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tv   [untitled]    January 7, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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the foreign roots of syria's internal. war on the government's attempts to solve the crisis a family project in the west. war of words over the falklands the rhetoric between argentina and the u.k. escalates david cameron says he is ready to fight for the islands could there be a repeat of the bloodshed thirty years ago. freedom security and. suicide epidemic sweeps through the u.s. military more troops and veterans now taking their own lives and dying in the fight
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. with a worldwide news live from moscow this is the with me rory sushi it's good to have you with us today hypocritical detached from reality. posed by syrian president. described in washington and london about syria's key opposition group which enjoys the overwhelming support of western states has once again called for immediate regime change in a rare t.v. address to the nation president assad offered a political roadmap to ending almost two years of bloody civil conflict of the proposal includes dialogue and constitutional referendum and calls on outside powers to stop funding what he described as terrorism in syria a political analyst
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a marcus papadopoulos believes there are elements within the syrian opposition that will continue fighting despite any concessions from the government very important to make this clear in particular for western audiences who are unfortunately not read the full picture when it comes to syria the free syrian army is a lethal cocktail or various groups including many islamist groups and many groups linked to al qaida and the street free syrian army is of course backed by certain countries in the west and certain countries in the region and the free syrian army has been responsible for heinous terrorist acts in the last couple of peace in syria but ultimately it's got to be america turkey saudi arabia qatar they've got to stop supporting the militants people who are ideologically speak in the same people who go to the terrible attacks in new york washington london madrid and bali
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. damascus has constantly insisted that what's taking place in syria is not a genuine revolution or rather just a bunch of mercenaries fueling unrest r.t. so when it takes a closer look at how the standoff is attracting combatants from far beyond the country's borders. she keeps her son's room exactly the way he left at last spring his clothes and art supplies are the only reminders she has of twenty one year old son. sami told his mother he was going to a conference in libya you wouldn't stay more than one week to ten days he went in for the whole week that he stayed there he called home every day he called in the twenty second of march and said he's coming back to tunisia but never arrived at the beginning of april i got a skype call telling me my son was captured on the border as he was crossing from turkey to syria in a group of fighters. that further proof came with a syrian t.v. report in which sami was featured him all the captor example fighters he talked
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about coming from to fight for the syrian people still the explanation wasn't enough to lose the minds of his parents if anything it made matters worse these simply can't understand how intimidating man transformed into a jihadist notice all they do have was. a year ago salman began praying and i was very happy because i'm a muslim and i thought it was a good thing maybe after that he started going to a mosque and heard something that made him to go off to syria i think the reports claim some four hundred out of the five thousand mosques are controlled by radical islamists who call on their followers to take part in jihad in foreign countries the exact number of tunisians fighting in syria or libya or iraq is not known but the families and friends of those who went off to fight in a foreign land are saying that even one death is already one too many especially
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for those who are. fighting a foreign leader in a different country the government says that they're watching the situation closely but relatives of those who have died are not convinced they believe that the government's silence is as good as a green light for the impressionable youngsters. it's known that of the last ten years most terrorist groups have tunisians in their midst the officials know about these things but don't say anything these fighters went to libya then they went to syria by way of turkey we're talking about more than one hundred tunisians already killed in fighting in syria. this statement is supported by united nations human rights investigators this report published at the end of two thousand and twelve more of an increasing number of fighters pouring into syria investigator said people from at least twenty nine different countries are fighting alongside syrian rebels most of them are sunni's hailing from neighboring countries but some have come to syria from this far away as america and europe they get called in for
