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critique a should free cones for charges free arrangements three risk free studio types free. download free broadcast morning video for your media projects a free medio dog r t v dot com. the food. more news today violence is once again flared up the
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film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada the first sheinkopf orations or the day the buddha. hello and welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle russia what is its reputation in the world at least according to western media doesn't deserve it and what can russia do to change it. to discuss russia's branding i'm joined by victoria pound over she's an associate professor at moscow state university of international relations. and also he is the
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c.e.o. of the russian international affairs council and david burkhardt he is the editor in chief for moscow news website all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it between let me go to you first if you could in a few sentences for me describe the russian brand russia as a brand. well i would say it's how our leaders try to put trades and it's. a tough christine. to rebrand democracy and its energy energy but. is this a good marriage and no it's not a good brennen it's something that the words of the leaders of officials they are made and sometimes it's very often it's about bad image make image making efforts sometimes it's about bad policies as well but it's like it's come by and all together doesn't give a prop of you know what russia is so when foreigners come to russia they say oh we
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find something very different picture from what from what you just said it seems like it's the worst of both worlds the what is the brand the brand i think is one of your your local brands so when you get here and it's something you've always you think you get used to and you will begin to like it i don't think it's one that can be actually sold on the major markets of the world but this one should try to sell it on the because i don't think you. know unfortunately i for there's a lot of good things here that is. advertising of howard how it should be how it should be accepted by its own p.r. under its own p.r. job well it's a little bad on the north thing first we're going to be going to a country or its own population because you. know younger people can see during the day to see the smoke from you know just something to go. book was if you take the whole site would you consider it a sudden release of the show hold heat with like you know what kind of. i don't
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know cost me go. maybe you know you know barely. believe forty one was good enough you got a little bit slow. but definitely this is not enough for a country which tries to position itself as a great power you know that the soviet union has been gone for a quarter century and right now i mean the. kind of technologies and ideas about branding and p.r. out there ok why aren't they employed more here well you know i think that of course. the bread is something which is difficult to change if not the better of the perception if people think about this country particularly i think you take a look you do take a lot of effort to change the way how they approach the country and of course a lot depends on how our whole show itself would like to position so you know the rules i mean every country likes to brand itself ok but it's seems to me and i've lived here for about fifteen years is that the outside world has branded russia ok
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and the brand that russia attempts or thinks about is in second place third place no place ok because every single day i can see the branding of russian headlines well if that's true and you know what it's. branding is about to bring up some sensations like if you good articles wouldn't be published even if they have published how out in the west and so there's never any good news coming out of a. bad headline which would actually re give absolutely opposite idea to what actually is in the article then it would be so so only bad or so bad sensational news would be a really well so outside russia because we do this every day yeah there's a couple things here one one that under. rebranding. if we talk about we're going to like the movies in any western movie the russians are always the bad
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guy that's held over from twenty five years are from the soviet union so they're always inspired they're always the thug. they're always the person who the killer. and that goes until today so we're still using that old stereotype of the soviet union the bad people and using them in today's movies in regards to new was because i do this every day. good news doesn't sell bad news everyone will read it and that's what a lot of the western press is doing station sells and sensation if it's ugly if it's nasty yes it gets out there and that's what a lot of the western press does is they'd like to take these things and ride with it and bring it all you know and come up with this really strange angles to get their sales up and their ratings up is that fair which you i don't think probably the most prominent story over the last twelve months i've given you as much information. that puts the right. you give the disconnect between what western media presented in what russian people think the most of the russians from from all lowering that i know and also in the mass media
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most of the russians are the. actual active poster by those very very small percentage of people who support what they did you know they're the forerunners of of a new. what you call it outlook of russia where they're going with democracy and freedom they should be heralded as heroes. how they try that in any other. church. synagogue or anywhere else in europe or the united states they've been sitting there for three years they also have those laws and they have tried it in france you remember there was this act with the mena and what was the reaction of the police of the public in there so absolutely different perception and different but trail of the similar events in different countries there there were days where right here the pussy right just a couple days in the vatican square st paul square same thing happened so what was
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going to happen was a why is russia treated differently well i think as i said there is so inertia here and i think that someone has to be the bad guy in this world and russia is the usual suspect no russians but the russians are not exporting its. political system is not bombing foreign countries it doesn't have one ton i'm obey it except the united states is the good guy in the world i mean again i mean it's seems to me that you know there are elements here russia is far from a perfect place i've lived here for a long time we've all lived here a long time some of you were from here ok but i think it's a much more mixed story and complicated story and that every country has problems and problems are to be solved but it sounds like i mean if you read the economist the mean or you read newsweek this country is going to collapse this year did you know that victoria and her did a lot although every year a list that is going to collapse that's ok soon we're going to witness that does
