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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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of a lifetime and the locals say once you've seen it they'll be coming back again and again. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope. and loves to so many children. nikolai the american worker on our t.v. . critics three.
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four three. three. three. three. three braun video for your media project free media r.t. dot com. hello and if you've just joined us for a happy new year to you from us it's kevin and this is now here at the brand new r.t. news center we've got a special hour an hour program from eleven o'clock moscow time so to one thirty in the morning as you will know if you're with us about thirty five minutes ago you heard president putin speaking at the scene of fireworks and the russian national anthem as well now we've got a program up we've got another hour to go we've got i'm sure tons a lot and. he's been a big contributor we've talked some a lot over the last she's an expert on iran then we're going to talk about how. a
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new person might be taking the reins there in the next year. should sort of rushing out should returns if you are morning to you sir know it's not good morning yet in the good to see you let's talk about it's all changed. you can't serve for a second term if somebody else you need is going to come there's still a tremendous impasse over the nuclear program how do you see it panning out in town or problems here on the line but i think you're referring to president ahmadinejad in iran well. i think if one looks at the ahmadinejad's term more generally one barometer of any developing nation leader is obviously how demonized they are by mainstream corporate media and president ahmadinejad's certainly won in those stakes i mean he was accused of anti semitism all sorts of things but as for the developing nations in the world they saw iran under his presidency go from success to success arguably when it came to comes to foreign policy is key alliances were
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forged and proof of that was a huge nonaligned movement gatherings of hundreds of presidents and leaders in tehran under his presidency until i spoke to them at length just over a year ago a year last september went to to round out an hour an hour long conversation with him he's actually quite an easy guy to chat to i was quite surprised i thought it be slightly more difficult conversation but what would have been a jet ski legacy be do you think when he steps. i think the key legacy i suppose there be a lot of iranians who would be saying. it was the economic legacy like in any nation so he certainly hurt the richer people in iran that was his populist program when he got into power and he built lots of things for the poor areas of iran so within iran that would be the legacy. in terms of foreign policy he's he's managed to he's managed to survive after all the horrible threats
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we mustn't forget the vile despicable sentences coming from the obama administration such as all options are on the table as if these politicians in washington think it's kind of joke to threaten tens of millions of people's lives in that key part of the middle east so he's gay legacy is he was able to survive regardless of all these threats and terrorist attacks in their own from who knows washington tel aviv other nato countries as we've seen assassinations in tehran is there any indication of who might take over could it be someone that will see to continue the sort of bold move standing up to the west or perhaps a reformer. i think whoever we people of iran elects policy foreign policy terms things are going to be much the same people are already talking about the mayor of tehran of the moment i would image at himself or as normal in a job as the mayor of tehran there's
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a new mayor of tehran ghalibaf and people talking about him. perhaps winning in june because it's too early and is notoriously difficult to predict the iranian elections as to whether they will be as hardline and again the terminology of western corporate media on this or a bizarre image because a lot of good stream midst of all sorts of different mourning because the point is iran is there to stay in terms of forging a very different type of developing nation economy because it has all that oil and has all those resources and it's not going to suddenly start changing things the way the i.m.f. or the way and washington once and for the. option rotund they live with us on the line from london happy new year to you and we do hope we'll continue to see you here on our teeth around twenty thirty. exception. to it have been years. now rory's back at the news already up to i have never seen
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a look so big. owners like forty feet in front of the size of wonderful three of you you know they say they say the camera adds ten pounds when you can go and. stop it as we all know you know artie we've got our three english around the world you. see espanol but in the united states they've got their own network of course r t america with a very impressive washington d.c. studio we can get to christine and we can almost get to christine for the moment she's just wrapping up our newscast right now in fact i can i can tell you i think the focus of our newscast has been has been that of the fiscal cliff we've been talking about it obama is going to address it in some hours but for now though make a lot of how well i will get to pepe escobar now you know if she still do that newscast we can go to pepe escobar one of our favor of correspondents and we've been. always a lovely smart happy new year everyone here would have been anywhere you always seem to see where it is peppy always joins us from a different thing and we're united when i'm to that it looks very new where are you
