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tv   [untitled]    January 6, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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years well come to no man's land a neighborhood that is technically part of jerusalem but in reality is on the palestinian side of the security wall that israel has built some two thousand mixed couples live here. the problem of cooper aka is that so many people are immigrating to the area because they have to so in four years we've had a growth of thirty five thousand people it's become more crowded than gaza. so hair and stuff one came to live here six years ago with their three children but life in the village is far from ideal the schools are overcrowded garbage is collected only once a week and there's little fresh water so if one is old and sick and basic health services are hard to come by. my husband and my daughter don't have israeli i.d.'s and they can't pass through the checkpoint they need special permission which is very difficult to get far curb is in north jerusalem eighty two percent of the land belongs to jerusalem eighteen percent to the west bank residents pay taxes to the
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israeli government but because the area lies outside the israeli wall israel is slow to provide services the municipality says that many of the people living in cloud cover are doing so illegally and so it's not obliged to provide them with services it also says that the security wall makes it more complicated to carry out the services and the state needs to give it more money there have been small victories though residents took the municipality to court and one garbage collection at least for now should be more frequent this is the minimal problem from them is really going. on in me as an arab in jerusalem so we have to carry that because we have our rights we will be the texas everything and the suffering from that phones and internet access are limited because palestinian companies are not allowed to install lines in a so-called israeli area and because the israeli police won't come here law enforcement is scarce and living in the middle of it all are couples and stuff when
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they nearly want to be together but politics and division are making that more and more difficult every day police here are to jerusalem. egypt's muslim brotherhood is under investigation for taking billions of dollars from the u.s. before even coming to power it's also alleged the brotherhood used the money to fund the cells involved in sparking violence and protests one of the lawyers that file the complaint. says the money was all about preserving interests. which started this money might have been beneficial for both the american side promises support for the muslim brotherhood while they in turn promised to secure american interests in egypt namely a u.s. air force base in the province of. dealing with the brotherhood as a political authority is permissible for funding it before it had even come to power is not we also believe that the brotherhood run cells tasked with provoking
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public unrest and violence are protests a form active member who quit the brotherhood spoke of such groups which carried out operations for the muslim brotherhood benefit british prime minister david cameron says he's willing to fight to keep control of the falkland islands he said his government has the weapons and will defend the territory from any argentinean advances britain has a military base on the islands argentinian prime minister has called for negotiations over the disputed territory the two nations fought a war over back in one thousand nine hundred two a referendum will be held in march when the islanders will vote to decide their nationality. hundreds are missing and thousands more have been displaced as far as rage across australia winds and very high temperatures nationwide have provided optimal conditions for dangerous bushfires to break out evacuation centers in tasmania have been inundated. in bangladesh
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crowds led by coalition of political parties have protested against a nine percent rise in fuel tax twenty five people were hurt in the demonstrations and several vehicles were set on fire it's the fifth time since two thousand and nine that the government has height the g.t. on feel. it's as a as a sunday roast but the church of england isn't as strong as it used to being and as people leave the institution in their droves. looks at whether it can still justify its special status in the u.k. . one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world with one official state religion to some it's a paradox i think any institute any faith institution like the church of england is going to have some potential threats on the horizon and those threats on the horizon are basically around its relevance to communities in general other faiths are significant and growing in not only population but voice in
