven twenty five an hour and improve working conditions is that is that enough to live on or should we be seriously looking at saying let's raise the minimum wage in the united states it would be over ten dollars an hour right now if it was just where it was in one nine hundred sixty. yet really you know for us we got a text
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a step by step you know can't take it only takes the phrase to improve working conditions you know some of us in car washers don't even get the kitchen. was there any is there any conversation or discussion about unionizing about organizing in a specific way. right now which. trying to spread the word out that this is a union is trying to support washers and so we're trying to unionize carwashes right now we have for coercion is that for cost is that one the election right now in the callers and working the election's going to be december december eleventh and what will. yes so so you're actually voting to have union representation and this is an existing union not a not a brand new one or is it a brand new in the is an existing is it is communion and. you get to have a democracy in the workplace that's
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a pretty impressive thing do you think that most of the people who are out on the streets today are looking for you know just a better paycheck or that they would like to be members of unions as well. you know they also want to be represented by the union. because. because. sometimes in workplaces. sometimes manager the bullets might suspect you just because you know. to stand up. and. so it's a matter of having having a voice in the workplace and being able to to work and behave with integrity and know that you're not going to be capriciously fired it makes a lot of sense compas thank you so much for being with us tonight. great to have you on the program to get involved in the fight for higher wages and better working conditions go to one of these classes or both of them united n.y.
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dot org as in new york united in why dot org and davide divvied up fast food forward or. just. it's the good the bad of the very very hot ho maniacally ugly good florida democratic state legislators take that rick scott to a democratic state senators in the sunshine state of interviews two bills that would reinstitute the fourteen days of early voting in florida governor scott had reduced to only eight days both bills could also increase the number of voting hours on each early voting day and fortunately republicans control both chambers of the state legislature but incoming republican leaders have suggested that they might be amenable changing voting laws in florida let's hope that's the case so
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that every every floridian who has the right to vote is able to win upcoming election the bat michigan governor rick snyder despite the system for months that he would not support a right to work for less law in his state senators doing just that today snyder called on the michigan legislature to introduce and as a right to work for less bill and so that he would sign it as soon as it reaches his desk and it was one of several republican governors who led an all out assault on workers' rights in two thousand and eleven as you can see neighbor indiana passed a right to work for less walker earlier this year and snyder says he wants to stay competitive with the state i guess he's willing to screw over thousands of michigan workers in the process and the very very ugly wall late last month one hundred workers died in a garment factory fire in bangladesh the plant which make clothing for wal-mart among other companies had no emergency exits or any type of evacuation plan and now
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it turns out that meeting last year wal-mart brass refused to pay suppliers more money to make safety improvements at their manufacturing facilities in a statement obtained by bloomberg news the wall. artificial says. forty five hundred factories and in most cases very expensive and costly modification we need to be undertaken in some factories it's not financially feasible for the brands to make such. yeah right the world's largest corporation can spare a fraction of its bottom line to improve safety conditions for workers the bangladeshi doubts could have been totally avoided at wal-mart for corporate greed ahead of human safety and that is very very good. after the break cities like detroit michigan bore the brunt of the republican prasher of the nation's financial industry five years later is no way past time for the federal government to step up and help cities like detroit get back on their feet.
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here as mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a donor. i'm sorry i'm just a guy here's an awful lot of money for you sir are you know what that is my other terror cells right now want to give us a defeat terrorism the only poll the christian. can you believe it's. going to put you to distract us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that's sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it. and then you. see some other part of it and realized everything. welcome to the big picture.
