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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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resentment is still probably now inside the presidential palace in cairo as egypt's president morsi refuses to back down from his controversial political drive during a long awaited address to the nation. united that last rebel drawing president assad in dismissing washington's chemical weapons appears the media gave us while lead to us invasion of believe if it's poised on syria's. hand one step forward one step by just on the american side that sloshes a cold war era law limiting trade with russia it approves of these about certain russian officials provoking a promise of a similar move from moscow. international
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news live from moscow this is our she with me our thanks for joining us along anticipated state address by egypt's president morsi has failed to silence the angry voices on the streets of cairo protesters claim his still ignore state key demands by vowing to push on with a referendum on an islamist led constitution more on that from cairo based reporter about true and she joins us live right now it was a morse's first speech since the uprising started around two weeks ago how did he explain his refusal to make concessions. president mohamed morsi basically stuck by his decisions you said in his speech he said this is the concert the constitution that duration which is very contentious going to people described it as a power grab was essential basically in the transition p. . it's democracy and very important protecting the constituent assembly which
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drafted the constitution to the we get this point we're going to have a referendum on the constitution next week he basically said this was very important and the only way to sort out the crisis in egypt in his speech he also blamed third parties for the violence that we saw on the streets in cairo on wednesday between anti and pro brotherhood supporters he said that third parties backed by foreign funding had infiltrated the groups and caused the violence he blamed some opposition groups he said those serving the remnants of the former regime to overthrow his legitimate authority and basically rejected any use of violence in the form of protesting however he did call for dialogue he asked opposition forces to meet him on saturday the eight december to talk through some of the points that they have with this constitution and he said he might as well step back on article six of the contentious constitution that gratian which
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basically said that as the president he could do pretty much anything in the interest of protecting the nation so he did open channels however these were nests this this this me this was it but it was met very well in the opposition forces who wanted him to rescind his decree and also to cancel the referendum and over say we see that his address failed to quell the anger on the streets tell us more about the sentiments that following the speech. well i was actually in front of the presidential palace last nights where there were thousands of protesters gathered against the president and they were listening to the speech in the radios of their cars or in different cafes on the television and immediately they rejected it people held up their shoes to the presidential palace which is an insult in egypt and actually compared him to former former president mubarak saying he was using similar rhetoric in addition the. opposition forces the coalition of opposition
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forces who are running a city into his square the national revolution front issued a statement saying that they would not have dialogue with the president until he rescinds his decree there also unfortunately violent clashes in other parts of the city outside the muslim brotherhood headquarters which was reportedly torched this happened across different governorates as well in front of brotherhood headquarters this of course follows wednesday's violence as i mentioned before outside the presidential palace which through seven die in addition to protests clashes between pro and anti president supporters across the country which resulted in other brotherhood headquarters being torched really at the moment here in egypt there hasn't been there is a lot of anger and it still remains very divided. kyra based reporter. many thanks indeed for that report. so president morsi has said his power as outlined in the
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constitutional decree will automatically and a referendum on the country's constitution later this month but dr walid her as a counterterrorism adviser to the u.s. congress says morsi has a very strong position down from himself or it. the country is clearly split but mr morsi is strong because he has many institutions under his control the parliament the presidency the upper layer of the army now he has replaced many officers in his calculations on december the fifteenth he would win because the most organized force now in egypt at least for the next few months is the muslim brotherhood and their allies the salafist they've gotten a majority in the parliament with allies of course they've got the president elected with allies and now some of his allies have abandoned him but they don't have the strength to organize and reach out to citizens the way the muslim brotherhood have so loose looks like a recipe for too long. civil uprising against the government i am not sure that
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this is going to go immediately into what people think could be a civil war unless acts of violence are going to continue day after day and that's what business morsi was concerned about the path to europe's heart it seems begins under the black sea fleet week you said pretty much all dancing as russia begins laying in my plan on the way to the sun told c european union that had. the chemical scare round series receiving a skeptical response not only from assad's government but now the very people seeking to bring him down a senior rebel official has dismissed washington's reports that assad was arming chemical warheads so it was all part of a major game but it's all he's going to check our polls even fabricated allegations can't prove deadly. u.s. officials said intelligence agencies have detected that assad's government has been preparing its chemical weapons stockpiles will possible use the obama administration's message to syria the u.s.