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integrate and never i think so that's what sells a lot and that's what people like to eat but of course you know we have to work harder yes to project a different image there are many better things that you can say about it from french i read a great in brand in their countries that cannot be not the same can be said about spain or you know u.k. or even china i think that we are making some steps in this direction of modest steps that we have to advertise our culture not all the dostoyevsky and tolstoy but contemporary culture which is going to why but we can advertise for you know brain power which is lear and there are not many people aboard who believe that has any brain power so there are things that can be done and thing that should be done off course and to requires flexibility. resources requires international cooperation and sometimes i think we've seen police make you know very very very
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sort of bloggers trying to be you know a very straightforward quote unquote southern russia and that doesn't work you know you need to be professional of this field like many others but who is going to listen to that in the west they don't want to hear that that's no reason i think that there's some sort of there are stereotypes but you. take for example the issue of you know germany after the second world war which had a very bad image in the united states and in the rest of europe japan you know there are countries. you know these are not exactly the best record our current how we were able to themselves to position themselves but one of the things that tony is that you know we're all talking about states here and i think a lot of the branding that all of you are talking about for other countries comes from civil society as well ok i mean i'm sure the french government pushes french cheese ok but it's the cheese producers themselves that make the cheese ok what i'm
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saying is that it has come more from civil society and i think a lot of people in russia don't take responsibility for that on their own branding of their country but we had it for example take the civil g. eight simulate that we had in back in two thousand and six the people that we brought here there was like almost thousand all throughout the year throughout the russian presidency and they were all coming back to their countries and saying that russia is so great and then with the next year with the g. eight in germany the same people who came there's zero russia is a democracy or not because you're not doing the good job where they heard you know it was state on the individual local level those this people still held the perception that she is more open to civil society than germany for example but it doesn't really brant or also for the civil twenty that it was in december first meeting this trail in going came and he said you know i see i've been here over the past half year like several times and i see how open you guys and it's absolutely different from what we are listening here in american history lia but she said i
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will write a positive article on what i have seen like branded spreen and during russia in russian christmas i'm president to be accused of being paid and that's what i mean it's not well you know that's what he said i'm risking my own reputation doing it. because i know i'm writing what i think but i will be seen as. all right we're going to go to a short break and when we turn from that will continue our discussion on russian branding. recently. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official publication to choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't work so now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. you will look at. sunny's technology innovation called the least developed from around russia we've. covered.
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you for little. welcome back to crossfire to remind you we're discussing the branding of russia. you know give me your critique of western media of latin your puter. or critique or just a list of the key words that i think they have a to do with the whatever you want is the gravy you know the tinana the spellchecker when you put in the word put in i think the adjective show up you know the songs are etc strong man. athletic person all of this just shows up. now to improve his. authority but to bad basically be cynical and downgrade it they don't want they
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don't want to strong putin ok you don't want to strong russia there was wrong russia because well actually you don't need a strong russia or strong putin because of putin's gone you don't have a strong russia there's no one to replace him i mean you can't get anyone to someone who's going to i mean now i think it's really interesting is. very often we can look at reuters be able to bloomberg eccentrics address a sentence vladimir putin comma former k.g.b. agent comma now when i think back george bush sr he was head of the cia so have you ever seen george bush come a former head of the cia comma said today in texas i think the assumption is that let me put it is not necessarily a former k.g.b. . agent the job and he became president of the united states and.
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keeps his loyalty to his parent institutionalised that's how i would have had this headline. is it because this negative branding that russia get it's because it just doesn't fall in line i mean we look at we look at the post cold war narrative you know the soviet union was defeated and the defeated must accept terms of surrender and the terms of surrender is become like us ok because if i think i look very back at this very carefully. let me put it was actually light because we had mr president for for a while there and and he was white then what was the event that everything went south went negative and it was the yukos affair it went and had the coffee was the bad guy and now he became the good guy ok i mean is this part of it i mean this negative branding it's geo politically driven because putin.
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the jewels to the family jewels to texas oilmen. i would say that's part of the reason because i would say is not their root it's a cause already of the turn so. yes it's not just thanks to putting things to anomic to conjuncture of oil prices that russia started regaining its power that it didn't collapse in two thousand and three when it was expected going to be able to be a lot of the nine there and with all their so forget is that ok is the worst out of breaks it was expelled it's still now it's one of the best before main in britain even in brics in terms of many indicators so it's about russia gaining back its strength and not quite not taking all the orders as it should behave and it's actually standing up to its interests sometimes very harshly but most of the time very let's say it was motivated properly right so.
