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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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polling stations close in egypt after the country voted in the final stage of a referendum on the islamist drafted constitution which sparked violent protests and fierce clashes in. moscow one step closer to banning all adoptions of russian children by americans the move has been triggered by an increasing number of abuse cases and even some deaths. and all you don't want for christmas is festive shopping fever gathers pace we look at what gifts brisket ending up in the garbage very next day.
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it's two am in cairo. thanks very much for joining us here on our t. our top story this hour egypt wrapping up in voting wrapping up in egypt where people have been casting their ballots on the draft constitution that split the nation in triggered monthlong protests second and final stage of the referendum preceded by a fresh outbreak of violence in the country's second largest city alexandria and now for more on this we're joined live by journalist bella true who is in the egyptian capital covering all of this for us so what are the predictions for the outcome of the vote so far. well right now the polling stations have shots and the voting is underway across seventeen governorate in egypt the million dollar question is of course how this will turn out in the first round it was seven
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fifty seven percent voted in support of the constitution and it's said that this is most likely to be a yes vote in the second round this is because the governor is going to. rule government governors with a strong mission brotherhood base in them also three only three of the governorates actually voted against the machine brotherhood of the presidential elections again president obama mostly people think and this is saying is most likely to be a yes the opposition forces that passes saying that there is many instances of electoral violations right streets of also chimed in today releasing reports on the hour all the different electoral violations including missing but it judges not supervising polling stations and ballots going missing is that many believe maybe a vote rigging which would see a yes vote in the end the biggest news of the day however is the resignation of the vice president mohamed mackey this is largely seen to be perhaps because in the
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draft constitution as it currently stands there is no code for the vice president although an official reason was given for his resignation many believe is a strong sign to the president they believe the constitution will be yes because his post does not exist right now here in cairo people are just waiting as the numbers drift in and we work out what the result is of this referendum and bill as we've been covering this we have seen clashes between islam is opponents of the constitution what's the mood like in the city right now. absolutely we saw quite violent scenes in alexandria egypt second city on friday between rival protest groups. between areas in support of the constitution and those against the constitution seventy seven people injured in the police have to get involved. and the moment today the scene have been calm across the capital and also across the governorate that only minor scuffles in the polling station
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lines between people who are voting in different ways and so really the feeling is still very very tense here i mean the background to the violence the last month we saw violence seem to act on just one week ago as well between rival protest groups and of course as a bloody scene in front of the cairo's presidential palace about three weeks ago now we saw ten people die when those who support the president clashed against those who were against the president as among the people there quite tense to say we're waiting for the results of the referendum if it is in fact a yes we would like to see an escalation from the opposition forces which could see the violence on the streets. of egypt in the future all right cairo based reporter belcher live in for us in cairo thanks for that update. while i was candor blogger and journalist in cairo explains why he doesn't support the constitution i did vote myself and i voted no for the constitution and i think the irrespective of the fact
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that the constitution the vote this vote is not about the constitution but about the legitimacy of the muslim brotherhood and the direction they're taking the country the constitution itself is a very flawed it takes away more freedoms it gives police powers to detain people for more than twelve hours for twelve hours and cement the military role in egypt something unprecedented in all of egypt's constitution. more expert analysis on the situation in egypt as well as a timeline of the recent protests and most dramatic videos always available a click away at our t.v. dot com five hundred. that's the price a u.s. marine will pay for a year in aiding on the bodies of dead taliban insurgents the marine was demoted and his pay docked after admitting to the deaths to create desecration that falls afoul of the geneva convention investigation was launched after the act was caught on video and posted on the internet political activist david swanson believes the
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sentence is too lenient and highlights how the u.s. military may have lost touch with the reality in afghanistan. it's absurdly low it's insultingly low but so is the charge and i mean this is someone guilty of creating corpses of killing human beings who is then prosecuted for having desecrated them after the fact this is this is the problem with our culture of violence that we that we think we're going to civilized war that if we didn't cut off the fingers and you're an aid on the bodies then it would be ok so we have a long ways to go to get into to a better legal as well as moral understanding because americans like to think that their government must have some justification for what it does it builds the idea that it is ok to occupy the nations of other people we had an incident this week in the united states of other former soldier attacking a mosque to seek revenge for u.s.
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soldiers who had lost their lives of broad without stopping to understand that they were occupying someone else's country so we have this rule in hatred for muslims for afghans for pakistanis in the united states and it is it is the doing of the u.s. government and its occupations and its drone wars but the longer they go on the more the ill will builds both at home and of course in the nations being occupied and being subjected to drone strikes that. well stay with us here on our team still ahead this hour the problems continue to mount for greece as of now four of the country's main banks looking for ways to stay afloat after posting massive losses we take a closer look at why plus. look in my flu fukui i was minister of regional cooperation ministry it was a group culture minister of housing and construction it's neutral in the ministry
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of justice even held this closed when you can usually israel readying for elections amid rising concerns over the country's political process is that and more after a short break. you just saw often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that just softens of course on the island of horn at the heart of by his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and his horses were there sometimes it gets lonely here horses have become part of me now
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i've fallen off so many times sometimes big bites as well it's part of my every day life. i home sweet home to a new born rats like me just laugh for centuries most still live off the land but cattle and fish. is my call is often called the peril of siberia and when i said to be the pearl of by call it's a lend of think forests. and vast stops. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and fuel seekers you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even run in water for most people tend is there on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for.