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a social and political level so it's really important to have a plurality of opinion rather than just focus on one institution as being reflective of the nation yet the national church has twenty six on the elected members in the house of lords the upper house of britain's parliament and it enjoys financial privileges courtesy of the u.k. taxpayer by the church's own admission the number of people coming through the doors of this and every other church in england has harvard over the past forty years a very strong report even warns that in the longer term the established religion faces fading away to virtual embellishments twenty anglican churches just like this one being closed down for worship each year entrepreneurial property developers are snapping them up and converting them to luxury housing or even light clubs while the number of church goers in the u.k. continues to fall some one hundred thousand britons have converted to islam over
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the past decade three quarters of those white women as you know broaden my knowledge about islam and compared with christianity i must tell you i found a more logical you know it just resonates with me i like what the prince of wales but he wants to be if ever he becomes king he wants to be the leader of faith you know of all faiths but i think it's a wonderful statement because certainly our society here in britain is very multi call. very multi-faith so everybody should be included britain now has one of the lowest rates of church attendance in europe despite centuries of tradition some question what will be left of the church of england in fifty years time oh the statistics are very very clear almost disappeared with something i think the twenty fifty figures are one hundred thousand people in on an average sunday out of
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a population of sixty million that's miniscule but the privileges and political influence afforded to it are far from trivial and that's what's fueling the calls of those who say that it's fairer to separate the church from the state party boyko r t london it's been a week of new year's celebrations around the globe with fireworks and cheering crowds greeting twenty thirteen there were mixed emotions regarding the year that's passed with deceit and many more hopeful of better times couple of takes a look at the world that could have been. twenty twelve was certainly full of disappointing headlines hope fueled by the arab spring turned into the turmoil of the arab autumn the war in syria claimed countless lives and a fiscal crisis all the european union torn apart at its very seams and the
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problems facing our world today certainly don't offer themselves up to an easy fix what if things had turned out differently what if opportunities were actually seized upon instead of missed well here's our look at the twenty twelve headlines that could have been. diplomacy succeeds in syria and ending bloody conflict. instead this was the image of syria the world saw increasingly violent clashes between government forces and the opposition had claimed more than forty thousand lives efforts to negotiate a diplomatic solution fall flat because divisions ripped apart both the country and the international community hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to neighboring states where many have found conditions to be dismal meanwhile syria's war is threatening to spill over its borders as tensions escalate within and in the region. of told me to try and sanction slashed. except.
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when the u.s. rules to restrict foreign. mideast peace with israel links to state park has promised on. yet this was their reality israel's assault on palestinian militants in gaza israel's anti-missile shield repelled in most attacks on its territory but a strike claimed the lives of more than one hundred sixty palestinians many of them civilians despite harsh condemnation from many in the international community the war and israel's subsequent decision to construct three thousand new settlements effectively slammed the door shut to any prospects of peace go for people power moment you. step aside and let a democracy. get lost get my notorious kuantan of my prison permanently shot. euro zone cuts the cuts and lifts austerity. but the news of austerity only tightened as deep public sector cuts brought thousands of angry demonstrators to the streets of greece spain italy and portugal. the worst economic crisis of
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a generation has battered the european union's very foundations exacerbating tensions between member states with some regions now desperately wanting out i grew up in a europe that was divided from east to west going to europe it is divided from the south and never at any point in the history of this union has there been more discord of rank that we covered. corporate cash for the campaign coffers as part of the us political please. know we here for u.k. british quit european union. we found a duty in the song to point to the un free speech and. instead a song remains a political refugee at ecuador's london embassy where he's been granted asylum he continues to fight extradition to sweden over alleged sex crimes charges that he says are politically motivated and tied to his work in leaking international
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government secrets. the power of people speaking up and resisting together terrify corrupt democratic power so much so that ordinary people here in the west and the enemy of governments an enemy to be watched and intimate to be controlled and to be impoverished true democracy is not the white house true democracy is not. true democracy is the resistance of people with the truth against from top to right here in london. every day ordinary people teach us that democracy is free speech and just sent. from heretics to hero american whistleblower bradley manning finally free. droning on the nations agree to end iraq of remote controlled war. egypt's arab spring sees democracy