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it's interesting because russia is a threat if it's strong russia is a threat if it's weak i mean it's the flavor of the month i mean it's contradictory here well it definitely does contradictory and i think that you will never be able to satisfy everyone there are people in the twenty one who will satisfy everyone in russia look you're fair are you going to sort of you know russia therefore you know my take is that indeed we should pay much more attention to. the. county in colleagues and i think that i guess i'm the oldest person sitting here so i still remember the soviet union and there are many bad things that we can say about the soviet union but there is at least one thing which i remember fairly well you know we were a proud people. we were proud of our country we believe that the soviet union was the beacon of progress that we helped to save the humankind that we were in the vanguard of development and i think that this is something that has
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gone unfortunately if you talk to people in the streets of moscow or and i also hear you know when no longer paroled nation and this is something that has to be dealt with i know that. other satire and to do something about that but they're not too successful too successful in my view and there's a there was a point there that there's the internal patriotism that is trying to be revived here in russia but there's also this line of patriotism and nationalism which there are russians haven't figured out yet yeah try to skirt current and that's a dangerous line of patriotism is i am i going to but i would also add that unfortunately there is a lot of hypocrisy here because you can multiply and want. to you know want you know part of the population and tell a different set of rules to serve a different part of the population so i think that the idea fairness of the idea of
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fairness is something which is in deficit here and people are looking for that and even they become really brought down the nation of their country of their despair of themselves then sooner or later i think the outside world will start to the specter russia as well you know i think it's very interesting because in the time i've lived here it's really about money money and money because i've been asked so many times about you know ideology world views and all that and i kind of laugh a little bit because i think i don't come across that too often in conversation and you know what it's usually for you guys that are talking about it more. i think it's something here because there is this deficit in russian society there are many poor people still here people have been pulled out of poverty yes but there are still huge divisions in this country that hinders an identity. issue they can help bring the country there's a lot of black holes throughout russia when we're basically talking all the time about moscow but russians of right very huge country peter and i have traveled russia a lot and we've seen these places you know. and they're kind of stuck with whatever
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moscow decides they're stuck with that decision so they don't really have a place in the entire nationalism of the country that pride they hear what moscow's doing over there and they're kind of left over on the sidelines they need to be involved more. interesting is when i was invited to a stock for apec and that was a very different russia. was really quite refreshing because it was very conservative out there very patriotic extremely patriotic i was really impressed and the amount of money they put into investing in and that was kind of a branding rebranding of russia that i like that i thought they could sell i don't think they sell it well enough but that's just a deficit in p.r. here and understand one thing and say what went wrong with the soviet union i was in afghanistan you know and all the infrastructure in kabul is soviet because the americans have built nothing their tents and castles ok let's go back
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to western media. how intentional it is that on their part to be betrayed russia and such a negative way because i won't i won't name names but i know some foreign journalists and i will privately on facebook and say why did you write that well my editor changed it ok because you know you got to spice it up a little bit here i mean is there a disconnect there also there is someone on the on the i don't know it's probably the rules of the of the company i don't know in the west that the need to be portrayed this where we have certain angles and russia will always be on the bad side so don't try to make it look good otherwise you're just predator yourself i give a very good example and i will name a name here if if i'm allowed to that was during the may sixth riots in moscow when fox knew it was totally blew. but i don't know if you saw that new segment or not when they were showing the riots they were showing the riots in moscow where all three. breaking up shop windows and there was complete chaos there was greece the
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letters were kind of similar but they're way off line there you know that's how they're going to people were protesting against the change of time remember and that was the football riot ok but they said no these are people protesting the change of you know what is the standard daylight time or something like that that's quite exciting and it's change gears here because in looking at how people write about russia it seems to me in tell me if you think i'm wrong but i see a lot of western journalists using their own values because what they do is they they look at the opposition in they they like the opposition because they are like us they have our values ok and they write about them in such a positive way but if you look at what people think about them and their popularity it is again a huge disconnect exactly especially if you look into their biography many of their position leaders who used to be in power and actually brought it to. the
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whole lower than you know so and they were there educated in the west as well so they're closer and so they they are they have closer well values they they were actually bringing their russia that's not to a straw on orbit use people but are these people the same people you're talking about telling western media what they want to hear exactly exactly this is yeah but you know i would also add that i think that there are so many inflated expectations in the west about our atia and it's transition if you come here and china for example you know they have never been such expectations about chinese become an american so you know these are different. you know they don't christians you know they have a different. skin color so you know we cannot really. expect too much from them under russian style like os you know they're europeans you know be a white christian and why shouldn't they be like us so there were so many
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expectations about becoming another you know traditional bastien county probably more rest of them from something similar to the united states and disappointments were practically on the way to find it i find it really interesting is that americans think everyone wants to be like them whether they're going to work with the media is that you have most of these commentators and columnists and everyone writing and talking about russia where they sitting i think here now they're sitting there not as warm office in london washington new york berlin and saying all these things right if they come here and they learn about it and they sit here and live the life that everyone else is they might get a little bit of a different perspective on that and they live their dream and i look at the washington post every one so i in washington post a lot of these are these articles by people i have absolutely never heard of before but they're very authoritative you know but if you have either you and i sent an article to the washington post would be yeah they did they just put it in the trash
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can you know that's propaganda no it's you know that's the truth. proven to have proved to me differently this is the way it is here actually on the side of time what's one single thing you would like to see russia do this year to improve its image to the world well i would like to position itself as a from to your state and country with a lot of opportunities that's not easy but that has to be done all right we have run out of time on i think my guests here in the studio and thank the viewer for watching us here r.t.c. next time and remember crosstalk. wealthy british style.
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