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and i'm a wolf then we need to come to some sort of agreement so we can both get out of here peacefully. one of your porch up i'm happy to me going to my guestbook up i appreciate you being here when i was in the communities talking to guys in the game see and lots of content with that so many of these particularly the younger guys had never seen the pacific ocean in a gang infested can really there are situations where people will not believe a given ten block radius for years like this method though they don't go no where they got a fuck about it to the bomb a lot of quiet because they don't let me. and he's been taught math there to do a quickie deal is what they call slipping don't get caught slipping. slipping means relaxed being off guard. not on point not always hostile on ready to do it down and be the one who does to the one that.
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you can't have it you have to be on your toes at all times man because anything any topic happens in that you can't have a hurt no. you can have a heart but you've been a show this sort of never learn yourself be we never let yourself be seen as someone with feelings emotions except for. brutal force. or. in a ghetto you move to the advantage to be targeted sharks and just each works to our here in a concrete jungle you've got to be respected as a. but in most cases respect.
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is absolutely. feel. the better respect me you better fear me. when i had a hard look at everything is always want to be in the right state of mind if you're feeling good a bunch of dress code you know representative for the month in one month. no want to dress like. that around the world not ok its name was named one of the things they've been doing with this only no man is looking good in the good of london let's go let's go and do whatever it takes to look good doing the ones. i've something to wait till guys were with me in san francisco to be interviewed i knocked on the door of their hotel in minutes that kind of. and here are two of the most hardcore gang members and one of them it's got his ironing board out and he's got his traveling irons are in his posts. just to look
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you know these are just stories from the. three best they could play in stand up in a corner with nobody i'm there i'm. very. good. for somebody that has no idea what a young man would do it what is the allure and stuff i join the gang not only for the protection of the local community to be a part of the fam. if you live in
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a ghetto and you're living in a bomb or where you're being assaulted like i was i just got tired of being a victim it's like either you're a victim or you took pics or. you can. wait until it is not like you can to get out of his own way. and what they teach you living on a i was really a good tool and you know get chased out of school and get shot at all the time it might get i'm damned if i go down if i don't. step out and get jumped in this world and in fact i'm on twitter my neighborhood my bathroom my neighborhood pompously mom neighborhood told i don't look at it like oh gang king is just. a. little.
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that's why at least at the with this group they feed and they're looking out for me for the clothes on his back ok but now it's time to just go on to get these niggas he just shot up my house we should all do. wish you don't love a good man just fish you all much so how can you say no to that this will kill me as well as mr defeat. told me when you first got to. the trial was about to wail now i'm a first down i was thirteen years old just to go to school if you don't have one you got to be around somebody's got to agree. i don't want to have another i got a backup. for two so. you got big twenty to thirty eight to. sixteen come on now you've done such. a generation with the. after four have the my generation kill is gun play there was
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no such thing to fight the kids today came right in the gang will go. that's why so many murders. that's mainly a twelve year old one thousand year old king for a day i'm not gonna put you in a whole nother state. just to sound within itself says that you clear the block. you cleared up block people because they went will shut the door and car moms call the dogs and cats while rats i mean clear the block standing twelve thirteen years old with a pistol small. stick in your pocket and you walk all. of them for to use gun against another individual or human being but once you block
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that part your mind out becomes very easy to go watch when they become the first time jittery you can just see the nervous system and you come back and look at the same person that's been along with the flow here i mean they sold a ready to get. one with a lot of people right now but being who i am and it's been true i got a lotta love for being a real mother. and that is saved my life many times you nothing but at the same time just another generation that don't know me and feel like they can get a strike could they get rid of me. pleasure to me and whatever they do you counterattack they write on the wall you run to be the. somebody you've been to
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shoot somebody uses. a come over here she want to bust me go over the edge she like to avoid in. the future but. the mistake is about the image of a dog the dog. alone will be killed that was his but. you got to be telling it because the heart of go up live with you and keep the film out there so that you got to make the feel when you feel in the business with this goes over and over and over. and i.
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like you bring. it back. even though i'm in a game i'm in. for a. good deal with the world or i ignore it i don't pay attention to it is really no room in this in this world. this man so. i read a lot man because i know that ultimately to say the way to or society intended it to be so a lot of times man i know morally i'm a good individual but sometimes i've got to put that moral state of my behind and become an animal.