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and sure need to buy coal can be unique a trip of a lifetime and the local say once you've seen it they'll be coming back again and again. on the edge of human capability. struggling with a dream. layout to become first. fourth. fall in.
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thanks for staying with us here on r t eleven minutes past the hour now in moscow the lower house of parliament passed a bill that bans u.s. citizens from adopting russian orphans the legislation is seen by some as a response to washington the so-called magnitsky list that president putin describes as anti russian but the measure follows a series of child abuse cases with american foster families so many resulting in
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the death of a child or he's got a shaky and takes a look at what's prompted moscow to take action. the adoption agreement that russia and the u.s. signed in november was designed to provide mechanisms of oversight for russian children adopted by american families but moscow claims it is still being met with obstacles when it attempts to inquire an adopted children still here assume many lies about the real conditions of children adopted by u.s. parents we have no idea what's really going on the united states does not do follow ups once an adoption is finalized there is untold numbers of children that are enduring abuses that haven't been reported that haven't resulted in their death that are just surviving the case of alan who was adopted from russia and she was placed in the home of the head a file she was discovered because of a a child pornography sting and she told reporters and such that she
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waited every day in kept praying and believing that somehow the adoption agency that placed her there would come back and check on her and she would have been able to tell them but nobody ever came much of the fury in moscow over the brutal treatment of adopted russian children has been driven by the leniency american judges have shown towards a number of abusers the adoptive father of two year olds in my jacket who was acquitted after he forgot the boy his car for nine hours the toddler died of heat stroke. the parents of russian born s annual craver have been released on bail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter the quavers have dodged a murder sentence even though investigators discovered that the child had suffered repeated beatings from his adoptive parents which left him with over eighty bruises and injuries of which twenty were to his head judges have also shown leniency in cases of abuse which did not result in the death of the child jessica beagley
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received probation after she went on a popular t.v. show and bragged of how she disciplined her adopted russian child by systematically cramming ha softly into his mouth and putting him on the cold shower russian officials say they were denied any access to another russian boy maxime by of who was allegedly abused by his foster parents according to florida acquitted them at a time when the adoption rate in russia itself is low the situation around us adoption seems even more dire the u.s. account for around a third of all foreign adoptions in russia and there are hundreds of successful cases each year but the latest development casts doubt over whether that good work can continue the argument that if there's the flight is chance for an orphan to find a happy home they should be given that chance is on doubted but just as indisputable seems the argument that there has to be more oversight over the well being of these children because with the way things are now dozens of adoptive children could be subject to abuse right at this moment and we may never find out in washington i'm
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going to check on. online for you now your chance to own a luxury items that once belonged to a president that there's some of the ousted two unusual leaders possessions like flash cars and millions of dollars worth of jewelry go under the hammer. and a defeat for you opponents of indefinite detention as the u.s. senate passes a controversial addition to the national defense authorization act all that and more a click away at our t.v. dot com. all four of. the largest banks in greece lining up for a ballo boost after reporting huge losses this year together they'll need around twenty seven billion euros worth of loans to stay afloat the country's been relying on international bailout funds since twenty ten is economist dimitrius yen abiola says it's ordinary greeks who are bearing the brunt of the bank's losses the loans on which. these. days asian banks think that it's going to take priests.
