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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EST

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a tracking device a microphone a camera and a biometric sensor to measure your state of health not only that but the design also comes with a housing unit for electrodes that could deliver an electric shock to the detainee but the future is now known as the handcuffs of tomorrow wouldn't be complete without the ability to administer drugs directly into a suspect bloodstream that's right folks think a lot of the taser tranquilizer g.p.s. surveillance handcuffs of the future and if your mind isn't blown yet stick around and about to break the set. you know it's not every day that i have the opportunity to highlight a politician who's actually doing something good something inspiring so i'm happy that today i have that chance and it all comes down to the one basic need that we all take for granted food is exactly why newark mayor cory booker is trying to
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prove by taking on the snap challenge that he just finished today snap is the supplemental nutrition assistance program and with eight hundred fifty thousand new jerseyans on food stamps he thought it would be helpful to walk around and their shoes for a change so the challenge himself by pledging for one week on the same amount of money that the poor in this country are lauded by the government's food assistance program get this that's roughly four dollars and thirty cents a day you know the same amount that more privileged americans will likely spend on one latte from starbucks needless to say he's found it to be more than challenging even debated making a meal out of mayonnaise and salsa he's been blogging about it on linked in where he wrote quote this is hard but what has me profoundly humbled is that this is just a week just one week and then i'm done and can and will throw out burn food but millions of americans are living with food insecure. with worries and concern about
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affording food healthy decent food for their families and their children there are forty six million people living on food stamps in this country each of which is living with the insecurity that tomorrow they might not provide their families something as basic as food something that should be a right and not a privilege and with congress still considering sixteen billion in cuts to the federal food stamp program booker said that he hopes the challenge highlights the need to protect the fund that star state of all hunger for millions of americans each day so we're being one of the only politicians willing to empathize with someone in need by walking in their shoes you mayor cory booker our my hero of the day so he's the hero who's the villain well this one's quite an easy target today it's bob ryan and for those of you don't know who bob ryan is he's a top housing adviser in the obama administration for not much longer you see mr ryan has conveniently decided to jump ship yep next month he'll start
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a mortgage banking position at wells fargo so why is this a big deal well you have to dig a little deeper for that one see mr ryan has a pretty hefty resume that just screams conflict of interest first off his current position since two thousand and nine has been senior adviser to the secretary for housing and urban development last year he worked as a commissioner for the agency working on high risk f.h.a. loan resolutions but before that he was a faithful and point for twenty six years at freddie mac. you remember them the government back entity that every bailed out by our tax dollars in two thousand and nine to help repay defaulted mortgages. back in march mr ryan was a key player in the twenty five billion dollar mortgage for closer settlement between the country's five largest lenders including wells fargo now wells fargo is facing a lawsuit filed in october over f. h.
