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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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happening to the global economy. the global financial headlines. is a report on. the fate of a foreign journalist kidnapped by syrian rebels remains unknown. execution. controversial. despite the. first reading. it is a pleasure to have you with us here today. just after seven. there's
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been no word about the fate of her ukrainian journalist being held hostage in syria after a deadline for execution set by rebels passed on thursday. who assisted with other media outlets during the ongoing syrian conflict was abducted by insurgents now two months ago they threatened to kill her if a fifty million dollars ransom wasn't paid by taking up the story for. well the deadline has passed with no word as to whether or not she is dead or alive she was reportedly kidnapped by the free syrian army and held for ransom of fifty million u.s. dollars she was taken hostage nearly two months ago and since then has appeared in two separate videos in the first she appeals to the ukrainian government to pay the ransom money and state her free in a second which many believe was made under due is she admits to being a spy but the point needs to be made that just about everyone believes the that this video was made under extreme pressure and delts the objective mists of what
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she was saying now reporters without borders amnesty international and a number of other nongovernmental organizations have called on the free syrian army as well as the syrian national coalition they've demanded that they immediately secure her release saying that this is the first taste of the newly reliably recognized government at the same time the same rebels in egypt holding her have posted a video in which they have said that no russian no ukrainian and no will leave syria alive so there is deep concern as to her fate of course want to poor reporting right now russia says the recent official recognition of syrian rebels by the u.s. and its allies is only fueling the armed conflict in syria also reiterated its position that political dialogue is the only solution to the conflict as r.t.c. corpuscle reports. for the past twenty four hours international media has been
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buzzing with speculation that russia changed its position on the coffin serial now all the speculation in the media began on thursday one of the foreign ministry senior officials was misinterpreted when he quoted the syrian syrian opposition which said that president assad was losing control over the country there's been an official announcement from the foreign ministry which basically says russia's stance on the issue is still the same and still does not support any side of the conflict it does not plan to show president. although the situation in syria is deteriorating and russia is looking at the possibility of evacuating russian citizens out of their foreign ministry has stressed once again that there could be only one solution to the conflict which is a diplomatic one any foreign military intervention should be based on the principles in geneva which basically call on both sides to immediately and simultaneously put their weapons down start up
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a little process and for the international community to apply equal pressure on them to do so. reporting the german parliament has approved the deployment of patriot missiles to turkey and berlin is now also ready to send up to four hundred soldiers to operate the batteries this following similar decisions by the u.s. and the netherlands all the aim to protect ankara from possible syria. discuss it further i'm now joined by jeremy sold an associate professor of middle eastern history and politics and bill can university thanks for coming on our team today the countries are involved in the only aim is to protect their nato ally but the missiles are capable of reaching deep into serious territory what do you make of that well this is the reason for staging the missiles on syria's border is not because of an attack by syria because there's actually no likelihood that syria turkey and in any case those missiles to be the. all ballistic missiles the
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artillery shells. the border accidentally so the. speculation is based on the fact that perhaps. an. intervention. and this is the interpretation. and he said it's fundamentally part of the game plan against iran. you know these are the questions that. factor into this equation. let's talk about the troop deployment the u.s. the netherlands and germany a. thousand troops to operate the patriot batteries that amount of soldiers really needed to operate six. i wouldn't think so i. wouldn't think you need a thousand soldiers to do it not even for six but there's been increasing pressure
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from. syria's. position troops on the jordanian. to something. and of course the other question i would like to mention and this very much of what you were talking about before the seizure of the ukrainian journalist who has been held for two months and because he was writing very critical reports about the so-called syrian rebels one has to question who did the germans who did the british who did the americans think disappointing in syria not supporting groups who committed to democracy not supporting groups that committed to a political transition they're not supporting groups that are committed to in any way the formation of a transparent state all of these groups all of them their. them all kind of. a different islamic ideology. you know they all support that one. group