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supposedly higher purpose but once they're on the ground the situation proves far more mundane. it's impossible for any arab convert from fighting in syria to get treated whoever gets injured dies i dare them to bring me a single arab who got injured and treated in the field hospital we are being treated as cannon fodder we are the grease used to love brigade that using syrian blood for them a city got to see despite such warnings many young men in tunisia still choose to go abroad to battle infidels in the name of allah it only goes go r.t. in tunisia. meanwhile in egypt ruling in god's name reportedly doesn't come cheap the muslim brotherhood of writing to power on washington's handouts and using the money to incite violence and protests just a bit later here i see we hear from one of the lawyers that brought those charges to back. another argentina has told the british
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prime minister to rein in his colonial ambitions and concentrate on his country's internal problems the hardline response follows a warning from david cameron that the u.k. would fight to keep control of the falkland islands in the two nations forty nine hundred eighty two war over the territory r.t. served. here with this question in an interview whether britain would fight they keep the focus and prime minister david cameron say. extremely clearly if an attempt was made by argentina to retake the folk and islands that minute she treats would be destroyed by britain so absolutely very clear on that very strong rhetoric coming from the prime minister that if you come from the back of. president re making these accusations that the focus on this is. from argentina by britain i think she called it a nineteenth century colonialism and i think some concern for people here today
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that you know this is something very much focused on in the course of this is some of the strongest statement. the shattering a little bit some of the other very important issues that are happening on a national level at the moment here in the country we've got. coming in this week. the house of commons as very important issues here at home and i'll of course a lot of people say we're talking about fighting a war somewhere else where she was fighting our own battles here in the country. and we saw the focus it definitely has a very strong resonance with people here in britain but we've seen this kick off again as i said we've had very strong comments from the president in argentina is also of course coming much more recent argument again discovered that there are large oil reserves of course i think that's really going to play a big part in seeing this contest between britain and argentina really heating up
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again it doesn't look like it's going away. party correspondent sara firth right there now is david cameron who loses popularity at home now as david cameron a debate over the falkland islands could be used just to distract attention from issues the government is failing to address but david cameron it's a great issue that it's come up again because the economy here isn't geiser it's in britain austerity is really biting people are very unhappy with what he's doing and so i think. cameron is very much open. to the greenback the back and reserve ninety two and the people's attentions here from the very popular things that he's doing at home put this issue to come up now is very timely because the government is well down to the opinion polls the government is really unpopular i can't recall it becoming so on popular so quickly and so i think that he will want to keep this in the news headlines species why he's reacting in such
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a sort of strong way. so now ten minutes past four in the afternoon here in moscow and the flying dispute in northern ireland causes a fresh loyalist violence still to come here on our two there are very few quiet nights in belfast as the city is plagued with one hundred strong riots over a decision not to fly the union flag of a city hall. from one scandal to another egypt's muslim brotherhood is now accused of taking more than a billion dollars from the u.s. to pursue its quest for power a paper trail of the under the table transactions has led a group of egyptian lawyers to file charges against the government and yes who lodged a complaint believes the alleged to us payments were all about preserving particular interests. much thought of this money might have been beneficial for both the american side promises support for the muslim brotherhood while they in turn promised to secure american interests in egypt namely a u.s.
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air force base in the province of. dealing with the brotherhood as a political authority is permissible but funding it before it had even come to power is not we also believe that the brotherhood run cells tasked with provoking public unrest and violence are protests active member who quit the brotherhood spoke of such groups which carried out operations for the muslim brotherhood benefit. could have you with us or not here today joyful colorful ceremonies are being held all across russia today to catch a glimpse of how the faithful celebrate a orthodox christmas in russia's largest church right here in the center of moscow and more after the break. a nation in free credit take three months for charges free. range month
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three. three. three. download free broadcast. projects and free media don carty dot com. or go. along with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations to rule the day.