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is ready to act if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable there will be consequences. there will be consequences we have sent a unmistakable message that this would cross a red line the media quickly picked up on the alarming news of the syrian government's alleged plans citing secret intelligence for fox news confirms that syrian troops now have the deadly nerve agent sarin gas weaponized and at the ready the syrian government flatly denied the possibility saying it would not use such weapons against its people. we would not commit suicide here there is a conspiracy to be a pretext for any subsequent interventions in syria by these countries that are increasing pressure on syria. the syrian government sure knows that if they use chemical weapons it would give nato and some of their arab neighbors who are itching to intervene in syria the green light to go ahead with their plans damascus
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itself says it would be suicidal for them to do so but with the fear and the hype building up over the use of chemical weapons against civilians in syria it seems the u.s. might be preparing grounds to jump the gun on this one you're jumping the gun scenario is not new for the u.s. almost twenty years ago the bush administration had confidently presented false evidence to invade iraq america's cited bogus intelligence on saddam hussein's chemical weapons that never existed the invasion triggered a civil war that killed more than one hundred thousand innocent iraqis and years later all washington had to say about this was the president thought it was correct congress thought it was of course i regret that it turned out a lot of it was wrong in the run up to the iraq invasion the us media was instrumental in selling the case to the public the congress never had any proof ever present ever of weapons of mass destruction all came from tony blair cheney
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and bush and congress who writes never but they were free most of them were free to stand up and say no this is wrong now that the u.s. has drawn a red line on syria it has made it clear it's ready to take action but how i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event. credible evidence. assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people. if i said to say we are certainly planning to. take action if eventuality. we were to occur to american warships are already near the syrian coast with some ten thousand u.s. marines and dozens of fighter jets on board on top of that nato is sending american german and dutch batteries of patriot anti-aircraft missiles to turkey's border with syria meaning hundreds more u.s.
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and european troops will be deployed to the frontier nato says deploying patriot missiles along syria's borders is a defensive step to prevent syria from attacking turkey i don't think there's any requirement whatsoever for patriot batteries on the ground in turkey again the patriot missiles are designed to really protect primarily against incoming theater ballistic missiles or aircraft the syrians are not going to attack the turks the turks of the most powerful military establishment in the region the largest army in nato intervention in syria will be as bad if not worse than what we experienced in iraq the pentagon said they would need seventy five thousand troops to secure syria's weapons of mass destruction the question on everyone's mind is are they seriously considering that kind of a mess of intervention because that could mean another you rock coming soon an invasion that could be followed by years of bloody civil war in washington i'm going to check out. fortunes and says president assad could resort to using chemical weapons out of despair that his government is on the verge of collapse but
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dr ali mohamad i did say in chief of the syria tribune online magazine believes those concerns are exaggerated. they've been saying this for the past like. this so far. it's to wear out why with prison or syrian army use chemical weapons it's winning the ground now the damascus airport battle not that we could go for growth again and again why would syria give the pretext of the u.s. to intervene what it doesn't even mean so obvious that syria has something that is scary to its. support the idea is this thing was built and developed to face the massive nuclear power nuclear power that israel have grabbed it with my visit made a briefing house obviously. and worrying new video has surfaced on the internet apparently showing assad rebels cooking up and testing their own of chemical
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weapons and we had to cut the more graphic parts of the video and it's important to mention as well that the often to city hall they recording has not been verified but if we all it shows not only radicalization and rebel ranks but how far some are prepared to go in achieving victory at any cost. these two rabbits you enemies of the believe in. chemical biological weapons. p.c.t.'s rabbits' chemicals for one minute and they did your destiny will be like them because you are supporters of bush. and they've missed x. . believes if there are any chemical weapons rebels are much more likely to use them against civilians than assad. i don't see the regime style is the style that will likely use the chemical weapons against his people
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and how however when it comes to the jihadists attacking him. in the last moments you never know what can happen again you have these spots it's important to mention a vital issue here that the jihadists are even more dangerous if they've got these chemical weapons in their head so if you are told that the assad regime may use this chemical weapons of possibility that the jihadist will use it again in their opponents will be much much more that you have this have no problem to behead people alive you deal with people like bin ladin and the radicals of al qaida who have no his. to use any form of whip around to really control any place. religious believes and ideology. there's a very tasty pipe breaking away in a sham maybe just in many minds are waiting to come on life and later in the program to enjoy angry powerhouses india and china trying to share regional resources with the you was already pretty lucrative but.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard because a big picture. little
