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didn't think about this too much and. so i knew the german competition. won the committee. of the choose my film mount k. well i'm sure that every third because. it is generally ok well every every director of course thinks that that that his his film is worth. such a festival but you know when people when people make films especially in russia i know people say this is a festival film as we call it some people are shooting films knowing that this is going to be a festival film or this is going to be commercial films do you do things like that do you make a distinct distinction for yourself you make a hit were you making a festival film is. i can see that i understand that indeed
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this exist the situation exists the festivals the films which made for festivals the films was considered to be made for wide distribution for commercial but friendly to say what is inside me never there were this for for for me when i make films i tried to do my best. to do move film when in my opinion well you are a professional and you are a man that is well known among my colleagues and the viewer is my audience so i think the difference is whether you want to impress the audience people who are much younger than you or you want to want to impress professionals your colleagues who are more important for you. both. of you as i believe he is i believe they're really good films they impressed both and professionals and
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spectators and really now they situation that is the way it's very become far for each from our festival. but i was born an old cinema when you see the films which won the best the worlds and counsel them out for instance filina films there was both good for professionals for public and this situation become more in the twenty years ago when the films become to divide this two trends become to devote partially because american movies partially buried there because of hollywood many people say there hollywood is killing the movie making in other parts of the world i think it's a little bit slick. holywood holywood is very different may confide in who are with very good films so which
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a wise films artificial artistic dreams which which can work and for festivals and for and for commercials it's a little bit for for my opinion such reason of hollywood like this monster who only provide this commercial production it's a little bit like a legend. as far as i know you know. they award to the best. for in the film the nomination which you're going to enter is given not to the director and not even to the crew but to a country so so so are you do you feel that feel that your film the white tiger doesn't represent russia hopes on a for me. think of the. nation for foreign films is given for producing. for us those like must feel we have here to all schools for our good of course our film the school which was made and so we union
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and the war come to most film because most when was the producer of the film and the mother war two war school awarded to you for war and peace or sent by the russians in belgium and they gain this award is we keep seeing mostly a lot about moscow doesn't believe until it's. well over his shoulder. i mean it was something to do yes and. it was. produced by muslims and that he had to get first and fill with. what we can get that back ok now. you know the question about about the oscars many people say that that the european festivals the concepts of all the sense of best out of the berlin festivals are the real festivals of which judge the quality and the essence and the spirit of the movies well well hollywood. goes to the oscars and oscars actually
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judge like the commercial part of them so they do but do you believe do you believe that. i think the criteria is different in the states. being the villain and the real judge of film as time only time only time which is which can not even a box office and i'm not out there number. again to find. a lot of films which have the big awards books orphans and nobody remember this after the five years of there are many films which haven't any warts on a box office saying in any think and four people were saying and seen for twenty years so for my opinion they're real judge of cinema it's time blood this is a game in which we all play and this is festival so. those close it's our it's our life inside of cinema and it's important for us i can say that for my being in
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. no you see friendly to say what does that mean oscar for in a minute and that means that all countries send their best films for the air in this case i can say that is more a presenting different any festival because because it's the females for the year. and each contra sent their best use that in this case in the in this way for school completion maybe much more on such a difficult would you like to get this ask i mean i i really dreaming dreaming of it i guess this is the thinking and dream and. the. third time of it was to my films with participated in this complete dish i'm thirty seven . monks so it's it's in the hands of the board well as we say in russia god
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god loves the trinity he said. listen you said in one of the entities that every russian film director should make a film about world war till why do you think cell. i think maybe i was too old to see. the should. i can change that maybe it's important for for my being here. and you see because to shoot the film about war film is. peanuts even another professional yes it's not an american i'm all about this war no end in any way any war any war film is a terminator is a film no worse now is not the last hours the star wars it's fantastic fantastic i mean i really want to. be and. i was going to world war i don't know very
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well you know of because it's really difficult it's another profession to make. the scene with battle scenes. for my opinion and i said that i mean that it's a challenge for for for directed to make such things and they in this the the what they mean were but when i saw this does it mean that you always wanted to make a movie like i wanted and i was afraid and how was afraid that i didn't think i'm british if especially again because the challenge in some other provision i made this is my fifteenth film and they're made in different films or made these dramas but truly when you have two two two two two to make such films especially battle since you don't know if you succeed in this well again i can't do this it
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makes it easier when you are a director of such a studio as most film as. well not really seeing the boss i mean you can do whatever you want more so not boss you must shoot your most organized all these things nobody help you. says cut i'm shocked there's out a film director at the moment that shot the white tiger the russian possible nomination for oscar spotlight it will be back in a minute stay with us and. something . law is beneath.
