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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EST

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in egypt there are signs mohamed morsi might be giving in to opposition pressure after tens of thousands caught converge on the presidential palace a dialogue remains a distant prospect. i would be highly skeptical of the intelligence rendered by the one hundred forty plus billion dollar us intelligence community has two weapons of mass destruction in the possession of another country period the u.s. and britain are increasingly building up a case against syria claiming it's preparing to use chemical weapons we'll look at whether the rug lesson has been learned. meanwhile the u.k. seeking to change the e.u. arms embargo on syria to step up help for the rebels despite fears they could fall into the hands of radical islam and. the tragic turn in the coverage of the u.k.
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royal pregnancy with the suspected suicide of a nurse and now the focus of a frenzy which some say has gone too far. you're watching are too good to have you with us they gyptian opposition is growing pressure on president morsi is starting to yield results following days of protests culminating in tens of thousands strong march on the presidential palace this friday signs appeared that the slum as leader might give in to one of the key demands a controversial referendum on an islamic led constitution could be delayed but that still would not guarantee an end to the standoff as cairo based reporter belt she explains. the president may see the referendum for spurns here in egypt provided
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the opposition forces open dialogue with the president's without preconditions which people see on the streets as meaning without the rest of their demands here the presidential palace doesn't say spontaneous it's an overnight in protest of this controversial decrees that president morsi released two weeks ago which they see as a power grab and of course the constitution which is just going to refer in the next week which they seize just as it is written right is that is the marines his constitutional assembly overnight scenes here were tense as the mission brotherhoods gathered in nearby mosques to the presidential palace and they were rumors that they would march on the city and however that never happens the scenes were very calm after we witnessed extraordinary scene yesterday when hundreds of thousands of protesters just outside the presidential palace in front of republican guard barricades storms the republican guards who essentially stepped aside and let the. protesters through to the gates of the presidential palace to continue their protest right in front of the gates shouting leave morsi leave and against the
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constitution very emotional scenes here on the streets meanwhile the opposition forces and the national salvation front have said they will not budge they have a list of key demands which includes the referendum being stopped and also the constitutional declaration this contentious decree being revoked they said they will not speak to the president and until you listen to the demands of the moment the president is sticking by his guns to really we're still seeing a deadlock here in egypt. and belgium is keeping an eye on developments in cairo and in one of the latest updates she's posted on twitter she tells how the military is again make new concrete barricade outside the presidential palace but this time even higher follow her tweets on r t underscore. meanwhile reports in the egyptian media suggest president morsi will soon authorize the military to help police keep order but some analysts fear the army's closer
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involvement would mean the country plunging deeper into political chaos. at this point you should've known gathering the trust and good will of the egyptian people is more important than any specific action he wants to accomplish so things are really very dangerous in egypt now and i hope the violence will not follow these kind of confrontations in front of the presidential palace my fears are that the military missed the. clear clear of the dark for themselves i don't think it's dangerous in terms of morsi using the roundest power to crush and kill thousands and thousands of egyptians i don't think he will go that route so my feeling is only from the military and military have a history of doing those things in egypt or elsewhere. and public outrage is also spilling onto the streets of kuwait later this hour we report from what was once
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thought to be one of them all stable gulf war like you which now seems to be locked up for the next chapter of the arab spring. british police are still giving no details about the death of a nurse who was fooled by a prank telephone call about the pregnant duchess of cambridge their son to teal only adds more speculation over the already headline grabbing story of britain's royal baby which has now taking a tragic twist which is a portable who reports that some are suggesting the frenzy had already reached a favorite level of media coverage. all this taking place against a backdrop of intense media speculation a real media circus the whole pos week over news that kate middleton is pregnant we've seen discussions about whether or not kate could be having twins if kate has twins which of the babies potential babies would be the ones succeeding to the throne if it was if they were delivered by c.