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defeat hardline islamist. the reality on the ground was anything but egyptian president mohamed morsi is fouled like power grab unleashed fury and frenzied street battles and a fast track constitutional overhaul referendum left a bitter opposition eager for change for them two thousand and twelve saw the arab spring transform into an egyptian nightmare had the revolution to get rid of a tyrant. in in order to that we made elections and the revolution and elections to choose someone to the present us turned out that this guy is also a tyrant himself and he has had lines may have been the stuff of the imagination but that's the of twenty thirteen any of them to life. r.t. moscow. you've been watching the weekly. about with more in about fifteen minutes now in the meantime the man who is from the fumes and from media to banking so
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richard branson. so how much does it take to get into russian politics how many hours of hard work and how many patriotic deeds does it take to become one of the people who make the decisions and the world's largest country well i'll tell you how much it takes exactly seven point five million euros russia's federal investigative committee has a stablish that allegedly hey of constantine should show of from fair russia and the commerce prospectively promised for a fee to get a businessman to their parties electoral lists getting him a spot in the lower house of the duma the investigators have forwarded the state duma an official request to strip the two m.p.'s of their parliamentary immunity
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and you're darn right they better street have their parliamentary immunity stripped i mean what's worse than government corruption some people in the government being so corrupt they can actually sell the government itself to someone for a fee so positions in parliament corruption on this high of a level needs to be punished severely breaking rocks in siberia or worse sounds pretty good to me tolerating flagrant corruption does not a great civilization make but that's just my opinion. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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mr branson thank you so much for joining me today now i'd like to try to call back when you were fifteen years old you decided to leave school you want to start a magazine and pretty much from just change in the world that didn't exactly happen but you have managed to achieve a lot of things are you happy with the way the world is right now is a good idea for say well at the what the world is extremely good to me. and i've
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had the most joyful life i think of anybody anybody i know. and i'm still still up to get i paid quite a lot of my time now. it's used like conflict resolution issues that the world. and all the. you know the world i mean if you live in syria today the world is done a happy place patrol and we have a wonderful organization called the elders that are trying to help. resolve that conflict in fact like the brain he is one of the elders. are beating people to russia to try to try to get agreement as quickly as possible so that we can spare the the people of syria any any more bizzare and i think if we can get russia or russia are on board and america are on board we had the syrian government on board hopefully we can get or get that problem resolved not that that actually works well
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the elders are actually i don't get a page from the twelve people that nelson mandela back up. they. have people like president carter. mandela kofi and. archbishop tutu people with high moral authority and they work as i think as a group to try to resolve conflicts and then sometimes the individual that i would like to play has been asked by the united nations to try to. work with the various countries involved with syria to to try. try to get this problem result. so since you asked about happy with the world obviously syria is a miserable place that it needs to be resolved it should be a top priority i think of every caring politician to get to get this problem resolved was about the time when you were editing the magazine and you started up a magazine trying to stop the war in vietnam from what i understand do you think
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journalism can actually change the world and the course of things that has happened oh i think journalists can certainly change the world the internet can change the world i mean it was through the internet. through journalism and the public. the arab spring happen on twitter and google plus and facebook. if you have followers and you want to try to sort out a problem in the world and you get other friends who got it big and plans to do the same you can sort these problems that you know i campaigned a lot for the oceans to try to stop people killing sharks in the oceans and you know we've got quite a lot of laws changed around the world thanks to. the internet. so yeah so i think journalism is the. public work here it's a very important but journalism can go to extremes as well especially with what we're seeing happen with international where do you think the u.k.
