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tv   [untitled]    January 7, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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building up on the border missiles from the netherlands and the u.s. on their way to turkey which claims it needs protection from the war in neighboring syria we get a lot of analysis on this very shortly here on r.t. . pensions go in the red list in the u.k. with predictions of the private savings system could collapse as the young lose interest in putting a little aside. and freedom security in the ring hollow was a suicide epidemic sweeps through us minute tree ranks with more troops and veterans now taking their own lives in fighting.
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international news and comment live from studio center here in moscow this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day. a cache of dutch patriot missiles has begun its journey to fellow nato state turkey iran supreme of the reinforcements last month after ankara requested support u.s. and german missile batteries will also be deployed to turkey's southern front to along with hundreds of support troops nato claims the war had to end and preserve defenses in the wake of the escalating standoff in syria want to discuss the significance of this military move i'm joined live. by berlin based journalist oxen writer while hundreds of troops will be deployed to support these systems on european governments which are taking part in the mission concerned about their soldiers getting caught up in the conflict between turkey and syria. person even in
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two months. alone germany will deploy this is what media reports say three hundred fifty soldiers the church. of the. systems and of course it is a high risky mission what takes place there but this is what we saw already in the past with other international missions the governments don't seem to be so concerned about what will really the future in this area but we see something else we see that the population in the european countries and i can say at all during the at the population is strongly against such missions but the parliament by the way was approving it with a huge majority so you see there is a big gap between the public opinion and the activities of the government and this might have to do with the fact that the governments in these things are not acting on their behalf of their own national interest or and they are on behalf of their
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own security interest we are right now acting on the interest of the nato of the western community of the transatlantic community and we see that again health questionable these positions are a whole question of all this nato country but why why is. questionable manual because turkey is security interests here are at stake that's the reason behind it is turkey under threat from syria should not at all i cannot see that turkey is under threat of syria i see it right the other way and everybody knows it sees this equation right there at the border that's what is taking place actually in not just since yesterday but several months that the legionnaires that. are coming from turkey on syrian soil to do what to kill their people so turkey is right now a security danger for syria not the other way so we are seeing this in the in the west the mainstream what if let me just ask you what if syria does collapse if
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a sad goes then could it become a failed state and then its neighbor turkey could be very vulnerable then well if you say when syria becomes a failed state this might be the purpose of all these actions this is what this right now going on from the west by supporting our militia maybe in syria state and green syria who are situation where we know that lebanon was for example for fifteen years in a civil war with so many armed militias it cannot talk even anymore about their real stay or could this deployment perhaps having to do with repeated calls from the syrian opposition for a no fly zone something that we sort of a libya should yes of course still the nato authorities that it has to do with the neighbor of course you say this is to protect turkey but of course if you deploy such weapons there and this is they say it's for defense but in fact it's already offensive action will be light weapons and soldiers to that area and of course it might have to do with that and when we see that the syrian rebels call or for
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weapons they call for modern weapons or heavy weapons they call also for what they say in western media humanitarian sones what is nothing else than a ground offensive with. the west western armies so we see the. what is taking place right now is a high risk for the security of all the reaching what yeah that's exactly what moscow said why would it be a high risk to the region moscow is very concerned about that why would it build up tension what one of the threats there. well it's very it's very simple to explain and the more soldiers from the more different countries and the more weapons will be loyal to a certain reach the higher is the risk that something will happen and the more soldiers you air from different armies the chance that they release becomes lower and lower we see it in the afghanistan mission which started in two thousand and one until today our german soldiers in afghanistan and that thing became better so
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you see the same thing might happen in this area i'm not sure when around three hundred fifty german soldiers will come back from this region and we can all hope that there will be not any serious floor man or thank you very much and if your thoughts their manual oxon write a german journalist joining me live there from burnham and so much damascus is constantly insisted that what is taking place in syria is not a genuine revolution but a bunch of mercenaries fueling unrest in a goodish takes a closer look now at how the standoff is attracting competence from far beyond the country's borders. she keeps her son's room exactly the way he left it last spring his clothes and art supplies are the only reminders she has of twenty one year old son. sammy told his mother he was going to a conference in libya he wouldn't stay more than one week to ten days he went in for the whole week that he stayed there he called home every day he called in the
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twenty second of march and said he's coming back to tunisia but never arrived at the beginning of april i got a skype call telling me my son was captured on the border as he was crossing from turkey to syria in a group of fighters. further proof came with a syrian t.v. report in which sami was featured among the captured rebel fighters he talked about coming from tunisia to fight for the syrian people still explanation wasn't enough to ease the minds of his parents if anything it made matters worse these simply can't understand how intimidating man transformed into a jihadist noticing when they do have this. year a girl suddenly began praying and i was very happy because i'm a muslim and i thought it was a good thing. maybe after that he started going to a mosque and heard something that made me go off to syria official reports claim some four hundred out of the five thousand mosques controlled by radical islamists
