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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EST

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download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media john darche dot com. the one screens in lines above the arctic circle and even for russia this is a tough climate to survive even when temperatures can stay below zero for eight months of the year. i'm standing on the outskirts of the city of more months it's right up in the fall north of russia and it's been the starting point for many polar expeditions i'm hoping that i'm going to get to try one or two arctic challenges. you have to be physically fit to survive on him and the people certainly seem to have a lot of energy from one of the biggest annual events and moments skews the norden
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the lympics a collection of winter games that brings the population out in force and this it is a welcome to take home to. now if you're going to be an arctic explorer one thing you have to however is plenty of stamina so i have decided to enter. that sort of insurance rather cross-country march. and. fluster me. here goodman thank you very much your number one thirty one thirty which i think is about was about a thousand people here. i'll make it to number one hundred thirty i'll be very lucky ok i'll go so if i'm torn as an experience i'm one of the race organizers and apparently i wasn't exactly in for a treat can you tell me a bit about the specifics of the race because it seems fairly true through the hard truth you know here's a thousand gates and the. most strange hill has about fifty kilo the race to.
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feel it's ok well i think if i make it past the first kilometer of the if out of my so i think it's right i said to try so that. we may get set to go. as the other skiers zoomed off into the distance i try to get into a rhythm i don't have one of the go cross-country skiing and this time it wasn't an easy. road as a more energy efficient way to do this. come on. early for should i go over to the guy. that will want to technical issues i have to address.
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phone call go backwards. first lesson. at least i was able to pick up some tips as my competitors spent posting. to the bonbon. the missile these guys are already trying to kill i would sit in front of it. it was slow going but i was determined to make it to the finish line and fortunately was waiting to keep me out. o. . you see both forests were they say about five kilometers so this is what it takes to to live in. i work in the arctic. who's
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helped me a little. bit it's been a tough introduction to moments when i thought i'd head out into the countryside to meet some animals who are thriving in the difficult conditions. and one thing i was really looking forward to doing up here was running into some oxic wildlife but aside from that it also seems that they might have wanted to exotic guests as well . hello or tim hi james nice to me this may be rather far from their native land but according to keep the cold doesn't bother them at all and they're surprisingly even temperate. of course the traditional habitat of the ostrich is africa but these birds can also survive in the north especially considering the temperatures drop during the night in africa so they can live in
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different places as long as they have enough food. to eat. i think they are getting a bit hungry so what they want to give them a snack for my code gets torn to ribbons. there might not be too much grass for them to nibble on round here but these ostrich is don't lack for vitamins and i was about to serve them a favorite cabbage and carrot combination. i don't know what i've got this is like. it's going straight for the bucket especially this picture over here. goes. all. sink you madame and miss your dinner was just the dysfunction. there are a few notes left overs on the ground if you would like. you might not expect to find a thriving ostrich farm in moments. but people have been surviving on here in the cold for almost two thousand years.
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or and alexander live across the tundra on the outskirts of moments they're part of the sami people the most northern indigenous people in europe. think so they straight out of a very. trusting. get to know. there's one hundred fifty of them all waiting up here. feeding time. so we're going to give them a treat to see. the reindeer all the samis life blunts used for meat and transport and they're well aware of what the shouts of their odors mean so this is the main feeding trough it seems since time to throw it out right more than goes. it will too
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clever to be. this one once the absolute is going to get about two kilos of all the greats like a shark i used to working one so maybe he does deserve a bit more. although the sami have been herding reindeer for centuries yelena says they also embrace the modern world but. herding reindeer is not tradition it's true though that the younger generations has somewhat more defined it was still used ranges can to make food where in the past they made things for consumption now production has switched to people driving snow mobiles you might say we are more than de people but we still want to some of the old practices but we can't get away from them. i'm not include putting some of the animals to work after all could you really have all these reindeer without a sleigh. feeding the reindeer is one thing but catching them is quite another so
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alexander is going to teach me the traditional way to become a reindeer cowboy. and that means becoming a dab hand with a rope. we usually catch the ones we think are ill or the reindeer that are going to be used for work. and once it's cold up and ready. there's nothing. actually too small for you that's over i got close but close wasn't going to pull all sleigh but if it first you don't succeed. yes yes yes yes yes. can i bring you down. ah some real
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reindeer wrestling. so that was a little odd as well if i were there. thank you very much you would make a good reindeer herder. with all reluctant recruit thomastown ha sleigh was ready to go months if i was going to get to my next destination before nightfall i needed something a little bit faster. i think driving one of these might be the most fun you can have and conditions are. pretty serious weather back there. i think i heard a bit of a rest. this is supposed to be a hotel with a different. switch that welcome to all snow than it should if.
