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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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tonight dozens of civilians reportedly killed in syria's hama province with the government of the opposition blaming each other the russian foreign minister exclusively tells us where moscow's stands in the conflict. the british for missing for months inexplicably turns up in a u.s. court on terror charges his reappearance has ignited suspicion he's a victim of washington's the tories rendition program. russia and india rubber stamp billions of dollars worth of military mega deals as to the world's fast growing countries boost the global clout influence that's making some of the west nervous. and while some celebrate others
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struggle the spiraling construct christmas leaves british pensioners in a far from festive spirit. hello there in a very good evening shift just joy this is kevin irwin here at the new center tonight our top story syria's rebels say at least sixty people have been killed in a government a strike on a bakery in the central how my province state run media is broadcast a denial instead accusing the opposition of the killings designed to smear the authorities just as the international peace envoy visited damascus the home of provinces witnessed intense fighting in the past few days meanwhile russia's foreign ministers rebuffed speculation that moscow is looking to give asylum to president assad and the russians shielding his government. spoke exclusively to us
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then from our correspondent in corpus cannot. russia's foreign minister once again stressed that there could only be a diplomatic solution to this conflict adding that moscow is not taking sides and has condemned the syrian authorities for using disproportionate force the security forces clearly were. prepared to face the public. protests and protests in the cities and in the villages they have been trained you know to counter for an aggression not to keep law and order a civilized manner however the minister also said that this doesn't rule out the fact that the rebels continue provoking syrian authorities and he criticized the west for failing to condemn the actions of some groups within the syrian opposition who sometimes go to the most extreme measures like taking hostages or even
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terrorism it's absolutely unacceptable if. the west would start would begin to. qualify terrorist as. bad terrorist and acceptable terrorists will also ask the minister why he thinks the nato was so eager to deploy the six batteries of the interceptor missiles on turkey's border with syria and whether iran could be the actual target here is what he said that's what some people say. the configuration as it is being presented in the media. really looks like it could be used against iran and other vital issue concerning syria is that stockpile of chemical weapons going to russia as cheap diplomats or outside players seem to acknowledge that it's the responsibility of syrian authorities to keep it safe and that it would be unacceptable if the rebels got their hands on it but then it makes very little sense of why some states in the
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west continue persuading the rebels to continue fighting by giving them moral political and financial support. your position on. of course bring you more light some sergei lavrov exclusive interview next hour it's also available this streaming on our website if you like catch it with it any time at r.t. dot com. you may remember the story r.t. brought you earlier this year of the man who had his british citizenship revoked and who disappeared then in africa well it seems he's no reappeared in a new york court charged with terrorism offenses the unexplained reemergence of muddy how she in the u.s. is way to fees that he may have been a victim of america's notorious rendition program and he's going to if you can as more on the case. the twenty year old men mock the how she stands accused of providing material support to somali militant group al-shabaab how she was stripped of his british citizenship earlier this summer over accusations of his involvement with islamist extremists at the time he and his family tried to contest that
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decision they claim that m i five. to label him an islamic extremist if he refused to become an informant for british intelligence and spy on the muslim community shortly after his citizenship was revoked he went missing on the outskirts of mogadishu somalia and one of our reporters broke with his parents several months ago when they had no idea where their son was and they were very worried about him apparently all this time he'd been in u.s. custody also on trial along with marty ha she faced similar charges are two other men swedish nationalists so all of these men are not u.s. citizens and yet they ended up here this is not the only case in new u.s. courts against alleged terrorists for acts committed overseas one of the things that many find alarming is how the u.s. finds smuggling foreign nationals in complete secrecy often keeping the families of those captured in the dark for months as far as treating foreign nationals
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suspected of terrorism the u.s. has a set track record hundreds of people have been through the u.s. prison in guantanamo many of them were subject to torture the chief prosecutor at guantanamo and a george w. bush told me most of them were not terrorists and due to the extraordinary rendition program all kinds of people would end up there from different countries for different reasons stripped of their rights many human rights organizations have been vocal about a lawful practices that guantanamo and yet it's still open by the way despite president obama's pledges to close the prison. going to if you can with me just last hour the u.k. is looking to pay for its military presence in the gulf we talk about soon on the way with expert opinion on what might be behind britain's plans for strengthening its defense ties with the region's royals. the next. almost three billion dollars of defense smoker deals have been signed between russia and india president putin's on a visit to new delhi cementing ties with fast growing economies as they continue to