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which is outlawed the other day by barack obama. these people are not nice people and they've been committing atrocities ever since this uprising began. certainly there's been quite a lot of external commentary on who exactly are all the factions making up the syrian opposition seems to be that a lot of western powers are supporting them without possibly knowing exactly who they are supporting and the build up on the syria turkish border does come amid the widespread western recognition of the syrian opposition as i made there what do you make of the timing in and of itself well first of all let me let me put this to you is that the syrian opposition as that's recognized by the american government now the government does not represent the syrian people there's actually no doubt about that they've got no credible reason for saying that the internal syrian opposition is opposed to the groups and even the armed groups themselves are opposed to this. external opposition council which is now being represented as a legitimate government of syria i mean it seems the western policy on this issue
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is complete all over the place and the geneva agreement which you mentioned signed in june actually specified the need for transition in syria to be syrian led and that implied from the inside not from the outside but an exile group set up by the sponsors of the. associate professor of middle eastern history and politics of university thanks for coming on the program thanks very much thank you. london has managed to keep economic decision making power in the e.u. after the blocks leaders agreed the european central bank should become the main supervisor for banks in the eurozone britain which of course sticks to its own currency had feared moving to a banking union could make it financially powerless stephen wolf from the u.k. independence party says the deal will not bring any benefits to his country. there is a certain cobell of politicians and advisors in this country who are petrified that
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they're no longer going to be at the central table of europe enjoying the late night events and the flash cars and the hotels that they get the decision making the real buzz of being there but there are those like me actually party that believe that being outside of of this particular could would actually influence great great britain's influence would actually rise and we'd be able to trade more easily with the rest of the world because we're freed of these regulations but at the moment you can see that even from the government's own statistics they show that recently trade with the rest of the world has risen dramatically whilst our trade with europe has actually fallen and that's not surprising to ourselves because we see that the rest of the world everything the east in asia are looking at south america or indeed the middle east and then there's going to be a great push in africa there are countries with rising populations and rising middle class that demand products and we have expertise that could and should be
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used trading with them. of course. like.
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a former policeman has been convicted of involvement in the murder of. the most. people. first it's a response to. you who are the.
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people the. russia accuses of breaching the human rights of russian citizens americans that breach the human rights of russian citizens being clued for example those who have breached the human rights of children adopted by americans from russia go a lot and there is a name purportedly given to this bill a sort of tag line as a counter to the russian name to the russian name attached to the american bill surrogate magnitsky the russians have dubbed theirs the dmitri yak of low for the bill after a toddler who died in a car left by a parent and the car overheated and the child died there are other adopted children who have led to much anger from the public and politicians in russia adopted by americans one was sent home just a few years old on his own on
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a flight from america because the mother said she couldn't handle the child also those involved with those cases in a wider sense for example judges. that acquitted those involved in letting those people off that let those people off in those search it's not just children as well but a mere putin has lashed out at the surrogate magnitsky bill and has said there are also deaths in american prisons why isn't that being being brought up and going tandem obeyed he angrily pointed out haven't been closed in eight years and he cited that as a grievous example of breaches of human rights by america. russia also protests against the case of victor boot a businessman considered by russia considered by america a dangerous arms dealer dubbed the merchant of death he received
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a twenty five year prison sentence after being extradited to the u.s. russia maintains they consider he was wrongfully imprisoned. certainly some already calling this an act of retaliation you've given our service some of the issues here any others that you can cover for us exactly what is russia responding to here. yes it is all goes back to the case of surrogate magnitsky who died in suspicious circumstances many human rights groups and others say in two thousand and nine to move putin himself has called the case a tragedy a lot of the u.s. lawmakers who signed this bill think it's a lot more than that some people say that he is was allegedly. denied medical care in prison and was possibly beaten to death in prison this all
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happened after he allegedly uncovered an enormous fraud scandal involving russian officials and it was alleged that those very russian officials then manufactured a case against him and it's all this circus again magnitsky bill was attached to a bill entirely unrelated to this affair a trade relations bill which normalizes trade relations between russia and the u.s. all right thank you. why we're still here for you here in the program on r t nuclear talks with iran could soon be back on track tehran and the u.n. atomic agency both praise a recent visit by inspectors and a spy the teen once again being barred from accessing suspicioned i. it's the level of love you can show your heads for the new. legislation upsets the country's one hundred thousand. stories off.