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i was desperate for something to eat and drink but nowadays on your way through this place is a bit of a challenge. that . i think i may be slightly lost.
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the fortunately or finally found somebody to give me directions hello excuse me can you tell me where is the ball here i'll show you the way thank you it's very important. for two thirds of the year it makes sense to make the most of it i'm delighted to. have created one of the region's most original and popular attractions the village every year the complex is rebuilt from scratch and this time the theme is countries of the world. and this is the room of dedicated to . have. a shakespearean here. to be able to be british bulldog. this is. a home away from.
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africa south america and europe are all represented here the largest room is reserved for the. move and finally here is the russia room. the room of mother russia here are some famous russian symbols such as the kremlin . the first man in space. of course the russian troika and the russian birch tree all the wonders of the motherland. and thankfully it also happened to be right next to the ball you are welcome thank you dario. and some. much needed. when i got to work on dinner idema told me that this place really is a dream come true the project is the result of a childhood fantasy when i was young i used to dig out small passages as i grew
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older the past just grew larger that's how a child's dream materialized the structure has been a run for four years i'm glad to know that this has given people some of the moments. full time that i said goodbye to and added to my scandinavian theme drew were always in for a bit of a surprise. ok i see what they mean now about a hotel with a difference but. it's been such a long day for a joke. at least a good slide back into the sea. he
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well. science technology innovation all the list i'm elements from around russia we've got the future covered. braving the elements i'm spending evenings in r.c. hotels i was starting to feel more at home above the arctic circle i'm didn't seem
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to mind ventures with brain damage when i read it. with all these guys around i'm going to surprise the sons of course i wasn't good in the pyramids but this is in fact the highlights all the more months northern elim picks i'm going to see what it takes to be a reindeer i though. oh. gods . these races are the highlights of the games i'm a sammy riders. a blistering sun. once the competition is over anyone can have a go. the thing is about these races and most of these ranger is still quite wild.
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so to do is. speak of the to the hooked up. ready for some slayer rights child a chance for. rights so all ranges are ready i'm already this is the big question. lads they seem to know what they're doing a. bunch of how to hold on tight. oh. over though this is the. i mean there is the oldest of. us.
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but exhilarating ride later i walked to the nearby river to get my breath back. i was still dreaming of sailing on the bering sea but i knew there was still plenty more to do before i felt comfortable heading out on to more months frigid waters. but there is a place in the city where the locals have a pretty high tolerance for an icy did. well as well as being a place that entertains visitors the ocean or i'm also doubles as a research center and today i'm going to take part in one or two little experiments with the residents it was time for the grand entrance of dick. head. greenland seal. is really just. trained to respond to the recent frequencies of sounds. on the.
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city. which. now is three hundred. the. seals have incredibly sensitive hearing and the trainers here are looking to find exactly what sounds they can tell apart. so they don't quite go down still in the learning. it may still be a work in progress but they're having some excellent results and we want to find out how sharp a series here are nice in winter and seals can distinguish sounds with little difference as little as twenty has between them most hearing lies outside of the two hundred has limit seals very sensitive hearing. other trainers hope but given time the work they're doing will both benefit science and perk up their
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performances. so there are some really interesting behaviors studying is going on in this oceanarium. just goes to show that at least in the case of dick here you can teach an old seal new tricks and that writes oh boy i can do this one dick wardle. i left to take a well earned rest and i went off to explore some more of the city. more months because one of the youngest regional capitals in russia it was founded in one nine hundred sixteen and it's the largest city in the world north of the arctic circle. its most impressive monument is at its highest point.