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in screwed news the city of detroit is asking president obama for some help this week detroit city councilwoman joanne watson called for a financial lifeline from the white house to assist her cash strapped city odds are good that seventy five percent of wayne county voters supported the president in his re-election bid and that in return the president should help detroit take a look. people you know overwhelmingly support events of this president of the us to be clear who you want to exercise leadership on that it was not just that but why now. testament of the detroit may run out of money by the end of the year so far the white house has put forward no plans to bail it out many cities across america have been devastated by three decades of reaganomics and so-called free trade deals that have wiped out local manufacturing cities receive the final
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death blow in two thousand and seven when wall street crashed our economy and there's a long history of the federal government bailing out broke cities republican president jerry ford for example loaned to new york city two billion dollars one hundred seventy five to help that city avoid going broke rather than spending billions maybe trillions on nation building in iraq and afghanistan by doing some nation building here at home and starting with detroit joining me now is pastor dia alexander bullock president of rainbow push detroit and president of the highland park michigan and be pastor bullock it is always great to have you had to be here to be here so so what do you make of councilwoman watson's appeal i know they're trashing her over at fox news and in the right wing. radio sphere of saying you know you know we voted for you know we want something back this is the you know whatever santa clause stuff or indeed it's not a santa clause comment the queen mother as we call her joanne watson has been on
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the battlefield for a long time and she stood with the people and she remembers coleman alexander young who for many of her generation is symbolic of strong african-american elected leadership who got the job done and i think what she's saying makes sense. the president of the united states needs to address urban policy that's all she's saying detroit gary indiana harrisburg pennsylvania many municipalities across the nation either in debt. headed towards bankruptcy cutting fire cutting police cutting city services and while we are rebuilding nations and other places across the world our cities and our school districts at home are failing and falling apart and something has to be done that's all she's saying i agree with her yeah i do too and i find it amazing that george w. bush committed to trillion dollars of american money i mean that's far more than eisenhower spent building highways all across the country and building hospitals and schools which incredibly stimulating as a two trillion dollars on on wars and then you know kind of rebuilding from those
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wars in iraq and afghanistan which doesn't seem to be happening all that well you describe how detroit needs a holistic approach to recovery what does that mean well basically it means we cannot step democracy in the name of recovery we must include the people corporations are not the only stakeholders we must include citizens but also it means that we cannot prioritize. must prioritize prosperity and so everyone's talking about balancing budgets and legacy costs and all of these things but they're not talking about reinvestment you cannot water the leaves and save the trees you must water the roots and so we need reinvestment that gets to the root of the problem that gets to ground in a bottom up stimulus because it's only in that way that will have an approach that will have long term sustainability for our community so what would that look like for detroit well first of all detroit's a penalty box we've got to deal with insurance redlining we've got to hold the insurance companies accountable ok it costs more to insure your card in the pay for
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your car industry in the city of detroit we've got to deal with foreclosure with the fallout of the foreclosure crisis up a one hundred thousand foreclosures in the city of detroit alone one hundred thousand times for four hundred thousand people forced evictions outside of detroit four hundred thousand plus seven hundred thousand is you know one million a one point one million population numbers so we must deal with the fallout of the foreclosure crisis to trade policy center manufacturing from michigan to mexico and so we've got to put detroit is back to work. we're building cars for years and now that the economy has shifted we need retraining and then we need to connect citizens who are trying to the jobs that are available we must stabilize the school system the charter school movement siphoning off children from the public school system and buildings are rotting and children are being failed in the process we must stop the hemorrhaging out of the school system so many things that could happen in the city what's right to bring your describing is basically a reversal of thirty two years of reaganomics it seems to me i mean i don't i don't catch anything there that wasn't i mean you're if we just took us back to where we
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were in one thousand nine hundred eighty it was a fairly prosperous that's what we had rational trade policies we were still making things in america you know there was a fairly high taxation on corporations and wealthy individuals thus we could have a middle class that's right that's right that's right and today this is considered like you know. well that's too too far left anyway that's what happens with the financial managers take over what you know this is what's amazing we don't know what happens because public accept need to doesn't exist public for was repealed we were part of that and so there really is no legal basis for an emergency management manager at this point it started threatening as well that's why they're trying to rush public acts seventy six out the gate but it hasn't come out the gate yet and so if an emergency manager comes we don't even know what the legal constraint or basis for emergency management would be at this time but i suppose that if public
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accept these six actually it's an act that it probably will that there will be again cutting essential city services cutting fire cutting police busting union contracts probably be some settlement with bondholders and at the end of the day whatever happens we know the citizens are going to be failed in the process and so we fight back against that and we're out of time but i just wanted to mention real quickly for viewers in lansing today the governor is trying to push through right to work right to work for less laws people should. people got pepper gas there's a it's a big deal that's going on in lansing people need to get out there's a testable of thanks on that if you so much as think it's an honor to thank you for shooting. in the bows to the rest of the news is the white race under threat in america are white college students around the nation at a disadvantage because of the skin color is the entire nation headed for
