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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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free. free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media project a free media. energy future president. on his first trip to brussels since returning to the kremlin. tackling terror on trade routes he reports on the drone campaign dividing the country's leadership seems to be quiet about it plus. wiki leaks has already over a million documents to be released. promises to reveal secrets concerning every government in the world. and for twenty thirteen and a christmas address embassy hideout in london.
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twenty four hours a day you're watching r t pan continental energy issue set to gather steam with president putin in brussels for talks with european union leaders russia is the largest oil and natural gas exporter to the twenty seven nation but such a big partnership really comes without hurdles as experts. were up for a very interesting e.u. russia summit here in brussels with several very important issues on the agenda one of them will be the energy corporation i'd like to remind us that gazprom remains the biggest supplier of gas into the european continent and despite. several pipelines delivering the russian gas to the european continent the e.u.
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has certain claims and accusations towards the russian gas giant in particular it wants to gazprom to diversify the means of control over its pipelines in europe certainly gazprom stand strongly against it and we understand that the russian president will be discussing this with his european colleagues certainly this summit takes place in the times of economic crisis in europe and we understand of course that the going to be cooperation between moscow and brussels will be one of the most important things on the agenda the something which has already been speculated by the media and the analysts is whether this summit would show that e.u. would like to put some differences aside and see russia as a key strategic partner in the dark times of the financial crisis it is going through right now so this is a very interesting question hopefully will receive some answers by the time the summit comes to an end and certainly last but not least the foreign policy the major international geopolitical issues will be on the agenda of the summit as well we understand according to the russian president that he will basically read to
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rate moscow's stance on the syrian dispute there on the syrian conflict that it needs to be resolved at the negotiations table in full accordance with the international law not through violent means and not through military conflict this is something that has already said during his annual press conference on thursday of course we'll keep you posted of all the details and all the latest information of the summit in brussels as we get it. the never ending civil standoff in syria and possible ways to end the violence there were raised by russia's foreign minister an exclusive interview with r.t. so here lover of a warned that the refusal of western states to condemn violence carried out by the rebels could lead to a dangerous fall out he also said that russia will never support their wish for regime change in syria we also asked the foreign minister why i was so eager to deploy patriot missiles on turkey's board over the country whether iran was the
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actual target is what he had to say well that's what that's what some people say. be configuration as it is being presented in the media. really looks like it could be used against the room. and in fact you can watch artie's full interview with on monday. yemen us about the president has assumed control of the country's ballistic missile arsenal after purging the military of rivals to his leadership it was feared that the army would refuse to go along with the move assuring in more turmoil in the country caught between uprisings drone strikes and al-qaeda carnage a candle on what's at stake in yemen. as washington continues to make a moral case for its covert wars on terror yemen is presented as a place that is full of terry getting ready to attack america but very few think of
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yemen as a chokepoint the vast economic interest yemen is the poorest country in the middle the book it's sitting on one of the most important trade routes in the wall the bubble manned up straight most people have heard about the southwest canal well of course we almost broke out over the canal right that's how important it is but bob amanda doesn't instantly ring the bell although it's basically an extension of the suez canal and is of similar strategic importance almost all of europe's trade with china japan india and the rest of asia passes for babel manned up every day that's how important it is some argue that washington sees terrorism in yemen as a problem in the sense that it could have an adverse impact on economic interests as they gauged in such a conflict in yemen if it didn't hold very specific geopolitical and strategic necessity for the u.s. i think most importantly of course is access to that bob on monday straight which
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is one of the highest trafficked waterways in the world the u.s. already has a vast military presence in the persian gulf to secure key oil shipping lanes under the banner of chasing terrorists the u.s. is setting up new drone bases on the arabian peninsula including one in djibouti which is on the other side of the strait of babel and that the arrangement that the united states government has with the yemeni government is basically one of bribery we bribe them with money and weapons and in exchange we get to bomb their country with impunity but it may be a dangerous proposition for the yemeni government because of the uproar this crisis of caused among the population. minimum of an american plane bombed this place and killed seventeen people they were innocent they did not deserve to die we wanted so late to go we were protesting the year for it to happen he left what do we have now
