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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EST

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the latest news and the week's top stories here on our team the egyptian president gives up his controversial new powers but stands firm on a draft constitution referendum this as the opposition refuses to back down. its fears amount of man western nations that syria may on leash its chemical weapons to quash the rebels many wonder if it's all just a pretext for an iraq the style invasion. and israel's drawn their wrath of the international community this week with major powers of the u.n. lambaste take the country's legal decision to expand settlement building on palestinian lands.
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this is r.t. coming to live from moscow eleven am and the russian capital i'm marina joshie welcome to the program now idjit president has scrapped the decree that gave him sweeping new powers and effectively put him above the law of the land but a referendum on the controversial draft constitution is still scheduled for next week for the latest on these developments we're going now talk to bill troops based in cairo so bell does mohamed morsi is move come as a surprise to gyptian and how is the opposition reacting to this. it does come as a bit of a surprise at the moment as people really think you know the president wouldn't move on his stance against the opposition forces demands yesterday and today they had a meeting which was dubbed the national dialogue meeting between political party leaders the president and his cabinet notably some of the key open. the national salvation
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front that are behind the protests and sit in the last few weeks and not present the results of the controversial constitution that duration would be revoked which of course is president morsi sweeping powers which is part of one of the demands of the opposition forces and widely seen as a good move however they are rendered on the constitution which the opposition forces see to be illegitimate as it was drafted by the curation consent to assembly would go ahead on the fifteenth and this is why the problem lies the opposition forces i replied yesterday saying that the results of the b. thing were meaningless as the president hasn't seen to move forward with that demand against this referendum or the group said that it was really just another form of deception this comes after the minute she stepped up security around the presidential palace behind me in the last two days that you see to statement yesterday saying that they were calling for dialogue and this was the only way to get the nation out of its crisis implying that perhaps they were willing to take
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a role in the ongoing situation in egypt. well over the past week we have seen people protesting in the streets we have seen. demonstrations and more city administrations and we've seen a divide in the society there so could this move by morsi actually u.-turn break the deadlock between the government and the opposition. yet to be seen at the moment i mean the opposition forces as i mentioned the salvation front have said they will continue to protest against this referendum that to expect more people on the streets in the coming days as you mentioned we've seen quite a lot of violence on the streets since this one second of november when the content of that decree was announced by the president as rival groups have met in class which is led to the deaths of at least seven people on wednesday we have yet to see really what will happen in the in the coming future but the president keeps by this referendum and i'm sure that the opposition forces won't move to really even though
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we had this development yesterday at this meeting they're still looking at a divided egypt a political deadlock. all right bill thanks very much indeed for bringing us this update live from cairo. now was the opposition and willing to back down some observers say president morsi is facing and new revolution that could spiral into civil war. he feels that if the vote goes and you get more sure once as you get that constitution passed. and i think the opposition knows that you can do that there are forward they want to stop that but i do want to protest there is a leadership that was once here and. they want to start the process all over again from syria actually if they want a new election maybe one new parliament and in their case the change goes away and new constitution so what are you going to do you're going to try to kick
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them out of power if you try to change kidnaps after. this a civil war and risk being the islamists into the streets as long as population in general makes a. i don't think or. so where it's a very very dangerous situation it's by once achieved. what concerns rising in the west now the syrian regime may use its huge arsenal of chemical weapons and now there are troubling video appeared earlier this week on the web it shows what is claimed to be chemical weapons being used on the lab ravitz after the test a masked man then threatens to use the poison on syrian civilians all of this comes as rebel groups from across syria are uniting under one command and the latest western backed efforts to topple president bashar asad artie's guided to count looks into whether all the chemical fears of the west are really
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a preview to foreign intervention. u.s. officials said intelligence agencies have detected that assad's government has been preparing its chemical weapons stockpiles for possible use the obama administration's message to syria the u.s. is ready to act if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable there will be consequences. there will be consequences we have sent a unmistakable message that this would cross a red line next how does america the media quickly picked up on the alarming news of the syrian government's alleged planes citing the secret intelligence for fox news confirms that syrian troops now have the deadly nerve agent sarin gas weaponized and at the ready the syrian government flatly denied the possibility saying it would not use such weapons against its people. we would not commit suicide we fear there's a conspiracy to provide
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a pretext for any subsequent interventions in syria by these countries during creasing pressure on syria. the syrian government sure knows that if they use chemical weapons it would give nato and some of their arab neighbors who are itching to intervene in syria the green light to go ahead with their plans damascus itself says it would be suicidal for them to do so but with the fear and the hype building up over the use of chemical weapons against civilians in syria it seems the u.s. might be preparing grounds to jump the gun on this one the jumping the gun scenario is not new for the u.s. almost twenty years ago the bush administration confidently presented false evidence to invade iraq america's cited bogus intelligence on saddam hussein's chemical weapons that never existed the invasion triggered a civil war that killed more than one hundred thousand innocent iraqis and years later all washington had to say about this was the president thought it was correct congress thought it was of course i regret that it turned out