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who call their followers to take part in jihad in foreign countries the exact number of tunisians fighting in syria or libya or iraq is not known but the families and friends of those who went off to fight in a foreign land are saying that even one death is already one too many especially for those who are fighting a foreign leader in a different country the government says that they're watching the situation closely but relatives of those who have died are not convinced they believe that the government's silence is as good as a green light for the impressionable youngsters. it's known that for the last ten years most terrorist groups have tunisians in their midst the officials know about these things but don't say anything and these fighters went to libya then they went to syria by way of turkey we're talking about more than one hundred tunisians already killed in fighting in syria. this statement is supported by united nations human rights investigators this report published at the end of two thousand and
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twelve more of an increasing number of fighters pouring into syria investigator said people from at least twenty nine different countries are fighting alongside syrian rebels most of them are sunni's hailing from neighboring countries but some have come to syria from this far away as america and europe they get called in for supposedly higher purpose but once they're on the ground the situation proves far more mundane died a big it's impossible for any arab combat some fighting in syria to get treated whoever gets injured dies i dare them to bring me a single arab who got injured and treated in the field hospital any we are being treated as cannon fodder we have the grease used to abrogate that using a syrian blood will be for them a city got to see despite such warnings many young men in tunisia still choose to go abroad to battle infidels in the name of allah it only goes go r.t. in tunisia. there's
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a medical emergency in madrid thousands of health care workers from the streets angrily protesting against plans to privatize a number of local hospitals fearing this will ruin the already slim employment opportunities. still to come this hour the head of internet giant google is visiting north korea in a few minutes we'll ask an expert whether pyongyang is ready to drop its social and economic farm. on a still to come but first pynchon could become extinct in the u.k. within forty years that's according to a new report warning of an impending savings crisis its authors cite fewer and fewer young people who are willing to lock their money up for decades especially in this economic climate well let's get more on the dollar for now with our he's joining me live from london is it really looking that gloomy for pensions. well it does look like the private pension bill going think that's according to one prominent pensions expert here and he says that by twenty fifty they could be wrong
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because it turns out that just twelve percent of young people in their twenty's and thirty's are fading for their retirement so what a lot of young people in the u.k. who are thinking about their pension is a tall and that concerns over a potential pension gap in the future and why there is there this lack of enthusiasm towards pensions the systems work for decades successfully as well so why this sudden threat of collapse. well the sad reality is that young people nowadays they have a lot of very immediate financial pressures on their plate you know with austerity measures in full swing with the financial crisis we've got young people on very low wages having to live with a very high cost of living at the same time they could have debts in the form of university fees that they have to pay off if they're lucky they'll have a mortgage but the the the truth is is that a lot of young people have all these very immediate precious and so they just don't
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have time to think about putting money away for thirty forty years down the line that's money that they might not see again but they will have to look into the long term surely they will have to return some point so how are they going to do that without saving well indeed they are going to have to retire at some point and there's a double sort of irony in this because by the time they retire the pension age is going to be at least sixty eight and there are reports saying that some people have said that well if the pension age is going to be sixty eight we might not live that long so why save for it so that's why it's a double edged sword that it is a problem in itself that people don't see the point in saving for it but of course that's going to lead to this potential points this potential pensions gap when the government is going to be confronted with people that all the evening too often the age of sixty eight don't have savings so it's a potential crisis many years down the line so finally what is the government gonna
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do about it know that now of course is the important time. well of course the government is actually very concerned about this because we've seen you know cuts to the state pension that was very controversial last year so they've been trying to incentivize people to save private pensions so they do that by providing tax breaks let me say anything that's called auto unrolling where they get large firms to enroll their workers into private savings schemes but the sad reality again is that very few people are still in these schemes are yet to enroll in these schemes and again when coming back to the young generation it's got these precious these very immediate financial pressures and so the pension is falling by the wayside and that's leading to talk of the potential point this is going to come in the future so it is quite
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a grim picture at the moment they'll probably live in london thanks very much indeed for that that's probable cause to correspondent there in the british capital . thousands of health workers in spain's capital madrid have been venting their anger at cuts to the health care system they're running against plans to privatize several hospitals and nearly thirty health centers financial experts particularly he don't these desperate measures will do the spanish economy any good. there's really absolutely nothing that can be done about the current sponge situation the government is affectively running a deficit around the bite nine percent of g.d.p. and it really year that's a huge number spain has the tenth biggest deficit on the planet of any country and effectively it's hemorrhaging money at the moment because the budgets were made in the good old days when property markets were going through the roof nowadays nobody can sell a property nobody can manage to get a job and obviously the government simply doesn't have the money even for essential
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facilities like health care clearly there is a concern amongst the doctors that you're going to see an incredible amount of might need just profiteering being made by the private health sector but i think actually the truth is that ultimately governments are hideously inefficient when they do large scale health provision actually fifteen minutes past the hour now here in the russian capital a flag dispute in northern and causes fresh law on this front and coming up there are a few quiet nights in belfast anymore as the city is plagued with rioting every decision not to fly the union flag over city hall. nation. cretaceous three times for charges three arrangement three. three. three. golds three broncos video for your media project free media done to our t.v.