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the idea that takes your breath away to eating across the sky as it was a mohnish good you know the biggest salt lake in europe or more than two hundred species of birds but also it is them are on the verge of extinction and these islands in the south of russia they find shelter before migrating to all the parts of the world paladins as well as other species at the monish who do low feed and face these birds are waiting for their parents to bring them food the best cash for them is in a small area of the lake with the water is relatively fresh as fish cannot survive in the salty a part of the money and the lakes getting sold every year the monish the dealers
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and all to fish oil reservoir which was filled in the nine hundred fifty s. in the areas hot climate the water evaporates quickly and the local stores natural sultanas takes over a birds the drying out of the lake cool so striking one of the world's biggest populations of mustangs. there are four hundred of the animals here the area is a protected. it's a place of peace and calm in recent decades dozens of canals of being dug around here to cultivate the locals taps broad grassy plains this may be useful for humans but it does badly hit many species as the animals here for instance saw a. lopes just some forty years ago there were more than two million. nowhere else in the world but now people brought the species to the brink of extinction this region is be reaching life for thousands of years but now we know relatively short
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space of time it's vibrant diversity of creatures is threatened all fronts by man and self. are to use coming to life from moscow with me wrong. the government has given the green light to the resumption of the controversial gas drilling technique known as fracking by the methods have been criticized for its destructive environmental impact including causing massive water pollution and even earthquakes. takes up the story. cordray is the only company with a license to conduct fracking in the u.k. but that's all set to change now that the government has given its blessing for the
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controversial method of extracting shale gas from underground already operates several wells here in lancashire but the divisive technology was temporarily banned last year and with good reason to the fracking taking place here. minor earthquake says. it was. a local and he's doing very little he said i don't know a lot about it well he should know a lot about it you're going. to lie shareholders pockets this is not going to. be a legacy. for our children hundreds of miles away in london the capital's outspoken . on six of the nation's prayers and the reserves in lancashire america but for residents here in this trying to call corner of england it's a blight on their otherwise peaceful community and the prospect of more fracking sweeping the countryside is frightening and they keep talking about it being in.
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the reserves all the way down i think the moment about. how much better off will be but. the technology may raise fares but the promise of riches from the rush for shale gas has set politicians pulses racing despite mounting opposition which has spread beyond lancashire. and using hydraulic fracturing. is a high risk activity which as many benefits for foreign investors very little for the people of britain. it is a short and not very intelligent solution to energy problems they're going to get money out of the drug program to. bring corrupt governments were doing anything for money i think it's just sort of resource money they can just get the money so this
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is not really for the country's best interest to do that way brussels isn't convinced either the european parliament is reportedly considering regulating the shale gas industry concerned that britain doesn't know what it's doing by throwing itself wholeheartedly into the controversial practice at the minute we are not self-sufficient in gas and haven't been for a very long time we were but in the. us now we see that in the us prices are a quarter. i want you to track this suit to put this issue to print is much less so there are many reasons why it would come. would be attractive and security and also probably in terms of price stability and that's what's drowning out the warnings bringing down people's energy bills means politicians and big business can press ahead even though those living in the shadow of fracking facilities know that
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the government is playing with fire. c. . is coming to live from moscow now it's round in shape and built to last a chinese man prepares for the predicted in my own apocalypse with futuristic looking survival. the full story on our website dot com. also online for you it seems there's no need to be a model to top the rundown of the most desired women on the planet as a convicted member of russia's controversial punk band pussy riot finds herself on a list of the world's leading ladies. for finally there are so. signs of progress in talks between iran and the un atomic agency of course after months of standstill every submission to tehran has given rise to expectations that inspectors could be allowed access to iran's nuclear program as soon as next year and the u.n. team of experts said they were happy with their visit despite