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safe to say the moments because one tough city during world war two it was a vital supply port for the soviet union and the allies and in fact the germans want to cut it off so badly that they dropped more bombs here than anywhere else apart from stalin grat and just like the ready in a month monument in stalin the locals have built their own enormous tribute to the defenders here and they've nicknamed him a little ship. with fantastic views of the city it seemed like the perfect place to begin my moments of experience and luckily i had someone to put me on the right track. with more months of the port came first followed by a nearby settlement accommodating the port workers it's ice free but sometimes it does get frozen over because of fresh water from the local reverse the gulf stream prevents it from freezing over because it is this current that enables europe to survive without it the european continent would freeze with. more months is
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also home to russia's nuclear icebreaker fleet and mementos of the city's multiple past easy to find. so this is a monument to the ice breaker year which was the very first polar ice breaker in the world and becoming one of the longest lived ice breakers ever in history and that. is its original anchor. we finally made it to the city docks and a place which has particularly fond memories for virtuous love. in one nine hundred ninety four the boat we had built sailed out from here the women were sobbing as we left port many of them felt they would never see as again the weather was fine we were wearing shorts those two days before we entered the arctic were great and then the temperatures dropped i treasure memories of the voyage not just because i built the boat. was forced to leave his boat in the arctic but
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he and his crew made it back safely it was an inspiring story and i felt i was finally ready to take to the water so this is what it's all been leading up to my final test in more months and i'm coming aboard. catarina here to see if i can master some. solo captain larry hello. so what do i need to do to be a real arctic sailor i'll show you the great thank you very much. we've set sail. and immediately i was set to work on the take. the fun of being on their butts and
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obviously you can't have. great big lengths of rope lying around in the way of the ship. is a section. we couldn't have picked a better conditions to head out in but you always have to be on your toes out here . for right now the weather is come with lots of sunshine but it may change at any moment the northern seas are no one for the magnificence you know the water appears to be black now but it will turn yellow when it's stormy our yard is well equipped to face icy conditions. and apparently it's a certain type of person that wants to explore these waters mother but you move them to people sailing through the arctic are adventurous by nature but of course there are some tiny risks. one of them is the fact that the temperature of the water is always plus four degrees if you spend more than fifteen minutes and there you should probably call your wife to say goodbye.
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as valeri it warns the temperature dropped quickly and we moved into the cabin to take a look at the instruments. that were heading almost directly north zero degrees the compass points here my current job is to make sure that we just don't crash into the port but fortunately it's a reasonable distance over there. and in case the weather is to file there is the latest technology to rely on. we're going to crash into that number about rates we have to avoid that sort of little way down the line there. everyone gets to place it was going to take his nearly two days to get into arctic waters if you like i wasn't going to be seeing an iceberg on this trip but then valarie said he had one extremely chilly final challenge for me. he wanted me to go in there and finally this is what's free a lot to explore is how to do. the least i was being given
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a survival suit it's capable of keeping you alive in the water for a couple of hours if you can get it on in time. this. morning. but finally i was ready to take the plunge the last big tits. or to do this very quickly before i changed my mind. could it get off the both. i can't. even with the suit on it's not exactly a pleasant experience i couldn't wait to get back on board with. them now james. we can consider you a real sailor finisher man a true sailor should wear
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a real uniform or even more stripes. and i tell you it's much better being on the barents sea and being in it. certainly put myself through the wringer a bit of here but expedition is going to have to wait although the locals do say that if you flip a coin into the water here you will come back so. today more months to more of the polls.
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