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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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to. start on t.v. dot com. resentment is still bubbling outside the presidential palace in cairo as egypt's president morsi refuses to back down from his controversial political drive during a long awaited address to the nation. united last rebels join president and southern dismissing washington's chemical weapons fears as media games while a u.s. invasion fleet sits poisoning syria's borders. and also one step forward one step by just as the american sign that sloshes a cold war the limiting trade it approves of these about uncertain russian officials are provoking a promise of a similar. new
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song russia and around the world this is our she would need our hello and welcome to the program along anticipated state address by egypt's president morsi has failed to silence the angry voices on the streets of cairo has claimed his still ignores their key demands by volleying to push on with a referendum on islam misled constitution and more than that from cairo based reporter true now. president mohamed morsi basically stuck by his decisions he said in his speech he said consulate curation which was very contentious many people described it as a power grab was essential basically in a transition period to democracy and very important protecting the constituent assembly which drafted the constitution to that we get to this point we're going to have a referendum on the constitution next week he also blames. parties for the violence that we saw on the streets in cairo on wednesday between anti and pro brotherhood
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supporters he said that third parties backed by foreign funding had infiltrated the groups and caused the violence and he blamed some opposition groups he said those serving the remnants of the former regime to overthrow his legitimacy authority and basically rejected any use of violence in the form of protesting however he did call for dialogue he asked opposition forces to meet him on saturday the eight to december to talk through some of the points of they have with this constitution and he said he might as well step back to an article six of the contentious constitution that duration which basically said that as the president he could do pretty much anything in the in the interest of protecting the nation thousands gathered at the presidential palace in opposition to president morsi is decision my colleague tom barton who was there on the scene and has this report some of the protesters behind me trying to move the barricades that have been put up by the
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army in front of the presidential palace. a very tense standoff very large crowd. chanting slogans such as we want the downfall of the regime calling or see. just how much more seems the. other side. and there was this it was a standoff between pro and anti the mohamed morsi pretty. some of the country's top judges the opposition like the people here on one side very much against a drug that they say doesn't provide enough rights for minorities and women in a no need to act on behalf of the forces of these muslim brotherhood supporters on the other side i think the opposite i think that's what she is just the coalition of opposition forces who are running a sit in into her square the national revolution front issued a statement saying that they would not have dialogue with the president until he
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rescinds his decree there also unfortunately violent clashes in other parts of the city outside the muslim brotherhood headquarters which was reportedly torched to really at the moment here in egypt there hasn't been there is a lot of anger and it still remains very divided. the parts of europe's heart it seems begins under the black sea the use said fleets natural gas sticks as russia begins laying a new plant line all the way to the center of the european union that's ahead for you. a chemical scare around syria is receiving a skeptical response not only from assad's government but now the very people seeking to bring him down a senior rebel official has dismissed washington's reports that assad was arming chemical warheads saying it was all part of a. but as. reports not even fabricated allegations can prove a deadly. u.s.
