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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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to keep the. reports. as you can probably see behind me there are hundreds of thousands of protesters who met in the middle because there's a barricades on either side of the streets the carney chanting against the muslim brotherhood's the president and the constitution how this happened we're not entirely sure protesters i've spoken to said that sensually the republican guards just stepped aside and let people cast a first people worried that this might be a sign of some kind of trap or actually other people were saying that maybe they just felt that the hundreds of thousands of people because it has now stretched to hundreds of thousands of people just overwhelmed the guards and they just thought it would be safe to let people through at the moment you conceive protesters stretching into the horizon as they chance against president morsy and vowed to stay here all night i know the scenes are quite jubilant so we haven't heard of any
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violence yes it seems that they mean at the moment kind of force of the republican guards who erected these barricades on thursday in praising this curfew after violent clashes there actually standing on top of tanks with protestors who were chanting and the protests the chanting against the mostly they don't appear to be doing anything about the crowds we have an absence here of all pro the president supports this which actually helps in terms of violence as most of the clashes have been between rival protest groups meeting and then the scene times violence one recent development we had is the justice minister came out and said that the president might consider delaying the referendum if opposition forces agree to dialogue and to engage in dialogue without preconditions not entirely sure what this statement means but it is a sign that perhaps the president is mulling over have potential talks with opposition forces other than not to because the president says in his in his speech to the nation last night that he would hold talks with opposition leaders on
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saturday which is tomorrow to talk about the problems that they have with the constitution and the constitution that gratian which many seems have said is a massive power. by the president's reaction by the coalition of opposition forces the national salvation front was an absolute no so really we're still in a deadlock. so we have the following developments for us in the egyptian capital check r.t. twitter feed for the latest updates and in one of the most recent post she reports that muslim brotherhood supporters are also now gathering close to the presidential palace and their offices of bloodshed if rival groups of protesters do meet will keep up with what's going on in the car by checking underscore. instead of uniting the nation mohammed morsi is addressed seems to have divided it even further but dr counterterrorism advisor to the u.s. congress says that despite the opposition's determination to make morsi back down he has a strong chance of keeping the new powers under themself. the country is clearly
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split but mr morsi is strong because he has many institutions under his control the parliament the presidency the upper layer of the army now has replaced many officers in his calculations on december the fifteenth he went because the most organized force now in egypt at least for the next few months is the muslim brotherhood and their allies the salafist they've gotten a majority in parliament with allies of course they've got the president elected with allies and now some of his allies had abandoned him but they don't have the strength to organize and reach out to citizens the way the muslim brotherhood have so this looks like a recipe for a long. civil uprising against the government i am not sure that this is going to go immediately into what people think could be a civil war unless acts of violence are going to continue day after day and that's what the morsi was concerned about. the syrian rebels have declared the country's
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main international airport a military zone warning civilians in airlines they approach own risk the u.s. is concerned rebel breakthroughs could force the government into a chemical attack something the white house says would trigger foreign intervention washington believes president assad is preparing to use chemical weapons and his art is going to choke on reports allegations could be all it takes. u.s. officials said intelligence agencies have detected that assad's government has been preparing its chemical weapons stockpiles for possible use the obama administration's message to syria the u.s. is ready to act if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable there will be consequences. there will be consequences we have sent an unmistakable message that this would cross a red line next how does america the media quickly picked up on the alarming news of the syrian government's alleged plans citing secret intelligence for fox news
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confirms that syrian troops now have the deadly nerve agent sarin gas weaponized and at the ready the syrian government flatly denied the possibility saying it would not use such weapons against its people. we would not commit suicide we feel there's a conspiracy to provide a pretext for any subsequent interventions in syria by these countries they're doing creasing pressure on syria. the syrian government sure knows that if they use chemical weapons it would give nato and some of their arab neighbors who are itching to intervene in syria the green light to go ahead with their plans the meskins itself says it would be suicidal for them to do so but with the fear and the hype building up over the use of chemical weapons against civilians in syria it seems the us might be preparing grounds to jump the gun on this one you're jumping the gun scenario is not new for the us almost twenty years ago the bush administration confidently presented false evidence to invade iraq we have an
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descriptions of biological weapons factories on wheels and on rails in beijing triggered a civil war that killed more than one hundred thousand innocent iraqis and years later all washington had to say about this was the president thought it was correct congress thought it was of course i regret that it turned out a lot of it was wrong in the run up to the iraq invasion to us media was instrumental in selling the case to the public the congress never any proof ever present ever of weapons of mass destruction all came from tony blair to the bush. now that the u.s. has drawn a red line on syria it has made it clear it's ready to take action but how i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of. a credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people but suffice it to say we are certainly planning to.