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try and boost the global influence financial reports on how their improved world standing is worrying so with the west russia and india have signed around three billion dollar worth of military contracts today and many experts have already said that that is very important and that is very symbolic why this theme is that today india is number one one point importer in the world and russian made equipment accounts for more than seventy percent of the indian military supplies but recently india has signed many contracts with you guys and israel and some have started saying that russia is losing its role its position in this particular region region and especially on the indian military market with all these contracts signed today we can say that's not the case and cooperation is still very high and russia and india remain very close allies this group reeks of five growing states speaking countries like america quite nervous because they have their own interests in this
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particular region especially defense interests both in their military presence in the backyard of china and by this visit by this gathering today here in india the role the increasing role in importance of space group of brits that experts say actually is able to counterbalance their western dominance in the world has been stressed and outlined again and again. well look at the thoughts from deepak to path a story an honorary research fellow at the university of london where this russian india's defense partnership was going to visit never going to presence in asia now and how does that compare to america's military buildup in the region what's america going to think about it you think well. india is probably the only country . which cares. largely dependent historically on russia on before that soviet era. for its armed
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forces still something like seventy percent a little more us of indian military is hardware is a russian design and india wants to keep it that way because in the past. the united states when it has some ply weapons and strategic men do it so like countries like pakistan and other countries that has proved to be unreliable because first of all there are laws that prohibit. the use of american hardware if american disapproves and secondly there is the american congress which can initiate any law that can cause difficulties today's defense deals are a sign that the world's fastest growing economies are still on the rise all those good now but i wonder what of the future is going to happen do you think they'll be
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in a kind of rivalry maybe between the because all these nations of course will be going to onward and further develop themselves. well the russians have been very close to india anyway but since the late eighty's and early ninety's after the dissolution of the soviet union in india a phrase a crisis because i would say and i've got to come back because after the end of the soviet union and collapse of communism in the early ninety's the indians became almost totally dependent on the west and they moved closer to the united states via it's a violent sale which has a very high cost in friendship with israel or india has a high cost in the middle east and internationally because of the increasing isolation is right as india want to be these days the u.s.
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i guess would like to see india as its ally in the asia pacific the kinds of china's dominance but where does india want to be india is careful not to play that game because china being the bigger power in in. east asia it is not a good idea or for india to provoke china the americans would like to boost india against china but there is. quite a lot of awareness in delhi that that's not the way the indians should go however. india is dependent on american technology on american consumer goods lisa at the time the indian government has taken a controversial decision over loving right foreign direct investment it's a drug companies like wal-mart. it seems
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so the consumer market of india is very large three hundred million or so all the americans. a lot of there but. on strategic matters military hardware and sectors that used to be. public sectors steel mills chemical. other things nuclear plants that's where the relationship between india and russia is going to continue and it provides a very useful counter for india against the west to proclaim spring on the program give us your educated thoughts thirty pack to pass the story and on a research fellow at the university of rhode island to much appreciated. now even more of what russia selling to india through the defense steals in our business bullet into a little later this hour we examine that in more detail it's now coming up to thirty minutes past ten at night war news after this break.
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what do you see when you look at the scrum perhaps you wonder what great future she'll have or maybe you feel sympathy for her because you see she's in a wheelchair but if you're t.s.a. agent. finding a small amount of and her.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big
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picture. choose your language. of holy week over the influential can i say still some of the . treatments that is the consensus here. to the opinions that invigorating good. choose the stories get in high life choose the access to off to.