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belong i. think there is something about it somewhere there he is you know what i ask if it's cards is not but it isn't kofi and i couldn't solve it the olds are stacked against his replacement with like me were of course talking about all the terrible problems in syria where is it going to go twenty thirty now. look it's so sad because it's very sad to see to everybody all over the world that the top geopolitical tragedy of two thousand and thirteen is going to be the top geopolitical tragedy of two thousand and eleven the rape of syria i'm going to tell you something it's very graphic in fact a few months ago in sweden in april this year in sweden coffee and it was delivering a lecture and at that time he was trying to broker some sort of agreement in syria in fact his whole lecture he was confessing his importance so if coffee enema
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himself could not bring down the players to the same table and work out an agreement specially because the syrian opposition didn't want it it's not the lock that brahimi who is going to do what kofi annan did you know so this ng will be going on and it's becoming like the lebanon civil war going to go on for fifteen years instead of just two it's all or as president assad says he's staying put whatever our correspondent sophie shevardnadze spoke to at length a couple of months ago remember a single one of recalls a twenty twelve. she asked him if he was afraid he said no he's not afraid it looks like he's going to stay also just just to point out that going into this last year now we're at least here in moscow two thousand and twelve almost everyone predicted that he won't make it and he made it. ok so it's judging and bringing in everything we've said it looks like he is there to stay with that in mind it's not going to make the fight much harder for the people that don't want it. the saying
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is there are no cracks in the leadership at all you have one defection every two weeks or so that it's sold by western corporate media especially as the world is falling down and our son will be gone tomorrow and that's the end of the story it's not for the regime is more or less in place nobody can win this civil war before the assad forces they control the major c.d.'s so if you talk all the regina. then we can start talking about the real revolution as far as i know ted the final question for all the ground a final ten seconds if we were to hope for some good in twenty thirty what would you be hoping for in syria. syria the only possibility would be that the opposition. in a syrian way this sides not to listen to the saudis the turks. the
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americans the brits and the french and they sit down with the assad government and they work out a transitional government or at least a transitional period leading to free and fair elections is this going to happen not like thanks for being with us great to see you. thank you happy new year have think. what i've been here for all of you guys bye bye to you are the fireworks it was a couple of hours. long off you know talking about syria briefly and you mentioned lucky me of course the u.n. and boy in this unit when he was first given the job in the title to try and resolve this whole crisis even he said i don't think i can come out successful on this i don't think i can help eventually because you know she's in table it's a story that goes on and it's a story to also you see parallels with libya as well and we all know what happened to gadhafi as well and as you said kevin that when sophie shevardnadze interviewed president assad and he said he was not afraid that's what khadafi also were saying
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as well that he was not afraid and we all saw what a grim and he came through that i mean it's been a turbulent year apart from just the eurozone crisis and fiscal crises as well you look about you know the regional arab spring the continued wake of revolutions the continued violence and it's just an awfully sad point in time in american is that all the amount of people have died on all sides in syria over this last year you have to share that if families all sides of whatever that it's an awful time to head into a new year when you've lost loved ones and i'm going to interrupt you both and they were quite made up of yes and they say no you know no news is good news no news is good you know you're going to talk to christine. i'm hoping to talk to christine she's not washington d.c. studio of course we've got a very impressive facility in the american capital there is christine for sol looking lovely on this new year's night from moscow and you go to new york a new year's new year's eve day for america christine is so good to see you you've been a busy lady for two thousand and twelve could you can you bring us up to date on some of the key stories that you covered for america. well happy new year everyone
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it's good to see you as you mentioned we still have a few more hours before our ball drops before the fireworks go off but you are right it has been an extraordinarily busy year an extraordinarily interesting year here in the united states of course we have the presidential election as you guys know i'm often sitting there in the briefing rooms here in washington and at the white house sometimes getting called on a lot of time just sort of listening to the messaging coming out we saw this both before and after the election one of the highlights i think for me really was you know hosting those several hours of election coverage on election night it's always exciting especially when you know you don't exactly know what's going to happen or how things are going to shake out so that was certainly one of the highlights but as you know we have it's been more than just the presidential election we also saw this year you may remember several months ago
