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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EST

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i'm sorry i'll give you the big picture. north korea's rocket blasts off in a message of defiance going young says it sent a weather satellite into space but it's enough to on the region. moscow slams america's decision to recognize syria's opposition saying it puts the prospect of dog at risk. and president putin vows to cage the corrupt says it's time for russians to seize the initiative and their country's development. around the world and around the clock this is kerry johnston north korea has launched a rocket defying warnings from its neighbors and the u.s.
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young young says it successfully put a weather satellite into orbit is the second launch this year after an attempt in april failed shortly after liftoff north korea claims it's developing a peaceful space program but washington seoul and tokyo fear it's testing long range missile technology which could be used to carry nuclear warheads the u.s. threatened first sanctions saying the north has violated international law conclusive the country's banned from conducting ballistic missile tests by u.n. resolution the us call the launch highly provocative on japan once an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council and he was campaigning eric. pressuring probably unbent help. can work. these are causing us to have more talks not less talks and the north koreans have been willing to attend our other nations have certainly russia has another nations are there. been involved in the six party talks japan south korea
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the united states are less willing to engage in talks when these things happen but what the un said was not only don't use ballistic missile technology it said we must have a commitment to a peaceful diplomatic and political solution to the situation there i'm afraid that the united states is going to step back talk less isolate more the military base that the united states can bring merrily south korea's building on jesuit island in an effort to create a ring around china perhaps and to deal with north korea are all setbacks to peace what's necessary i think at this point in time is not is to step back from the process and the outside countries the other countries around the world must say wait a minute a peaceful china south korea north korea japan has a region will have a huge impact on world east and i think that it's really incumbent that we put
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pressures towards peace and not toward amping up the conflict it anymore. well russia has strongly criticised america's decision to formally recognize syria's opposition coalition deeming it a violation of international agreements that called for dialogue the rebel alliance has also been officially recognized as the legitimate representative of the country's people by the friends of syria group in morocco. he's gonna change again explains the opposition forces have long been infiltrated by radical elements. they call themselves martyrs and all those you see around you are the fighters you see are living martyrs and the living martyr has already sacrificed a soul for this country. syrian rebels say they will stop at nothing to defeat us. some of them are so proud of their deeds that they post them on the web including the execution of prisoners. or having a child behead
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a man who was presumably an ocelot supporter atrocities are committed on all fronts during syria's bloody civil war according to many accounts on the ground groups that do most of the fighting on behalf of the rebels dr tao we come meet was a member of a jihadi spoken ization twenty five years ago he later became a vocal opponent of radical islam that you have this have no problem to behead people alive you deal with people like bin ladin and there are because of al qaida who have no his e.t.a. shin to use any form of whip around to to really. control any place. religious believes an ideology representatives of opposition fighters came together in turkey last friday to form a unified command with the support of the so-called friends of syria including the gulf states the u.s. the u.k. and friends one of the delegates at the meeting says two thirds of the islamist dominated anti assad groups have ties to the muslim brotherhood and salafist people
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here in washington don't seem to understand that. if you don't like the government in karo or if you do like the government in cairo i guess i should say then you will love the government the comes to power in damascus because you will see a sunni muslim islamic government a muslim brotherhood style government that is absolutely intolerant fundamentally hostile to the west washington has failed to officially denounce the many suicide bombings perpetrated by the rebels in syria preferring to focus on the wrongs committed by the assad regime alone the us is also ramping up the rhetoric about the possibility of the assad government using chemical weapons against civilians something that damascus says would be suicidal on the other hand many rebels are not averse to the idea of suicide in the name of what they call a holy war militants have recently taken control of a toxic chemical plant in the country's second city of aleppo a video was uploaded to youtube showing them testing chemical weapons on rabbits we
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could not independently verify the authenticity of the footage for the you will die like these two rabbits despite supporting the anti assad forces the obama administration also recognizes that there are radical groups among the opposition in an attempt to distance themselves from extremists washington has designated one almost a terrorist organization it is thought to be one of the most aggressive and ruthless groups currently involved in the conflict it's seen as more of a symbolic move on washington's part as many other rebel fighters in syria will come the efforts of those designated terrorists. this is a demonstration of support for almost strike in syria with people heard chanting we are students of osama. in its own words the assad government is fighting terrorists that battle has claimed thousands of innocent lives the measures the syrian government was ordered to have been widely criticized but
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there's that crisis mean the wall should keep their eyes shocked at who's actually fighting. power in syria now in washington i'm going to check on. there's been more deadly violence in syria with two blasts there primary school southeast of the capital killing at least one person and injuring five in a separate incident a person was wounded following two more explosions near a court building in damascus where foreign policy experts see the warning signs of america recognizing the rebel coalition pushing syria deeper into a crisis which will echo region wide what it does is that opens the door now for much more direct intervention in the civil war it will mean a heavy weapons will come in contention even i think you could end up with a no fly zone it's really pretty much an open declaration of war against the outside regime one of the things that i think is difficult is trying to get really accurate reporting it seems as if the our sort of regime is sort of its back