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take action if that eventuality were to occur to american warships are already near the syrian coast with some. in thousand u.s. marines and dozens of fighter jets on board on top of that nato is sending american german and dutch batteries of patriot anti-aircraft missiles to turkey's border with syria meaning hundreds more u.s. and european troops will be deployed to the frontier nato says deploying patriot missiles along syria's borders is a defensive step to prevent syria from attacking turkey i don't think there's any requirement whatsoever for patriot batteries on the ground in turkey again the patriot missiles are designed to really protect primarily against incoming theater ballistic missiles or aircrew if the syrians are not according to a target the turks the turks of the most powerful military establishment in the region the largest army in nato intervention in syria will be as bad if not worse
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than what we experienced in iraq the pentagon said they would need seventy five thousand troops to secure syria's weapons of mass destruction the question on everyone's mind is are they seriously considering that kind of a mess of intervention because that could mean another you rock coming soon and the invasion that could be followed by years of bloody civil war in washington i'm going to check on. and for more on the similarities between syria and iraq in the next i'll be joined by lawrence wilkerson he's a retired u.s. army colonel who was chief of staff to colin powell when he was u.s. secretary of state. when meanwhile the u.s. is expected to endorse the syrian rebels as the sole legitimate voice of the syrian people in the next few days talk to spectrum of the earlier he's a political analyst a professor at the university in jordan and he believes the hype around syria's chemical arsenals is being used as justification. the purpose of drumming up these allegations about syrians attempting or plundering the usage of of
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chemical weapons is either to justify a military intervention in syria or to justify arming the rebels was quantitatively but the weaponry especially. the size this is late on a thump with the stuff below is a little bit on the government of things go in the direction of a bit like military intervention at what definitely be another iraq but on the laws or regional scale. a student has been found guilty in a british court of involvement in a cyber attack on global payment companies pay paul visa master card were targeted after they blocked off funds meant for. leaks the twenty two year old who has maintained his innocence is now facing a jail sentence of his or smith is following the case a crime is basically
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a revenge attack against those companies located wiki leaks so pay pal master card fees and other online payment companies they banned wiki leaks from taking payments through their organizations which essentially brought with you to its knees and anonymous the act the online activist organization then this put this block on them as well as distributed denial of service attack christopher weatherhead has been convicted of participating in that attack and now this is a crime it's a crime that's called conspiracy to the operations of computers but it is ultimately a crime of protest were anonymous were doing was saying you know you can't as big organizations cut off wiki leaks from their funding without seeing some kind of retribution and this was the retribution that they planned and computer activists here in the u.k. are saying that the criminal justice system really by finding christopher weatherhead guilty is sending a message basically that financial institutions can cut off organizations with
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impunity but when the people try to fight back there's hell to pay the full force of the law comes down on them now as i say. christopher weatherhead is waiting for sentencing at the moment he's already been convicted but the maximum sentence that he could receive for this crime is ten years in prison but it's pretty interesting to know all of the crimes that also carry a maximum sentence of ten years and they include some extraordinary things if you compare this impairing the operations of computers they include threats to kill also rioting. right down to some sex offenses involving children and also a burglary with intent to rape so it's a really extraordinary list of crimes that they carry this same sentence all the life here most goes to the head that india is ready to flex its muscles in the self china sea as the country prepares to stake its claim for huge joining gas fields against an uncompromising beijing plus. the senate received some tit for tat
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medicine from moscow in response to its decision to slap a travel ban on russians accused of reaching for human rights that and other international news after the break. a forty nine year old southern california man was brought in president charles with possessing materials to make an explosive device all because of his rather unusual wristwatch despite the bomb squad saying that his watch was not a weapon here waited custody for twenty four hours and was charged with the crime anyways a spokesman for the el meter county sheriff's department said that the man's watch had all the components to make an improvised explosive device minus the explosive material you know having a lighter in your pocket is also everything you need to set off the explosion minus
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the gun powder but before we make a victim out of this watch where i have to point out one thing the watch she was wearing was designed to look like some sort of bomb with fuses and wires and switches so who's more idiotic someone who wears a device that looks like a bomb on an airplane or a government who convict someone for having the components of a bomb without that bit of the bomb that makes a blow up i'd say both are pretty dumb but that's just my opinion. the issues that so much about me and. i mean because it makes me feel a lot of people have the rights of all patients for over a century they have been predicting it's a pleasant experience given the global financial crisis that started in two thousand it.