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official said intelligence agencies have detected that our saudi government has been preparing its chemical weapons stockpiles for possible use the obama administration's message to syria the u.s. is ready to act if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable there will be consequences. there will be consequences we have sent a unmistakable message that this would cross a red line next. the media quickly picked up on the alarming news of the syrian government's alleged plans citing secret intelligence or fox news confirms that syrian troops now have the deadly nerve agent sarin gas weaponized and at the ready the syrian government flatly denied the possibility saying it would not use such weapons against its people. we would not commit suicide we feel there's a conspiracy to provide a pretext for any subsequent interventions in syria by these countries during creasing pressure on syria. the syrian government sure knows that if they use
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chemical weapons it would give nato and some of their arab neighbors who are itching to intervene in syria the green light to go ahead with their plans the meskins itself says it would be suicidal for them to do so but with the fear and the hype building up over the use of chemical weapons against civilians in syria it seems the u.s. might be preparing grounds to jump the gun on this one the jumping the gun scenario is not new for the u.s. almost twenty years ago the bush administration had confidently presented false evidence to invade iraq america's cited bogus intelligence on saddam hussein's chemical weapons that never existed the invasion triggered a civil war that killed more than one hundred thousand innocent iraqis and years later all washington had to say about this was the president thought it was correct congress thought it was for it of course i regret that it turned out a lot of it was wrong in the run up to the iraq invasion the us media was instrumental in selling the case to the public the congress never had any proof
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ever present ever of weapons of mass destruction all came from tony blair. bush and congress who writes now that the us has drawn a red line on syria it has made it clear it's ready to take action but how i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of. a credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people but suffice it to say we are certainly planning to. take action if that eventuality were to occur to american warships are already near the syrian coast with some ten thousand. u.s. marines and dozens of fighter jets on board on top of that nato is sending american german and dutch batteries of patriot anti-aircraft missiles to turkey's border
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with syria meaning hundreds more u.s. and european troops will be deployed to the frontier nato says deploying patriot missiles along syrian borders is a defensive step to prevent syria from attacking turkey i don't think there's any requirement whatsoever for patriot batteries on the ground in turkey again the patriot missiles are designed to really protect primarily against incoming theater ballistic missiles to recruit the syrians are not the turks the turks of the most powerful military establishment in the region the largest army in nato intervention in syria will be as bad if not worse than what we experienced in iraq the pentagon said they would need seventy five thousand troops to secure syria's weapons of mass destruction the question on everyone's mind is are they seriously considering that kind of a mess of intervention because that could mean another you rock coming soon and invasion that could be followed by years of bloody civil war in washington i'm going to check on. and while the world focuses on assad's chemical arms somewhere
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bones are cooking up and testing. online for the story about the path of alleged rebels against iran that's refused to do the same to some supporters. there's a fresh diplomatic spat between russia and the u. us after the american senate approved a travel ban on seven russian officials accused of human wise violations so it's caused anger and promises overnight for an eye response from moscow as a. the diplomatic row was sparked by a provision a controversial provision in u.s. passed legislation that essentially normalizes trade relations between the two countries dubbed as the magnitsky act after moscow attorney who tragically died in two thousand and nine. thirty the legislation seeks to name and shame russian officials allegedly involved in corruption and effect effectively forbids them from traveling to and investing in the united states now this move was met with
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a furious response here in moscow with the russian foreign ministry saying publicly that it is nothing quote but a vindictive desire to counter russia in world affairs it is quote perplexing and prosperous to hear human rights complaints from the united states where torture and kidnappings are illegal in the twenty first century they went on to tweet that quote apparently washington has forgotten what year it is and still thinks the cold war is going on the u.s. decision to impose visa and financial sanctions on certain russian citizens is like something out of the theater of the absurd russian foreign minister say to sergey lavrov had said that in response russia will be imposing a similar travel ban against american officials accused of human rights violations now we know that this could have been of course a more joyous day for the two countries done with this gas was tacked on to the repeal of the so-called jackson that a amendment to this has was imposed in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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and effectively was a result of the cold war but now that russian trade relations are normalized we do have this new diplomatic spat over the magnitsky act now the reaction in europe to this has been quite mixed we heard from two former british foreign secretaries who have called for a similar ban to be imposed in the u.k. meanwhile the french ambassador here in moscow had said that his country is not going to be following suit with that kind of legislation so again mixed reaction but certainly a lot of theory and negative feelings between the two former cold war foes the united states and moscow. there's a very tasty pipe baking away in asia but they may be just to me nice waiting to become a staff life later the energy hungry powerhouse as india and china are struggling to share a channel resources with the great sacking the nitpicks pay. a
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forty nine year old southern california man was thrown in prison and charged with possessing materials to make explosive device all because of his rather unusual wristwatch despite the bomb squad saying that his watch was not a weapon he read it custody for twenty four hours and was charged with the crime anyways a spokesman for the el meter county sheriff's department said that the man's watch had all the components to make an improvised explosive device minus the explosive material you know having a lighter in your pocket is also everything you need to self exposure minus the gunpowder but before we make a victim out of this watch where i have to point out one thing the watch was wearing was designed to look like some sort of bomb with fuses and wires and switches so who's more idiotic someone who wears a device that looks like a bomb on an airplane or
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a government who convict someone for having the components of a bomb without that bit of the bomb that makes a blow up i'd say both are pretty dumb but that's just my opinion. gould fever. thousands into slaves. but also i'm a brother. and since i started working in a study. food multinationals. basic cash trying to be milked dry. i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace . most almost but we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups watch for
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prices colombia going to pay. the modest effect on r.t. . experience before. they. make. a chimp.