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against the wall and yet at the same time it doesn't seem as if the opposition could really hold on to territory i mean this could be a long running thing this could go on for a couple of months i think the u.s. recognition here will accelerate the pressure on the also revealing what i foresee here is is a lot of chaos i think you're going to see sunni extremism is going to be. essentially enhanced throughout the middle east which might mean are reigniting the civil war in iraq i think there's a possibility of regarding a civil war in lebanon on you have a situation currents this is just a terrible mess at this point. an immediate crackdown on corruption in russia with tough pressure on all official suspect of the wrongdoings president putin focused only on how to solve problems at home in his first address since returning to the
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top job next year a share ski has more on what the russian leader outlined. several years ago when former president medvedev addressed brushes lawmakers this signaled major constitutional changes for the country with the presidential term being extended to six years this time when president putin delivered his first annual address after returning to the kremlin for the third time it ran no major sensations nor political changes but at the same time this speech was even more significant as some have already said many others before this time which is barely spoke about any foreign policy issues the main focus was on domestic problems in russia and there have been plenty according to russia's president in fact he started his speech by saying it is now or never as the world is going through a crisis russia must stand up to all these challenges and the first and the most correct way to do that is to invest into you know richard is the what's the as of
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today the percentage of healthy active able bodied people in russia aged between twenty to forty is one of the highest in the world in twenty years time this economically active population could shrink by shifting percent unless we do something this trend could continue either we provide interesting jobs give opportunities to create business which build families and raise children or be happy in just a few decades russia will become a poor country. by an elderly generation incapable of preserving its own territory but probably the biggest problem dragging russia back for the past two decades has been corruption among the higher echelons of power that is because the largest probably the largest chunk of the speech was dedicated to this burning issue to clear is that probably the process message coming out from russian president this
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time on the fight against corruption was that north regardless of how well he or she is can feel safe from punishment if your son is found in embezzlement or any corrupt of actions in their governmental bodies in just one week's time where the medical team will be holding an annual press conference for the world media and the eyes of the entire planet will again be on the russian president. let's see rush f.t. reporting from inside the kremlin. putin said the coming years will be critical for the world and might even bring some up evil relations with the u.s. always in focus honest legs on the sort of on off says this strained because of political infighting in washington. i believe that it will be very difficult to come back to the reset because as inherited from himself from his previous time in . a divided congress it still has a lot of so-called hawks. will be quite aggressive and will
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be quite a in the opposition towards russia in its initiatives and we have seen that recently witness said during the so-called magnitsky act it was passed by the congress and the president will have no other option as to side it into action. so with this new move and the russia promise to retaliate adequately i don't think that we can go to business as usual and we will see that the next four years of a bomb a storm will be filled with tensions between russia and the united states. the u.k. has revealed who's going to stump up to revive its flag economy for the rich complex today's governments targeting the poorest as we report. egypt's judges jump ship refusing to oversee the constitutional referendum and. opposition islamists have an eye on the protest
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a country after the break. it's perched atop a jar and the view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city that siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the chance i bear in railway but the poles cremains a spiritual center. things like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of orthodox worshippers themselves implicity water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from
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the muslims. surrounded by enemies to ball supposed to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of the state revenue put the ball location help of the says for the russians the russians. a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand here and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office world tsar nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here and they led a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves was
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leading this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of escape but within the year the czar and his family would be dead. now some more world news the british government is promising its economy can be steadily revived but it's pensioners and young mothers who are paying the price as point boyko explains the cost of recovery will mean penny pinching from the poorest . the brits have got it coming or off to some talks to attack some welfare that's going to see those with the least squeeze the most so while the treasury chief admits millionaires are about to get an average tax cut of over one hundred
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thousand pounds a year from next april it's the less fortunate who bear the brunt of dealing with the u.k.'s ten billion pound welfare bill but the cuts will come in disguise take for example the new so-called bedroom tax tenants in council housing will get less than benefits if their state funded accommodation is deemed too big for them some local authorities already say that could push up to four thousand people into homelessness especially as they're already being squeezed with an increased cost of living that's making christmas tough in many households the government insists it needs to fix public finances and that means cuts among various with too little to spare the chancellor has really made the main target of his austerity the poorest families and he's cutting the support received both for the working poor three tax credits and so on and also for the for those on able to work it's not just bedrooms
