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tv   [untitled]    January 22, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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at eleven pm moscow time of war waste and wages spell out israel's choices in a parliamentary election under way right now with voters expected to forge an even more hardline government at the ballot. while israeli settlers flock to the polling booth to push where they think the country's borders should lie we hear about the bargain hunters spearheading the charge into occupied lands also. breaking news we don't hear it's not so great britain and not so great britain should realize in the u.k. we report on the so-called muslim patrol group posting their own vigilante videos online showing them harassing innocent passers by get reaction to that and also a complete information blackout american citizens are spied upon by their own
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f.b.i. but the bureau refuses to explain who they're tracking why individuals are being targeted. hello good evening love it have you with us we're here watching around the world this is r.t. international my name's kevin zero in first tonight israel reporting a record turnout with millions queuing at ballot boxes nationwide for that snap parliamentary election there's been less than an hour left now to vote but few doubt who will win with predictions of an even more right wing and a hardline government on the cards at the core of the vote are three issues rocketing living costs iran's nuclear ambitions and the peace deadlock with the palestinians oh it was uncompromising stance premise to expected to not only hold on to power but solidify sway over israel and strategic alliances now polls
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publications in general agree that it's the center and left leaning parties that are expected to be the net losers and just wrote former editor in chief of the jerusalem post told me a war. against iran could now be on the cards. if micio does form a hard right coalition then first of all there's going to be no movement in terms of negotiations with the palestinians you know what has been over the past few years will continue and i think we'll see further israeli settlement building in the west bank. the big question though is what's going to happen physically iran is promising to say are going to wait to see if america's talks with the international community as talks led by america are bringing fruit with iran in stopping iran from reaching the nuclear threshold or dismissed in the tailgate so i know he can't trust the west and launch a preemptive strike so i think it's a really big question before probably some talk of eleven billion shekels being spades or preparing the army for an attack on iran so he's making the moves getting
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out all the positions and places for as much as called so and so far it's very very hard to know which direction most of the missed the nothing will take. one of the most pressing divisive issues of this election to be settlements a theme that the writers campaigned on tirelessly but what his own perspective to the issue infiltrating the ranks of diehard settlers film i couldn't read came a note from documentaries bridges this. my name is the more than israeli citizen living here among all of the. you one housing crisis of all time high the thing is there is another one in jerusalem but i can also live among ourselves and i think i can get there much better deal with the wise over the. will in my lead to me would like to see the flood to buy i'm here with some investors from england. we want to invest in this area because i'm hearing the property value might go up with one flat is one million shekels his father's flat
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and they're building that this whole new area called zero eight and one begins after those heels despite a few haters in the un almost all these really critical parties support the building and selling of charming flats on palestinian land the latest. east of jerusalem hello i'm here to show a new client wants to buy property in this area is a big new one investor understand is the only building now currently built but if i can show him more. hills more outposts. and no one except occupation two state solution who cares as long as the property is cheap is a jew man living on their own i want to cash in on my jewishness and i be in touch with my roots. so it's all jewish yeah yeah any non jewish part because. not from here many people say he is not being constructive in the peace
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process but look how many settlements you've constructed i'm hoping. to build a new settlement. this is the future for israel i believe and i'm afraid that if i buy the house and i get a document saying it's mine some day palestinians can scam and say no it's not yours because i keep listening to that in the u.k. . you see. there's. this rain today there's just one thing and. it's funny how those small actions had like international meaning. the moving of stones like monumentally. it's like messing with international law. this is the most disputed area you never noticed it just because people told us.