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news continues here on r.t. india is warned it's prepared to use force to secure its economic interests in the south china sea it's after allegations that beijing had deliberately put its rivals all in gas exploration efforts as are going to sort of reports if they can't settle their dispute amicably there are others who are ready to take full advantage. as
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china and india rise economically their military muscles are growing as well both need energy to keep that kind of growth going and that may be putting the two asian giants on a collision course because of the mess that nationalism the indian government cannot afford to be seem to be weak in dealing with china obviously a higher power would make the government popular up over two hundred billion barrels of oil and large amounts of natural gas that's more than the vast majority of the world's energy rich nations have all hidden under the south china sea china claims most of the territory for itself but india has also managed to get access by buying a stake in a vietnamese gas field shortly after one away accused chinese boat of sabotage an exploration india warned it's ready to use force to defend its interests hopefully as i said that should not be leading to a longer term conflict but you know it's it's an inevitable because both of
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these countries how large a missions are becoming global actors and players both china and india have been pumping billions of u.s. dollars into their armies and navies holding drills on a regular basis and beijing has also announced its police will soon start to board and inspect foreign vessels surely the vast oil reserves in the south china sea are just too big of a crash for neither china or india to pass out was it really worth a proper advance when it's an economic powerhouse says it may be a game that neither can win the two asian giants can't afford any weaknesses that would make it easier for other countries to take a bite of the vast resources of the us has long been increasing its economic and military presence in the region this in yes there west strike to pick this extension in the china dance of the last. four balls that the last thing that they want is
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a military clash so if the two eastern powerhouses can't share nicely the catch me they will go to some other players already prowling on the sidelines you've got this kind of arty. now some other news from around the world. tsunami hit the japan it was triggered by seven point three magnitude earthquake that struck the eastern coast with aftershocks felt as far away as the capital the tsunami alert has now been lifted in two thousand and. twenty fifth anniversary celebrations. a sign of warming relations between the parties. in the six years ago it's believed israel's military operation which killed one hundred people has pushed the two to cost aside their differences. in britain at the corners playing
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a prank on the hospital treating the duchess of cambridge is understood to committed suicide. who transferred the call. in central london to australian radio deejays pretending to be the queen and prince charles foti for the. presidency. the ambitious multi billion dollar. is now officially under construction the project brings together europe's biggest energy. russian gas pump straight to the continent. reports all of the. sun the sun. their holiday and now this also becoming. the start of the construction of one of the most uncertain. systems on earth no surprise there are plenty of. breaking sermon. the importance being
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placed on the i checked preston. here to be. red. to bulgaria and on to greece and austria the project was dreamed up to the idea the more the man not the was the mo pump the more secure the delivery to customers will be now it's a need that arose after transit countries ukraine and particularly disrupted delivery on a number of occasions and the pots to fifty percent of the pipeline will be owned by russian energy giant gazprom the rest us but with its lead france and germany however may need euro question whether this project is even needed critics say that a whopping twenty billion dollars cost for a pipeline is way too much especially in current times of economic recession but it seems these fears are not enough to stop
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a project like this the big question will be hoping beyond choppy waters to face it are on the very seat they will be going directly and more stories to catch up with online including russia's prime minister gets a grilling from journalists face questions on the infamous pussy riot police the current defense ministry scandal another the political screws have been tightened. to find out what the prime minister had to say. bizarre ideas in america with one bright spot collecting signatures for the u.s. government to build a space station. russia is to deny visas to american officials who violate human rights the only for
