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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in egypt president morsi has reportedly canceled the power grabbing decree that sparks two weeks of protests while the referendum on the new constitution will still go ahead next week that's after hundreds of thousands rallied near the presidential palace on friday. tried and tested the u.s. and britain claim damascus is preparing chemical weapons for an attack as it were to appear to make the case for an intervention whether the lessons from the iraq war have been won. and the media frenzy pushing britain's a pregnancy story into overdrive as speculation mounts over a suspected suicide allegedly triggered by a prank call. broadcasting
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live from our studios in central moscow this is r.t. glad to have you with us egypt's president has reportedly an older the controversial decree granting him sweeping powers beyond of the reach of the judiciary the declaration issued last month sparked violent protests across the country however the referendum on the new constitution drafted by the islamist led assembly is still scheduled to take place next saturday that is despite the document being rushed through by lawmakers as critics say not enough consultation took place this comes after hundreds of thousands marched on the presidential palace on friday journalist not true as the detail. here the presidential palace doesn't say. the nights in protest of. the president released two weeks ago which they see as a power grab and of course the constitution which is next week.
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dominate is constitutional assembly overnight scenes here were tense as the muslim brotherhoods gathered in nearby mosques to the presidential palace and there were rumors that they would march on the city however that never happened the scenes were very calm after we witnessed extraordinary seeing hundreds of thousands of protesters just outside the presidential palace in front of republican guard barricades. the republican guards who essentially stepped aside and let the flood a flood of protesters through to the gates of the presidential palace to continue the protest right in front of the gates shouting leave morsi leave and against the constitution very emotional scenes here on the streets. and staying in the region public outrage hits the streets of a once stable gulf stream. we report from the capital of kuwait where tens of thousands demonstrated potentially writing a new chapter in the history of the arab spring find out what straw broke the camel's back later in the program. police in the u.k.
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are refusing to release the details about the death of a nurse who allegedly committed suicide after a prank call about the pregnant duchess of cambridge news of the nurse's death only added fuel to the fire as media speculation about the royal baby reached fever pitch and artie's public boyko reports analysts say the frenzy had already hit almost hysterical levels of coverage all this taking place against a backdrop of intense media speculation a real media circus the whole pos week news that kate middleton is pregnant we've seen discussions about whether or not kate could be having twins if kate has twins which of the babies potential babies would be the ones succeeding to the throne if it was if they were delivered by c. section it would be the physician potentially deciding it is the successor to the british morning kate we've seen bookmakers taking bets on what this baby might be called predictions that this will already be the most popular name in britain the
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state is the name is announced all this you know when we've got real news taking place in syria a political crisis in egypt and. the press much more interested in kate middleton's acute morning sickness i'm joined by cost curve in the studio here with me he's a young journalist who's been following the story cost a tragic wake up call to the grocery here. it certainly should be. very very tragic case the circumstances under which are still under investigation by the police but the real issue is of course the media which blew this up out of proportion i believe the document when the student david story broke the daily mirror devoted fourteen its first. fourteen or thirteen pages of the newspaper one of the most read newspapers in the country to the royal baby we've just had the leveson inquiry you know a damning report about the state of the british media and now this you know is this criticism for the british media in the way it's following these stories while there
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is other news taking place into internationally well again it should be but it isn't because the media is trying to deflect attention away and is calling for the hanging of the two straight in great radio deejays the media is not questioning coverage and they are devoting to your family and what consequences that this may have on the new video individual's life if we had a media which was more reasonable this wouldn't happen if the suicide is actually proven to be related to what happened but there you have it now the juke and duchess of cambridge have said that deeply saddened by the news the tragic news of this the death of the royal not so what should have been a joy for the pregnancy announcement has been you know some say because of the disproportionate media coverage chimed in to a very tragic news story. and to staying with britain our london bureau is covering the backlash as the public demands more bang for its starbucks activists threaten to close the company's outlets over the miserable amount of taxes the coffee giant
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pays in the u.k. despite huge profits more videos and pictures from the day of action on our way back. britain and the u.s. have claim to syria's president might be readying for a chemical attack washington says it has intelligence indicating assad could resort to chemical weapons in the fight against the rebels something that would trigger a foreign military intervention the rhetoric is increasingly looking like the run up to the iraq war ten years ago r.t. has spoken to former u.s. state department chief of staff lawrence wilkerson who was behind the report laying out the case for the iraq intervention we asked him what he thinks is next for
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syria and how justifiable the fears are about its chemical arsenal. i would be highly skeptical of any intelligence rendered by the one hundred forty plus billion dollar us intelligence community as to weapons of mass destruction in the possession of another country period i'm not violating any great confidence or any great prohibition in the intelligence community to tell you that we've known for years years that syria has chemical weapons stockpiles just as iraq had chemical weapons stockpiles for a while but the fact that president assad would be moving them around and preparing them for use against his own citizens within his own territory i frankly find for posterous i think that if we were to intervene in a substantial way that is to say we were to put troops on the ground marines soldiers and so forth and we were to do in syria what we began to do in march of two thousand and three in iraq it would be even worse than iraq i think also that
