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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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i don't think i think ski. the latest news in the week's top stories the egyptian president gives up his controversial new powers but stands firm on a draft constitution referendum as the opposition refuses to back down. as fears mount about western nations that syria may on lease its chemical weapons to quash the rebels many wonder if it's all just a britax for iraq style invasion. israel's been criticized by the international community this week with major powers under un lambasted the country's illegal decision to continue building settlements on palestinian lands.
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in the russian capital watching the joshua welcome to the program now edges president has scraps the decree that gave him sweeping new powers and effectively put him above the law of the land but the opposition says that's not enough as a referendum on the controversial draft constitution is still scheduled for next week mohamed morsi extended powers and the charter his islamist lawmakers drew up sparked nationwide protests and clashes seven people have been killed and hundreds injured forcing the powerful military to weigh in with intervention threats the general say the government and opposition must reach an agreement or face tough measures to restore order telmarc has more from cairo. demonstration deja vu it's all this week some fringe protests against mohamed morsi had turned ugly but there was an appreciable sense of restraint to be one of them i don't think you should be able to please the good flights any kind of education we get we don't
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like but like many muhammad was wrong and now things are starting to look a little like they did two years ago it's been a week of protests. in cairo especially here near the presidential palace but a few days ago this very spot was at the center of egypt's political confrontation and then it looked very different petrol bombs fireworks. and a deadly hail of stones it took the army to break it up but as events unfolded pictures of soldiers embracing protesters have called analysts attention it looks like egypt may be about to kick another leader from power bringing the revolution back to square one i think it's dangerous and terms of the military my fears are that the military made. clear clear the decks for of themselves over the barricades attitudes hardened and the arguments became simpler and more forceful less that morsi is a president thought so i stand by this bit about the list and we will stop them
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with oh we have lawmakers rushed through what the opposition say is a pro islam is constitution with no substantial debate perhaps fittingly for the man the opposition is now branding the new pharaoh thousands of protesters are screaming their own message across more seas palace walls god. and they're seeing another they say they're in the making they're seeing another and mubarak and most is really making the same mistakes that. during the january twenty fifth revolution the underlying debate is still whether egypt's new draft constitution is too is a mist some politicians convinced it will bring an end to the trouble or desperate for the scheduled referendum on it to go ahead we won't i met his future and mr bruce's see him to give that. should call for it in putting this map the islamists
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the army angry citizens and the president they denounce as a dictator it looks like the same players on stage with the same actors only this time they have swapped roles and the question for the audience is whether the same bloody climax will be repeated. now with the opposition unwilling to back down some observers say president morsi is facing a new revolution that could spiral into civil war. he knows that if the vote goes and you get more sure as you get the constitution pass. and i think the opposition knows that you can do that. they want to stop that vote but they're going to prove to a series of leadership that was once here is that they want to start the process all over again with zero. one new election. new parliament and we knew there was
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a new constitution so what are you going to do you're going to try to kick them out of power if you try to change the match for. this a civil war we're going to islamize into the students as long as. i don't or. so we're it's a very very dangerous situation it's my own situation now as concerns rising in the west that the syrian regime may use its huge arsenal of chemical weapons another troubling video appeared earlier this week on the web it shows what appears to be a rebel group testing chemical weapons on two lab rabbits placed in containers after an unknown gas is released and the death of both animals a mass person threatens to use it against syrian civilians this comes as rebel groups from across the area are uniting under one command and the latest western backed efforts to topple president bashar ideas that have to count looks into
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whether all the chemical fears of the west are really a prelude to foreign intervention. u.s. officials said intelligence agencies have detected that assad's government has been preparing its chemical weapons stockpiles what possible use the obama administration's message to syria the u.s. is ready to act if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable there will be consequences. there will be consequences we have sent a an unmistakable message that this would cross a red line how does america the media quickly picked up on the alarming news of the syrian government's alleged plans citing secret intelligence for fox news confirms that syrian troops now have the deadly nerve agent sarin gas weaponized and at the ready the syrian government flatly denied the possibility saying it would not use such weapons against its people. we would not commit suicide we feel there's
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a conspiracy to provide a pretext for any subsequent interventions in syria by these countries during creasing pressure on syria the syrian government sure knows that if they use chemical weapons it would give nato and some of their arab neighbors who are itching to intervene in syria the green light to go ahead with their plans damascus itself says it would be suicidal for them to do so but with the fear and the hype building up over the use of chemical weapons against civilians in syria it seems the u.s. might be preparing grounds to jump the gun on this one the jumping the gun scenario is not new for the us almost ten years ago the bush administration confidently presented false evidence to invade iraq america's cited bogus intelligence on saddam hussein's chemical weapons that never existed the invasion triggered a civil war that killed more than one hundred thousand innocent iraqis and years later all washington had to say about this was the president thought it was correct
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congress thought it was of course i regret that it turned out a lot of it was wrong in the run up to the iraq invasion the us media was instrumental in selling the case to the public the congress never had any proof ever present ever of weapons of mass destruction all came from tony blair cheney and bush are right now that the us has drawn a red line on syria it has made it clear it's ready to take action but how i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of. credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people but suffice it to say we are certainly planning to. take action if that eventuality were to occur two american warships are already near the syrian coast with some ten thousand. u.s.