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a back to loans good thing mr ryan will be there for the rescue is the company's senior vice president sold for graciously a pit in my eyes in the corrupt a despicable revolving door relationship between washington and wall street banks mr bob ryan you're my villain of the day. well it's been eleven long years in from nine eleven attacks which left three thousand world citizens dead three buildings were completely demolished that day which left behind a toxic cloud of dust and debris filling downtown manhattan for the weeks that followed the dust was polarized concrete especially metal particles and glass fibers among many other poisonous materials all of which were inhaled by forty thousand first responders and residents who rushed to help dig through the debris to search for survivors since then as timothy of one thousand first responders have
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already died from nine eleven illnesses and thousands more are dying right now and it's been a source of passionate debate among certain politicians this is congressman anthony weiner trying on the house floor to plead for bipartisan support to get health care to the sick and dying first responders. in public you probably know armstrong republicans are doing the right thing on behalf of the euros each state should be ashame. and finally obama signed the bill in early two thousand and eleven which provided two point eight billion dollars in health care for the nine eleven heroes but it wasn't even until this year two thousand and twelve that the u.s. government acknowledged that the fifty types of cancer causing the die off of first responders is linked to the poisonous dust cloud and yet not a single first responder has even seen a dime from this is drug a bill despite thousands having applied for compensation for their illnesses so to talk to me more about this issue and the struggle the nine eleven first responders
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are facing today michael mcphillips a first responder and board member of the feel good foundation joins me from our new york studio thank you so much for coming on michael oh thank you for having us so i understand they are still dealing with some illnesses related to your efforts at ground zero can you give us an update. personally i have stage liver disease chronic. bronchitis and c o p and several of those issues. thank you for sharing that how did you feel michael when the government pretty much hailed the first responders as heroes to help sell their wars and then they turned their back on you when you guys needed their help and most devastated to say the least. emotionally and financially it's destroyed a lot of good people's lives. while passing is a droga act was a victory of sorts i mean but you voiced concern michael about aspects of the bill that fall short can you talk about the problems associated with this bill. there
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are several problems one it's underfunded. with cancer being added it's going to eat the money right up to the medical care. number two is nothing has been paid out yet and it's through no fault of. she's been doing a wonderful job. the attorneys and the applicants themselves or not filling out the paperwork correctly so that's one of the short pause why ever now stop we'll talk more specifically because i understand i mean not a dime has been paid out i think you know thousands i think oh something that i read fifteen thousand people have already applied for this money i mean what is the holdup here michael. i believe it's fifteen hundred people i'm sorry i have two hundred yeah i have applied and. you know they've just been. you know there's problems on the applications people didn't fill it out properly that in include their medical history with that they didn't include their financial
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shortfall it's issues like that that they're running into problems with and is anyone doing anything to accelerate this process and yes of course john feal with the feel good foundation has been on the phone constantly would feel burned down in order to help. accelerate it so we're hoping in january they'll start paying out some phones and what about you know of course i just mentioned in the intro but this year the government finally acknowledged the fifty types of cancer were even associated with the nine eleven toxic dust cloud i mean have there been any more funds allocated to there's a droga act now that they've acknowledged this cancer or is it just absorbed into the whole. amount no more money has been issued a matter of fact with the cuts coming up they want to take three hundred twenty million away from us out of our fund. that's where we're standing now and
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what's going on with that i know that the sequestration people are like you said they're actually saying that they should cut millions of dollars from a very limited amount allocated for the first responders i mean is anyone standing up for that what are the chances that this is actually going to happen. well according to gillibrand peter king they're fighting very very hard for us they've been absolutely incredible for the nine eleven first community and they say it's very unlikely that it will happen. well that's good so what's going on with the feel good foundation and now i mean how can people help i think a lot of people first of all they don't know about this issue really it's kind of under reported michael and i don't think a lot of people really realize what they can do to help i mean they think that the government a lot of these funds and that it's kind of taken care of cases closed well initially the bill was for eight point seven billion dollars and the only way we
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could get it passed through congress through the senate was to cut it in half so i believe it's four point eight billion or something close to that. which really isn't a lot for forty thousand people that have been affected by the illnesses and by the dust cloud. well michael e.p.a. chief christine todd whitman of course we all know said in a statement immediately after nine eleven that the air was safe to breathe and obviously the government wanted wall street to mediately be reopened for business following the attacks i mean do you think that would give some peace to the first responders to see some of these people held accountable that knowingly lied oh absolutely i mean you know getting wall street up and running was more important than our lives and our well being and that's just unacceptable. well what i should be held accountable what i mean what happened i mean the government just said case
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closed on not as well that they couldn't be held accountable i mean is anyone doing anything at all to to help hold the people accountable that did knowingly lie and put forty thousand people's lives on the line just so wall street could run. i don't believe so and honestly i don't really know enough about that i although i knows that. we did go in we were told it was safe we weren't given proper of a. ventilator you know face this in order to prevent and helling with the toxins and the world suffering now from indeed well thank you so much for coming on shedding a little bit of light on the ongoing struggle that you guys are facing could you give us a web site really quickly of where people can go to learn more yes it's the feel good foundation. f o u n d a t i o n dot com feel good conversation and if you can call your senators or call in
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to a public. time absolutely i mean it's an absolute disgrace cycle to see this government have all the first responders as heroes to try to sell the wars and then just pretty much throw turned their back on you and i really hope that you guys see some justice and get some health care for the illnesses that you guys are facing thanks a lot for your time well thank you so much for having us. but if you like what you see so far go to our youtube channel at youtube dot com slash breaking the fat and dr hecker facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking the set if you're wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on or on the intro to abby martin let me take a break my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear the latest on the conflict in syria next.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are all. let's. live. live.