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a recall election in the state of wisconsin to recall governor scott walker and this wasn't just about a small election this was a very broad discussion about the role of unions in the united states really interesting to see how that has unfolded especially when you talk to people from generations before just to see exactly what's happening here in this country and i think it's safe to say that we just don't know what two thousand and thirteen is going to look like when it comes especially to unions another highlight i think for me really has been kind of watching what's been going on with wiki leaks you guys have been just like us in terms of the you know the extent to which we cover wiki leaks and we think that this is been an important. thing to have in our society this whistleblowing website that people can anonymously send documents to for people to learn about and so really watching what's happened both with julian assange the co-founder of wiki leaks who's now been holed up in that ecuadorian
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embassy in london for the last six months and also with bradley manning the accused wiki leaks are just seeing you know and really reporting every detail of the way he's been treated the way he. you know. say it again well christine i was going to say that obviously it's been a very very busy year for journalists in general for two thousand and twelve but let's i mean that's a that's a try and take the hard news and throw it out of the window here i mean you're in washington d.c. i lived there for a few years i've done july fourth out on the capitol down on the mall i've done new year as well what are your plans are you going to go down and try and get busy or are you going to be a true hard nosed journalist and fight you through in the r.c.a. news room. well as you know we're waiting to sort of see what happens with this so-called fiscal cliff this is sort of a deal that's been made such a big deal out of and so we're you know glued to the t.v.'s glued to you know twitter trying to stay in touch with our sources to see what happens with this of course i personally will be squeezing some fun and now after the show. well i
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certainly hope so christine you've been a hardworking lady you deserve a bit of fun so try to trying to get out of the news and enjoy yourself christine. thanks so much for joining us all the way across the atlantic happy new year to you good to be with you happy new year a pleasure and thanks so much our guys but we still have plenty more to come here kev and myself as well a pleasure to be joining you for the kickoff of two thousand and thirteen and we will be back with more still to see do you promise to deliver it was that we were supposed to go into the gallery or the control room right here. on my hello my or this or if you were going to take the whole crew over there were probably taken to take a short break and we promise you we'll try to figure out if we do actually feel that when we come back we cast an eye over where there europe might see some light at the end of the tunnel stay with our city.
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remains in this tree even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds it warms to the man's the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also all surrounding objects like reverse forests and even stones of souls and by imitating the sounds they believe assumes to capture the power of nature. was. there are special instruments that accompany the singing give gainey says there is
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even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the course was revived as an instrument that those that have suffered a fall is because of the spirit of the horse came to his dream and said make an instrument from a tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings. and to remember me make an engraving of my head out of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody and these schumann is called . to fly as one of the most famous groups in the republic their next goal is to. sure brought the sea for you or peons it's difficult to pick up and saying so i ask them
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to teach me and see if i can do it for you cierra said they were. sharing it all you thought it was sure they can know you are shrewd. eyes you should take care oh. but now it is part of the song and not the actual through thing which i didn't dare try to repeat . so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this puzzled so until i met mall she looks like it to vini and i don't even speak their language but she is from japan. most sense to van reminds her that she planned from two hundred years ago until sappy here she's not planning a professional singing career she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature.
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welcome back to our special new year's coverage here in archie for our new age the studio's ury cavanagh and here and this should now be rory's over the next year with rory would be great now you could have talked to somebody that you wouldn't want to mess with no you're right in fact abby martin pulls no punches i mean certainly the new face starts she is quite a new face to r.t. and of course he's the host of breaking the. she is a tough one she's a tough one with because there is not a lot of obvious so nice to see you we've got you in a big plasma your nose ring looks great. yeah i get the stupidest of your looks awesome you guys it's really it's really good to join you all the way in washington d.c.