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section it would be the physician potentially deciding who is the successor to the british want to key we've seen bookmakers taking bets on what this baby might be called predictions that this will already be the most popular name in britain as soon as the name is announced all this you know when we've got real news taking place in syria a political crisis in egypt and. the press much more interested in kate middleton's acute morning sickness i'm joined by cost curve in the studio here with me he's a journalist he's been following the story cost a tragic wake up call to the sri yeah. it certainly should be. very very tragic case the circumstances under which are still under investigation by the police but the real issue is of course the media which blew itself out of proportion i believe that you will still going to be a story broke the daily mail devoted fourteen put its first fourteen or thirteen pages of the newspaper one of the most read newspapers in the country to the royal
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baby we've just had the leveson inquiry a damning report about the state of the british media and now this you know it is this more criticism for the british media in the way it's following these stories while there is other news taking place into internationally well again it should be but it isn't because the media is trying to deflect attention away and is calling for the hanging of the two straight in great radio deejays the media is not questioning the money coverage they are devoting to your family and what consequences the abuse may have been if the individual's life if we had. a media which was more reasonable just when that happens if the suicides actually prove to be related to you to what happened there you have it now the jew and duchess of cambridge have said that deeply saddened by the news the tragic news of this the death of the royal not so what should have been a joy for the pregnancy announcement has been you know some say because of the
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disproportionate media coverage turned into a very tragic news story. just to remind you you can always check archie's twitter feed for the latest news updates currently our london bureau is following the protests in the city against dubs angry activists have to write into altered by big companies shops over the negligible operation texas it's paid in britain despite huge revenues more pictures and videos from the day of action not twitter page. britain has joined the u.s. and claims they have intelligence as i'm just saying syria might be preparing to use chemical weapons i think countries that said the use of such weapons would show
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the foreign military intervention the situation is increasingly drawing parallels with the run up to the invasion of iraq ten years ago has been seen from a u.s. state department chief of stuff lawrence wilkerson who was behind the report laying out the case for the iraq war we all sin what he thinks is next will syria and how justifiable the fear is on our part its chemical arsenal. i would be highly skeptical of any intelligence rendered by the one hundred forty plus billion dollar us intelligence community as to weapons of mass destruction in the possession of another country period i am not violating any great confidence or any great. vision in the intelligence community to tell you that we've known for years years that syria has chemical weapons stockpiles just as iraq had chemical weapons stockpiles for a while but the fact that president assad would be moving them around and preparing them for use against his own citizens within his own territory i frankly find for
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phosphorous i think that if we were to intervene in a substantial way that is to say we were to put troops on the ground marines soldiers and so forth and we were to do in syria what we began to do in march of two thousand and three in iraq it would be even worse than iraq i think also that it would be again a back door as a war into iran which is the as you well know the real threat that we've been putting out there for years now so i think you're looking at a combination here not just syria i think ultimately the target is iran. and for the efforts against president assad to britain is looking to press its european partners to review the arms embargo in syria and and says it wants to help rebel groups more buy a greater age and shipments of ministry again but as archie's sara further explains the european military aid could end up in the wrong hands. well the u.k.
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foreign office has confirmed this week britain is going to be thinking an amendment to the arms embargo on syria making it easier to help the opponents the syrian president bashar al assad now a foreign office official has said that the practical support is likely to include training and non-lethal equipment britta want to play a role in syria after the other side regime falls because. they would like to be involved. so therefore. wants to back the winning side. never will provide. the trouble for big news for the counter i did for the eventual. what will be the interest of the militia. here when they take part because the danger is there is new. leader of the opposition. twenty
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therefore if. lived. in syria. for a part. in fact fight one another at the end of the day it's going to be the syrians are going to decide not britain france the united states now currently items such as body armor and night vision goggles of course up in that arms embargo and say the amendment would allow items like that to be supplied of course throughout the conflict in syria we've seen an increasingly fragmented opposition say there is a lot of concern that the supply of any weaponry could well end up in the wrong hands nonetheless person will be pushing ahead this week seeking that amendment. well the little a of a year before the next winter olympics the high stuff city of sochi is in southern russia rather is getting a make up from head to ted a little later on the program we travel to be everything to see how preparations