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live. live. live. live live. live
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. it looks like. you ever seen anything like that. all right guys let's talk about syria now ongoing civil war in the country has left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries and the question over solution remains a hot topic of debate among the international community and in recent days the situation has become even more convoluted with allegations of the syrian rebel group all new syria being labeled as an offshoot of al-qaeda the corporate media hammering home how assad will soon use chemical weapons against civilians and evidence of how the u.s. has been supplying weapons for the rebel groups in syria all along. so to help us sort through the overload of information propaganda and rhetoric coming from all
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sides i was joined earlier by political commentator and video blogger mimi alla harm or syrian girl partisan to the youtube community i first asked her to help sort through the propaganda about the different factions that are fighting on the ground right now in the country. for this reason we have to this time a little bit. one of the biggest pieces of misinformation or disapprobation in the mainstream media i believe is the idea that w. should in syria and spontaneously you know it's been in the works for years now if you believe the documents such as the brookings institute and the . u.s. general now another actually said it does and one that you had to attack seven countries in ten years which included libya iraq syria. iran
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eventually so this isn't a cloud in the works for a while and for now fourteen years going by the biggest opposition group inside syria is the muslim brotherhood group there was an organized group. our own group in syria itself or of course the go so this uprising is not really quite the uprising to it into condos if simpson brotherhood uprising is political organization and from the very start we marched up until a bit it was already shooting it was already. armed factions of this group of this political organization. started so. the groups inside syria. they're characterized as secular at the say and up higher and higher but really line between is is quite slewing i mean that they
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are say it is a cemetery in israel as muslim brotherhood little organization and very small amount of them are secular. you have of course the foreign element is for all the growth in middle east the caucasus region in russia. to syria not only because it ideological reasons but because they were promised a salary by the qatar government and saudi arabia which is also something that they said publicly so all these are live from groups i would like to go to why the us has now are two years to live in one of these groups that has a new star as another as an al qaeda terrorist group. i think because. this group has the coast. forward there is a suicide. terrorist activity but. not very different from other groups
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inside syria. who are fighting the syrian regime. that just recently there was a media article i think important term that the twenty nine. of the say have come together. but that the us has. a terrorist organization and it would be nice to petition just say that we are all strong and until. you have no heat brigade. that was caught by new york times journalists were embedded with. sitting on a prisoner two i don't need to look at a government checkpoint and then un prisoners so i wouldn't doubt this distinction that the u.s. is trying to create between jihadists. they.