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marines and dozens of fighter jets on board on top of that nato is sending american german and dutch batteries of patriot anti-aircraft missiles to turkey's border with syria meaning hundreds more u.s. and european troops will be deployed to the frontier nato says deploying patriot missiles along syria's borders is a defensive step to prevent syria from attacking turkey i don't think there's any requirement whatsoever for patriot batteries on the ground in turkey again the patriot missiles are designed to really protect primarily against incoming theater ballistic missiles or aircraft the syrians are not going to attack the turks the church of the most powerful military establishment in the region the largest army in nato and intervention in syria will be as bad if not worse than what we experienced in iraq the pentagon said they would need seventy five thousand troops to secure syria's weapons of mass destruction the question on everyone's mind is are they seriously considering that kind of a mess of intervention because that could mean another you rock coming soon an
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invasion that could be followed by years of bloody civil war in washington i'm going to check on now lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to secretary of state colin powell says the evidence clearly points to a possible u.s. ground invasion. why in the world would we put patriot batteries on the turkish border ostensibly to protect turkey with a large just army and the most powerful army in the region indeed one of the most powerful in the world turkey major no protection by us from that sort of thing and it would be utterly. utterly stupid for assad to attack turkey in that way so why are we doing these things that look like they aren't connected to reality unless reality is we're preparing the ground to intervene in syria i think also that it would be again a back door as a war into iran which is the as you well know the real threat that we've been putting out there for years now and i think we're looking at syria and iran being
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a combination that we would then take on and you're talking about in my view a conflict that becomes regional and maybe even wider and just to have for you disunited states we have reports of growing separatism sentiments in american society that's already made up ten million people go online to vote for a session from washington. and britain is split over the converse will be that of the bill that is supposed to shield users from harm but as some claim could undermine their rights. and israel said earlier in the week it will continue its settlement expansion in palestinian territories the move provoked a quick response from the united nations which said this would be a failed blow to any future peace efforts. the secular general has made clear that. as we've repeatedly said settlements are illegal under
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international law and he has repeated his call on all concerned to resume negotiations and intensify efforts towards a comprehensive just and lasting peace and also in the interests of peace he said that any plans specifically for the. envelope must be rescinded. last week's un voted to upgrade a palestinian minister ations diplomatic status bringing it a step closer to achieving full in the pants meanwhile thousands of people in gaza joint operations marking the twenty fifth anniversary of hamas the leader of the. vowed to liberate palestine inch by inch call for arab countries to keep on defining israel national affairs expert. says the israeli government trying to score political points before next month's parliamentary elections.