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going for one of the world's main sporting event. david is close to making a huge leap in medical progress as it develops an affordable music scene that could stay thousands of lives that's a move to suffer a. wedge issues do just what their name implies they get between people and drive them apart like a wage and these issues seem to always take the forefront in the media it's things like abortion gun rights marijuana legalization and the weather well the weather isn't really a wedge issue but people sure talk about it way too much there's only so much room in the national discourse and these which issues just eat up all of the time and
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attention but the thing is that there's a little something called the tenth amendment you know the one that says that any powers that are specifically delegated the federal government are reserved for the states and last time i checked the constitution doesn't have a special weed clause saying that marijuana has to be an all or nothing a national proposal and that goes for abortion and most of the wedge issues also there's a simple answer all these wedge issues just let the states make up their own minds but then again without we're just choose what would the mainstream media have to distract us with but that's just my opinion.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you. are becomes a big picture. you're watching r t well countries like egypt may now be turning another page in the arab spring revolution one of the oldest gulf want to still on page one largely
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unnoticed in the west. cracking down on protesters and blocking the opposition's political news but all of this is energizing the resistance even more as. reports. over kuwait tensions are simmering beneath the calm as do seeking political change are forced to wait another day. one sleepy community into a powerful nation although it's been ruled by the same family for more than two centuries kuwait is widely seen as the most him aquatic of the gulf monarchies get some young kuwaitis pay to differ there is a few countries you can see do you want to see it go from their lives in this to meeting the people but in kuwait's it's just push all the talk from the government says that it is doing all it can to maintain stability supporters of the ruling family point out it is both a robust public life with electoral traditions and a vibrant parliament for youth activists to sheet off the dollar that's not enough
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the opposite. consist of an unlikely alliance of youth groups hard line islamists and local tribes who are ramping up their calls for reform increasingly they've taken their message to the street where peaceful demonstrations have been met with an iron fist and we were beaten up by. the special forces. the sound. but on and after the march whoever is on the street isn't just being detained i'm thrown into jail critics of kuwait's government claim it turns a blind eye to allegations of widespread corruption and the use of security forces to crush dissenting voices ask for the rule of law so we don't have a law we have a law that is being used whenever the government feels like using the roof here began years before the arab spring protests but have intensified over a series of political crises the opposition dominated parliament was dismissed earlier this year following a row with the ruling establishment the electoral law was then changed prompting
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many to boycott kuwait's most recent parliamentary vote the resulting divide is unlikely to be bridged anytime soon and it leaves the monarchy with an energized opposition eager to make itself heard. was really more current than i think she was now or what people are trying to i think the streets that there are was the political system they want more or you know was actually projects like this one showing that it wasn't enough that it was reached it was going to say in the future how that future plays out well write the next chapter of the arab spring you see catherine r.t. . to some other world news now tens of thousands of joined celebrations marking the twenty fifth anniversary of hamas the potters leader khaled mashaal is visiting from exile told charing cross that he says setting his sights on
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liberating palestine he also. urge our countries to support the palestinian resistance with weapons and money hamas is reportedly considering burying the hatchet with the rival fatah after the latest israeli military operation in gaza. egypt has all rested a suspect accused of involvement in killing the u. was then best suited to libya in september egyptian intelligence sources say the man is believed to be a member of a militant group the suspect has also been accused of transporting weapons from libya to egypt. a police officers were injured and at least twelve people detained after overnight drives in over an island british protesters clashed with police over the council's very jittery remove the u.k. flag from belfast city hall police have tightened security and a brace for wall demonstrations expected later on saturday the recent rally is the second of this week after violent clashes between protesters and police on monday.