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but he says it is like a good place to build a new flat you think they'll build in this area like because my friends want to be like to buy something before we even construct and i was coming up and. it says this is the fail stone being set for the new god willing of the one facing the holy capital of his well i pay so much money for rent in london in the one in london and here in new one and in the big city thing is cheaper and more comfortable it all starts here so beautiful all of us is ours. you can look down and palestinians this is the new area being built up as if you want i just called this state it's called how doll free they said all the flats in this part of town and they said no it's a city for certain men and it will never be evacuated today selling more and more how come all the cleaners of the city and all the bills are due to the jewish labor . should. mean to him. i want to see it going to be
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a state agent to go to the all the legalities. of i'm not looking that's going to. what are you selling your house painted chance it. will do my life. maybe talk in cheek but interesting insight earlier mccauley goodness and now we
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talked to the man behind the film about his real estate through occupied territories nimrod came and painted a very opportunistic picture of settlement mentality some of the people i talked to never going to. give up their. heavily. into the settlement of the entire west bank and they told me that jordan is also the kind of part of the do it just call told me that if someone is going to a victim which they don't believe in but if people going to happen they're going to even make more money because the government will pay them compensation for the victims if you just go by if you can sell it to local jewish americans so did you actually buy into this. i mean i money with me and i didn't go all the way there but just got the best deal and i almost bought it because why didn't i it was that if it's such a good deal you can make lots of money presumably yeah i mean. i am
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jewish actually not all doing. well but the main business of the night thirty two parties are vying for the one hundred twenty seats in the knesset already their leaders are talking coalitions there is about just over fifty minutes to go no time left of voting we'll be bringing you updates as preliminary figures come in a few hours from now have you stay with us here on r.t. for that. how will tensions with to run develop will settle to expand just isolate can there be peace with gaza what's next in relations with america will listen you know who survive his snuff election on january twenty second. israel decides. in the u.k. scotland yard has launched an investigation after videos appeared online showing a vigilante group calling themselves muslim patrol in the inflammatory films use the scene telling people to throw away alcohol and to make women cover their faces as if they were in a muslim area r.t.
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sarah firth has the details. and islamic vigilante group that's what they call themselves a small number of people who are going after members of the public in areas of london confronting them saying that they were implementing shari'a law and that this was a muslim area and they were demanding people throw away the alcohol they were insulting to women telling them to cover up this got uploaded on cd tens of thousands of people saw it the original video got me for the police investigation started but once again you know that goes around so it's still on you tube right now and again tens of thousands of hits so a lot of concern here i think because obviously it's gone viral save speak a lot of people are seeing this very threatening behavior from a small group of the certainly causing a lot of concern here that that's going to stir up tension so one of the people in the video said that this is c.k. it's not a miss america is no issue a lot but obviously we've seen that this is a debate the really does inflame tensions and causes
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a lot of control the city and i think the muslim community across c.-k. really have come out to condemn what this small groups done and to try to distance themselves from of the east london mosque saying that it was designed to stoke up tensions so that there's very much an emphasis on distancing themselves from that type of behavior because certainly this is part of a why did debate in the area of london where the police think that this video was filmed in east london is an area that see this argument come up a number of times over the past couple of years with fundamentalist leaks in these areas making a lot of noise about wanting to relaunch implemented in the end it is a very touchy subject for a lot of people as we said very threatening behavior in those videos and as the muslim community here in the case being you know very very trying to highlight is that this is a very small group but of course as it has gone around the internet a lot of people seeing this and say this small great taking the threat threatening
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actions obviously having a much wider impact. france has been getting european support for its military efforts in mali italy set to join britain offering assistance to the offensive after the deal staged prices in neighboring algeria which of course a number of europeans americans were killed for following that up shortly also to half a century cooperation taken with a pinch of salt german and french leaders on a fifty years of the post-war alliance with sharp political and economic divide casting a shadow of them over the celebration of two. americans are being kept in the dark about how and why they are being followed by the nation's security agency a civil liberties group in the us asked the f.b.i. to spell out what techniques it's using when it tracks citizens results he's going to teach you can explain is now the reply raised more questions than it answered. everybody knows that the f.b.i. uses all sorts of tracking devices on cars cell phones and whatnot everything that