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dot com. world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future of covered. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing operation to rule the day. already hard pressed fighting off a belligerent town about one and
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a resurgent al qaeda the u.s. military is now facing a new battle against suicides almost five hundred american troops and veterans killed themselves last year dwarfing the number that died in action well he's going to reports now on the grim statistics high though they are told tonight. another feel good moral boosting speech on afghanistan the u.s. president has delivered many of those trying to convince the american people that the war was worth it when you're missing a birthday or you're missing a soccer game or. a when you're missing an anniversary and those of us back home are able to enjoy it because you know when soldiers come back home they missed much more than that their own selves once you go into combat you know once you kill people and once you spend a year and an environment you are not the same person team kenny came back severely wounded from a tour in afghanistan two years ago having spent ten months in combat the vehicle
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on which he was a goner was blown up nine times when i got crushed by p.t.s.d. i mean. i was suicidal. but married with four kids and i just couldn't find a way to kill myself with some kind of accident that my family would have to suffer was able to step back from the brink but many of his fellow servicemen were not so fortunate. more american soldiers committed suicide last year than were killed in active service in afghanistan staggering statistics that's almost want to day with the station two hundred i think is. i can't go anymore like a lot of guys and so if they don't think america is back. to. normal society . officials in washington seem to be trying to present afghanistan as
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a success story while for those coming home it looks anything but that they give you good lipstick on a pig or cancer to speak they take really you're in. for the mainstream media in the u.s. with their all of everything military there questioning of the cause of the war usually comes down to this sort of makes you the most proud about what you've done here a mindset is tested be perpetuated that the ends justify the means while those ends are often identified in abstract terms like freedom and security what have we done we've got quite a bit i mean honestly the afghan people even from when i was a ploy in iraq and all three during the invasion you could see the iraqi people and the afghan people starting to do stuff on their own having more freedoms and stuff like that stuff like that also includes almost twenty thousand afghan civilian deaths and drug production which has gone through the roof since coalition troops
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have been in the country accounts like this never make it to mainstream airwaves everyone that we blame for nine eleven is dead or in jail. there is no justification for this war. there's no reason that our brothers and sisters should die in the sand there is no reason that their children should go to sleep every night terrified of the next drone strike or the next move kicking down their door neither do major u.s. news channels dwell on the subject of the afghans overwhelming desire to see american troops out of their country instead another success. story on t.v. if there was another war the war on terror continues or go somewhere else would you still go without it without a doubt yes these are paintings by a soldier's mother who was petrified her son would be deployed he never was and she counter itself lucky but the fear caught up with her and inspired this series of paintings her reflections on those who have returned wounded physically or emotionally reflections that clash with the mindset that human suffering should be
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the price you have to pay for a cause in washington i'm going to check out and in the next hour or two's cross talk guess debate just how justified criticism of america's foreign policy is and how the very policy shapes molds our world. well i don't think any nation has the right to force any system on another nation in america of course me makes a practice of it institutionalize forcing its ways on other nations and international law is very clear and this mindless cliches are just silly out there i mean i want an adult conversation here but if we're just going to if we're going to speak in cliches we're not going to get anywhere first of all historically this is just in front of the founding fathers be very much in democracy no democracy involved of course but this idea that somehow america imposing its values across the world is the norm that's not true. when you.