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another response from moscow came after the american senate approved a travel ban on the number of russians facing similar accusations or to use lucy coming off as more of a fresh diplomatic spat between moscow and washington the diplomatic row was sparked by a provision a controversial provision in u.s. passed legislation that essentially normalizes trade relations between the two countries dubbed as the magnitsky act after moscow attorney who tragically died in two thousand and nine and russian custody the legislation seeks to name and shame russian officials allegedly involved in corruption and offense effectively forbids them from traveling to and investing in the united states now this move was met with a furious response here in moscow with the russian foreign ministry saying publicly that it is nothing quote but a vindictive desire to counter russia in world affairs it is quote perplexing and preposterous to hear human rights complaints from the united states where torture
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and kidnappings are illegal in the twenty first century they went on to tweet that quote apparently washington has forgotten what year it is and still thinks the cold war is going on the u.s. decision to impose visa and financial sanctions on certain russian citizens is like something out of the theater of the absurd russian foreign minister say sergey lavrov had said that in response russia will be imposing a similar travel ban against american officials accused of human rights violations now we know that this could have been of course a more joyous day for the two countries done with risky act was tacked on to the repeal of the so-called jackson that make an amendment to this has was imposed in the one nine hundred seventy s. and effectively was a result of the cold war but now that russian trade relations are normalized we do have this new diplomatic spat over the magnitsky act now the reaction in europe to this has been quite mixed we heard from two former. british foreign secretary called for a similar ban to be imposed in the u.k.
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meanwhile the french ambassador here in moscow had said that his country is not going to be following suit with that kind of legislation so again mixed reaction but certainly a lot of theory and negative feelings between the two former cold war is the united states and moscow. one more news for you in about half an hour with me and the news team in the meantime coming up very shortly peter viles crosstalk after this break . if you're passing through rushes to veer region you really can walk on the wild side thousands of kilometers of unspoilt countryside make up an area where it's still possible to live off the land such spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunters there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lacks in forstmann means many animals are killed out of the
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a lot of times which can leave young animals orphaned and unable to survive the heart of just u.s. forest provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group who rescue often bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves the cubs a target taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find a haven here this is wolf island here wolf pups have been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have a unique opportunity to observe them these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up. this is what i was hoping for when i heard i was coming to a place called wolf island a chance to get close and personal with the locals and it's these guys are going to
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act spots to parents for the next generation will come here using the old rules as surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every i place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs his parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs it's going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the wolf's reputation in russia but the keepers here hope their research and dedication will mean that wolf island remains a place where visitors can truly understand the cool of the wild. wealthy british style.
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markets. can't. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r t. hello and welcome to crossfire computable the rise and fall of civilizations for
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over a century there have been predictions of the western decline given the global financial crisis that started in two thousand and eight and the stagnation in much of the western world are some of those predictions coming true and if the west is in decline what will take its place. to cross talk to decline of the west i'm joined by alexander graff lamb stores he's in brussels he is the vice president of the liberal group in the european parliament and in some paolo we crossed the pepe escobar he is a journalist and author all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to be if i go to you first is the west in decline . they should ask spangler in fact they're sure that spangler's don't because they're under the years ago that it's very complicated the west is not declining the middle classes all across the western developed world they're not only declining what they are going off the grid all together.


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