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thank. god. there's a man and out. of the hard work to eighty five ninety percent of the black population this country lives in the south. was a lot of. black people would primarily live in the south because of slavery in the south was a rule of farm economy oh there's a. way about. world war two years in a series of transformations that radically changing nature of black history in this country blacks for the first time are invited and now asked to work in america's
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arsenal for democracy building those tanks building those planes building those ships. nine hundred forty s. one thousand seventies you see over four million african-americans leave the south and ways that have never never occurred the first place and for new york head for chicago and for los angeles. for the first time they were integrated into the american worker economy they were earning enough to be lower middle class homeowners in l.a. and to establish if not exactly a very close similarity to the american dream. you
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no way did not have the overt history with racism in one head of the south there were no laws that blacks had to ride in one part of the bus for no laws that blacks had to be in certain schools there were however extremely exclusive web of racially restrictive housing evidence except blacks in particular areas and out of other areas these covenants mandated the sale of real estate along racial lines in an effort to keep traditionally white neighborhoods free of non desirable homes sometimes not desirable men latino sometimes not desirable men due sometimes not desirable men asian but it always meant black and so those racially restrictive covenants which didn't disappear into the late forty's early fifty's essentially kept blacks circumscribed in a very narrow portion of the l.a. county region. like people were sort of forced to live on top of each other because it just wasn't possible to live where you chose even though you might have been
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able to afford it. in. south philly residents responded by transforming there are a lot of territory to a thriving cultural high. central avenue developing into a sort of harlem west. west coast best jazz clubs dozens of black businesses lining the street people dressed in their sunday best on the weekends a period during which the most affluent and the poorest blacks live essentially side by side. and then with will work to spend. time economy adapt itself to lead automotive industry to major corporations like g.m. chrysler ford good you and firestone all establishing factors in south los angeles . and we're going to factory you got good benefits you got my house you could buy
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a car you could raise a family you could live a working class a lower middle class white. plains. it was a moment of unprecedented black prosperity in which the trajectory of black america was on the rise people were getting jobs were buying homes were buying cars sending their kids to colleges it was a moment of real optimism. in the late one nine hundred fifty s. you begin to get the first. wave of what came to be called the industrialization. the american economy is changing we're moving from one of those really cami to an economy based on service based on information rooted in technology that is it's
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high skilled high wage high training on one very low skilled sweatshop labor on the other. blacks find that their skills don't fit into either those demands. they don't have the education. the skill with the training because of historic discrimination to work in aerospace. on other hand they don't feel the desire or need to go into the low skilled service sector jobs like hotel cleaning like sweatshop work downtown l.a. because they don't perceive that as jobs that american citizens should have. not talking about people who have a rear we're talking about people in jobs if you have a job you are dependent on that job so when f.x. reclose is you are in essence asked out. by the late sixty's you see those plants beginning to disappear when they disappear there is virtually nothing left in their wake.
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and so it leaves a gaping hole in the economy of the region. with consequences that are just enormous. generationally in america is supposed to be about the american dream people are supposed to move up as opposed to elevate. we're talking about a situation where in actuality it when reverse the children over time began to do worse than their parents. in one nine hundred seventy five the los angeles times reporters into the streets to assist progress in the city's black communities ten years after the watts rebellion. the fearful lived behind protective bars and double lugs high schools are graduating functional
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illiterates. some black people have got businesses some professionals who got into significant jobs but if you talk about the masses of that guy who was in trouble in one thousand and sixty five. it is more difficult now. the black in the ghetto gold survived. to. get me.
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to ask the rivers yeah that. was. about a big one all night. all not. all. that . kind of to. give it a little bit about a. headache it's really going to be a big. day refugees are going to fall in love with displays like most.
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helicopters flying over the it might not be acceptable in britain however some that occurs every two or three hours. in my community. in the south into a community basically what you have is in peel broken down businesses if you have any businesses. take a walk downtown baltimore french out of our money and you tell me the opportunities that are available low income housing five or six churches gang violence crack. introduction of crack cocaine onto the streets of l.a. in one thousand one proved to be a major tipping point for an already vulnerable to. cocaine came a toy it broke up a lot of you know a lot of people just crack was the way out you know what i even thing them but they
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keep you know what i'm saying that will broke a lot of homes that if that crack would never came party still have nice the homes and nice live families you know but when i came in like tow everything before but let me ask you when did you have a conventional childhood elna dysfunctional ass family and you telling us. to see out here they dos is ninety three i was raised out of that he. had to be a man i take care my mom is shit my team os my family my low but this is sad though to sit by myself i knew i should little brothers and sisters do what you don't. look at me. i grew up in a home where my mother worked two jobs but had three rules so you can imagine we were on supervised sold. outside of the home.
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she was too busy making a living. then to love me. even though she tried and did the best that she could it was not a cool. it was a lot of black youth in a neighborhood that just made the opposite way so i went to gangs was awful i didn't come out that night i'm thinking they had something at that getting your book since they don't play it if everybody if a lot of things would've been different but that wasn't the case. the common thread throughout all of these conversations throughout our communities things to be. but a most part the absence of a male father. in the home.
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and when there is no male influence. on them from. then everything is going to be out of whack the people told me told me. tell me how to be whole tell me all. you want is not be a man by just fight to me by somebody who somebody does a way to tell me you've been to me. a show coach or. black man pretending to be men by killing each other. about standing up in a brothel. but there are misguided. now days the fathers are the black men my age are either dead or in jail and one of the problems we have is. if they're going to try to arrest a problem that means they're putting all the black men in jail.
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in two thousand and three bureau of justice report reveals twenty eight percent african-american men. more than one in four will be jailed or sent to prison in the last. week of engaged in this country and an absolutely historically unprecedented experiment in the past in prison. we now know of and imprisonment plague that is six to seven times higher than it has ever been before and i have. come in a cafe privileged to be in two thousand and seven. plans to spend seven point four billion dollars to build forty thousand new prison beds. terminator to. look at the population of the people in the penitentiary particularly from the one nine hundred eighty s. or for black men are disproportionately represented that's the new. you
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can play if you would think of like. a little bit over a few. days you can assess. what this means is we are breaking even the possibility of there will be intact families with a mother and a father raising a child together. because we are sending the men off to prison with unprecedented rapes usually for nonviolent offenses that. would. get even with time served so many of those determined to start a new life find little freedom in their release. go to get a job working for xerox sent an application and they found out i was on parole and
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i lost my job i used to be jealous of my wife going to work at. this is my wife on a stupid balmy grew up with me bill me absolute kids and she would go out thousand go to work and i would be mad at her because she could go to work and i could help . i'll be met because she's paying the bills and i can baby you there's never no cycle to get us out of this it's just a cycle to get us back into so of course people are going to behave in ways that are anti-social if we don't let them behave in pro-social writers.
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