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from the troika the e.u. the i.m.f. and the e.c.b. and they are going to be paid they're going to be part of the big national debt which is going to be paid by the greek taxpayer and forty thousand small businesses closing these student loan three hundred additional thousands of job losses and talking of unemployment rate of twenty six percent so we have really. on the one hand or straight into you on the other hand bank inability to provide liquidity for the market christmas for many means a time of year to give gifts but some of them like not make it to next year so think twice before buying that novelty present if you don't want it to end up in the trash artie's polly boyko explains how christmas has become an environmentally
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unfriendly. most of us know the problem for someone celebrating off to the twentieth christmas buying a present can be perplexing there's nothing they need or don't own already to the invention of your humorous christmas present for example the christmas jumper what happens to these presents the day off the christmas the ever been given a christmas present every christmas and easter them away on boxing day. for me give it away because i just about myself feel better and then there are the kids to give me an example of a useless christmas present you may have saved. i was given a call from work. because you probably can't put it on so you can hear the other. a mug we overlay woman in a bikini when you pull the hot water and she becomes like it the bikini pails of what was that an it's a coat hanger a miss it can hang now but it isn't given like chunks of christmas stuff that you
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just throw away on boxing day yes what was going to be just as fresh fish have only yeah we just bought some junk to christmas again i've just bought some junk for christmas. that's play on boxing day it's not actually a story christmas presents away along with we just came from the strike and so we had a christmas before we came and so i overstuff all the crap that we got given. straight into the bin junk for christmas no less presents sometimes yes you for the last christmas absolutely not much to do with them. usually i just give them to my sister i have actually i've received coloring crayons a few years ago so they didn't last long. and don't like other anymore and i don't think i did any more they still worried about the state of the planet say that the problem nowadays is that a lot of the items on sale there have any purpose whatsoever the design to squeeze
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a loss out to the recipient and then the bins on boxing day so this year feel free to forget to buy a present or two you'll be saving the environment while your assets. turning out at some other stories making headlines across the globe a suicide blast during a political rally. nine dead and more than twenty wounded among those killed in the incident were provincial government official as well as a secretary of pakistani militant group linked to the taliban's claim responsibility for the attacks. police and thousands of protesters clashed in india's capital leaving several injured demonstrators are calling for six men to get the death penalty after they were accused of the gang rape and brutal beating of a twenty three year old student prosecutors are seeking life behind bars for the suspects . and security staff at the unity government park government's parliamentary building in belfast have intercepted five letters containing bullets it's the
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latest in a campaign of violence by some militant protestants that escalated after the city council's ruling to limit the number of days the british flag is to be flown free of the politicians who received death threats belong to northern ireland's pro peace alliance party. for israel the new year will be followed with new parliamentary elections after the government failed to agree on a new budget for many regular voting is the embodiment of democracy but the rapid turnaround of ministers and governments is leading to calls for an overhaul of the country's whole political system are these policy reports. call us money in my political career i was minister of regional cooperation minister of agriculture minister of housing and construction minister of immigration a little option and minister of justice even held a supposed signal tenuously but it doesn't mean i'm talented at what is just shows that the system is so messed up to be toyed. it's a system that's been in place since the founding of the state sixty four years ago
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it's seen thirty four governments in sixty four years that's a new israeli government almost every two years and a new minister just as often in the last twenty years there have been twenty interior ministers fourteen foreign ministers and fifteen justice ministers and now more and more israelis are saying enough and joining a movement to change the political system as. a young citizen ghost elections so many times you starts to lose the sense that this is a democracy not for nothing of the past ten years voter turnout has decreased from eighty to sixty four percent whether be able. to keep it as eventually as it was. but reforming the system is unpopular and has created controversy this online campaign by local celebrities shows that whenever someone tries to talk about it they're interrupted blah blah blah blah blah three motions are prime minister says
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he must call for elections because he can on the first of the budget he's scared that his coalition members may bring down his government and we will act as if. we really say there's no problem with the old system nasty critics say israel's multi-party system gives too much power to smaller parties. we're going to show that we seize them here weakens the political center and gives a lot of power to the sick to all parties ultra orthodox ultra rightists right wing extremists and so on and in fact the soon to be becomes a hostage to these marginal groups there is no democracy there's minor roots when crissy the minority rule with a majority. another problem is that because government ministers change so often they can't plan. today a minister in the state of israel serves for an average of one year until he understands the position and creates
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a vision and in the long term planning he's no longer there. what many of these people want is a complete overhaul of the system with parliamentary elections slated for the mixture israelis are bound to see yet another round of deal making between parties who make up the next coalition but they tolerance is running fun with latest figures suggesting more than half the population is unhappy with its government's performance points here r.t. tel aviv. and still to come the mayan calendar is run out but we're still here though some of us may be a little lighter in the wallet next to look at those turning apocalypse to profit stay with us. do we speak your language of the will or not advance. what news programs and
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documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles keeping the stories. you hear. to enjoy altie spanish find out more visit i to our. tito it's called. wealthy british style signs it's time to rise. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy. holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r t.
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russia would be soon which brightened. about song from finest impression. from stunts on teeth dot com. cut.
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i am. a very. very cool.
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one afternoon on the shores of the ocean blue. one of those days when it feels good to be alive on the planet earth. carefree humanity. maybe unthinking humanity even . a few kilometers away a man has given us an appointment on a mountain summit. a place in keeping with what anatole cause his work. he's been devoting all his time and energy to it for the last six years now. this
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former computer expert even quit his job to get ready for it for the end of the woe . and the work i do will take me out of body i will ask to meet those superior beings who hold the keys for humanity to hold the keys for humanity. and to talk done for two thousand and twelve. by telepathic trip to get him into contact with mysterious superior beings beings who have announced to him the destruction of the planet on december the twenty first two thousand and twelve very precisely. it will be by fire volcanoes earthquakes and most importantly of course by water flood gates will shift rise and lower the ocean bottom will lift and what will appear is atlantis when that lantus rises out of the waters that there will be when
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the world ends two thousand and twelve is a giant plan for i could use a mean word but purifying for me that's what it is. purifying water conscience of if you are good or not and it's a rite of passage and that all is convinced that he will be among the survivors jesus himself told him by telepathy in the new era he's even going to change his name he will be called and told ma integrating christ takes more than just five minutes if over and have to know how to build your individual. to be able to say frankly to someone so i'm an told mark but in fact that's a hidden way of saying i'm jesus christ. by the end of the world and i told has become irrational. to devote himself to his mission he has given up his career and his social life.


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