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if you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i'd like. i mean. i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old story so personally i believe it's. worse cheaper to live through the white house says the. radio guy and four minutes from. what we're about to give you never seen anything like this until.
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the low i mean martin this is breaking the set today i want to talk to you about co-leader el masri a german citizen who was kidnapped off the street by the cia on new year's eve in two thousand and three while he was vacationing in macedonia a monster was secretly held without any communication for twenty three days after which he was transferred to afghanistan under the u.s. government's extraordinary rendition program and there he was tortured he was abused for four months after he was finally released almost three tried to sue the u.s. government two thousand and six but the case was dismissed on the grounds of quote state secrets the shock right but the complete destruction of this innocent man's life was all because he happens to share a name with the so-called al qaeda operative and after winning a case of the european court of human rights for the very first time the cia activities against detainees has been formally declared as torture well it's what
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we already knew but how did american government react to the ruling one big wall ups without the slightest hint of an apology and the payout to this poor man was less than two hundred thousand dollars to ruin his life all of which came from the macedonian government it's a small price to pay for participating the destruction of countless innocent lives in the global war on terror if this kind of collateral damage makes your blood boil to the drama to break the set. have you ever seen anything like. last week mark one year since the u.s. government announced an official end to the mission in iraq a day that president obama was very proud to tout. so as your commander in chief
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and on behalf of a grateful make sure i'm proud to finally say these two words and i know your families agree welcome home. ha. and today is actually one year exactly since the last convoy of heavily armored u.s. troops left the country that was the point at which according to the u.s. ended the nine year war but it is a war really over about the security contractors about the iraqis who are now left to pick up the pieces of their war torn land a land that's now plagued by devastated infrastructure poor health a weak government and a teetering economy so here to talk to me about iraq as it stands today i'm joined now by dalia waspy iraqi american activist and editor of liberated this dot com along with her husband ross the pooty activist and director of the justice for fallujah project thank you so much both of you for coming on. this really quickly
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to start off the interview i know that both of you have a very interesting point in your life that that made you turn to activism dolly i want to start with you just really briefly your half iraq you have jewish you're also a medical doctor that you put up you put that on hold to pursue activism was there turning point for you. during the buildup to the south in our invasion in september two thousand and two i really sort of came for free because the congress and we had already starting dated afghanistan and now preparing for iraq. i was really coming to terms with my tax dollars for paying for as i was training to be in helping. them for cosmetic surgery meanwhile halfway around the world people were dying. because all of my father's relatives were still in iraq and actually on my mom's side and three
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with the history of the holocaust behind them and now i knew of all of our being prepared for my father's family and that along with the example of going before e who made. so many factors. and for what she believed in i was inspired to my family and after that i wanted to do whatever i like using my american privilege to help them thank you for sharing and ross i understand you were a marine in iraq to do experience and i know that made you turn to activism. well i was a regular infantry soldier in the marine corps and it was when we were running these sasso missions security in stability operations in iraq i understood for the first time my life period as it was and imperialism prior had been something i read about in books in high school and it was a distract and not real i didn't really understand the concept but in iraq when we were trying to coerce everyday iraqis into accepting the political agenda that
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we were imposing on them. it became real to me and i understood that it was very immoral in the straw that broke the camel's back was the second siege of fallujah in which i was a direct participant and we destroyed that city and we killed hundreds of civilians in that drove it home for me and it became real and i understood that what we were doing was very very wrong but thank you all as well for sharing i know it must be a very intense thing to talk about dolly i wanted to go to you let's let's get right into the use of depleted uranium i know that the some of you guys are both pretty vocal about how was it being used and what it what did it do to this generation of kids that are being born right now and what are the long term effects of using. the u.s. that will be hearing for the first time during the first call for an inkling. the end of this time there was an announcement from a data somewhere around three hundred times that war in iraq depended on like to
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use depleted uranium because the material and. put on the stick or the missile in that missile is that a plane i think for a tank like a hot knife through butter which is very exciting if you're the president on but the problem with the uranium is that it is your weighing radioactive material in the pon impact it arab ally in the south it's article i think can. the air in the sand and the water supply so everyone in that environment. the thousands of soldiers or the millions of family members of families who are living there are then exposed to it they drink it in the water they eat it in the plants they need it. and what's resulted after the first gulf war in iraq was a six hundred percent in iraq in. two percent increase of iraq since immortality