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get welcome back this is our t. is kevin owen at this hour. in britain this christmas is a bleak choice for many elderly people skyrocketing household bills curbed pensions mean some of forced to choose between eating and heating. fraud. santa claus is coming to town and the shops are ready for the annual customer
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onslaught but eighty two year old lady isn't in the festive spirit she's worried that she can't afford to be anything other than a scrooge this christmas that pent. underwritten family isn't enough to lead on week it isn't now. there's a guy at the water i have been killing. that order out saying they'll grow up and i'll be a pen person here prime side of here about there than here and after most energy firms hiked prices the winter months set in lady and people like her face a colder darker festive season. of the out a new boiler i don't play on in the bedroom in the bedroom up yeah i don't know there are no guy if there's a big bill in our sound it will or something and i thought about that now nanny to
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cover. that is a worry yeah yeah more and more britons are turning off their heating in the run up to a costly christmas and they're using these hot water bottles instead but according to hospital the money saving trend comes at the high price of its own with soaring numbers of buttons and injuries it isn't just the cost of fuel christmas essential is will soon be worth their weight in gold the average price of turkey has risen seven percent since last year a family bird setting you back a whopping fifty five pounds on your christmas cards an average pack of twelve costs ten percent more this holiday and with printer ink now pricier than champagne you can forget about making your own to save money besides postage doesn't come cheap now at thirty percent more this christmas first class post in every sense of
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the term there's not a shop in the land that would risk missing out on a christmas promotion right now it's not sure why get hard up to the festivities getting more and more commercial but terry to return here what can i actually afford to take god we've talked to many families about christmas time and it's something that they really struggle with a time when all the families are celebrating we've got rises in fuel prices we've got rises in food prices in the benefits and the support mechanisms that people have got. that they've got is all being cut back it's going to be really really tough for people this christmas pensioner lady isn't just worried about the plight of the elderly she knows she's far from alone and counting down to a down costs december twenty fifth you know where they've been going out but their wages haven't gone out and people with that. there's a lot of people are a. bit.
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and with the bank of england's less than glad tidings of a triple dip recession on the cards struggling britons will be wishing for nothing short of a christmas miracle. r t london. well even those brits i'm lucky enough to be spending christmas in all spittal have some worrying facts to contend with as well afraid we're reporting reporting on the revelations of years of neglect mistreatment of u.k. patients some of them starving to death. and also there to trouble in the to me explain why to be able to pay a personal tribute this year to lennon or for quite a while yet as well just a couple of stories among so many more about t. dot com.
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britain's governments under fire from human rights groups are planning to sell dozens of combat jets to the united arab emirates as well as other gulf states the prospective deal seen as a sign of support for a regime which the e.u. earlier slammed for human rights abuses and torture and addition to those jets prime minister david cameron said britain might station its troops in the u.a.e. after pulling out of afghanistan u.k.'s also trying to prolong its military presence of existing bases in bahrain and qatar political analyst patrick hannifin told me it's not hard to see britain's altieri a motive here. the justification for this massive build up in the middle east especially in the gulf states in. the west particularly blaming iran thing that because iran's pursuing nuclear ambitions or there's no proof of any nuclear weapons programs as such they're blaming iran for possible nuclear arms race in the region that's a quote from david cameron only days ago so you can circumvent overread it's
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certainly political skill number one priority and i think they've achieved that you know militarily but you know the question is. is this going to be a real military standoff are we looking at a cold war situation were we just posturing militarily geopolitically looking for some bigger conflict down the road perhaps in a few years. why did the prospect of military confrontation with iran doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon one of two runs closest allies is threatening to join the fray cuffer off went to lebanon to discover what the militant group hezbollah as would sleeve a red line should be drawn right here the line beyond which lies war with iran netanyahu would like to be able to communicate to the world that the israelis are ready which he has to attack and that it will be done with the full support of the united states threat whatever the case and the tap it all but