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this and that you're the host of breaking the set and again you know you really do take people to toss with your questions and certainly one of the issues really haunts over in two thousand and twelve was out of sight but walls of people's online privacy i mean it really bothers you doesn't it. absolutely i mean when you see people like robert mueller director of the f.b.i. going out there and saying that this is this is surpassing now the threat of tangible terrorism that we see in the united states and this is going to be an impending warfare on the front of the united states saying that we need to pass cyber legislation the pull switch the emergency shut off switch i mean all of these things really the fear mongering coming along with cyber security really makes me question what are their motives is just just a way to take over the last bastion of democracy that we have which is net neutrality and our online freedoms it was so if you know i mean when you talk about online you also moved from what i understand you call of the twitter sphere with the when you're highlighting president obama's use of drones abroad i mean actually when in some way or another went viral it went absolutely global tell us more about
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what you do. yes well i coined i have a little nickname for president obama i like to call him the drone king here he is he's reigning over global killing machine unmanned drones these robots that are killing people all over the world. and they have their work their counterintuitive so i like to coin him as the drone king i did the hash tag on the twitter and it got viral pretty much of people picked it up it's a very funny catchy phrase but really when we're talking about drones actually a really serious topic because people are under this notion that drones are somehow precise they're the good way to fight the war on terror really they completely are counterintuitive they create and harbor more terrorists they have a ninety eight percent failure rate i mean so why are we using and i mean it's just amazing to me that this president is rain on drones and taking on more and more drones and not only that but i mean the surveillance drones are going to happen in this country in two thousand and thirteen congress passed
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a bill to now authorize surveillance drones all over the united states so this is just not going to stop it's going to get worse and to me the worst part about it of course aside from from the deaths and the double tap drones that we have. in the middle eastern countries now we're going to create a chilling effect we're people aren't going to want to dissent as much and that's the real problem with the online privacy the online erosion of our civil liberties as well as people are going to speak out as much if they feel like they're being watched. as a good point here with the whole drones being used not just around the world but also in america we had the story fairly recently about colorado decriminalizing or even legalizing certain amounts of marijuana use and then we got all these stories about these drones being flown over colorado and some are saying is just the beginning of a much much broader picture two thousand and thirteen you're breaking the set with your program here let's talk about you in a perfect world in a perfect world who would you like to get on your program or let's say you'd like to take him to task i know that you'd like to grill him but who would have. a well
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i have to say president obama himself you know of course i'd love to have the bush criminals on to really confront them about how they were discovered. running around selling books and gallivanting around the globe but yeah president obama i mean i'd like to sit him down and just really ask him you know why why use these drones why are you doing all this stuff why are you pursuing the bush policies of rodin our civil liberties engaging in this global war fair counterintuitively why are you pursuing these police state policies that the bush administration pioneered i mean under the guise of something more humane more than the love. it really is a shame that when a democrats in office we have these humanitarian wars and people just completely tune out the antiwar movement shuts down so i would love to just sit down with mr obama himself and kind of grill him because i don't really see any interviews like that with the sitting president as of yet we have just one more final question here before we go to the twitter and the news that will be going over twitter. my
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question for you is if we can just take the hall and you can get rid of it my question to you is how many piercings do you have. i have a lot of my ears and one of my nose hey you know it's. one in twelve and i mean come on the got to get to you nose rings tag to be about just how the new age fair enough go on and i went out of oliver stone i mean i love the interview and i think it was probably one of the highlights of your year on breaking the set i would assume one of for me it was one of the most interesting interviews to watch you covered so many topics what was that like. oh it's amazing i mean oliver stone is a one of the most groundbreaking directors of our time every generation i mean he made such prolific antiwar films such as bourne the fourth of july platoon sort of really go over his film career and talk about the trajectory of what he's done and how it influences society and really how it reflects still on on on cinema and
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entertainment and how things have changed how you see movies now that touch upon warfare a much different way that really with an uncritical eyes such as zero dark thirty which glorifies torture and other things like that so it's really interesting to get his take on just cinema entertainment how it reflects and shapes american culture and also just talk about politics his new book and series really just gives the untold history of what we're told growing up in this country completely propagandized about world war two defeating nazi is and of course we know that all isn't true having to drop the bombs on japan all of these things really mind blowing mind blowing stuff that he is bringing to light and hopefully can deconstruct the brainwashing that is affected so many people in this country that we just simply don't know how we fit in the world and how we've come to be this global hadronic power. well i mean martin the host of breaking this great pleasure to have you want without with the new year program here from mosco for most go to washington washington a mosque and a great pleasure thanks so much. now we've been invited to maybe getting of oil to
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watch this for the last couple of hours we invite you to get involved to tell us what you thought the highlights of the year what you like what you didn't like so thanks for doing that if you had if you were to join the conversation is hunched a cool. way he says your coverage of standing was immortal technique speaking you don't keep a wall street definitely my best recall of twenty twelve many sousa programs we've been showing but as pulls the message will live in peace but economics. and that these a fundamental to prosperity for the ninety nine percent of us. as well whose centralization agendas in two thousand and twelve never do anyone any any good except elites and the status quo hostages are to recall let us know what you think the biggest events of archie it were of twenty twelve i should say were after this break thanks for being with us tonight if you can stay with us for some.
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divine power in action activate the shotguns. i am we just need to please we are under the control of those governing you somewhere at the service of a space mafia i found that on that day the magnetic fields of the sun will rise. to it that will create to support the story. after the second coming and it will be a beautiful place it will receive its disco glory it will be a renewed world and it will be a beautiful place. the best. will stop
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just ammunition. good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know there's a disaster business is. better unfortunately.
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