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can carry g.p.s. the american civil liberties union filed the request under the freedom of information act asking for the justice department to review the f.b.i.'s guidelines their internal memos as to how and under what circumstances they track people as of now there is no clear understanding among americans of when they will be subjected to tracking possibly for months at a time or whether the government will first get a warrant this is the justice department's response more than one hundred pages of completely redacted material except for the title so to the question how when and why the government can track its citizens the f.b.i. responded with this takes a lot of ink to print out something like this some artistic souls may think of the painting black square by live each we're certainly not sure of the artistic intentions of the u.s. justice department or the meanings they put into these black pages but for civil liberties advocates here this is what government secrecy looks like actually it was
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last month when president obama signed a bill that essentially allows the government to spy on anyone they want under some kind of a general warrant as opposed to an individual warrant in other words it allows the national security agency to vacuum up as much private communication as possible with something like a promise on the authorities part to be really careful about when and how they look at it but civil liberties advocates argue that the bill of rights is not about the government's promises of good intentions but about legal guarantees so president obama may be very convincing when he talks about individual freedoms we heard the words in his inaugural speech this monday. but here is the f.b.i. version of the freedom most useful well professor of journalism christopher chambers says it's not only official agencies eating away at personal freedoms. the state of privacy for american citizens these days is quite tenuous and quite frightening because we are being assaulted in america on two levels one from our
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government which is collecting information which is spying on american citizens. apparently without any predicate or basic probable cause or specific facts on the other hand you have corporations spying on american citizens to find out what we buy when we buy it how much money we spend how much well who is in our family what our friends buy basically to take money from us so on one hand you have people taking freedom of the other hand you have people taking money so and it's all based on a lack of privacy so it's a very scary situation here in america now. coming up jordan's king promises change to the weary crowds after two years of protests the country of not parliamentary election but the u.s. but want to keep saying it's the beginning of reform the powerful muslim brotherhood boycotting the vote they say it's a giving. also. and equality race tempers here the russian capital and gay rights moscow seen some vicious skirmishes as church activist targeted campaign is with it
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will bring you the story. we speak your language. your music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. a little tentative angles keep these stories. for you here. in the spanish to find out more visit. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you. are welcome to the big picture.
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it's the least considering backing france's military action against islamist somali britons already said it may boost its assistance the u.k. so far sent to war planes the conflict the move follows a deadly hostage crisis in neighboring algeria of course which was in retaliation to france's invasion professor of middle east history dr lawrence davis and believes the conflict will continue for much longer than planned. south of mali an army is not capable taking over
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a period ok it's in horrible shape and there is a lot of political instability in the country i mean it's ruled by one way or another for the last i guess the last five years or so it's mommy's not going to be able to do this. and it's open and it's open now and they'll be able to push the islamics out of the major towns with in say a six mile. but new guy that stretches the border where are people. people who know the area and live in this area can wander about. and you know it's going to take years. lots of glitz a gloss simple as german and french need to celebrate fifty years of their country's alliance but the hugs not shakes my mask an alternative reality the two yet to agree on how to cure the eurozone debt contagion or overcome deep foreign policy divisions assessing whether there are more lows than on highways and franco
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german relations no he's not he's played a role of. well it's certainly a meeting that's filled with pomp and circumstance but they as they celebrate the formal icing of the friendship between former foes what we are seeing though is that the hoping that the celebration can paper over some of the divisions between how a couple of course france and germany the two major economies and the well the two biggest voices in europe really when it comes to how to tackle the eurozone crisis all around wants to see more spending to promote growth where is a miracle stuck to her guns saying it's only through austerity that any kind of problems in the eurozone can be. also rising concern here in germany over the state of the french economy the german people and german finance is looking to shoulder thinking well we don't want to get caught up to cold if you'll recall and
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he sneezes it was a expected that the french economy went into recession at the end of twenty twelve hours also when it comes to matters of defense military might is germany and france not agreeing that friend certainly pursuing a policy of intervention we've seen not in libya we're also seeing that right now in mali where is germany they have said that they were going to contribute any of their troops and it was backed up by. the finance minister here in germany and a key member of a christian democrat party when he said that germany didn't want to be a major player in foreign policy said going on to say that well after hitler and auschwitz how could they be a major player so there is a difference there between how france views its place in the wider world and how germany does based on well the two countries relative history so this meeting all smiles and handshakes however that there are some deep underlying cracks in the relationship between europe's power couple. maxalt serve business professor