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a critical moment in the near future when minorities overtake whites and all hell will break loose my next guest apparently thinks so or maybe not will find out and he's already taken steps to prepare including trying to form a whites only student union where he goes to school to taos and university joining me is matthew hind bach a college student founder of the white student union house university well thank you thomas joining us so. why do you feel that whites need a white only student i don't get it well the simple fact that you're asking that question proves the reason why we needed that whites for so long and not have the ability to organize we have legitimate political interests run this country why not run this country how come on what we're going to color the faces in a congress looking at demographic trends by two thousand and forty now i don't know right now to talk about right now that two political parties that i really can't decipher the differences control the country white i don't really think has a problem with that individual white americans are openly being discriminated
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against in terms of hiring practices exceptions to universities affirmative action programs discriminate what white privilege is white white privilege is i mean that's a marxist term which is that is that is is it's the as a repeated idea of average white family in america has a wealth of about eighty seven thousand dollars the average african-american family in the night in the united states has wealth of around five thousand dollars if you're a member of the lucky sperm club into one of those white families that you've got that back. when you up you've got generations multiple generations of being literate being free of being able to work wherever you want if you're an if you're born as an average american it's a very different world it's very different of us concerned my ancestors come from you know ireland so kind of the real question is you know we were not always allowed everything irish need not apply is a big thing from the nineteenth century right when you look like groups like the ku klux klan which openly discriminated against catholics you look even in the one nine hundred sixty s. video that j.f.k. was going to be a catholic president that's a shock waves through the ocean so whites have experienced discrimination some some
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whites have experience discrimination and largely it's been local and largely it's been one or two generations and mostly it didn't have to do with the color of their skin or even their religion or their this had to do with the fact that they were immigrants that was in almost every case there was anti immigrant sentiment that's why you know there's good questions in eight hundred fifty s. about is there an irish gene or they're all crazy in the eighty's is there a sicilian gene where they're all mobsters these were just first generation immigrants but i just you know i can understand when whites are a minority if those numbers flip and whites are born with far less wealth on average than people of other races i can understand saying ok we're now an oppressed minority let's get together but you know us white guys run the world right now but that's a false idea simply because we're so far the majority look in terms of women that there are feminist groups where for instance tells university women make up sixty five percent of the population just because they're in numerical majority does that
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mean they should never try to organize and express their best political and women are still oppressed in the united states women still make less than men still make seventy six cents to the dollar from looking in terms of white students affirmative action in terms of getting accepted to the university level that i could be more qualified as a candidate you know have higher s.a.t.'s scores have a higher g.p.a. have more extracurriculars but the name of diversity i wouldn't be able to go to university and we bring in someone who was last fall. well you're arguing that it's a zero sum game and it's not it's not or at least it shouldn't be a zero sum game we should be able we should be say i would think that you should be out there arguing in favor of free college education for everyone like we had in the united states before ronald reagan's presidency i mean we're not talking about paying for college i'm talking about simple acceptance and being able to be judge someone i mean martin luther king said very famously judge some of the content of their character not the color of their skin but years later all this now is done the color of the skin no we're looking at there's discrimination based on the color of our skin where if i could be denied a job
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a scholarship or even being allowed to be in a college because of the color of my skin where i could be more qualified supports a session i do so than states i do sports so what are they going to do with the black people that will when we seceded originally an eight hundred sixty nine hundred sixty one you made them slaves now well in terms of first of all let's look at the slavery issue that they were slaves in the north you look at ulysses s. grant was a slave holder after slaves were legally freed so bring up the self-indulgence over slavery i mean that's a red herring argument but secondly the of secession i believe in self-determination for people that if people want to be able to stand up for themselves and so on your own do you agree with rand paul the basically the nondiscrimination laws are a violation of property rights that if you on a story should be able to put a whites only sign out front just as i believe someone who runs a black store should be able to put a blacks only sign up i believe that we should have freedom of association as the kind of country you want to live where there is an open racial discrimination the
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constitution is the country i want to be able to live in where the you know the constitution is slavery and now the council doesn't anymore but it did if your time of the original no no actually it didn't the only mention of slavery in the original constitution was that after there couldn't be any more importation of slaves yes but it wasn't in shrine in slavery in our constitution but simply the tenth amendment a state has a right because the people of the state have the ability to determine what they want to do in. there on stage do you think the that most of the south are really thinking in terms of let's have a white so i think we're looking at simply having ourself back the ability for the southern people to be able to run our own affairs got it where we were a lot of it's i wish we had more personal life. coming up the phone lines are now open for our your take. so if you want a chance to ask me a question live on the big picture give us a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four maybe i'll be talking
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to you after the break.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realize that everything you. are welcome is a big picture. worst you are going to say. right out of a day and a radio guy and for a minute make. a like what we're about to go good you've never seen anything like this i'm telling.


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