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don't destroy them but you know i think what we're trying to do is just absolve themselves of their army. right of course and we just heard you know it's confirmed they've been supplying weapons we already knew that but it is interesting to see the corporate media kind of confirm what we already knew what about this chemical weapons rhetoric meaning i mean i just can't help but think of iraq when i hear all the score for the corporate media line the narrative kind of pushing all of this stuff about assad about to use chemical weapons it's impending it's going to happen . is there are real threat that assad really has weapons or is this just a complete propaganda tool to rally people behind us intervention here. well i don't have to tell you i'm going to position to say how it works or not but i think i have i believe personally that yes they do have weapons but of
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course that was never denied or. acknowledged by the syrian government so basically i think the jury has not been signatory to any of the conventions regarding can look in a way that is telling but at the same time you know the u.s. has the biggest weapons of mass destruction arsenal in the world and nuclear so there we all know it was done do it and you know they say the jury i will use these weapons against their own people i don't believe that they need to say that they won't buy i don't believe that they need to because the syrian army is basically. doing by controlling at this stage that is now and i think what really going on here is not to fall first of all the u.s. is looking for ways to intervene as it did in iraq and you. heard the same rhetoric
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and suppose it intel that we're supposed to rely on you know turned out to be completely false in iraq but this time it was supposed to be light and no reason whatsoever coming out of the u.s. saying that syria is moving its chemical weapons stores not sure it would be even know where they are so. it's like that media believe people are obsessed. just that it doesn't of the. right well maybe you just hit it right on the head there where you said it's the double standard i mean whether or not they even have weapons that's not the point the u.s. is sitting on the largest nuclear stockpile in the world the us is the only country to ever use nuclear weapons during war of course we're sitting on chemical weapons as well so that even have that as a justification for preemptive invasion is outrageous i mean so thank you for really hammering down that point which is really the point that needs to be made really quickly though i mean what is the real threat here of letting letting the
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u.s. or nato intervention happen in syria i mean syria's one of the last independent states in this region of course and it's a huge threat because it's independent from imperialist forces really brain control over that whole region of the world i mean so what is the real threat of letting intervention happen and what do you advocate as a solution to the crisis there because there is it is very complex. you know i just wanting one comment about. just. i said this is my channel a few months ago and i believe that there is a risk. they say i have been given chemical weapons and that i think just now the government soldiers come up to see the little hero that the episode the syrian rebels will use these chemical weapons as a pretext for intervention for the u.s. but going on to question the danger syria is this the only independent country in
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the middle east which is a reason why it's being a tough by any to go and the u.s. and because of for one thing it's positionally israel i mean to tell you has always been a supporter of palestinian struggle. polls i living under sixty years so. it's basically what are the biggest reasons why the u.s. and israel strong allies as we know strong to this not to what the media. is trying to get rid of the alliance between iran and syria and also sort of our hezbollah which as you know successfully pushed. a tire on lebanon in two thousand and six so we'll put that perspective of basically turning. to another or failed state as in a. this is clearly going to. oh give no help to
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the post killing people anyway and it's probably going to help the rest of the world either because. the syria was trying to create an alternative oil. that would help you know with. getting oil to europe but of course that would rival turkey qatar and israel were in using. those rival russia so it's this is a huge octopus is easy but i think. with people in the world is it if you're going to talk with syria and what do you really quickly about thirty seconds left what do you advocate i know that you have a big following and people do look to you and you know firsthand you know you your syrian you have connections there what do you advocate as a solution i mean people are dying. obviously there it is
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a very complex situation and what do you think should be the solution well i think reform is the solution you know i'm not a pro-government person buys you look my country just like many other certainly i think i'm the star so you come out to vote for a new constitution the majority of them did and i think that the people in the u.s. should look at every point process and the world it should try to resist their government's agenda inside syria just look at. these extremist elements from taking power course will end up with a repeat of the last twenty years as well have gotten started well thank you very much for coming on breaking it down more syrian girl partisan on you tube everyone check it out really appreciate your time. thank you so much. one thing that we forgot to talk about this interview is on hard courts naveh a ukrainian journalist who was kidnapped by the free syrian army because of her
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coverage in the country and working in collaboration with. r t she's now set to be executed in two days unless fifty million dollars ransom is given to the f.s.a. by the ukrainian and russian governments yet there's little no coverage on the kidnapping and possible execution of coach not revealing another obvious bias toward these rebel factions from the western government so go to facebook dot com slash free on heart to learn more and spread the word because we can't count on the media to do it for us. to. use them to see. destruction without to see. what could have been just ruins. saved by a great sacrifice. and. understood by human genetics and
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