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rates and three hundred percent increase in the incidence of paediatric with seniors and. now you did again the nato involvement with flavio that again. and soften off in something new since the beginning of those assaults and now an estimated two thousand tons of microscopic radioactive contamination in iraq alone and now there are significant birth defects found in many major cities that were targeted over the years of of invasion occupation in iraq perhaps most significantly in the city if. that pertains to massive massive military assault and the results today are that one in three children of that baby are born with deformity unprecedented for anywhere in the country and anywhere in that region of the world certainly it is
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a very under reported issue certainly the depleted uranium the radiation does not go away for generations of not heard some people say that this isn't going away for a very long time. ross i wanted to talk to you about to do a comment. sorry i just got the half life of the big uranium four and a half billion years. that's when it will stop having a radioactive effect so everybody sticks by not going anywhere unbelievable absolutely unbelievable a terrible tragedy ra's i wanted to talk about the state of iraq as it stands right now and when we look at the economy the infrastructure the health system i mean where would you say the country stands it worse off now than it was in two thousand and three when the us invaded. it's absolutely were sauce destroyed country. as. mentioned the entire country has been contaminated with with radiation and that's not the only type of contamination there has been one recent
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scientific study that found high levels of lead america yuri in in the cities of pollution and basra and very likely in other cities throughout iraq and this is also contributing to the health crisis throughout the country. thousands and thousands of iraqis are going to have to live with these health effects and it looks like it's going to they're going to experience it across generations now those are just the health conditions that iraq is facing the infrastructure is also destroyed people are still struggling to get constant supplies of electricity and water the economy is just in ruins the government is very very corrupt every aspect of iraqi society is far worse off than it was prior to the two thousand and three invasion ross i want to follow up with you know when we hear these numbers of troops leaving i don't think a lot of people realize you know the u.s. never leaves a country that it invades i mean is this just a launching pad for had your money and the future i mean what's the continued
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presence of troops that you think will remain definitely there i mean the bases the troops the embassy that we build. yeah i mean the point of it is to have a gentle me in that region of the world. that's the point is to have military bases surrounding iran to put pressure on iran to change that regime and to put pressure on the regimes other regimes in the area that we don't find to be within our business interests here in the united states and. you know in two thousand and five two thousand and six iraq fell into a lot of sectarian violence which we still see happening that didn't really exist before what do you think is going to happen do you think that. we could possibly see the iraqi use of rising up against the government i mean what hope do you see for this country. well i do want to make the point as you said there was not good kerry and strife in iraq prior to the invasion and occupation and this is
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a classic use of divide and conquer by an empire to try to steal the resources of of that that nation so as as many iraqi families were mixed even the term mixed did not emerge and so after the invasion in my own family make was having a son mean grandmother. so there and our grandfather and they had ten kids so there was an experience like this was the case throughout iraq now we have certainly orchestrated those divisions and the guardian reported believe in two thousand and ten that the u.s. was involved in arming and training and funding sectarian death squads so those divisions are very deep seated today but for the future i believe that you will have seen in other locations where oppression continues that the next generation has nothing that still alive but occupation will rise up for their for their own
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futures and their own families and the most of those it's example i can think of it was the first intifada in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight this was one hundred twenty years twenty twenty one years ari after the occupation of the west bank and gaza and these were the you who came forward struggling with whatever they had which were rocks i believe that you will see that and this is the history of iraq in general over thousands of years the riches of the land have been coveted by many empires before the americans or the british and everyone ends up getting kicked out so unfortunately we're just patrolling i'm feeling very good business in iraq right now but i believe as they have been before they will be driven out of the well indeed hopefully the youth does rise up against the sham democracy that the u.s. has installed in the country and that's all we can hope for and definitely getting
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out of these generations of just horrifying violence and sanctions and war that has played it for so long i thank you so much both of you for coming on dalia waspy rosco do you really appreciate your time thank you thank you. so like you say so far go to our you tube channel youtube dot com so i'm going to set and strive to check our facebook page face. but dot com slash breaking the section if you're wondering about what i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin so stay tuned to hear about one new group's measures of protecting journalists from a less transparent world the next. time i. see.
