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still standing out there are thousands to see some of their favorite stars take to the ice in the city. this is a very exciting. showing off their best and the crowd love it. it's certainly a day to remember despite finally being. and some of russia's biggest stars already back to you for the anticipation for the actual truth and. names which need no introduction and. realize their dream of playing an all star game in front of their home crowd. got special commission which from their respective new jersey devils and detroit red wings teams to be here in this game and they were delighted to give something back i talked to told them that i want to go there to please my fans here and it's very important for the people in russia and he said i
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got all the understanding can just. come to jersey right after that so that's what i'm going. to be it's my first year and i'm pretty excited it's not an ordinary all routine event and the fans are expecting along with the beauty of an all-star game is that both fans and players are equally as relaxed there were no lives from either party as the likes of and same are also and xander for here just to put on a show. others got into the swing of things we can and the rest without forced netminder thank you but all in the vending machine and if bashing wal-mart. he demands to be seen whether it will catch on to likely vote she will take dance floor time soon but he will be returning to the united states though with mixed feelings. backer butt. i know you've got
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a great contender here because i was going and try to you know be similar as m.h.l. and it's great that when you've got that healthy competition skills combination is constantly evolving and there was a level know about you know what ranging from me who had to hire a shot vehicle was the best town pinball or i would bet it wasn't the only campus the fans had the pleasure of seeing there was also a chill living lieschen we saw the best six downs teams from around the kids young had to have perhaps ok i'll feed the group there were the creme de la creme de camp of fantastic afternoon for the hockey fans. and hockey fans. our team. so after all the build up to the game itself where the eastern conference won for the third straight year beating the west by eighteen goals to eleven with
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a local boy you have kenny kuznetsov netting four of them which of ample free reports. it is very rare that hockey pros are able to relax when playing in front of a packed arena is however that is the beauty of all star games and this is why they're so loved by the play is just as much as the fans in all-star here. really it's just it's just about having fun. i didn't want to be embarrassed but that's pretty much the only goal i think i did my job all-star games are high scoring affairs and this encounter was no exception there was no checking and the match was more like a pre-season friendly given the players didn't want to pick up any injuries but occasional playoffs just a couple of months away from the home crowd were firmly on the side of ease in the tractor she added it's plain eastern conference. however the biggest reception was given to the local boys might gun it down quint and you can equip and solve was one
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of the brightest talents to emerge from russia since i'm xander i've each been an india cultural. defenseman and goaltenders really come out of all star games with much credit such as the emphasis on scoring all-star games are always hard for goaltender as goes everyone else can relax on the ice while we still have to work however defenseman points of a brace but he just like everyone else on the ice wasn't shown by the prodigy that is couldn't solve. the twenty year old leads his club trying to tell you i've been skating scoring in the cage shell and he not stop a game high for goals and garnett goals against average to point to hit him again was full of praise for his teammates you know because that's. scored so many goals from the one car that was nice to see in there and clint got two goals tonight you know what people forget about here here a great game. what a lot of small. lector
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the fin scoring are not really just penalty shots it's completely wrong footed western conference is not mind of a silly question. really a cultural kind of memorable debut all-star game that began trick but it's almost certain that this will be his final game on russian eyes for quite a while i see set to return to north america to play for the new jersey devils. the idea of the same but. i don't know what was the difference some competitions was a little different but the most important thing is to do everything that. i think you've got to enjoy yourself and you know be happy but the most important thing to make them happy and they think it was a lot of cute summer stands today and have
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a great time. it was a great day for the fans with some travelling further than others a group from your mahl in the far north of russia drove for over one thousand eight hundred kilometers just to see their hero constantine but all in and it was certainly worth the wait for them. this was a four star game and first in a city where hockey is undoubtedly the number one sport and with every year the event continues to go from strength to strength. darty actually have been so. well the n.h.l. lockout is finally over with this isn't getting underway in north america. and as richard found that the president alexander medvedev thinks the four months stalemate was the game but was absolutely positive because forty four players it's less than five percent of the players for shell but there was over these guys in missouri chose demonstrated performance. that it was