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netanyahu is scoring domestic points and he's definitely positioning this. as a bid for victory in january was risking the loss of even those kinds of views you know kept at kingfield who have been very staunch very. very reliable so far and. such a. political move would have long consequences in the sense that they will you know two state solution my sense is that he's on slippery slope if and when this goes ahead that means that you can try to impose upon the united states. but with this administration it's. belgium is on high terrorist alert as board online that's how the release of the
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highly provocative cell exploring islam reportedly made in cooperation with a tourist go around burning the u.s. pastor terry jones. and tens of thousands in kuwait demand that this was never the elected parliament kept the pictures out of the. eurozone finance ministers have boosted spain's beleaguered banks by approving a forty billion euro rescue package for them back in june the same minister said they were ready to provide aid of up to one hundred billion euros despite the recession madrid is trying at all costs avoid asking for a sovereign bailout economist and financial consultant marco pierre probably believes this bailout is just a personality. and independent report commissioned by the spanish government back in june found that while they estimated that the banks would need sixty two
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billion euros to rest. of the banking system and of course many thought at the time that the figure was was quite conservative. of course since since. the summer the situation has deteriorated in spain. whereby unemployment has carried on rising loans having crease now to a record of close to an eleven percent of outstanding loans and one would expect that the situation will deteriorate so i think this will be the first of probably more of them more than one charge in britain a new bill designed to tackle crime by using information stored in cyberspace is already being grabbed by manny a violation of privacy are just fully boyko explains what kind of implications the law would bring. the way it would work if possed is that the police and security services would have unbridled access to your internet data by obliging mobile
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phone service providers and internet providers to store all that internet history your data for a year now the government say that it's a necessary move in order to safeguard the public and to fight crime that's being organized through the internet increasingly such as that extremism and paedophile rings but civil liberties groups are up in arms about it they say it's an in and infringement of your civil rights they've called it the snoopers charter and we hit the streets of london a little bit earlier to talk to the general public about what they thought of the prospect of the government being able to snoop in on that e-mail history of their web browsing history and their social networking history let's take a listen to what they told us how would you feel about the police having access to internet search history not so good without more concern i think some things like my concern i wouldn't mind seeing right to privacy. with the.
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i would mind but only through the authorized by a magistrate on the very condition i think you have to have control of one area of your life or let them in one area just to have access to areas that i am secretary to reason may she's behind the draft bill and she's been lobbying it quite aggressively and some critics saying in rather a bizarre fashion actually she said in an interview with the sun the criminals terrorists and paedophiles will want m.p.'s to vote against this bill whereas victims of crime police and the public will want them to vote for it and it's a question of whose side you're on now i've got nick pickles who's the director of civil liberties group big brother watch in the studio here with me now and then here's something to you on are all the people opposed to this legislation criminals terrorists and paedophiles. as the home secretary suggests no it's politically ridiculous to say that everybody oppose this bill falls in those categories that
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all people from every political party see the law enforcement officers technical experts so i think it was a very crude argument above that didn't help anybody from the home secretary but we've got interpol saying that cyber crime is now one of the fastest growing criminal activities on the planet i mean the government's right for looking for some sort of solution to this growing problem while in the big think about this bill if you're looking for a needle in a haystack you don't solve a problem but i think a lot smaller we should have a new powers but they should be used against individuals known operations what this bill proposes is that everybody in the country behavior is monitored of which all treats the suspects well there you have it a very quiet some virtual idea from the home office and one that might all go to down to well with the rest of the government we've got reports that deputy prime minister nick clegg is preparing to oppose it because of the prospect of infringement of civil rights in the u.k. americans in their hundreds of thousands in all fifty states have gone online to
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say they want their state in the pam from washington parties marina fortnight to try to find out why more and more u.s. nationals are eager to rip the stars and stripes apart. with a. war to no longer here is there a former colony won the right to determine its own best of. a perfect thing or you move forward. four weeks following barack obama's reelection nearly one million americans have moved forward by campaigning to break apart all fifty states have filed online petitions with the white house requesting to peacefully secede from this so-called perfecting union a movement that's garnered more than thirty thousand signatures in north carolina. were many like michael toggled. see independence as a symbol may twentieth a consistent one is the day that north carolina sated from the union and america's
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stars and stripes ripping at the seams there's no doubt in my mind that it is inevitable i mean something like this with the the debt this country has growing disunion among in the among the people they can't last forever and that's through the lesson of history big empires always collapse on their own weight secession supporters like bernard first some say washington's weight of growing debt and lists wars government intrusion and a broken immigration system has become a bipartisan destructive force is beyond reform you can't reform that federal government whether it's the republicans in charge or obama basically is the republicans are just as bad as far as we're concerned they're corrupt and are out of touch in southern former confederate states like north carolina culture and social issues play a big role for those like harold cruz who believes the u.s. is too big and thus destined to fail and the south general. were