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every day we're getting closer and closer to a world that is less transparent less just and less free to alter its path nothing is more important than protecting journalists now despite what your feelings are about wiki leaks what the organization represents is at the heart of journalism itself raw truth telling when there is transparency governments are forced to be honest fortune the truth is under major siege in this country the u.s. government uses both legal and illegal tactics to castigate any groups that challenge it so in an effort to support one of the most fundamental and essential rights we have and to protect groups like wiki leaks against this government. a new organization has been a form called the freedom of the press foundation to help me talk more about this organization and what you can do to support transparency i'm joined now by the co-founder and executive director of the freedom of the press foundation and
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a member of the electronic frontier foundation trevor tim thank you so much for coming on. thanks for having me all right so trevor tell us more about how this organization came into fruition. sure so i think a bunch of us were talking about eight or ten months ago about what we could do to kind of stop the financial blockade that was implemented against wiki leaks so if you remember back in two thousand and ten you know after the us couldn't have gone to court to censor wiki leaks because of the pentagon papers case forty years ago where the supreme court said that you know if this information is in the public interest the newspaper publishes it even if it's secret then they can't it can't be censored so instead a couple congressmen went to various corporations and got them to cut off them cut off from their financial support from visa master card and pay pal. and we started talking about ways to solve this problem we just didn't want to become a precedent where if the u.s. government didn't like a certain organization that they could on officially censor it without ever going
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to court but so what came out of this idea was this much broader. much broader idea that we want to support transparency journalism general we're not only trying to help out wiki leaks which is in dire need of support right now because they have been cut off for two years two years but we also want to support a variety of other transparency organizations because you know with government secrecy at an all time high there's no real magic bullet that will end up killing over excessive secrecy but we think we can get at it with the sort of death by a thousand paper cuts approach and so right now we're supporting wiki leaks but we're also supporting three other organizations and we're going to have bundles of organizations every two months that we shift in and out so that people can get a sense of the wide variety of organizations out there that are are really focused on government transparency and yeah i remember a lot of people saying you know i don't want to donate to these organizations i don't want to be put on a government list so this does circumvent that and it actually provide the
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anonymity for people to donate freely and to support these organizations. yeah absolutely we want to make donors as comfortable as possible obvious will be you know in a complete anonymity is impossible because you're dealing with third parties the payment processors like pay pal visa master card basically how it works is that when you donate to the freedom of the press foundation you'll get one charge on your credit card that goes to the freedom of the press foundation but on our site you can go as you can see on the screen right there there will be sliders next to all these organizations names the default is split evenly in between them but you can change however much you want to go to each group and then are back and. those numbers are anonymous anonymously dumped into a sort of bucket for each organization and so at the end of each bundle we can cut a check for each organization for how the donors had had fit very cool thanks for
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explaining that i hope everyone does participate and that it's definitely something we need to support and i want to ask you it personally though when pay pal and his credit card has made that kind of political statement i mean it was one of the first times that i had noticed that corporations were going against their bottom line to make a political statement inside with the u.s. government on things like supporting bradley manning wiki leaks i mean what precedent do you think that that's that's and what do you think about that. well you know that's kind of a problem you know the internet is kind of stubble edged sword where we see it as this huge boon for communication and free speech but on the other side of things there are very few corporations that kind of control how we can. speak and communicate online whether it's through just words or financial transactions so you know when we use facebook and google those are large corporations and they can end up having their own policies that have nothing to do with the government that may not be in line with the first amendment so we want to be
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a bulwark against this if these companies find that something is distasteful but it's not illegal and it's actually in the public interest and we want to be able to provide. these organizations with a way to still get money because you know this was a complete completely on precedent to chew a sion where you had a couple of congressmen calling up companies and basically pressuring them for political reasons to cut off a site that was doing good work and so if that ever became something that they could get away with it would be basically an end around the first amendment and we want to make sure that never happens again and i was very frightening and it's a very frightening president to set to have these corporations kind of politicizing that issue especially when the first amendment but you know trevor are you worried at all about net neutrality i mean is net neutrality essentially dead when we're looking at the failure of the media reform movement in terms of looking at anything the government seeks out as so-called reforms the f.c.c.