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a very good process it was a game it was a public was a mass media and it was a good example to other guys who also. consider themselves. that. will be done in two thousand and four two thousand and five do you think you've managed lockouts better this time given the hundred percent because remember that time when majority of the players came as a tourist and just enjoyed life at that time which is a lot for me the obviously but for hockey development it probably was a negative because it was no limit for the n.h.l. us and some clubs. well of players and there's a voice if you don't play it off i believe remained a very good decision to limit the number of initials by city and the forty four players came and played very well would you think. the relationship would be n.h.l. which has always been great is now better because you don't have the contracts you
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said the plays can go back to leverage you signed with any child clubs giving you have a much better relationship and i mean you know ball on their side and were ready to discuss a new proposal for joint development i was a kid because isolation will not benefit. and the shell nor occasional. clear i'm of civil been discussions about. n.h.l. players said hearing in the two thousand and fourteen olympics in sochi have you heard anything related to our email is that it's not part of the collective bargaining agreement which is bad but i hope that it will be enough on this tangent from n.h.l. not to shoot their leg because it's a fact of lives that after every olympics when they chose put it just a page it was a both for stanley cup and for development a fork in the so many pick h.l. now is in its fifth season. and soviet union everyone talks about five year plans etc are you happy with the developments of occasional five years on the progress or
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substantial but with the norwegian efficiency. and for the next few years sure is a step by step of will become better and better and. first of all see it. on ice. any plans for expansion sweden finland and i told you that we would have learned to explain about the surge of the clubs as a national rose and obviously we would prefer to have a block from the country just like finland sweden maybe. germany. but we should not forget that it literally also has a great history of play the cork in milan is a good one the number one candidate to join the next. so after all that hockey let's move on to football and then following his training ground bust up with manager at about a month chaney manchester city striker mario balotelli has again hit the headlines
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as ac milan press partly ended rumors the italy and former into star would return to the san siro. if you put a bad apple inside the changing room and it can infect everybody else and since i've had the chance to judge by the telly as a human being before here's a person i would never accept as part of a seaman. but balotelli is agent mino raiola defended his client from the other side of the orchard for telly is not a bad apple he's a kerry said raiola i think that in this case the president made a huge mistake. well that's all for part one but stay tuned for part two as we see russia star long john paul on her spikes as barrier question that led to the post new year after meeting back into action in moscow in the annual christmas come and go away.
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yet another tragic shooting right on the streets of the capital is again cause to open the gun debate across the nation now all the talking heads are saying that you got to take away the guns to be safe well the problem is that the shooting happened right on the streets of the capital of a country where the guns have already been taken away paris france three kurdish women one of whom was a kurdish separatist party co-founder were shot dead at the scene of the crime was right outside of a cursed institute which leads the police to think that it was an assassination you see when it comes to terrorism drug cartels or the mafia you can make all the gun laws that you want but the bad guys will still have plenty of guns because they live outside the law al qaeda and mexican drug cartels don't go to the stores and patiently wait for their background checks to be done before they buy their guns taken away all the guns through legal means won't matter there will still be murder
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and there will still be armed thugs and terrorists but that's just my opinion. today. these are the images. from history canada. corporations are rooted to get. wealthy british. market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's cars there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on r.g.p. . welcome back to part two of the sport show so now from the stars of the ice and controversial footballers to the best of the rest from around the world of sport is the pick of the week. but on monday a little messy one the ballon d'or player of the year award for a record full fear in a row at a ceremony in zurich the twenty five year old forward scored an impressive ninety one goals in a year for barcelona and argentina and beach two thousand and eight when our christiane are now though and teammate embodies in esther to the accolade the award lifts messi above three time winners in it in sedan under now though spain's began to del bosque a was named coach of the year and american abby wambach she was the