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it would be again a back door as a war into iran which is the as you well know the real threat that we've been putting out there for years now so i think you're looking at a combination here not just syria i think ultimately the target is iran meanwhile the u.k. wants to push for a review of the arms embargo on syria by its european partners london says it wants to allocate more help to rebel fighters through shipments of military gear but it's further explained that type of aid could end up in the wrong hands. well the u.k. foreign office has confirmed this week britain is going to be thinking an amendment to the arms embargo on syria making it easier to help the opponents the syrian president bashar al assad now a foreign office official has said that the practical support is like eating three training and non-lethal equipment britta want to play a role in syria after the regime falls because. they would like to
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be involved. so therefore. wants to back the winning side. never will provide. weapons but the trouble for. the counter i did for our eventual winners. which side would you support. and what would be the interest of the militia. here when they take power because the danger is there is new. leader of the opposition because at least twenty. therefore if bashar al assad leaves power. from syria then fall apart. these twenty in fact fighting one another for power at the end of the day is going to be the syrian we're going to decide not britain france the united states now currently items such as body armor and night vision goggles a cool sub in that arms embargo and say the amendment would allow items like that
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to be supplied of course throughout the conflict in syria we've seen an increasingly fragmented opposition say there is a lot of concern that the supply of any weaponry could well end up in the wrong hands numb the last person will be pushing ahead this week seeking that amendment well coming up in the next part of the program hundreds of thousands of palestinians welcome home their. leader of hamas is on his first visit to gaza after years in exile calling on his supporters to keep up the resistance we ask what this means for the region and the world. plus the russian city of sochi is gearing up to host of the next winter olympics preparations now in full swing this and much more after a short break. in
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the glow of russia's no from away from civilization in a three hour helicopter treat from the nearest village. they still don't family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. so . lodging runs in ada signal and minutes they also grew up in the two but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still wrong and their regions.
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can i was planted here as a dyson teacher. i am. still his tenses he tells the stories about his motherland. laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong rangy had when the enemy only saw the light can and most around it is gather the tens and move to another pasha they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter and end shouldn't fall then. the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. mission
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of free accreditation free transport chargers free arrangement free. free. haircuts free. old free board care clothing video for your media projects and free media gogarty dot com. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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live from moscow this is our. crowds are rallying in kuwait's capital against of the parliament elected last week and disputed amendments to electoral law protesters say the voting rules were changed so they favor pro-government candidates one of the oldest gulf monarchies kuwait has been shaken by a series of political crises the government unleashed a crackdown on protesters and suppressed the opposition acts that largely went unnoticed in the western world but all of this is energizing the resistance even more as artie's lucy craft off explains. and you don't rise is over kuwait tensions are simmering beneath the calm as those seeking political change are forced to wait another day. or one sleepy community into
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a powerful nation although it's been ruled by the same family for more than two centuries kuwait is widely seen as the most imma cry tick of the gulf monarchies get some young kuwaitis beg to differ there is a few countries. do you want to see it go from this. to. it's just. the government says it is doing all it can to maintain stability supporters of the ruling family point out that a boast a robust public life with electoral traditions and a vibrant parliament for youth activists. that's not enough the opposition consists of an unlikely alliance of youth groups hard line islamists and local tribes who are ramping up their calls for reform increasingly they've taken their message to the street for peaceful demonstrations have been met with an iron fist and we were beaten up by. the special forces.
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and after the march. on the streets just being the thing that. critics of kuwait's government claim it turns a blind eye to allegations of widespread corruption and the use of security forces to crush dissenting voices ask for the rule of law so we don't have a law we have a law that is whenever the government feels like the ritz here began years before the arab spring protests but have intensified over a series of political crises the opposition dominated parliament was dismissed earlier this year following a row with the ruling establishment the electoral law was then changed prompting many to boycott kuwait's most recent parliamentary vote the resulting divide is unlikely to be bridged anytime soon and it leaves the monarchy with an energized opposition eager to make itself heard i was actually. thank you stuart i mean. you're. now what people are trying to say might be there are
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people in the system a much more. serious one showing that oh you can your. readers in the future how that future plays out well right the next chapter of the arab spring. and while the revolutions across the arab world received wide coverage and support in the west the same cannot be said for the unrest on the streets of america's allies to political analyst eric draitser believes the leadership is getting favorable treatment from its western backers the kuwait monarchy is entirely dependent upon the united states and the other powers which need kuwait and other countries like it to maintain control on the oil dominance in the region are not so sure that they can control the opposition as was reported in that report the opposition is complex there are psalmist elements but there are also leftist elements and youth groups and so forth so whether or not they can actually depose the government i think
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remains to be seen but they do have the ability as we have seen the show of strength on the streets to make a statement and to make a statement on the world stage and that is of course incredibly important in the context of what is happening around the region bahrain saudi arabia and elsewhere the end result what we would like to see is corrupt monarchies depots and real democratic governments take their place and not just in kuwait all throughout the gulf. in gaza hundreds of thousands of people have joined the celebrations marking the twenty fifth anniversary of hamas the crowds were addressed by the leader of the islamist group michel he has returned from exile to visit the strip for the first time in decades michel of to liberate palestine inch by inch and called for arab countries to keep on defying israel rival party fatah was also invited to the event as michel stressed the importance of reconciliation a giant replica of a medium range rocket was a centerpiece of the event political analyst sharmeen told r.t.