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but from moscow this is. already hard pressed fighting off a belligerent taliban and a resurgent al qaeda and the u.s. military's now facing a new battle and that of one against suicides almost five hundred american troops and veterans killed themselves last year it's emerged that that ultimately dwarfs the number that died in action guy next to kind of reports on the grim statistics high for the world tonight. another feel good moral boosting rosiglitazone of the u.s. president is the liberal many of those rockers trying to convince the american people that the war was worth it when you're missing a birthday or you're missing
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a soccer game or or what you're missing in anniversary and those of us back home are able to enjoy it because you. told us come back home they missed much more than that their own selves once you go into combat you know once you kill people and once you spend a year and an environment you're not the same person team kenny came back severely wounded from a tour in afghanistan two years ago having spent ten months in combat the vehicle on which he was a goner was blown up nine times when i got crushed by p.t.s.d. i mean. i was suicidal you know i mean but i'm married with four kids and i just couldn't find a way to kill myself and some kind of accident that my family wouldn't have to suffer. he was able to step back from the brink but many of his fellow servicemen were not so fortunate. more american soldiers committed suicide last year than work
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killed in active service in afghanistan staggering statistics that's almost want to day with two hundred i think this is i can't go anymore like a lot of guys and so they don't remember. normal society . officials in washington seem to be trying to present afghanistan as a success story while for those coming home it looks anything but that they do put lipstick on a pig or cancer to speak they take real you and me to. run for the mainstream media in the us with their everything military their questioning of the cause of the war usually comes down to this sort of makes you the most proud about what you've done here a mind set is testily perpetuated that the ends justify the means while those ends are often identified in abstract terms like freedom and security what have we got
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us we've got quite a bit i mean honestly the afghan people even from when i was a ploy and i reckon all three during the invasion you could see the iraqi people and the afghan people starting to do stuff on their own having more freedoms and stuff like that stuff like that also includes almost twenty thousand afghan civilian deaths and drug production which has gone through the roof since coalition troops have been in the country accounts like this never make it to mainstream airwaves everyone that we blame for nine eleven is dead or in jail. there is no justification for this war. there's no reason our brothers and sisters should die in the sand there is no reason that their children should go to sleep every night terrified of the next drone strike or the next move kicking down their door neither do major u.s. news channels dwell on the subject of the afghans overwhelming desire to see american troops out of their country instead another six. this story on t.v.
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but there was another war the war on terror continues and go somewhere else would you still go without and without a doubt yes these are paintings by a soldier's mother who was petrified her son would be deployed he never was and she counter itself lucky but the fear caught up with her and inspired this series of paintings her reflections on those who have returned wounded physically or emotionally reflections that clash with the mindset that human suffering should be the price you have to pay for calls in washington i'm going to check out. just a bit later this hour here on our show to be cross-talk cradle of l. and his guests are debating just how it justified criticism of america's foreign policy years and how the very policy shapes and molds our world. well i don't think any nation has the right to force any system on another nation in america of course to me makes a practice of that it institutionalize forcing its ways on other nations and
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international law is very clear on this that mindless cliches are just silly out there i mean i want to add a conversation here but if we're just going to if we're going to speak in cliches we're not going to get anywhere first of all historically this is just in front of the founding fathers be very much in democracy no democracy involved of course but this idea that somehow america imposing its values across the world is the norm that's not true. just a few minutes away from that happening that we cross talk with people of all here on arts he for now though gerard depardieu has spent his first day as a russian citizen touring his new homeland and flaunting his freshly stamped passport might have seen much of the ire of french leaders though dubbed a traitor at home he's far from the only wealthy french person to flee the country
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over exorbitant new taxes and one of the destinations they've been heading for russia. well let's look at the taxes and that's the question at hand right now if you look at russia at the current laws we have a flat tax rate here of thirteen percent in fact france and germany they both have complicated tax codes if you look at france forty one percent right now up to forty one percent in germany up to forty five percent as opposed to russia's thirteen percent but if this comes into effect in france that. market for france goes up to seventy five percent certainly there when it comes to the global meltdown that we've been seeing for years particularly twenty twelve was not a good year for the eurozone or for much of the world indeed but somehow russia managed to avoid the global economic crisis and that is certainly the case in fact it is one of the brics countries which means it is one of the emerging markets in the world but if you look at what's been happening around europe in fact in the past year we've been seeing austerity protests we've been seeing people come into
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the streets who are looking for jobs and in fact the unemployment rate's if you look at greece twenty six percent if you look at the e.u. in general the average there eleven percent if you look at the unemployment rate in russia only six point four percent the united nations is actually taking a moment to appraise russia's immigration become here is that you get two christmases and you get two new years. and many more presidents as well as you showed on this right now nuclear energy and post
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fukushima japan seems to have regained people's trust pretty rapidly actually online you could read how some of its biggest cities are eager to get their tommy. for the nation desperate to stay warm during the harsh winter. and there's something fishy about this price it's the most expensive two hundred kilo fish in the world sold at auction for a record one point eight million dollars this company bank the precious catch. is he. is.