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americans are coming to our land to kill us the journalist who shot these images of a two thousand and nine drone strike in yemen that killed fourteen women and twenty one children is now in jail abdullah hyder shi'a was accused of aiding terrorists it was about to be released but the yemeni government reverse this decision after a call from the white house. so rounding the program there is no way of knowing when the administration is out of targets and some fear washington might continue the bombings to maintain control in the region the challenge here is something similar to what happened. in former yugoslavia where when they were looking for targets. in serbia prior to the dayton accords the military. planners came to to richard holbrooke and they said well you know honestly we've run out of targets we've bombed everything. so we have to keep this bombing up and they say we've already hit these stories that bomb them again find secondary
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targets because they needed to keep up the pressure now my fear is that order to keep up the pressure on al qaeda or its associated organizations the united states will expand you know its definition of who is a legitimate target washington is helping the current yemeni government in order for it not to fail and to be friendly to the us friendly enough to allow the u.s. to bomb them as washington see fit and friendly enough not to mess with this vital trade route but historically that kind of a prop by the united states has often led to eliminating much of the local population that sooner or later gets the sense that their government is serving its own interests and the interest of those thousands of miles away in washington i'm going to. britain is sounding the retreat as the costs of conflict become too much to bear a few minutes we're going to lose. its troops from afghanistan because the bill is
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. defensible on the home front. found that wiki leaks. says his whistle blowing web site is ready to reveal game changing data next year he addressed his supporters and data next year the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been ensconced for six months or smith was there. the world's media and a lot of supporters have come out for him this evening also holding a candlelight vigil he called the crowd when he came out a sight for sore eyes and then he mocked his six months in the embassy by talking about it saying that he entered the building and it's become his home and his right to the principles of the dorians as he called them who had taken him in and then he said that he is able to communicate to the people here unlike two hundred thirty two journalists who are currently in jail all over the world he named a few of them and he also spoke of bradley manning who have roots is accused of leaking documents to wiki leaks and he said he saluted journalists and others to
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stand up to oppression let's listen in to what he's got to say people often ask what can i do the answer is not so difficult to learn how the world works challenge the statements and intentions of those who seek to control us behind. democracy and more nikki unite in common purpose and common principle to design document and a fin loon. act now two thousand and twelve being a busy year for wiki leaks he has written a book he's also made a show and wiki leaks has continued to release documents but it seems that two thousand and thirteen will be no less busy a team have prepared a million documents which they promise to release with information that he says relates to every single government around the world and he also reiterated his
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plans to run for the australian senate so the message here is he might be cooked cooped up inside the upper storey an embassy base certainly not resting on his laurels. well germany is learning a hard lesson over literacy how around seven million people are struggling with basic reading and writing. they don't get to share in the country success. on the march under god these men and women are walking one of the longest and probably the loneliest road in the world they reenacting march into exile made by thousands and czarist russia. if i was here three hundred years ago i may have disappeared my local lord and they have deserted from the army or a variety of other crimes the result was the same like my fellow prisoners around
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me i've got a long and very cold walk ahead into exile in siberia it took them years to get there summers and winters entire years a lot of people died on the way this group in the western siberia region of omsk discovered they're living on the only surviving stretch of the original nine thousand kilometers of the siberian exiles track that's had no modern changes made to it have guinea discovered that he's descended from some of these exiles and decided to build a museum telling a story he and his re-enact is now receiving to us from all over the world to show them what it was like what the story is going to stop it's scary to put the shackles on of course but it's interesting if we don't remember our history we will have no. it's a monument to want to czarist russia cruellest chop to. the city served as the capital of anti communist white russian leader out of the capital and up in the civil war from one thousand nine hundred to nine hundred nineteen whilst in residence he lived here they had