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about its significance. i think the rockets are kind of two things one that all options are back on the table that the military option for powell seems to resist militarily is now a possibility again the second reason the rocket counts is i think it's a sign that deterrence has been reestablished of course it makes the israelis nervous they don't like to be sitting there and they don't like to be told that they are the defeated party this is you know fairly unprecedented and except for of course hezbollah's defeat of israel in two thousand and six they'll be dying to prove themselves but for once they can't because every day that the conflict went on and of amber it made in iran and palestinian islamic jihad and hizbollah look better and. the not tarrie the u.s. u.k. and france look worse because you know these are people who are time but arming the
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resistance in syria and pushing forward but not willing of course to arm the resistance in gaza so israel has had to sit tight or risk a lot more potentially take a trip around the world of take a look at some other news making headlines this hour former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has announced he has to run for office in next year's parliamentary elections the flamboyant seventy six year old tycoon says he wants to lead the debt ridden country out of the financial crisis he stepped down in disgrace last year with italy on the brink of financial disaster and has since been convicted of tax fraud. the president of the philippines has declared a state of emergency as a deadly typhoon bopha is it making its way back towards the country the storm claimed the lives of more than five hundred people earlier this week with tens of thousands left homeless authorities expect more heavy rains floods and landslides in the northeast of the country. around two thousand protesters have rallied
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outside belfast city hall in northern ireland after the local council voted to remove the u.k. flag from the building a policeman was injured and irish tricolors burned as the crowd chanted and sang sectarian songs it follows trouble when the vote was first announced last monday and again on friday when eight police officers were injured and at least thirteen people detained after riots politicians have appealed for the protests to stop. this weekend of the world's best figure skaters are testing the olympic ice in russia's resort city of sochi the countdown is in full swing with just over a year left until the winter games are over reports from the next olympic city there is just over a year until the actual winter olympics get on do we but still this competitions give us a chance at the construction is almost over and that the city will soon transform into the world capital the winter games this weekend is all about pushing the new
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venue for their basis of course all eyes are right now at this arena ice rink which is right behind my back it's a new twelve thousand rink which is part of a cluster of ice sports venue have been or are still being built along the black sea coast now its brand new sparking doors have just been opened for numerous competitors from around the globe and it seems no matter how they would actually do at the event they will sure go back home pleased with all this new facilities now an offer this weekend is all about being the new venue is however it also provides an exciting taste of what's still to come. making profit in one sector and hiding it in another max and stacy see the similarities between corporate and hollywood accounting practices that's on the kaiser report after a short break. download
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the gold fever. turns thousands into slaves. my father but also months rather involved in the monsoon and since i started working in amman i stayed here a lookup. field multi-nationals. a cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labelled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace . most book most but we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups what price is colombia going to pay. to the people. of the modest effect on r.t. .
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i've .
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seen. the sun.
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hello i'm max times or whether the kaiser report hollywood money is it money it's been jailed snow melts in your hand and there you are who said that dorothy parker said that nine hundred fifty six but she could have well been talking about twenty twelve and the global financial system where money and wealth melt like so much congealed snow stacey. i mean that was a great introduction just reading about of dorothy parker i think she had a cat named cliche. well the news is a cliche this week and i want to look at this hollywood accounting and it is something that hollywood has taught the world michigan town wombs hollywood but
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ends up with a bit part so the story starts in august two thousand and seven jennifer granholm is the governor of michigan into michigan flies mike binder who is a director from michigan and he convinces the governor that hey michigan should have one of these financial incentive schemes that all the other states have which is basically not only giving also the tax breaks like property tax to studios but actually giving them money to bring their productions to your state so michigan introduced this scheme and within two months twenty four movies had signed up to film in michigan from to the entire year before the productions estimated that they would spend one hundred ninety five million dollars filming there and in return they would be refunded about seventy million in cash yeah i mean this is important because before enron before world com the ford to liberalize debt
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obligation before the shadow banking system before goldman's. x. slush fund for jamie dime to became ruler of the underworld of financial terrorism there was something called only one accounting where very simply there are no net profits but net profits are what are promised like art buchwald from coming to america the movie made hundreds of millions but he never got a nickel because there was never any net profits that was the hollywood accounting that was made famous by the schmucks and the charlatans and harley and hollywood now it's a global accounting phenomenon george osborne ben bernanke wall street they all they all want to piece of skull and join hands and slow play now to be clear here what hollywood accounting is and i used to work in hollywood so i know this is these big entertainment conglomerates basically for example the music music industry used to make money but they would hide all the profits in the losing sector or.


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