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nineteen seventeen revolution in russia triggered a massive exodus of the ability and the wealthy from the country as they knew they'd become unwelcome the new political reality was hard even on people who were quite far from political debate as the communist ideology tended to penetrate all areas of life whole fields of science could be declared you design says as was the case with genetics as for aught the only acceptable type was socialist realism thousands of intellectuals and artists who felt it impossible to play by the new rules chose to leave among them were world celebrities of the time like an apostle of who is regarded as one of the finest classical belly dancers artists like marc chagall over silly conditions first thing jude special privileges from the soviet authorities but eventually chose greater freedom of it by the west igor stravinsky was called a musical revolutionary but even the reputation of an artistic rebel could not
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reconcile him with the transformation of russia into the soviet union in one poets and writers who flocked to europe was yvonne boone in the first russian also to get the nobel prize for literature in one nine hundred thirty three pre-revolutionary of russian culture and way of life was something russian immigration was trying to preserve most artists never found themselves completely at home in paris or berlin in the style ger for the old times was so strong some of them chose to return home often facing repression by the soviet authorities of finding out that something they missed was gone forever. thank you very much for being with us today and first of all i wanted to ask you about. you belong to. family in
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russia and one of your ancestors was the head of the actually the first head of the russian state duma before the boucher a gravel issue well when i actually bought it works came to power when a socialist revolution happened in russia. did you steal the saw theel the connection the does your family feel that they belong to an old russian family were were they tried to hide it which is difficult to answer because i did not know this period then my grandfather died very early and i was not born yes yet and the. grandmother did not speak very much about that period. and you know your grandmother was there was an operative in the russian
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literature yes she was a count that place school in she lived she left. russia in nineteen twenty two nineteen twenty two and berries and your mother. and my in-laws are stead in moscow all the time until she died tell me about it many families many families of the nobility they divided any they left russia immediately after the basha ex revolution but your family stayed why did your family why did your mother decide to stay in russia also how did she make a living. i think that. she she would not go air anyway and when we left in one thousand nine hundred eighty one she thought it would last only two or three years and we. come back
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and where hardass a pleasure to invite her twice in france for holidays and. we proposed to her to stay with us but she didn't want was what was the history in calcutta and most she would not last her our language our town. telephone friends and she want to be buried in russia. how did she make a living in moscow did she work after she were a she was a translator because she longed. french and english at school. were well known to us and she worked and she sort of worked in an institute of translation. for example she translated system. technical things like that in films french films. but did she have any
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problems with the bolsheviks with the communists because because many people went under repressions especially when stalin years and my father was arrest. and she had some problems she told us that she had to do six months of cover folks that. don't know forced labor. and. then she was free and the worked and the world's a very happy to work and your father was arrested why because they thought he was a pos not my father my facile disappeared one evening we were in moscow we left in thirty one he came back to moscow in celtic four but we did not see him again because you were away and. then he was arrested again in thirty seven
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and the four was killed and she stabbed. the here thirty seven such it. the leg on you years and the did he survive it did he come back from the from the concentration camp i knew that no no no no he died very very bad ok so when your mother decided to send you away to frost yes you said it was a nine hundred thirty three yes yes she decided because our father had phoned her his mother in paris that we are hungry and the. grandmother invited us. but. mazel decided to leave us go why because was it a matter of life and death was a dangerous for you to rush because here the life was very difficult and we had not
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enough to eat. and she was ok so when you came when you came to france who took care of you your family your grandmother grant for us are gone mother gone mother was a lived in a. friend who shared nothing share she had lost everything she had and we arrived in paris for some moms and then we lived in cali where lived the sister of the friend we better our grandmother. and there it is all the story. very long too is there a list how did you leave. russia was a just easy or did you need passports of visas or was it just like i just got a ticket and know we had a visa but it was a very long to get it one year i think so and from the russians often the former
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russian from russia to france and where they were. helped by right cross. how you saw us through the red cross yes they have so we had a bus our her court heard course but we were too too poor girl alone in the trend and you were you were you awake a small girl or that way i was seven users and unite rush hour yes i remember i remember the wild the feeling that you got i remember i well in specially the day were when we lived. and. platform. where my mother air none can and are we to or you get in need and i realized rarely really that we were separated from our mad mother when i got in that into the
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trend but at that time when you were leaving russia it was not like today it was just a thought like like leaving planet earth and traveling to other planets did you get a feeling that you'll never see your mother again i know or no not at all no i know but i didn't realize i don't know how i wore size i. was have been. the russians they are said to have a special feeling for for the country i mean to be very min the style chicken stuff works well in this you feel at the time when you were a girl of seven that it was sort of tragic for you to leave your country and move away. here since the beginning but their name lived in a french. society i became french for i spoke
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french a forgotten i have forgotten russian language. so for the butcher's piece of russian today was it out towards yes because i don't know her a noun but it wasn't it wasn't the russian that you remember since general to atlanta not ok that you're not there well when you came to frauds in one hundred thirty three have the the russian community there was pretty big already did you integrate into that community or you became french but did you easily become part of that russian community in france and we we had no no russian community we were in the north of functionality i can live if we lived in paris so of course we could live in if russian society but nobody or sort of so you just said really russians arouse you know why did you decide to choose to live away from the russians there are lots of russians i didna decided
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a life to decide that farce or you know really goes away wearing it was like that we hadn't no means in any mean to to do anything else but you know what i'm self-taught into us our spotlight spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break self stay with us we'll continue this interview illustrating the ocoee.