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this weekend to the world the best figure skaters testing the olympic eyes in a russia's resort city of sochi the countdown is in full swing with just over a year left until the winter games are in d r t's middle caution of all reports from the next olympic city. there is just over a year until the actual winter olympics get underway but still this toss competitions give us a chance that the construction is almost over and that the city will soon transform into the world capital of the winter games now this weekend is all about pushing the new venue through their paces of course all eyes are right now at this iceberg a reno ice rink which is right behind my back it's a new twelve thousand rink which is part of a cluster of ice sports venue suites have been or are still being built along the black sea coast now its brand new sparking doors have just been opened for numerous
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competitors from around the globe and it seems no matter how they would actually do at the event they will sure go back home pleased with all this new facilities now an offer this weekend is all about testing the new venues however it also provides an exciting taste of what's still to come. but less than a month left before the u.s. decides whether to make dressing spending cuts and raise taxes to reduce the dead or come up with other solutions it's hit an opera attempt to shrink the dead could send the economy sinking straight into recession archies resident is in new york to find out what people there think. america is about to go over the fiscal cliff are you worried what should we do about it this week let's talk about that do you know the fiscal cliff. do you think a lot of americans do so then why is the media talking about it incessantly we're
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also going to i guess i'm not as informed as i should be but i just kind of figure it might work out do you think most people feel that way you know you think most people are worried i think they are and i think that if i ignored it all go away do you think calling it something like the fiscal cliff minimizes it yes or no i definitely agree that it's a complex problem i don't think it simplifies it though i think it adds an element of panic or fear looming. doom and the media loves that yeah i do think there's actually something to worry about or do you think it's something the politicians and the media used to distract us from what's really going on politics and media for sure so what's really going on that they're distracting us from. their own personal agendas if they're not truly trying to work together there are three business channels running twenty four hours a day and it's good news nothing else is happening we're already caught in one so we move on and we just talk about the fiscal cliff correct i always carry every body everybody in their system even though nothing's really going to change because
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the economy sucks anyway oh i think it'll change i just don't think they're going to do anything about it whether or not americans are worried about the fiscal cliff the bottom line is the media is milking the crap out of the for a while realistically nothing drastic is probably going to happen. while the u.s. government finances huge deficit maxon stacie are here to discuss the so-called hollywood accountant schemes that paul even more pressure on the economy here's a quick preview of the full kaiser report coming up in two i was. is that these are monies that are for pensions for police nurses you know hospital workers farman and this money that is taken out of their paycheck every week is put into these retirement funds and then the state intercedes they collateralize those funds back up on which i'm sure the rating agencies moody's
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picture s. and p. of course i'm sure they gave a good rating and then the hollywood people came in and stole that money and then those people lose their pension accounts and you know one of the things in america that's really one of the greatest tragedies is how the firemen the policemen the workers the teachers the people who actually work for a living not steal money like on wall street are basically financially raped every single day by these people so. drug companies invest huge sums and you create a new kinds of medicine to tackle the world's deadliest diseases but due to cost of their products often out of reach for many people across the developing world now scientists in india are coming closer to creating a vaccine to save the lives of thousands of babies just the price of a dollar artie's prius rita has. this is india's genome valley inside these quiet sterile labs there's
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a revolution taking place that could change the world's approach to public health and potentially save the lives of one hundred thousand indian children every year biotech is an indian firm developing a one dollar vaccine against rotavirus a disease which causes diarrhea in infants and is deadly in the developing world i think also like a new generation of diplomats like us ok money making is also important but them solving the life saving those life or two hundred thousand child is also pretty critical a new study shows india is leading the way in treating people in remote areas in battling diseases which are shunned by the big pharmaceutical companies because immunizations in the developed world have all but obliterated them there were a lot of the focus of this show to shareholders are going to define what it was about you you'll you know search for one billion dollars on the product i mean to five billion dollars says india's leap into innovating for the under-served began when the country began complying with the global intellectual property law that forced
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them to stop making only cheap copies of existing drugs and branch out instead into new research and development creating vaccines isn't the only way to battle neglected diseases diagnostic tests are also key to identifying what the problem is this fabric chip is being developed here in a chair a lab in bangalore the idea is with just one drop of blood on the spot for me you could diagnose at home or in a doctor's office potentially reaching millions of people in this country who don't have access to proper health care dr done jiah done the koori the brains behind the fabric chip believes that other more profit driven companies will start to take an interest once they realize just how big this market really is a volume game going to play just like the strips or the ones there's like millions of millions of this being so no matter how she'd be trying is it people who get interested in maybe the prize find something like a lot of money to do it in the west. starts making sense taking matters into their own hands to save the lives of their country's people and not waiting for the big
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profit driven pharmaceutical companies to make the first play preassure either r.t. bangalore india. right guerrillas paramilitaries drug lords and now seemingly international corporations up next a look at the east behind colombia's four decades of war with itself. still. concerns on
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both sides because it was going to experience before syrians were the. model for service. so. for most of. the nations before. they. to make. a chimp and the client.
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