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all right here and we will get to the world of that in just a moment for now though on hundreds of protesters and belfast threw bricks and bottles at police and a fourth consecutive night of protests all of this over a decision to fly the british flag on city whole only on designated days and all the island has been witnessing a loyalist of violence for more than two months now i just watch from the christian science monitor says there are deep social reasons on the flag decision well that was just merely a catalyst but most of us traditionally throughout its history been a predominantly protestant on unionist city and their latest census results show that's not really the case any longer and it's not likely it's like a republican. majority or we look for the decision itself to fly the flag only once or do you disagree that this is your ticket on december third. reflects this change and that seems to be what's troubling loyalists like
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itself because in fact flying the flag they simply brings it into line with all the british government and civic buildings. all right as promised it's. time we'll start with the highest appeals court they upheld long jail sentences for thirteen activists and they were put behind bars for protesting in favor of greater rights. brutally cracked down on them with the help of troops from neighboring arab states more than sixty people have been killed and thousands jailed in the last two years of nationwide protests. five men accused of raping a young student who later died in hospital have arrived at a new delhi court for pretrial hearings and this is the first step in the judicial process and they could face the death penalty if convicted a sixth suspect who is seventeen years old will go before a juvenile court with a maximum sentence is three years in a reform center the rape sparked protests all across india. and two well
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known americans are the former governor of new mexico bill richardson and google's head eric schmidt have flown into north korea the controversial visit has drawn criticism from washington which is looking to penalize pyongyang over its recent rocket. richardson has said that he hopes to meet an american citizen recently detained by authorities there for the google c.e.o. has said little about why he's traveled to the secretive nation. now millions of all the christians are taking their turn to join the christmas cheer around the world in the heart of moscow the country's main cathedral was packed for the celebration on bottom was the. here are the course to save you cathedral the main cathedral in the russian capital in churches and cathedrals both here across russia and in all three docks communities across the world it isn't fact christmas eve for the awful lot church in the in the crisis
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a few cathedral worshippers have packed in to take part in to listen to the liturgy chanted and to feel the presence of of the spirit of christmas eve which is here celebrated on the sixth to the seventh of january not the twenty fifth of december because of the use of the julian calendar here but the all russian orthodox church rather than the gregorian calendar in other countries after the soviet union which is just over the end of the soviet union just over twenty years ago there was a a large gap in the number of believers after that long atheist period and even today most russians don't strictly observe the russian orthodox christmas for most russians new year is the real celebration but there is a significant number of of strict religious observance of the russian orthodox faith and for them this is an immensely special night indeed for them just as for
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most russians on new year's eve at large banquet is held many big dinners held and it's also a time for them to go to their church to take part in what is one of the longest services in the russian orthodox calendar but also. in the view of many believers and observers of russian orthodox faith one of the most beautiful services. that is out on what reporting right have thought in just a few minutes it's a bit of oil and cross talk if you can to stay with us for that. usually crime is a plague of the big cities but in
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a tiny arkansas town of twenty five thousand it is really getting out of hand pure gold is a property crime index of more than double the national average and rape burglary and assault are also way above average poor poor gold is a dangerous place to live in but what's the answer to living in constant fear of criminals well the mayor thinks that the answer to that problem is to live in constant fear of the government how logical the mayor and police chief have a doorstop plan to send out police patrols with a fifteen's and full swat armor to i guess intimidate the local population into submission well actually the plan is for them to stand around it ask people an important question ask them to show id the answer to crime isn't a police state sending guys out with automatic weapons and body armor around just to check people's i.d.'s like it's the berlin wall or something won't do anything a guy who breaks into your house for crystal meth money isn't going to be affected by this only the good average citizens will have to show an armed thug of their id
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just to go buy milk but that's just my opinion.
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i. wouldn't leave only one. low and welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle what do we mean when we use the term the west is that geographical historical or more of an outlook in a state of mind many around the world have an ambivalent attitude towards the west indeed the west remains relatively rich but it is also associated with arrogance and violence. to cross-talk what we mean by the term the west i'm joined by stephen.


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