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independent investment fund manager he says he's never had any illusions about relations between paris and berlin basically it's really sort of the same thing i have seen for so trees i mean france has had a policy of basically keeping germany down for since louis the fourteenth and of course of the twentieth century so i mean if you put this in a fright wider framework it doesn't surprise that the. frictions and also little fissures and of course the economic strength of germany and the current weakness of france doesn't make it any easier. cause needs to do some show for his domestic audience and the same is true for merkel merkel has its own strict in some ways because as a result in germany almost against. hunger sums being spent on the so-called nation of the euro which is not really the case i mean that's a different thing so the thing is that the overall vision for europe is lacking
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it's verging and so we will not see europe make really great progress towards a more unified continent anytime soon. gay rights campaigners here in moscow have rallied against the so-called gay propaganda law being considered in russia but their public kissing campaign tactics lead to trouble article peace cannot stop the story. several dozen gay rights activists trade staging a kissing flash mob in moscow right outside the city duma but were interrupted by a group of radical orthodox christians who didn't hesitate to use their fists as you can see to stop them as a result several people were injured including some journalists the police did detain the attackers the protesters said that the rally was against a draft law banning gay propaganda in the city's we're not clear from this draft what propaganda is so they're afraid they're going to have to go underground to see that it's a tendency in russia for such gay rights rallies to end in skirmishes with radical
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n.t. gay rights activists but it's not something which only happens in russia just recently we have seen several members of the ukrainian women's group firman attacked in paris by a radical gay rights activists of the girls at some point even had to run from with the angry crowd and the police had to step in to evacuate them to safety. well the big news of the day car bombs have killed seventeen people left dozens injured in and around baghdad police say one of the blast ripped busy market in the north of the iraqi capital around midday at least two soldiers romano's killed and twelve more wounded earlier in the day a suicide car bombing targeting a checkpoint south of the city killed five wounded fourteen more according to authorities. in south africa protesters angry at plans to merge the region with a poor neighborhood municipality have clashed with police officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse demonstrators on the third day of riots at least
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three policemen have been injured more than one hundred eighty testers have been arrested. after two years of simmering and sometimes violent protests against corruption and inept authorities jordan's finally getting a parliamentary election the king called the vote to please those demanding change but as you see kathy reports now it threatens to push the country further into chaos beneath the calm facade here in jordan is a simmering crisis the kingdom has remained relatively stable amid the wave of regimes falling in the arab spring wednesday's parliamentary elections are part of the reform efforts undertaken by the government in an attempt to quell popular dissatisfaction anathema. i'm optimistic that our political system has taken a big step forward if a parliament wants to enjoy respect the very first thing it needs is to be elected as a result of the fair election that's what our future parliament is going to be. but
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a balanced parliament just something that is highly on likely to come out of this election is being boycotted by georgia's most powerful political movement the muslim brotherhood citing a new law that critics claim gives an unfair advantage to regime loyalists the islamists and their allies have branded the elections as worthless. one of the most like why do people take part in the spectacle called the parliamentary elections elections the way they are know and all the petain in rules the way they are cannot be taken seriously they do not represent the people's will band in many mideast states up until the arab spring jordan's branch of the muslim brotherhood has been a licensed political party for decades but seeing a stone contemporaries come to power in egypt and tunisia it is now openly seeking a much larger role require the muslim one of. the muslim brotherhood are boycotting the elections because this lore is not in their interest but other parties are boycotting the elections because they will be held according to undemocratic law
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i'm there to meet with king abdullah and says that he's serious about reform but there are other threats on the horizon. our main problem is the konami unemployment and inflation are rising at the same time that the cost of products is soaring there is considerable unrest among the population was the country has long struggled economically and relies heavily on aid from western and gulf donors last november saw an eruption of violence nationwide protests over cuts in food and fuel subsidies one of the conditions imposed by the i.m.f. the courtroom billion dollar emergency loan and other financial and political. cern is the flood of syrian refugees hundreds of thousands have fled to jordan with more pouring over the border every day there are worries that the syrian conflict may follow its people into the kingdom with islam a striving for more power
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a tough situation on the border and a dire economic crisis jordan is finding itself caught between a rock and a hard place due to the boycott the elections are unlikely to produce any meaningful change in the once stable kingdom looks to be in for a long period of uncertainty you see count one of our key amman jordan. i'm kevin owen thanks a bit with this coming up we reveal the drawbacks of being a political activist in the u.s. and why the country that preaches democracies big accused of tyranny about them because reports on that program after the break.
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i'm here with some investors for me. i'm here to show you. producer.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser america is a frickin good lag that's right america is becoming a good leg what are steve jobs the founder of apple had done fifty years in prison for his blue box shenanigans in which you use an authorized on authorized advice to make free phone calls instead of hanging out with the president or of mark zuckerberg had done thirty years for illegally accessing harvard's computer databases to.


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