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. the physiology of life for most kids great to have you with us now there's a fresh diploma six pounds between russia and the u.s. of the american senate approved a travel ban on certain russian officials accused of human rights violations it's caused anger and promises of an eye for a naive response from moscow and. often of can tell it's a norm that it's good morning they see lead the way now. hi there well of course the magnitsky act which is what it's called has prompted a few yuri s. reaction from moscow i want to read you some of the comments that the russian foreign ministry had posted on its twitter feed because i think the wording is really critical here in terms of highlighting just how serious this diplomatic spat could be they had quoted just hours after the senate passed the legislation they
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had said that it is a biased approach that nothing but a vindictive desire to counter russia in world affairs they went on to post that it was perth plex saying quote and preposterous to hear human rights complaints in the u.s. were torture and kidnappings are illegal in the twenty first century apparently washington has forgotten what year this is and still thinks it is the cold war and the u.s. decision to impose visa and financial restrictions on certain russian citizens is like something out of the theater of the absurd now we have fresh reaction from the russian foreign ministry of foreign minister sergey lavrov had said that russia will be taking a symmetrical response to this essentially closing entry to american citizens found guilty of human rights violations now putting to unnamed sources in the government we have more details on that we know that russians are expected to include as many people on their travel ban as the americans do they are expected to include for example judges to. carry out unjust verdicts in cases of russian adoptive
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children being abused in the united states all. so potentially people involved in the victor boot case as well as well as pardon me those involved in the guantanamo bay prison a controversial facility operated by the u.s. as well as people involved in cia detention centers we also heard that there are not expected to be any hurdles to u.s. businessmen currently operating in russia because again russia does not wish to damage trade relations with the united states and of course not have this magnitude magnitsky act not been tacked on to the legislation passed by the congress this could have been a joyous day for international relations between the two former cold war foes. it was tacked on to a larger piece of legislation that was supposed to bring back the two countries to normalize trading relations effectively repealing a cold war era amendments that had hurt trade relations between the united states
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and russia. we do know also that europe is watching this closely we have had reaction from two former british foreign secretaries who have said called on in fact the similar sort of ban being imposed in the u.k. the french ambassador here in the u.k. and in moscow pardon me meanwhile says that the france will not be adopting similar rules so again this has really sparked off a tense diplomatic spat it remains to be seen how of course things play out but we will be keeping a close close keeping you updated on the developments as they come out so late lucy comfort of on that very complex a share lucy many thanks indeed for that update. don't do bad things the reason full day magnates existence is because russia has pointed out the american government's hypocrisy. russian foreign minister should respond to such an obvious insult where the united states probably the preeminent violator of human rights at
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this point in terms of scale magnitude and depth pointing its finger at anyone certainly the person who's having their finger that finger in their face should reply point out you have no standing to accuse us of anything and stand up for themselves canada has been voting and acting in concert with the united states for the last few years now if you look at the votes on israel for example you'll find the united states canada guam and you know like some small rock in the middle of the pacific voting on one side and the rest of the world on the other. and you can always read more on the canes that provoked washington's travel ban on all teed off home and also on our web site for you live here on the internet it's a long haul for instance to buy which is seeking to adopt a worldwide surveillance and also enrages bloggers and weather experts so much that it's one of em that disrupted by our countdown. on the london authorities reject
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plans to build a new mega mosque which would have been four times the size of the iconic st. and with her for ten thousand or so but read white on off the top. today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to rule the day. it will be go for the stream later today with constructional the undersea pipeline set to begin its no fishel ceremony they project is a joint undertaken by europe's biggest energy giants and is expected to satisfy both sol fund eastern europe appetite for gas autism and unocal chanel has more now
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on the multibillion you wrote job. it's been a long time coming but finally the construction of the sol street gas pipeline is underway it is really have to show a moment for the russian energy giant gazprom to be the driving force for this the bishes project now the pipeline was designed mainly to diversify russian gas routes to euro bypassing transit countries like ukraine were in the past disagreements resulted and deliveries to customers in western europe being disrupted this pipeline will transit the russian natural gas through the black the sea to bulgaria and on to greece is the end austria delivering gas directly to the european markets so stream is a competitor to be in the book a project that's the use of time to reduce its soprano's all of the russian gas however the fate of that project is currently on certain due to falling demand for