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a study of the man like the maintenance of this building has remained a taboo right up until the present day or we still receive hate mail saying that he hanged a lot of people and was famous for severe punishment it's all true but it was at a time of civil war both sides were monstrously cruel it is sadly the theme of cruelty which links so much of empires history to the rest of russia's particularly of exile where they were an apple or a criminal. act
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. afghanistan is proving to be a problem in britain that can ill afford the government revealing a seventeen billion pound bill for the war so far makes it even tougher to sell it when there was the massive force that's under way and leaders at cutting costs were
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they turn pretty boy has the story seventeen billion pounds the british government has just revealed that that's been the cost of the so far eleven year war in afghanistan now it was a very field at the same time as a clear timetable was announced for troop withdrawal from the region in but it's those seventeen billion pounds that are being spent that have been spent on for the war on top of the existing defense budget final price tag for the afghan war might be something around twenty billion. and of course the u.k. is going to keep sending money to afghanistan after twenty fourteen they're going to be sending from like seventeen million pounds for aid towards the afghan national security forces after twenty fourteen and this is all at the same time as the government announcing prolonged all series here at home that's going to continue until at least twenty seven hundred twenty eighteen and the chancellor
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announcing that there's going to be extra welfare cuts and an extra ten billion pounds slashed through welfare budget i'm joined by john hillery who is the exact. he probably carroty forty voice judges eleven years later seventeen billion pounds down the line about money have been better spent elsewhere you could hardly really think of any worse way of spending the money as you say if you pointed out here in britain we're seeing an enormous cuts to government spending into the welfare budgets about twenty five billion pounds in total which actually is almost the same as being spent in the war in afghanistan defense spending can be justified but this is seventeen billion pounds over and above the existing british defense budget it's a completely only popular people in britain wanted the troops out people in afghanistan want the troops out and now will be facing these massive cuts on top of people really angry differently if you will discontinue already the state secretary
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has said that parts of afghanistan won't be under government control and so that means a lot more questions from the british taxpayers about the eleven years spent fighting the war and the twenty billion pound price tag for at. russian tycoon. might see freedom back to jail. found guilty of money. and prison terms cut two years as we report online. to trigger happy in the usa deaths from shootings are expected to pace casualties from its not so distant future details of.
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how to become one of the world's industrial titans you need a workforce that's ready for anything but grim statistics in the heart of europe millions of adults are being left behind because they have trouble reading and writing. germany and engineering giant a footballing colossus a nation at the very forefront of modern european civilization and this when when i was younger and my friends asked if i wanted to play football i was awaiting it even though i wanted to i was afraid that i might have to read something and that would reveal my problem that i couldn't read or write properly statistics from the ministry of education suggest around seven and a half million germans are functionally illiterate and that means that they can read or write single sentences but nothing more complex than that tim taylor fellner left school without the skills needed to get by in the world he turned to adult education and now works to help others. on the toughest part he says is
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getting people to confront their illiteracy if. there are plenty of people who realize that they have problems you notice that in yourself but you try to hide it many are in denial they think they're ok and are able to keep it covered up always making excuses not part of the closet or tim says large class sizes coupled with parents too busy at work to spend time reading at home has allowed some kids to slip through the cracks also under the radar as an estimated three hundred thousand adults who cannot read or write at all the government is running programs to try and tackle this but the numbers and rolling in courses is a drop in the ocean compared to the millions affected yeah i know you think no one should leave school without the minimum required skills to function as a member of society this is a major issue and something we hope not only able to make sure doesn't happen in the future like it also help those who have problems now one program that is
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looking to help functionally illiterate adults in and around the city of cologne has got employers and volved. from small local businesses to huge manufacturing giants they've agreed to give staff with literacy problems flexible working hours so they. ah but splats it has been a very good as a way of getting education to people who perhaps don't have the time to attend regular classes it benefits the employees as well they get to contribute to the local community and in return receive employees with more skills. despite the good work being done by programs like this one out of the estimated seven point five million functionally illiterate people in germany. only five percent are receiving any kind of education these are all over r.t. germany. two of greece's largest banks could be in line for bailouts after