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it will not see life from moscow it's great to have you with us will continue now it will be a go for subtle stream later today with construction and the undersea pipeline set to begin as an official ceremony project as a joint on the taken by europe's biggest and the giants and is expected to satisfy both south and eastern europe a tide for gas while she's in the data collection has more now on the multi-billion euro job. it's been a long time coming but finally the construction of south stream gas pipeline is underway and it's really a crucial moment for russian energy giant gazprom which is the driving force for this ambitious project now the pipeline was designed mainly to diversify russian
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gas routes to europe bypassing transit countries like ukraine were disagreements resulted in deliveries to customers in western europe being disrupted now this pipeline will transport russian natural gas through the black sea to bulgaria and on to greece its me and austria south stream is a competitor to being a bucco project that's the e.u. said time to reduces dependence on the russian gas however that project and the face of that project is currently uncertain due to falling demand for natural gas in europe and high cost of construction on a fifty percent of the south stream pipeline the rest is split between eataly germany and france yet many europe question whether this project is even needed the overall cost of construction is somewhere around twenty billion dollars and that makes it one of the most expensive and supply systems on earth and many critics
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believe that that's too much especially in times of the global economic recession but still that skepticism one stop a project which promises choice and security long into the future of. asia is saying a bunch of horror sources as well with the to move regional powerhouses china and angel needing fuel to feed their growing hunger but as nations score well over who gets the biggest slice of the oil and gas cakes they could be others waiting to sneak in and pinch the lot. new delhi and train heading for a game over if they don't find common ground. as china and india rise economically their military muscles are growing as well both need energy to keep that kind of growth going and that may be putting the two asian giants on a collision course because of the mess that nationalism the indian government cannot afford to be seem to be weak in dealing with china obviously
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a higher power with government. over two hundred billion barrels of oil and large amounts of natural gas that's more than the vast majority of the world's energy rich nations have all hidden under the south china sea china claims most of the territory for itself but india has also managed to get access by buying a stake in a vietnamese gas field shortly after hanoi accuse chinese boat of sandwich dodging exploration india warned it's ready to use force to defend its interests hopefully as i said the trip not to lead to a longer term conflict but you know it's inevitable because both these countries now large ambitions of becoming global actors and players both china and india have been pumping billions of u.s. dollars into their armies and navies holding drills on a regular basis and beijing has also announced its police will soon start to board
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and inspect foreign vessels surely the vast oil reserves in the south china sea are just too big of a cash for neither trying out working here to pass out cause i really want a proper gets when the true economic powerhouse us says it may be a game that neither can win the two asian giants can't afford any weaknesses and that would make it easier for other countries to take a bite of the vast resources the u.s. has long been increasing its economic and military presence in the region this in yes there west strike to pick this extension by both in the china terms of the last . four balls or dead. the glass wall is a military clash so if the powerhouse is here and she. will go to some other players already brewing on the sidelines. and some other world news and brief now greek you have clashed with police in athens i
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think took to the streets marking the fourth anniversary of a deadly police shooting security officers had to resort to tear gas to disperse the angry mob while three people were arrested in two thousand and eight a policeman shot dead a fifteen year old teenager bushra give massive protests and saw the officer jailed for life two years later. palestine is ruling hamas party has invited its rival fatah to its twenty fifth anniversary celebrations in gaza is the first time such an invitation has been made in more than a decade and is being viewed as a sign a warming relations between the parties hamas and fatah have placed to bridge their differences following israel's latest military operation which told of one hundred people. russia's prime minister has rebuffed accusations that the government is tightening the screws in the country saying that critics of new legislation just don't want to live by their rules the statement was made during the trade a bit of skill and a session with some of russia's main media outlets are his