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natural gas and you rope and the high cost of construction gas from owns a fifty percent of the south stream pipeline the rest is split between france and germany and yet many in the view of question whether it's even needed it's the overall cost of more than twenty billion dollars makes it one of the most expensive allergy supply systems on earth and critics say that's too much especially in times of the global economic recession but that skepticism one stop a project which promises choice and security long into the future. asia is sitting in a bottle for resources as well with the true regional powerhouses china and india needing ever more fuel to feed their growing hunger but as the nation's school over who gets the biggest slice of the oil and gas cakes there could be others waiting to sneak in and to pinch to lot and. reports new delhi and beijing are heading for a game over if they don't find common ground. as china and india rise economically
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their military muscles are growing as well both need energy to keep that kind of growth going and that may be putting the two asian giants on a collision course because of the mess that nationalism the indian government cannot afford to be seem to be weak in dealing with china obviously a higher power with government popular over two hundred billion barrels of oil and large amounts of natural gas that's more than the vast majority of the world's energy rich nations have all hidden under the south china sea china claims most of the territory for itself but india has also managed to get access by buying a stake in a vietnamese gas field shortly after hanoi accuse chinese boats of sandwich dodging exploration india warned it's ready to use force to defend its interests hopefully as i said they choose not to lead to a longer term conflict but you know it's it's
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a new me inevitable because both these countries now large ambitions of becoming blow bill actors and players both china and india have been pumping billions of u.s. dollars into their armies and navies holding drills on a regular basis and beijing has also announced its police will soon start to board and inspect foreign vessels to have vast oil reserves in the south china sea are just too big of a cash for neither trying not working here to pass out because i really want to accomplish between a true economic power houses says it may be a game that neither can win the two asian giants can't afford any weaknesses and that would make it easier for other countries to take a bite of the vast resources the u.s. has long been increasing its economic and military presence in the region this in yes there west's trying to take this expansion by gold china in terms of the last.
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four bolz. the glass wall is a military clash. powerhouses. maybe will go to some other players already brewing on the sidelines. and some other world news and breathe this hour easily scandalous for work here and silvio berlusconi might run for office again speculation has risen after the people's freedom party dismissed its current leader as a candidate for the job with one senior official saying they'll now put a bullet scone into the race for the premier was forced out of the post last year over italy spain official hardships while in october of this year he was convicted of tykes fraud. plus floods in argentina have wreaked havoc for people in the capital with advancing waters leaving them stranded in the streets they have a rain sore some people resorting to moving around the city to encounter news turning good as arias into a latin american version of venice the authorities were also forced to close
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neurosis rather than metro lines. greek youths have clashed with police in athens as they took to the streets and marking the fourth anniversary of a deadly police shooting security officers had to resort to tear gas to disperse the angry mob while three people were arrested in two thousand and eight a police shot dead a fifteen year old teenager was triggered massive protests and saw that the officer jailed for life two years late. so the financial pain for greece and europe in general doesn't seem to be going anywhere despite all the effort obvious cost talk show today asks whether nosediving and decline is a new trend for the whole western world and here's a preview of what's coming up for you at seven thirty g.m.t. . here's the problem is the inequality inside the western capitalist system in this inequality is being reproduced by the chinese like most of the time i am between also americans north and solves europe and china will never i travel inside
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. china i see the same mistakes they are committing that the west has been committing for the past twenty years and it's basically to apply new liberalism to china alexander you look like you disagree go ahead of course i disagree the problem is not inequality as in and of itself the problem is the degree of inequality and i have driven around the southwestern united states as well and of course there's impoverishment there but if you drive up and down the east course the united states you will find that between boston miami i mean there's an enormous degree of wealth there are other parts of the countries that are enormously wealthy the same goes for europe and of course pippi is right spain is in crisis yes southern italy has been in crisis for decades yes does that mean the entire west the western social model is in decline no i fundamentally disagree. and coming up next it's the special report called the mind is the fact that.
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