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thousands of metres of the ice and draw. for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it to distance. divine power in action to make the sacraments. i am and she sees me as we are under the control of those governing us if i were at the service of the space mafia. i found that they'd the magnetic field of the sun will be for us
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to create the super got the stuff. after the second coming and it'll be a beautiful place it will receive its glory it will be a renewed world and it'll be a beautiful place. full of professed. little stuff this type of ammunition. is good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately.
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the admission free accreditation free transport charges free amazement free. three stooges free. the moseley braun can plug in video for your media projects and free media oh god r.t. dot com. welcome back to spotlight on a mountain out of and just to remind you that my guest on the show today is carol shatner's out of one of the most famous russian film directors and he's also the boss of the mob film film studios the biggest studio in europe one of the largest in the world mr shatner's out of we've been we've been talking about your film that that is sent by russia to the oscars committee and maybe the russian nomination for
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this for the so word well there. has been. lots of speculation in russia what you meant by this white tiger because some say is just a war movies others say it's a mystical merissa some sort of a fantasy maybe because there's this like like a white tiger it's an american. it's a german tank but but it really it really looks like like from outer space or something but there were people critics that say this white tiger it's sort of a represents your idea of the world imperialism. the west trying to kill the spirit of russia symbolized by this man by eve on. what was this so something more more than just
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a war movie in iraq you know yes it's more than simply war movie. for a little want to make. on the fin which is maybe yes i wanted to make the reality of the war but the world war that was attracted by the. way in the novel of a young right. after this no he's nor will i made this film this is really a some mystic story and. mystery it's a little bit like moby dick by mel for my opinion which the no which were simply made in the reality of the second world war and this gave me a possibility not. to show and speak about second world war but maybe a little bit think about the nature of the war at home which for instance as i
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began there and they'll become begun to think about this this this about this this nature of the war all this is what we want what is this war why why these why why why why all the all our history we were war well it's interesting because in your movie you seemed pretty sympathetic as the author to even a journey to this guy who they call in the movie and then of war like like an invincible war machine he he he he he is wounded he becomes sort of a mystical like a superhero. and after the war is over he wants is no for me it's not until i kill the white tiger so you're sympathetic to a man that's not meant for peace that's meant for fighting
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a war is this your idea of life. are sympathetic to him like a hero but this is his drama this is a show the drama of the men who become the men of the war and it. doesn't mean that sympathetic or not sympathetic but simply. i dried to say that the war mourn the people more than the people of the war and if the war is not stopping and we see the can do anything with the war even now when no again we will see the war everywhere same either the awards that go over and over there what in the world they develop a special kind of breed special kind of people who are the creations of war and and that's why this multiplies and goes on and i suppose it was the only end of you know the year actually your movie the epilogue to a movie is
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a monologue that will have to. actually explains why he went to war and he actually explains to probably the satan sitting in front of him like ike. why he tried to save europe and like going to war he fulfilled the eternal dream of mankind starting his second world war wasn't it pretty risky in a rush to end a film by monologue annulled. no i don't know will work is risky or not the same breath i think that it's it's important to know all these ideas it's important that people tomorrow not forget that it's it's if you want to fight with the aerial you must know what is word what does it mean this if you don't know and to be tear there's this film about this is that thunk there than can't appear
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without their ideas it's there they did this which is more than that danks and we must understand that this did a deal they did for my opinion this idea is for hitler the way they live and they they they don't disappear and this is why this tank is evidence about yes and in these years that's why for for for me it was important to do made this scene and the same way with and with doesn't invented to feed the birds which we take from different pieces of the of the. and different things of hitler when see he said really what i watched the film i suddenly realized that it resembles the soviet war films know why because we don't see a lot of computer graphics in this film why don't purpose that you decided to to