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best women's prayer. on tuesday there was a heavyweight story in tokyo as japan's two reigning yokozuna or sumo grand champions welcomed in the new year with a traditional ring purification ceremony braving the cold in just traditional way spans and a sash the two mongolian born stars aim for better in twenty four thirteen. who hope one just two titles last year and newest grand champion how duma fuji lost five in a row the worst ever run by new yorkers unit since eighty ninety and hopes to avoid being forced to retire. on wednesday mexican drivers sergio perez arrived at mclaren's headquarters in england as preparations continue for the new formula one season the twenty two year old spent two years it's where he finished sixteenth then ten in the driver's
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championship enjoying a three podium finishes last paris replaces two thousand and eight world champion lewis hamilton who has moved to miss avies and links up with two thousand and nine when it jenson button the new f one season gets underway with the australian grand prix in melbourne on march the seventeenth. on thursday the dallas mavericks and a four game losing streak coming back from seventeen points down to win one hundred seventeen to one hundred twelve in overtime at the sacramento kings was nine seconds left in regulation times the king size the ayatollah assigned to three points to take the game into the extra period but the twenty levon n.b.a. champions the mavericks all the way later on o.j. mayo top scored with twenty four points since carter had a twenty three to share. the pen on friday while going to want to know about
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a joke of it proved his so was quicker off the draw than an audi q eight but it was another draw that grabbed the headlines with rafael nadal out injured to the serbians beard for a third straight australian open crowned was boosted by a great draw avoiding andy murray in the semifinals as the u.s. open champion and world number two roger federer both landed in the alcohol the draw. on saturday staying with tennis local hero been on time make one hundred. it would be to south african kevin anderson in the sydney international final twenty year old timey recently defeated know that job of reaching straight sets in the hopman cup back to the world number thirty six took totemic to three sets before finishing a six three six seven six three six three to become the first australian to win an a.t.p. tour title since lleyton hewitt in june two thousand and ten time a bit ahead of the years this one is found.
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and on sunday american russell henley won the sony open in hawaii by three shots becoming the first ricky to win on his p.g.a. tour debut for twelve years going into the final day twenty three year old henry had shared the lead with fellow knew the scot langley on seventeen on the par but henley seize control from the office thinking a birdie at the first before finishing with an historic sixty three he's twenty four under par two hundred fifty six match the tournament record by four shots and was the second lowest score for a seventy two whole event p.g.a. tour history now moving on to basketball where tesco must go extended their yearly unbeaten run to eight games after triumphing ninety points to eighty three at home to german champions plus a basket in game three of the top sixteen while the reports. going into the match on a seven game unbeaten run a few might have doubted it is gone moscow would let their impressive euro league
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streak and in game three of the top sixteen especially as they've already beaten opponents broza baskets twice in the regular season but it was that type of complacency in the decision to missing key players like sonny weems which allowed the german champions to dominate large parts of the first and second quarters frozen for. and with the flurry of three point is well beyond the christmas list he also the each and victim crap up all chipped in to keep the visitors at bay and they are in manhattan wait until late in the fourth quarter or eventually ceilings a big screen. over the german side this campaign for short of. going to africa. was hot the day they had a great night they shot like sixty five percent from three in the first have but a second having made a lot of good adjustments and i think that a great job and not just stepped up you know what are sunny when it's kind of tough for an officer but i think everybody's been stepping up the last couple games you
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know like myself in and you know victor everybody. is going to force. veteran up lucas is back at cisco for a second stint after leaving the team do you really glory in two thousand and six and two thousand and eight and the experience point guard things the coming group of players has what it takes to go all the way especially on the full time your league winning coach at fordham messina who also returned to his car in june last year they're a great team they're great athletes they just need some time because some of them are new blood and you. i remember you know when coach first came into view five six years ago orszag in general we were having some sort of times but the thing is i'm going to stun you realize what he really wants and the players . some time the most important is to win. you need to win so we succeed as the most important indeed this season is all about