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different country already and the united states we simply need our own government we have different values different belief systems critics have dismissed secessionists as disgruntled voters angry over president obama's second term however in the two thousand and eight presidential election obama became the first democrat in more than thirty years to win north carolina a red state turned blue with the promise of change four years later tens of thousands of voters in the very same state believe they'd be better off on their own. the average american the things they believe in they're tired of the endless wars and here we are talking about invading iran no i can't think of anything more the white house meanwhile promises to review and issue an official response to all petitions with twenty five thousand or more. signatories at least seven states fit that category that we used to be the interstate driving along at fifty five miles
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an hour by or cells with secession as a goal now we're being passed on both sides and lanes by people going faster than we are and it's amazing because here we were thought to be radical fifteen or ten years ago and now we're mainstream. a mainstream movement to move apart marina porton i r r t. italian prime minister mario monti who had sonata like a cabinet of tatar grad stated that he plans to resign the news came hours after the country's former pm silvio berlusconi announced he's to run for office in next year's parliamentary elections on thursday berlusconi's people of freedom party withdrew its support from the government he says monastery policies have harmed italy and he hopes to leave the country out of financial crises the sixty to seventy six year old has already served as italy's prime minister for three separate terms he's currently caught up in a number of scandals including tax fraud convicted convictions which he's appealing
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and accusations of paying for sex with an underage prostitute something he denies. nearly two hundred countries have agreed to stand the kyoto protocol treaty that limits the greenhouse gas output of some nations it hopes of curbing global warming the legally binding plan was approved by un delegates during climate talks in doha the summit established for the first time that rich nations should move towards reimbursing poor nations for losses due to climate change. and we want president has announced he's suffering from cancer again the leader says tests showed a return of some malignant cells in the same area were tumors have been previously removed he will return to cuba were he's already received cancer treatment to undergo surgery in the coming days the news comes two months after a child this was reelected as president in a tight vote. now russia says it's drawing up a blacklist of u.s.
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officials it considers guilty of human rights abuses the move comes in response to the so-called magnitsky list of banned russians which american lawmakers approved this week the motions named after is here to me it's a lawyer who died in a russian prison three years ago washington blames moscow for his death accusations of kremlin strongly denies russia warns it will now sanction americans responsible for abuses in guantanamo abu ghraib and secret cia facilities worldwide girl is down the bar says the route exposes us hypocrisy. russian foreign minister should respond to such an obvious insult where the united states probably the preeminent violator of human rights at this point in terms of scale magnitude and depth pointing its finger at anyone certainly the person who's having their finger that finger in their face should reply point out you have no standing to accuse us of
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anything and stand up for themselves canada has been voting and acting in concert with the united states for the last few years now if you look at the votes on israel for example you'll find the united states canada and you know like some small rock in the middle of the pacific voting on one side and the rest of the world on the other u.s. authorities can obtain and study data that european storyline overreaching europe strict privacy protection laws that's according to a report issued by university of amsterdam saying washington is being shielded by the interior patriot act one of the authors of the report acts alarmed bach believes international privacy regulations should be stepped up normally in an offline world you would have cooperation between governments that would respect international human rights standards but as these companies in the cloud are often
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conducting systematic best business new united states direct access warms all over the world internet surveillance is increasing and it's quite breakneck speed so a solution would be. to at least try and come to some international standard of how do we solve all this and what does privacy mean i know that this is a very ambitious goal but as we all move into the internet and as we all as it all becomes a part of our daily lives free speech and privacy online is becoming ever more important. now after five years of anticipation the construction of multi-billion dollar south stream gas pipeline finally broke ground on friday this as russia's gas from aims to ensure energy supplies to europe the project designed to pump gas through the black sea directly to the continent bypassing transit countries like ukraine were in the past disagreements resulted in deliveries to customers in western europe the disruptive gas owns fifty percent of the south stream pipeline
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and the rest is split between france germany and italy the project also comes with a price tag of more than twenty billion dollars making it one of the most expensive and you supply systems on earth. and coming up r.t. travels to the nevada desert to show you what the famous burning man festival is really like. to me speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of p.r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. the choice of the arabic to find out more visit arabic t.v.
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dot com. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. he is under siege. destruction without to see. what could be just ruins. same by a great sacrifice. and restored by human jets it's. a remarkable reminder of courage and selflessness. truth beauty is if.
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