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minimize the use of computer computing noirs way way that was the decision first the wall for for for me you see if i see a computer graphic when i saw the films and for my opinion it's even now some sort of film says different jana zehner of this is very close the animation and in this film were droid to do the real things and spin. because we have the real things will have everything old technique work a real technique of the second world war i would try to do it in reality there and for my opinion let's at least it seems to me that it's much more interesting didn't make it though it the work of some computer graphic but it was very very few it did need more expensive i mean i mean to to do to real no no no no computer graphic much more. it's much more expensive really yeah it's very
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expensive have real time and real glass for if he were the draw you were cheaper than droid then why do people do that i mean the computer graphics know if they have no or so they would have so many thanks for this is. what did you get as a matter of fact i know that must feel for example has a lot a lot of the old cars and tags and stuff do you really have it your disposal i mean like like dozens of old second world war telling more than dozens who have the collection of our film collection that's more than two hundred tanks different things and most of them from second world war and for instance were these type of famous russian soviet he thirty four yeah he forty four work of about forty such to forty forty and he used i think about it about a dozen who were in on a work of scenes when we in some sense who have about thirty and thirty times since
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then and the german tank was wasn't really german no no it wasn't real it was made cardboard it was this saw it on east is to the other way it was the heaviest areas of it rank and the way a made use it to make. from made to make the thing says so is it because most film doesn't have a german tank like i would have no germ on this train. and i mean i mean there's no one. of them in russia during the years but i don't know if they disappeared where we have some thanks and museums love they don't move i hear one of. the other think if frankly to say even if we have real tiger i think it will be very difficult to work with it because they were very. it's known that it was a problem of tigers because there was so having that they need the special roads
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and anyway for for shooting it's not very good at the budgets of your movie it was around eleven million has no less. well anyway a budget like that is ok for russia but it's a very small budget if we can mariachi challenged well at what would you say should do does that mean this comparison this that means that we the russians should spend more on movies or do you think that americans should start spending less. about america. has led job if not i mean if you want to say i mean why i must believe that we're sometimes when i when i see movies i see nothing but money and this is sad. always always see the big bucks i mean i'm screaming moyers no it's it's impossible to compare the budget of the budget of four russian seen in my. my
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broke some of the budget of one american blockbuster must understand that and from the other side it's but it's possible to do some real things here and it will be much cheaper because they're in space in general much cheaper. salaries so with it's cheaper to work in russia so welcome. and we do you think because this is strange because my. any film directors in russia say that a big budget budget is not really is not really a blessing but rather a curse for a director and you don't think so you say you think the bigger the budget the better for their a director no. absolutely but that doesn't mean that there is. going to go through for its good when you have i love the money why not but i think you.
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use from the. fall for my being in. the first. the quality of film there are some very good films for the low budget that are really good films with the big budget the bands on the people who do this ok thank you thank you very much and yes it's a reminder that my guest on the show today was shocked nose out of a famous special film director who's going to compete for an oscar this year and also the boss of the mossville studios the biggest film studios in europe one of the largest in the world and that's it for now from all of us here spotlight will be back with more first on comment on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on the party and take it.
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he survived. around him. by giving up. on. but. luckly.
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her. mother. by no means a little. bit
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live. i live. oh. please.


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