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has failed us really and stablish a net neutrality i mean what can we do to really protect that we have about a minute. well i think that's part of what we want we want to show is that actually you know the government has failed as far as transparency goes so far you know president obama made all sorts of promises really good promises in the beginning his first term but unfortunately he's gone. basically done a complete one eighty and all of these and the u.s. government has gone more secretive and question harder to come by and every more things are close to five and the same time there is actually a renaissance going on right now in the journalism world there's all sorts of organizations popping up some of them are startups and some been around for a long time and they're really trying to do good work in this area and a lot of times people don't hear about them so hopefully people can support wiki leaks through our website but then wiki leaks can be the tide that rises all boats and we can get people these organizations out to people who may not have never
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heard of them and then they can start to build a fan base and become more successful after that well thank you so much for coming on everyone check out freedom of the press trying to tempt the electronic frontier foundation he said of web site one more time yeah it's press freedom foundation for press freedom foundation dot org certainly there is a renaissance of citizen journalism and new media that we need to protect those freedoms online one of the things we can do thanks a lot for your time thanks a lot. i. now want to talk to about an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things his name is josh bagley and he's a graduate student and why you who's making waves in the digital world all to bring attention to us military tactic that's going by and large undetected drones i've covered on the show before but josh bagley is the brainchild behind this novel idea
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it's called drone plus a new i phone app that would sort public data from the bureau of investigative journalism about u.s. attacks and translated into a user friendly map that actually notifies users every time a new strike occurs begley said that he wanted to do this because drones quote bring up all sorts of interesting questions about the intersection of technology in international law and human rights chain of command deciding to execute people outside of any laws a very interesting concept intellectually well put josh i can instead of better myself unfortunately despite multiple redesigns apple ultimately rejected the apple because it's of its quote objectionable and crude content once again corp going against its bottom line to make a political statement but this setback wasn't quite enough to deter begley because he's decided to deliver information about us drone strikes through the technology that's already available to us just last week he announced he'll be tweeting every
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single drone strike from the first one that ever took place and yemen in two thousand and two all the way to those happening in present day this twitter handle is at drona stream and if you look at his page you'll see that every treat actually links directly to a source that can substantiate the information who needless to say it's a very lofty endeavor already his tweets have revealed an alarming trend called double tap a tactic that involves bombing a target multiple times. a relatively quick succession meaning that the second strike often hits witnesses who are simply responding to the initial attack that's the same diversionary tactic that the f.b.i. considers to be terrorism on a small scale disturbing i know you see if you're tuned in to the reality of these unmanned killer robots than drones no longer remain the unspoken war and only then can we rise up and demand a no drone revolution so use that hash tag and definitely follow at drone stream
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because this is the first step and for your steadfast dedication for educating the public on such an under reported issue josh baby man you are my hero so he's the hero who is the villain or as much as i hate giving notoriety or even attention to this group of in session will bible thumping hate mongers it is with great displeasure for me to announce that today every single member of the westboro baptist church is a villain in case the name doesn't ring a bell it's the same moronic group that picket soldiers' funerals with bizarre colored signs that read quote god hates fags this vile family travels all around the country with their brainwashed children holding insanely offensive signs in front of mourning families while they're stepping up their game because tomorrow they're planning to picket at the funeral of the principal from the tragic sandy hook massacre but you know what let's give them a chance to explain why they're doing this check out the wife from their website they said the dead children of sandy hook are better off dead than to continue
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being raised for such a great wrath and destruction as you brought to this land there is no hope for any child of this nation blah blah blah blah you have a duty to teach your children to fear god or else leave them to desolation darkness and destruction of wow really hard to get there. garbage but wait there's more. god is laughing at you clams you have disobeyed him for too long now it is time for god to open his armory. no other words really have the words. yikes i think the question we should really be asking the members of this church is what deep seated things they're suppressing to cause them to have such a visceral hatred against gay people i mean of all things like a plot of the bible murder adultery why single homosexuals are the same or pillar of your entire church this delusional when that family is in serious need of diluting their gene pool at the end of the day i find it thoroughly disgusting that these utterly heartless group of people live their lives only to mock the dead especially ones relating to such a tragedy as sandy brook and that's why every single member of the baptist church
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is my villain today now it seems like for every good person in the world there are five more doing harm so let's change that reality joining me and break the set and see you later.
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an early september morning in town at the central front of the cultural subcommands five fifteen greats were on time. the local branch of the radical right is meeting for an early morning raid. the militants some members of the ultra nationalist certain lucky don't have their own sense of humor nothing funny or it seems them to put on arabic roads before heading off for you so. that's what people will go to show she the id. and. nationalists meet up with family so bad you're the leader of the blog. i'll tell you when to raise the order. and jeremy and louie.


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