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a lot of it was wrong in the run up to the iraq invasion to us media was instrumental in selling the case to the public the congress never had any proof ever present ever of weapons of mass destruction all came from tony blair and bush are right now that the u.s. has drawn a red line on syria it has made it clear it's ready to take action but how i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of. a credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people but suffice it to say we are certainly planning to. take action if that eventuality were to occur to american warships are already near the syrian coast with some ten thousand. u.s. marines and dozens of fighter jets on board on top of that nato is sending american
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german and dutch batteries of patriot anti-aircraft missiles to turkey's border with syria meaning hundreds more u.s. and european troops will be deployed to the frontier nato says deploying patriot missiles along syrian borders is a defensive step to prevent syria from attacking turkey i don't think there's any requirement whatsoever for patriot batteries on the ground in turkey again the patriot missiles are designed to really protect primarily against incoming fire ballistic missiles to recruit the syrians or not to turks the turks of the most powerful military establishment in the region the largest army in nato and intervention in syria will be as bad if not worse than what we experienced in iraq the pentagon said they would need seventy five thousand troops to secure syria's weapons of mass destruction the question on everyone's mind is are they seriously considering that kind of a mess of intervention because that could mean another you rock coming soon and the invasion that could be followed by years of bloody civil war in washington i'm
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going to check in. on just a few minutes on our india's dalí once a slice of a look pretty well gas reserves of the south china sea but with beijing being the region's powerhouse weeks more if there is enough room for the two to grow. and the media circus surrounding the pregnancy of the duchess of cambridge takes failed turn. the sun rises over what seems like and list forest here in new directions five hundred kilometers north of london stopped as much of the world it's disappearing at a catastrophic rate. workers both illegal and those finding ways to outsmart the system filing to. on the forest of the put more ski region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an
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ecological crisis we are on the hunt for illegal loggers and it's not going to be easy the forest is enormous and our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find solid tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out silently in order not to scare the loggers off alexander someone in ca has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking a single group of loggers easier to work when snow falls in autumn it's impossible to find human tracks and even transport tracks are hard to see after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the ground as soft here which means that they've twelve's the tractor trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quiet in order to not scare them off as we get closer. this team says they're legal but have no documents now xander can now call the police to take over his work here is done he is
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overwhelmingly outnumbered there are too few rangers working in the promote the region and the w w f says the government isn't doing enough to stop it just you. know do it there's no one tries to stop them in just five years the force will be gone what will the people who live afterwards do it's a question more and more people are aware of today climate change in the safety of our environment as a whole are being discussed around the world and perhaps it's those small steps that might be a start to people living in harmony with nature. wealthy
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british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. is a report on our. welcome back to watching r t live from moscow now israel said earlier in the week it will
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continue its settlement expansion to spider recent u.n. vote data graded the palestinian ministrations diplomatic status israel's announcement drew widespread criticism from the un and other major western nations including its main ally the united states meanwhile thousands of people in gaza have joined celebrations marking the twenty fifth anniversary of hamas the leader of the islamic group khaled mashal who has vowed to liberate palestine inch by inch call for arab countries to keep on the firing israel british m.p. jeremy corbyn says israel is risking losing international support. netanyahu seems simply to have not called him to the fact that the vast majority of the world support the right to publish phone we just support the rights of palestinians were therefore more able to the west bank two state solution is something that everyone needs that one devil signed up to but the reality on the ground still not having complete free movement in that it's
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a huge number of settlements across the west bank on the circular roads and of course the problems of east jerusalem suggest. it's quite difficult to achieve it unless there's a real will to withdraw the. public starting to develop and i don't see that will actually with netanyahu if he can't even rely on governments to basically quite sympathetic to israel and israel's claims then he's losing out big time all around the world and he just needs to wake up i think the washington support will wane very quickly obama has been reelected and a reluctant president into a second most powerful think who might do well to remember that he also very much involved in the internal politics of the usa during the election campaign of that contravene did himself very much the administration the movement around the world for power stone for palestinian people is unprecedented should wake up and recognize that. belgium is on high terrorist alert as we report online that's out
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of the release of a highly provocative film exploring as long proportionally made in cooperation wasn't for us burning pastor terry jones. and tens of thousands in kuwait demand the dissolution of a newly elected parliament we have the pictures. police in the u.k. are refusing to release details about the death of a nurse who allegedly committed suicide after a prank call about the pregnant duchess of cambridge the use of a nurse's death only added fuel to the fire as media speculation about the royal baby reached fever pitch. reports. all this taking place against a backdrop of intense media speculation a real media circus the whole pos week over news that kate middleton is pregnant we've seen discussions about whether or not kate could be having twins if kate has twins which of the babies potential babies would be the ones succeeding to the
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throne if it was if they were delivered by c. section it would be the physician potentially deciding it is the successor to the british want to keep the we've seen bookmakers taking bets on what this baby might be called predictions that this will already be the most popular name in britain as soon as the name is announced all this you know when we've got real news taking place in syria a political crisis in egypt and. the press much more interested in kate middleton's acute morning sickness i'm joined by cost curve in the studio here with me here is that london journalist who's been following the story cost a tragic wake up call to the british media. it certainly should be. very very tragic case the circumstances under which are still under investigation by the police but the real issue is of course the media which blew itself out of proportion i believe the daily mail we're still going to take