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in journalism has had this responsible journalism in the u.k. there's irresponsible journalism one or two newspapers that are very very sort of extreme in their thinking and i suspect we need more. but the good thing is that the internet is counterbalancing that i think we used to have a newspaper they still do call the daily mail it's ready of people that are so i think a slightly negative way but i think the internet will hopefully stop balance saying that it now and what's your take on the west local. hours off today for example julian next hour and he thinks he is a hero or villain. i would not call him a hero or a villain i think the mistake he made was a lot of editing he had an incredible information he could have made thousands of great stories without without putting it life some people some people around the world and i think perhaps he just made it went
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a bit too fast generally i'm all for one hundred percent freedom of the press but i think a lot in that situation there were definitely we had it would take a lot of dealings in trying to bring about democracy and then suddenly we saw what we were doing and tried to bring about democracy here robert the car because. sometimes you don't want the dictator. is being doing bad things to find out. that other people are trying to bring about democracy. they can put lives in danger now your breaking was deafening much their friends and their children upbringing and if we talk about things right now in the u.k. do you think that have caused because with the you know riot takes place to see thousand and eleven water are you saying things like right now do you think their lack of motivation i think they. are not as politically minded. as they were when in the sixty's when. they should've they should've
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stopped the iraq war i mean there were big demonstrations a set of even bigger demonstrations. i think if anything that you heard. a lot loud not vocal enough in this generation i think there where the politicians had to take a countries to war because to stop them doing it it was easy to start there was impossible to to stop they caused so much misery politicians should be clever enough to get rid of. leaders. leading badly without having to involve millions of people in bloodshed and. i think the young people there are there are too many people unemployed and i think personally that nobody should be allowed to be unemployed i think you can share the jobs with our available you can share them around with everybody which might mean that people have
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a three day weekend instead of a two day weekend or whatever but there is room to make sure that everybody has a job i think that would result a lot of the problems in the world a little bit of a general question now which is say you are a dream a stationary or an entrepreneur or all of that in which more than i dream big and then i try to make my dreams become reality. that i dreamt of going into the mood one day. in the end i couldn't decided not to wait for the russian space ship company or the american place of company you know we're building our own space ships to take us into space i think everybody should try to dream about what they're capable of and then tries to try to catch up with your dreams and fortunately and second empress secular and everything that happened recently you know off to bed. i know you're fighting for the latest reports that we're seeing in
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fact virgin atlantic is a really quality airline it's the father. told to have a large business section we think actually virgin atlantic is more the kind of airline that people in most would want to use between london and heathrow and that's flying from gatwick. quite a very small plane it's not such a good idea we think that we think that civil aviation authority made the wrong decision but obviously the ideal scenario. is that you have three carry applying to moscow i mean. if not go to. russia. the more the more allies you have flying people into this country the better and their friends a lot of rumors about you being and russia very often frequently have one trying to figure out where you think any action in the country any other projects perhaps taking place is there anything you can tell us well i mean today we were going to
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be doing a lot in russia today we're. we were going to. put a lot invest a lot of money into trying to reduce people's energy output. in a positive way that so russia's had all this oil and therefore they never really tried to preserve energy and if you can preserve energy. then you can export more oil so you know we're putting two or three hundred million dollars then to russia or into trying to. invest in companies that pick come up with good ways to pay big energy but nothing in particular right now that you can mention that's the virgin green thumb which we're going to start from from today but we'll be looking at mobile phones to be looking at quite a lot of other investment because well last question very briefly a question for a look if i get regretted anything i'd be a very sad person i would i have to the most. incredible life fantastic probably.
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lots of adventures. i live alone i. created three other companies just had a blast israel is surrounded by wonderful people. being married to the same lady for thirty four years great children. they're a great control. very lucky for you yourself have faced asked a number of times especially on your travels on the hot air balloons across the ocean what made you do it over and over again i can imagine must of been called painful for your family as well the amount of could find out who probably have rested i love the child. i always love a challenge i have great difficulty staying there and if somebody says. nobody's float around the world in a balloon or. nobody is. say well let's try. and i'm sure it wasn't easy. but now my children are doing it with. the highest mountain in europe a couple of months ago we just have together across the english channel we're going
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to space together. so my children i think understand why i like to live life to its full and they're doing that with me as your wife happy with the fact that your children out there in the exact same thing that. i don't think she's. wildly happy but she certainly loves children doing what they want to do and that's i think that's what mothers mothers of course so. we try not to take unnecessary risks i way we have wonderful exciting challenges but i try to make hundred percent sure i bring the children have thank you thank you so much thank you.
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download the official ati application to your cellphone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't work so how would your mobile device if you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. divine power in action activate the sacraments. i am just this for me it is we are under the control of those governing us we say we're at the service of a space mafia i found on that day the magnetic field of the sun will refocus and
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they will create the support that the stuff. after the second coming it will be a futile place it will receive its glory it will be a renewed world and it'll be a beautiful place. full of the best. little stuff this type of ammunition. it's good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately.
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