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alexei russia has more on this and he joins us now live hello that makes a site can you flesh out who will want to be treated better and mend by this what did he have to say. well obviously some especially among the opposition have been accusing the government of being too repressive in their legislation and one of the questions from a journalist was directed at that issue about what the prime minister thinks about the new legislation being tougher than before the prime minister made a video game with a very stern reply. which in just the last. you will i'm just imagining american engineer received funding from the russian budget guys in the. would cause a huge scandal in the us floor is all about additional control over these kind of operations but every country has the sole right to decide how domestic politics is run to deal with and with those and with this certainly concerned the law about the n.g.o.s if the foreign n.g.o.s in russia with the biggest consequence of this
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legislation was that the u.s. aid organization the united states agency for international development was shown the door from russia in september and this is definitely the follow up of this tough legislation the president did have said that everybody who wants to live by the law should live by the law and those who are calling the new legislation as repressive just don't want to live by the law also he spoke about the fight against corruption in russia which resulted in a major scandal just recently in defense ministry and agricultural ministry with the defense minister being the victim of the fight against corruption he said the prime minister said that the fight against corruption will continue even if this spoils the ruling party's image which undoubtedly happened during the defense ministry scandal is certainly the press conference the q. and a session is still continuing and we'll hopefully be having more to show more grads and sound bites of prime minister to show as the section finishes.
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live from. many thanks indeed it will be looking forward to hearing more from the. trunks gold and power they increase. for decades of civil war next here. which is slow often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that your soft as a force on the island of a horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green
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grass and his horses were there sometimes it gets lonely here but horses have become a part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes. it's part of my every day life. i look ormsby and home to acknowledge brats like me just laugh for centuries most still live off the land cattle and fish. my goal is often called the pearl of siberia and i said to be the pearl of by. it's all end of think forests. and vast stops. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly become a magnet for nature lovers and if you will see cars you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about
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a t.v. or even run in water for most people a tent is there on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. in journey to buy coal can be unique a trip of a lifetime. and the local say once you've seen it can be coming back again and again. it's. experience before theories with the power. to fall short of. the force.
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before policy. they are all here to make. a chimp on the fly. as. most of the mines in segovia have passed into the hands of citizens who established small companies of export of them for many years now. at the el churchill mine one hundred thirty workers bring the or to the surface like ants carrying it on their backs from a depth of three hundred metres. take
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the or out by the second. try not to make it too heavy so you can walk. on it. how much do you earn a month. it depends on the buy there are times you make two and a half to three million that's twelve hundred euros because the mine is rich you can even make four or five million.
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a good middle here the gold miner works hard for fifteen days to one month miss and then he goes out and in one week spends it all on drink on women and passions be everything he made in a month. that. is to look good with you ok. that is why in a place so rich there is such great poverty. often the mines are a stone's throw away from homes the residents dig wherever they think they can get lucky.
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up out of the depths of this one hundred ten meters forty five degrees. but i would. for the time being we haven't reached the vein we're getting closer to us by then production will be twenty grams a load. they were rich it will have a good yield. we can provide for our families as well as for many people here in our neighborhood. but we know in which places there are gold plains. we go there and it worked on title and land which isn't down belongs to the multinationals.


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