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reporting huge losses this year together they'll need about thirteen billion euros worth of loans to stay afloat and this just days after the country's credit rating was raised to six notches from selective default to be minus meanwhile standard and poor's has further downgraded cypresses credit rating to junk citing growing fears that it could default on its debts. there is a surge of anger in egypt this time after the country's top prosecutor withdrew his resignation a law to bring him had pressured judges not to release protesters opposed to president morsi his fate will now be decided by the justice minister egypt is preparing for a second round of voting on a controversial draft constitution which is split the country into its opponents think it's hasty and aimed at creating and is the most state. this is where you might want to head to if you're expecting the world to end it's a small town in southern italy which indian group of these will survive and the
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apocalyptic predictions of doom mongers have also descended on the bottom of it to mark what they think will be the end of the world that's one thirty pm g.m.t. will report on how people around the world are preparing for the end of the month calendar with some turning that's supported on into profit. divine power in action activate the. i and. me please we are under the control of those governing us before we're at the service of our space mafia i found that on that day the magnetic field of the sun will rise. to it that will create
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a discipline that just. after the second coming it will be a beautiful place it will receive its glory it will be a renewed world and it will be a beautiful place. the first. will stop just ammunition. dr you know if there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately. off the break ati's capital accounts reveal some back door money management on wall street and the deals that lets certain traders stay ahead of their rivals stay with us.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture. is easy.
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good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lister here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for thursday december twentieth two thousand and twelve in the u.s. as the fiscal cliff approaches reuters reports republicans are aiming to vote today in the house on a plan which obama promptly says he would veto meanwhile fitch has warned the u.s. could lose its aaa credit rating if washington doesn't get a deal to treat what we call economy ria no this may all feel like deja vu and maybe it will all turn out fine maybe it won't though where do you want to place your bets we'll talk to the daily reckonings eric brian and joe bowman about their choices plus a german study finds paying taxes has a positive impact on. being no word on what the findings would bring in the west but if you are counting on taxation to make you feel like your quality of life is on the up and up stateside we'll talk about some other economic options and the opec of maple syrup has been wrong millions of dollars worth of the hot commodity
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has been stolen from canada's maple syrup cartel yes cartel i said maple syrup cartel and those are not my words that's according to the new york times we'll talk about it in loose change let's get to today's capital account. the fiscal cliff charade it honestly sounds just so much like what we were hearing during the debt ceiling debate of two thousand and eleven when lawmakers were bickering and another ratings agency was threatening to drop the u.s. is aaa credit rating and then it of course did now that was met with much fanfare in the beginning but then not many direct consequences the dollar has strengthened against other currencies the u.s.
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has borrowed at record low rates since and maybe this whole fiscal cliff saga will play out in the exact same way and if another ratings agency in this case downgrades the u.s. so what won't matter and with events that actually do change the contours of the game we don't actually know what these things will even look like until they happen and until they happen we have a really hard time entertaining the notion that they ever will like this. i had a press conference today was represented steve king and louie gohmert we have a bill here for the grid no we won't we won't get downgraded of course not that's impossible until it happens and when it comes to preparing for these things the prep or is often seen as a chicken little like people who were buying generators and stocking up on food in the northeast they may have seemed a bit paranoid until this sandy's effects blasted new york city causing damage and destruction never seen before in america's largest city now when it comes to
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preparing for the fat tail to start wagging its what one of our next guest compares to waiting for a train that may never come but miss that train and the opportunity is gone while our other guest says that if that train were the state let it go right off that cliff good riddance they are eric fry and joel bowman of the daily reckoning and they are both in the flesh in my studio here today thank you guys so much for being here it's a pleasure to have let's start with going over cliffs getting on trains all the things of that sort eric you've said that preparing for kind of what did you say you were the ultimate egyptian train ride would be preparing for national adversity so first of all why you got to pick on egypt and second of all seriously what is the metaphor with an egyptian train ride or what is it all about picking on egypt is actually joe's fault oh is he started and said anything that's already. gyptian train is a.


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