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being taxed but motherhood as well last week the chancellor announced that maternity pay would be capped meaning that pregnant women will be almost two hundred pounds worse off starting next year opposition labor m.p.'s have labelled it the mummy tax and an unprecedented raid on families and that softer those at the other end of the age scale were left reeling this year from the granny tax leaving pension as a further three hundred pounds out of pocket and a winter of worry ahead david cameron might have promised to be the best family friendly government ever but with friends like that who needs enemies. palestinians are giving a whole new meaning to launching a perfume. this is seventy five the fragrance with bob power named after the rocket to gaza used against israel's recent air offensive as we report online. plus
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magic numbers find out why today's date comes with some other amusing superstitions dot com has twelve months no facts about the twelfth of the twelfth of the top. egypt's president mercy says that voting on a new constitution will be done in two stages starting on saturday and concluding a week later the decision comes because of a shortage of judges to supervise it ninety percent of the country's judges say they'll boycott the referendum seen as on the representative and divisive gyptian experts have already started voting on tuesday thousands of demonstrators took to
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the streets of cairo to protest against the referendum will position was apparent to stop the draft is the most staged rival about to show their support for the vote when it all comes amid a heightened military presence out of a city or the army to maintain security in the country meanwhile egypt has asked to postpone repayment of the u.s. no because of the crisis when mr. dependence on foreign funds his mercy has a tough balancing act. i think there will be more violence you know i was in tahrir square last year with the demonstrators when the shoe is on the other foot and they rule for marci and against the dregs i'm. government egyptians are very angry there's tremendous the pulsating fury against the government still forty years of brutal dictatorship and the egyptians want change they're just
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not true what and i don't worry that it is nice and easy good because if you try hard there is a potential who are really explosive response egypt can't feed itself it has to rely on donations from the united states from the solution gulf arabs the international monetary fund so that morsi has to deal with them so we can't go to forward this islamic programs list his money because your bird fine balancing act what he's been caught out on the wrong foot now let's see if you can back off what you piers doing and try and reestablish some. now it's take a look at some other stories making the headlines right now a gunman opened fire on christmas shoppers in oregon united states two people were killed and one injured in portland before the suspect apparently turned the weapon on him self the man was reportedly wearing a camouflage suit and hockey mask and carrying an assault rifle the police
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investigation is underway. but as well in the present where chavez has undergone his fourth cancer surgery keeper which has been described as successful. urged his supporters to back vice president nicolas maduro should his condition force him to give up his presidential takes his latest treatment comes two months after he was reelected in a tight vote. hundreds of buddhist monks of taking to the streets across minbar to protest against last month's government crackdown on a rally at a copper mine and least fifty people were injured when police used tear gas and water cannons on demonstrators rallying against their victualling into a. billion dollar mine expansion project u.s. has recently lifted its economic sanctions on the country side to its proved human rights record. buses in the us may no longer be a place for private conversation that's according to news website the day the which
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claims it's got evidence showing public transport is being equipped with audio recording devices the multi-million dollar upgrades to boost passenger security that's reportedly already underway in several u.s. cities but the man who broke the news michael brick says the new technology sparks all kinds of privacy concerns privacy experts have different concerns that they want to wait with other sorts of technologies that they were all familiar with and some of their in development such as visual recognition software g.p.s. devices and the number of other technologies on the market already are coming to market that there's going to lead us down. one step closer to tracking the individual privacy law experts i spoke to said that this adds a different dimension it's one thing to be able to see someone moving around it's a different thing to be able to hear what they're what they're saying. now then.
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finds out what we got next. ok i think we're going to a nice document. was . i was in the middle of rushes north from way from civilization in a three hour helicopter train from the nearest village. so they still one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. lodging
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runs in ada signal and then it's they also grew up in the two but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still room and they are regions. was planted here as a dancing teacher. was. still his den says he tells us stories about his mother and. laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong rangy had when the enemy late saw the light can and most around you it is gather that tends to know the pasha they travel hundreds of
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kilometers in winter we men and children full of them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. i . that's a bad. and
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i. wish. all of the bomb is good but. just sleep on it and. i come out of my mind i'm a little.
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he is under siege splay destruction without mercy. what could be just ruins plain saying by a great sacrifice and a thing under store by human jets it's. a remarkable reminder of
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courage and selflessness. proves that beauty is of all people. play a player controls the russian the song i listen. to me speak the language such. as programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks books of c.r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to see in troy arabic to find out more visit our big teeth don't call. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i sent tried to get you know how fabulous bad luck i got so i did a bit at the town i believe as i'm sitting in the same place really messed up. and
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we're all very so closely apologized to the second. worst year for the ok long flight out soup of the day the radio guy and columbo minister of a cricket cause they all want to watch close for a budget because you've never seen anything like this i'm told. was going on i'm out in march and this is. breaking this set today i want to talk about him cuts not just any handcuffs it's a very controversial set of handcuffs to be the perfect addition for the growing police state this is an illustration of the next generation of handcuffs created by scottsdale inventions in arizona the cust could be fitted with an accelerator own homemade or sorry but for the.


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