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a failure to get access to the parchin military base which is suspected of previously housing nuclear activities and the u.s. however is stiffening sanctions against tehran and america's ally israel has warned it could strike iran if diplomacy and sanctions fail but a former top iranian diplomat in an interview with us here at r.t. said israel is exploiting the issue to justify its own weapons program here's a preview now of what's coming up later this hour. even. israel is the are always using your own issue. justifying the nuclear bomb say iran is existential threat for easily but the fact is easily is that. produced nuclear bomb before islamic revolution. where the shah of iran was easily. israeli nuclear bomb has nothing to do with iraq
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because it was massed produced before you would. now they are using islamic revolution in order to justify which i would not be so human. tore into the artery wall drop dead now starting with thirteen people who were injured today in egypt city of alexandria ahead of a constitutional referendum due to be held supporters of the president gathered for major rallies in cairo the opposition meanwhile campaigning for a no to a draft written mainly by the islamist group backing the president of the referendum follows two weeks of demonstrations between protesters and loyalists which led to clashes. dozens of libyan prison inmates buried themselves neck deep in the ground using their own blood to write protest signs are unhappy with the low rate of their income by the government the daily payments of less than
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a dollar on hold this year. germany is getting tough on heavy petting and the parliament passed a new. law banning inter species relationships apparently that's upset thousands of germans do a fall to say the lovers of their lives will be taken away. all of our reports. mom's best friend and sometimes. i need an animal to be happy life i did not have it there would be something missing. but i can fall in love with your animal in the sexual relationship is not another question. these people make up some of the estimated one hundred thousand files in germany and i will get started slowly or more like child some kids playing doctor with each other and it's not necessarily sexual but somewhat small
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experimentation that leads you through. technically it has been illegal since the color of trees animal welfare laws were relaxed in one nine hundred sixty nine that sex without. it was dropped from the start books it is led to a boom in the practice and the proliferation of websites and even brothels devoted to it after new laws approved this week come into force the practice will again be considered illegal this group claim there will be a witch hunt when it comes into force groups of our age the way miss eloise regan means that all you need is a rumor accusation for the agency to get involved and take your head away it also affects not just those who practice best reality where for example an animal has certain issues and all you need is a suggestion that this could have happened for sex and you got into an accusation spiral that reminds you of very dark times in german history and. these you
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affiliate campaigners say that here in the german parliament there legislating against morality however the lawmakers themselves say that it's only the welfare of the animals that they care about. policy and morality of it will remove an animal protection law we would like to specify that it's forbidden to course are right for a sexual relationship but the line is when you cause suffering to an animal for your personal sexual gratification. denmark sweden and belgium currently the only e.u. states with a filial law that leaves the prospect that these countries could become a destination for a zoo a fellow tourism animal rights activists hope the move by the bomb the stock will become a europe wide. yeah yes we would support a european wide ban and be fairly t. where stand behind other nations and we need to catch up. just outside of berlin as
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one of the largest animal shelters in europe consent is a major issue while those involved an animal welfare say must be addressed as dogs are loyal even when they. abuse they're still going to look at the fat head beat especially when it gets enough to eat dogs will be happy whatever you dictate the date is not a sign that the dog is enjoying. those in relationships with our littles though confident that their love is legitimate in fear for the future. they fantasize about castrating your taking my animals away our friend has found a razor blade in this post with a note do it yourself so we don't have to wear as they want to arrive too often but they arrive every now and then in the subway someone was yelling at me calling me names i'm concerned the tax could become physical. these are all of the charity.
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card interest i care on iran's atomic standoff with the west comes into focus just a second. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. easy to see. destruction without to see. what could be just really. saved by a great sacrifice game understood by human just such came to mind the live coverage and so.


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