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the soviet union hardly allowed its citizens out of the country on this those chosen to travel abroad mostly as representatives of the soviet political and artistic elite ordinary people were separated from the rest of the world by one eventually got the name of iron curtain to leave the tele terran state people had to first apply for an exit visa the seventy year history of the u.s.s.r. so three waves of massive immigration the first one during the early years of the soviet union was the most prominent fear in the fact of communism hundreds of thousands of russians fled the country to form a new life elsewhere in the world the next with was provoked by the second world war half a million settled in europe and almost as many in america many of those were people forcefully taken to nazi germany as cheap labor they feel they would be persecuted if they returned to the us a saw the third wave was during the cold war some my gal
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xander soldier knits in the were deported from the country for their views others like me who ask for asylum when they were abroad a spot also the delegations where they acquired abroad was free. to scape the narrow framework of social realism and become part of global culture a life for many that came at a price of never been able to return home. welcome back to squat while time going over just a reminder that my guest on the show is. that granddaughter that mr winter who was the first ever had of the russian duma. madame wouldn't you say you've lived in france your whole life you hear as you said being of russian origin but you became french and you spent your whole life there. what can you say about the russian community because the because the russian community in france is one of
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the biggest again france yes it's one of the biggest in the world i mean i was the thousands of people the best actually a lot of the best people look i'm glad cram the who they went to live in france so what can you say about the work worthy and nice crowd to deal with i mean nice people to communicate with because you then have some count and there are three kinds of russian society in france the first immigration first wave there's the first with the second one. first. and second war. and the now. and the first immigration i what i know i don't know everybody. they lived very poorly they had many difficulties to. they had drugs but but nobody helped. them we had
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a half sister and. much older than us and all of us she loved very much punch her french but she always said there was nobody help. to. to get up but many of the people who emigrated to france they were rich in russia didn't they take the jewelry with them they're buying the jewelry yes they took my my grandmother took our jewel of a and a silver sinks she saw all that for nothing now will go on most especially during the world bank. report well she she kept. something i gave this morning to the concert because she was a pupil of the checker school conservator and she got
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a very nice silver midday air i held in a garret to a close here that i could search system on her heart was we are in a very nice day going to put it in a museum something that i have a little museum of conservatives are better ok and she was you or your grandmother she was the first one to sing lead scattered here and there in over a million a year. or so show so she was in a friend of ours and our and she were in she wrote her memories about that in french paris with us how she was truth to play to china and how she came in the balance we store again yet. to. to improve musical education really that is when she met she met her pull in the elbow and she was very very interesting. and the relations
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between different russian immigrants in in france how can you correct tris then you said the first wave the second wave and the new members the new russians are do they. go along fine together i mean what they have difficult relations they share that oh i don't know there are difficult relations maybe they don't know each other and even even later even but you because i live in lena and i know that there are many centrists. coving for two to teach the university they did not know between physics don't know mathematica angry in cape mist that it is like that. so it also also knows them say between together this is very interesting you say so so the russians yes they were used on
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the front they don't want to be russians they want to become french is that true they do really need to to mix with each other to maintain the language and some some of them need to guess are burned i tried to to make a meeting of person in whom little it was not possible was there because big cause some of them married with french man or french girl and it is difficult. to. our year here will be because there are spouses those there are sherry and there are hard discussions sometimes i say listen but the russians the russians say of your generation that the say the first wave do they usually maintain the russian culture russian language within the hour yes movies yes this is an important they do and that's all
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of them they are especially in paris but i know they do because i know them all dimitri of school and human tenses their early education positions once i want to him and i i understood that there were many many people at home it was a bout mr fist you know and the door is open as we say and they my body will not meet come to visit him and. well. and were actually how did you decide to start writing a book which you later called a lot of the members see what was it and why because i was i lived in the fact kelly when i worked and when i was in a trade i decided to go to live in the norse where i did not know
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nobody present more but equally in every time a met somebody new they always ask many questions because of her share interests but many many people. and somebody is said the end you food arrived last story it would be simpler more simple as that every awareness every time to two fairly entails i began to riot. in the turnout when when when you actually finished the work did happen to me the same as you imagine when you started or did it somehow a little so why i can become different i ever everyone i learnt many bout my family . writings is proof i received them when you're in the
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complement of informations from everywhere i did not search them but they are right it warm but still no where a very interesting world the title of the book is. looking for my russia so did you actually find your russia the country that you were looking for her. or you follow very it was the last time when i visited my mother and the last time i came in moscow in two thousand and six. i found it very very much changed. and they preferred the last time the. yes they are there well molester come on to tony list information since a story my. advertisement. bill moyers less cars the
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scourge lesser. of baja the less likely less you hear the traffic. nor. of course traverse. but i think i am i am used to living in france i couldn't live in russia you could live with me i i have many friends international i appreciate very much but i think it too should be difficult but what this is interesting why why do you think it will be hard for you to live here in your own country a country boy. because the. habits in france one hundred elizabeth you'd yes airbus have what's different are different but laverton for miles you know at the end. maybe i don't or seeing.
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it in a just way i don't know but it is my. sort but what are those habits that are so different in france that year that would be hard for you to change your russian way to what in france all seems a very easy life life easier easy easy. and. if a commune or russia it would be in moscow and most school is very huge town the big me yes paris is a i don't like the. ones. very busy yes and there was very slow return to say ok thank you thank you very much and i prefer that you came it came to a grant as this incentive and i i have i hope people read your book i have many people in russia read your book and and find many many things that you yourself
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jeff thanks thanks a lot and just through mind that such animal himself was my guest our spotlight today spotlight will be back with more friends i would comment on the what's going on in and outside of russia until then tail r.t. and take. do we speak your language or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little turn to tip angles keep the stories. you hear. destroy
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all teach spanish find out more visit. tito it's. the government no longer represents the people the people are going to take the terms. of the middle east in the traditional split in the middle. the way our economic system currently is not going to. look like.
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