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guarantee our rapid response from another nemesis of the jewish state as moammar. the lebanese shia paramilitary group has evolved from a ragtag militia to a military and political heavyweight it's part of the so-called axis of resistance against israel referring to the as lions between hezbollah hamas syria and iran and according to hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah both israel and the united states would suffer a retaliation to any strike against tehran but. the response would not be limited to the israeli entity u.s. military bases in the entire region will serve as targets. so if israel targets iran even by itself that if. america will be held accountable for this death. israel's november battle with gaza was seen as a test for a possible confrontation with iran israeli airstrikes rained on gaza in exchange
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came upon raj of long range mortars and rockets most were held by israel's anti-missile shield the funder for a rocket threat from gaza the war may have showcased newly acquired weapons by palestinian militant factions but hezbollah's arsenal is thought to be of higher quality and quantity and experts say that it could launch four times as many markets per day as hamas the details of hezbollah stop all our secrets but the group's willingness to use it is not a star you know left behind israel was shaken by a few fragile five missiles which could be counted on the fingers of one's hand i want to be able to withstand the thousands of missiles that will land on television and else way if it attacks the fellow. who was israel and hezbollah came face to face was in two thousand and six since then. hizbullah has now it collated around forty five thousand missiles off various
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ranges. there is one of the all part of the range goes beyond three hundred but what's three hundred fifty kilometers which according to them at least they can reach the whole of. the south of the country this museum in the south of lebanon is designed to display has been proclaimed military prowess captured israeli tanks and weapons are meant to be a reminder of the danger has been composed. this is the only has the tunnel now open to visitors but our network of secret passageways just like this one stretches across lebanon they're used to move fighters and weapons across the country ensuring that has a blast and ready to strike at a moment's notice lucy caffein of r t southern lebanon more world news tonight afghan police woman shot dead a u.s. security advisor at the police headquarters in kabul the female officer walked up to the very same as he left the shop in a heavily guarded compound firing out with a pistol she is now in custody it's thought to be the first time
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a woman is carried out what are called green on blue insider attacks so it was earlier a policeman shot five of his colleagues in northern afghanistan such killings have left more than sixty people dead this year alone. two volunteer firefighters have been shot dead and two others wounded were telling a house blaze in upstate new york investigators believe it was a trap the government who was later found dead brandished an assault rifle before shooting the fire crew it's the deadliest shooting in america since connecticut school massacre which killed twenty seven people ten days ago. a major bank withdrawal in madrid talking about these final staff walked out against staff cutbacks and their salaries being slashed by up to forty percent nationalized conglomerate here is laying off around five thousand is it going to be bailed out by the state this year spanish lawmakers last week tried another patch to fix the country's dire accordingly by passing forty billion euros worth of cuts. the
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final result in egypt's divisive constitution referendum is expected on tuesday but the country's opposition says it will keep fighting against the islamist draft document opponents of the muslim brotherhood accuse the ruling group and president morsi of massive vote rigging early results show the yes vote securing over sixty percent from the elders to a party told me earlier of some of the many alleged irregularities this constitution and is a disgrace to a nation that fox hard for its freedom and for its right it's a document that rips out all the for all the rights that we have and try to constitute a dictatorship and it has been taught by a referendum that was a massive massive rigging for the ballot boxes massive rigging for the voice of the people basically see tens and hundreds of schools tens and hundreds of schools where the ballot boxes and the referendum process was taking place at
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a convenient time when the voices were very when all the polls saw that the people were voting no the power was cut off the muslim brotherhood the. judges and employees in that school shuts down to school over. the front of the voters and the state with the ballot boxes not overseas for hours and hours we do not recognize any results unless we see a proper investigation and a proper digging through this evidence that we've got and we receive a proper answer from from the high committee of the elections because we're closely following developments in egypt for you know dating on twitter as well r.t. underscore com they can also read the latest post from cairo based reporter bel true she's covering the political crisis in egypt for us what would you say were the break monday night's business news round live from moscow dmitri medvedev will be here with the rest the business just ahead.
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gracefully. it is a way of life traditionally the people are. herders in many ways they. are also highly skilled and organized in. response to this depending on. the day we found this particular camp they were settled near the coast of the sea here four families work together to manage nearly a thousand reindeer herding reindeer is not just a job for the people in fact it's a part of their culture and way of life. that they can use almost every single part of the reindeer to help them survive. a deer is a means of transportation.


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