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cross talk your way into later here in r.t. hundreds of protesters in belfast have thrown bricks and bottles at police in the fourth consecutive night of protests over a decision to fly the british flag on city hall only on designated days northern and has been witnessing lawless violence for more than two months now well we hope to get more on this a little later by analyst and founding editor of one of northern ireland's leading political blogs like a fool and i understand now that we can talk to him make feel to you there please but a great moment for a moment we thought we'd lost you now tell us this dispute is it just over a flag or is there more behind all of this well yeah there's always more behind. a fly is a symbol and it symbolizes in a way the kind of clash of national interest between the irish minority in northern
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ireland and the british majority. demographic shifts in belfast recently we have this census just before christmas and told us that forty eight percent of the population were catholic or slightly smaller percentage. and so so the. some extent the ticking done of the flag symbolically was a cat what was a son who was a. kind of a symbol of the like. you know the british and us belfast was not being severely contested by us but was it provocative though and then necessary to do this or are we seeing an overreaction to those who are objecting to it because british flags up a flown only on designated days anyway throughout britain yeah i mean a different different it's not regular bylaws different kinds was have the option to flight three hundred sixty five days of the year or do it on designated days but i think what we're seeing here is in northern ireland as
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a result of the peace process we have a government in which everyone who is elected to the parliament is part of the government that leaves no spheres for parliamentary opposition and so when something like this happens that is seen by certain mostly working class for the certainly in lower middle class communities too is being provocative there is no political way of actually expressing your opposition so to some extent we're seeing jobs high difficult it is to manage a popular protest in a situation where there is no option to change the government so to speak because the government includes everyone who ever gets elected but it's just a serious turn of events you talk about the peace process could it now be in jeopardy could get really serious now i think at this stage it's very unlikely what we need to know about these protesters and recently over the weekend the. terry spence who's part of the police trade union if you like the police federation of
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northern ireland let the cat out of the bag and said a new and paramilitary organization that was behind a lot of these protests and it's one of the smaller ones so we're talking about small numbers here big numbers up on saturday i thought that smacks. of the smaller protests that are turning to violence or fifty one hundred two hundred two hundred fifty so we're talking about very small isolated communities of pockets that i'm very much these guys are kind of on their own it's hard to see it go away quickly but it's also hard to see where the protesters are actually going to hire it's going to scale up beyond the small numbers it has and is it very hard to know now what the belfast city council should do because it's going to self in a big problem isn't it because if it does reverse its decision on the pressure it's then of course going to upset the unison and then we're going to see different protests on the street it can't result reverse the decision on the meeting as we speak in belfast city hall tonight there's another motion in front of them which is
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the river is the british flag above the south tower for war memorial it sits right beside the city hall and the risk of live there three hundred sixty five days here now the irony of this is that if that motion is plan passed won't be tonight because it everything has to go through judicial review and all kinds of checks and balances if that goes through it means the british flag will be more problems you displayed in the center of belfast than it was it will than it ever was when actually flew on the building itself mick thank you very much indeed mick keelty writer analyst and the editor of one of northern ireland's leading political blogs slugger o'toole good to have you on r.t. thank you joe. it's a war over words over the falklands the rhetoric between argentina in the u.k. escalates as david cameron says he's ready to fight for the islands could there be a repeat of the bloodshed thirty years ago that story out of us coming your way after the short break.
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crime is a plague of the big cities but in a tiny arkansas town of twenty five thousand it is really getting out of hand pure gold is a property crime index of more than double the national average and rape burglary and assault are also way above average poor poor gold is a dangerous place to live in but what's the answer to living in constant fear of criminals well the mayor thinks that the answer to that problem is to live in constant fear of the government how logical the mayor and police chief have a doorstop plan to send out police patrols with fifteen's and full swat are to i guess intimidate the local population into submission well actually the plan is for them to stand around it ask people an important question ask them to show id the answer to crime isn't a police state sending guys out with automatic weapons and body armor around just
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to check people's i.d. like it's the berlin wall or something won't do anything a guy who breaks into your house for crystal meth money isn't going to be affected by this only the good average citizens will have to show an armed thug of their id just to go buy milk but that's just my opinion. continues here in r.t. argentina has told the british prime minister to rein in his colonial ambitions and concentrate on his country's internal problems the hardline response follows a warning from david cameron that the u.k. would fight to keep control of the falkland islands the two nations fought
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a war over the territory in one thousand nine hundred eighty two are the sort of first as more here with us this question in an interview whether britain would fight to keep the falkland islands and prime minister david cameron saying of course he would say he made his position there extremely clear if an attempt was made by argentina to retake the falkland islands that military troops would be the fluid by birth and so absolutely very clear on that very strong westerly coming from the prime minister a view that issuing this comes on the back of argentina as a president really making these accusations that the falkland islands were stolen from argentina by britain i think she called it a nineteenth century colonialism and i think some concern for people here today that you know this is something that is very much focused on in the course of the interview this is some of the strongest statements of it of course perhaps a discharging a little bit some of the other very important issues that are happening on a national level at the moment here in the country we've got to cut the trials and .


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