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a story broke the daily mail devoted fourteen percent of its first fourteen or thirteen pages of the newspaper one of the most read newspapers in the country to the royal baby we've just had the leveson inquiry a damning report about the state of the british media and now this you know it is this more criticism for the british media in the way it's following these stories while there is other news taking place and internationally well again it should be but it isn't because the media is trying to deflect attention away and is calling for the funding of the to australian great radio deejays the media is not questioning the monochord coverage they are devoting to your family and what consequences the abuse may have a new the individual's life if we have. a media which was more reasonable just when it happened if the two sides actually proved to be related to what happened they have it now the juke and duchess of cambridge have said that deeply saddened by the news of the tragic news of this the death of the royal not so what should have been
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a joyful pregnancy announcement has been some say because of the disproportionate media coverage turned into a very tragic news story. italian prime minister mario monti who had non-elected cabinet of technocrats stated that he plans to resign the news came hours after the country's former prime minister silvio berlusconi announced he is to run for office in next year's parliamentary elections on thursday berlusconi's people of freedom party withdrew its support from the government he says montes a sturdy policies that harmed italy and he hopes to lead the country out of the financial crisis the saudi six year old has already served as italy's prime minister for three separate terms and he's currently caught up number of scandals including tax fraud convictions which he's appealing and accusations of paying for sex with an underage prostitute something he denies. and as well and president hugo
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chavez has announced he is suffering from cancer once again the leader says tests showed a return of some malignant cells in the same area were tumors have been previously removed he will return to cuba are worried he's already received cancer treatment to undergo surgery in the coming days the news comes two months after her child as was reelected asked president in a tie vote. he was authorities can obtain and study data european storen live overreaching you are strict privacy protection laws and that's according to a report issued by the university of amsterdam saying washington's being shielded by the terror of patriot act one of the authors of the report acts alarmed bach believes international privacy regulations should be stepped up. normally in an offline world you would have cooperation between governments that would respect international human rights standards but as these companies in the cloud are often
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conducting systematic best business new united states direct access warms all over the world internet surveillance is increasing and it's quite breakneck speed so a solution would be. to at least try and come to some international standard of how to resolve all this and what does privacy mean i know that this is a very ambitious goal but as we all move into the internet and as we all as it all becomes a part of our daily lives free speech and privacy online is becoming ever more important. beijing has warned india ganz pursuing oil exploration and a disputed resource rich south china sea it comes in reaction to this week's statement by india's navy chief who announced his country could go as far as sending warships to the area to protect its economic interests before pissing off investigate the claims. as china and india rise economically their military
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muscles are growing as well both need energy to keep that kind of growth going and that may be putting the two asian giants on a collision course because of the mess that nationalism the indian government cannot afford to be seem to be weak in dealing with china obviously a higher power with government. over two hundred billion barrels of oil and large amounts of natural gas that's more than the vast majority of the world's energy rich nations have all hidden under the south china sea china claims most of the territory for itself but india has also managed to get access by buying a stake in a vietnamese gas field shortly after hanoi accused chinese boats of sam with dodging exploration india warned it's ready to use force to defend its interests hopefully as i said they choose not to lead to a longer term conflict but you know it's it's you know me inevitable because both
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these countries how large missions are becoming global actors and players both china and india have been pumping billions of u.s. dollars into their armies and navies holding drills on a regular basis and beijing has also announced its police will soon start to board and inspect foreign vessels surely the vast oil reserves in the south china sea are just too big of a crash for neither china or india to pass up wasn't really worth a proper between a true economic powerhouse says it may be a game that neither can win the two asian giants can't afford any weaknesses and that would make it easier for other countries to take a bite of the vast resources the u.s. has long been increasing its economic and military presence in the region this ng is their west strike to depict this expansion by both in the china terms of the last. four holes that. the glass saying that the war is
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a military clash so if the two eastern powerhouses can share nicely that catch me they will go to some other players already prowling on the sidelines you've got this going on of our team coming our way the second part of our close up on colombia's decades long civil war. fifty to fifty fifty feet. means. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries and spanish
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matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angola's keep in storage see. a huge here. and then try to alter the spanish find out more visit. all tito's calm. and download the official up location cellphones choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from matsushita t.v.'s not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. at any time and i didn't.
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live. leak. live live live .
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as in modern moto most of the mines in segovia have passed into the hands of citizens who established small companies and have exploited them for many years now
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. at the el churchill mine one hundred thirty workers bring the or to the surface like ants carrying it on their backs from a depth of three hundred metres. we take the or out by the sack. you try not to make it too heavy so you can walk. on it. and i was still in a month. it depends on the buy there are times you make two and
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a half to three million that's twelve hundred euros if the mine is rich you can even make four or five million. give me middle of the gold miner works hard for fifteen days to one month. and then he goes out and in one week spends it all on drink on women and passions everything he made in a month. it will go with you ok. that is why in a place so rich there is such great poverty. often the mines are a stone's throw away from homes the residents.


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