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winning with the moscow side targeting a place in the last four as they strive to clinch their seventh year league title and first since messina steered them to victory in two thousand and eight is something that we really really love the north american want us in the final four you know it's a new team right now with joey right now are coming together even though we got some injuries and we got some people use out and he was going to play as a player i know that but make a sacrifice to come together and it's you the ultimate goal to win the final four now doesn't get any easier for to scan moscow in the euro league with the next stop being in lithuania themselves topping their respective groups in the regular season and that game will be held next thursday seventeenth of january michael janko moscow. now is moscow set to host the world athletics championships in august several top athletes began this year's campaign at the twentieth indoor christmas cup here in the capital where training european indoor long john champion that took
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the silver medal wasn't a top of reports. there were eight months to go until russia hosts the world with lennox championships for the first time and with the new year celebrations now over several of the country's top athletes gathered in moscow for the capitals first competitive meeting this year while many former track stars and current coaches kept an eye on russia's upcoming talent. the christmas cup is an important preparation stage for the russian championships where the national team score is determined usually around forty percent of the russian team consists of muscovites well. this is the opening competition in the athlete here and despite there being eight months to go before the world championships all athletes dream of performing there. over the years the olympics have proved to be the swan song for numerous southall it as they hope to retire at the top of to the
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world's biggest competition however since moscow was named host a venue for the summer's world championships the brass picked off while to mentally be forming in their home nation has changed the plans of many russians. on your initial national on before the london games we asked a lot of our stars not to quit the sport after the olympics and we want them to perform well at the home world championships. for the british they're still many of those who competed in london burford to watch the competition rather than take part as they continue to rest after last year's busy season probably the most notable athlete at the christmas cup was european indoor long jump champion that is who had the poor season last year failing to qualify for the olympics and has a lot to prove in twenty of thirteen and despite a relatively modest second place finish the twenty one year old remains focused on improving. the negative they fight one goal that the un takes that i could relax
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a little but things went wrong last year and i failed to make it to london so i need to boost my results as my dream is to perform at the moscow or championships but. the two hundred thirteen winter season started with the christmas cup and this year will be one to remember for all their lives and fans in the russian capital as the focus turns don't words moscow's for us their world championships in august consent and by that of our team. and so we finish back on the ice former n.h.l. famed for his speed of play and the legendary right winger was recently inaugurated into the ice hockey hall of fame we caught up with the russian rocket as he explains the secrets of his success. well we're talking about twenty two years ago when i had the chance to go to canada
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in those days the edgell was the best league in the world we didn't have the cage shell which we have now in russia so the n.h.l. was the next step for me i played footsie as cop for so many years i even played two years for the soviet national team that still existed in those days so it was a natural step for me to go and try to play with the best guys in the world. so i hope so because in those days there was such a big difference between the canadian and russian styles canada was more hitting more shooting whereas the russian style was more about playing the pass making combinations to create something right now i would say pretty much everything is the same we learn a lot from both the americans and canadians and they in turn learn from us i was one of the first to begin this playing mix but now everyone plays tough doing lots of combinations which is why there is such a minute difference between the styles of hockey now in the world.
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it's hard to tell but probably i would say my first game for. my office started playing hockey when i was six years old with serious cause junior program and together with my parents i calculated when i would relist to be able to make a professional team and the youngest players who didn't make it were around sixteen years old so i was shooting for that goal and it took me ten years to get it finally i made it into that serious couple specialty so those first professional games were the most memorable simply because i had dreamed of playing them for ten years. well you know it's a great. it's the biggest individual achievement you can get out there obviously
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when i started to play hockey with. the national team and then in the n.h.l. i never thought about it and then it happens i'm just really proud to be in such an elite group of players. well obviously everything is moving forwards and now guys a big strong. you know and that's the way it is and with life in general improving and with better equipment it is different and as a fan it's great to watch. and that's all from the sports i. choose your language. before they make it without any of the many ills that i think still come out. if you.
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