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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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mission to teach me the creation of why you should care about. this is why you should care. more killings and violence scenes in egypt where clashes rage on those protesters against both the government and the death sentences over last year's football stadium massacre continue to vent their anger. at the french military machine rolls over islamic militants in mali amid fears the country could be seeking to reach colonize its former territory. and britain's prime minister david cameron finally commits to holding a referendum on breaking away from the e.u. sparking a new wave of criticism both at home and abroad. with
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a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly. egypt city of port has descended into violence yet again as clashes broke out during a massive funeral march three people were killed and hundreds injured gunshots have also been reported in the area the latest now from correspondent bell true. there are still a lot of the young sixteen in sight sixty three from you know march for protesters who were killed yesterday was a time when a young. house rules say that we just. did the ministries are we think saying no. we were just going to treat talk to the funeral march caused by an army of the army has been deployed to the city by witnesses saying they are seeing times in the streets disagreements street bankers and any between antigovernment protesters and security forces here in the capital
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just a second a square on the cross train the streets which means the key government buildings such as the one behind someone in the story council take on suspending from class a me to the cornish and we're. already. seeing protests against the presidency by protesters who say that they are living you know make the change to stay safe in the country to use on the repetition it will say i guess the new trough it's a constitution which they say was written by the many cases consistory assembly first by the president be on time and they say you know changes. come and morsi council travel plans and mexico national council the stuff down to this growing crisis will be obvious of the meeting was the main source emotional scene or a conflict areas this is like being on public decision to respond and i think this
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is within the firing which so for instance in the building an impression of the house upon them in the story council saying they were actually whisperings than i was signing books to the crisis counseling sessions that information from release the statement yesterday listening find them on said to the president and the growing crisis. country anyone and how nation government to take. the president is not running the country in addition maine more. parliamentary elections you. may say president mohamed morsi and i think. she. made me eat if i put my name to the country's very much in my. mind. the government is not putting enough effort into dealing with the crisis that's the belief of political activists some
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a foresee we have to distinguish between two things first of all revolutionary forces who are looking good for implementation of the slogans of that evolution in egypt freedom and justice and struggling to do it. other good we would like to put it in stability of the situation in egypt and we have to be. very courageous to uncover all those people who broker violence will support the violence or violence violence because it's too difficult to build our democracy on such a violence but at the same time the government has has to be willing to start a new process of nationality conciliation but unfortunately we haven't seen until now any governmental fishel is speaking to people including is a president himself as a government is this still looking into the situation from very narrow perspective
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they limit what's gone going on in the street into violence and then violent groups and ignoring it there are. demands. the french intervention forces continuing its advance in mali helping the local unelected government beat back islamic militants several french allies including britain and the us are also providing support for the military offensive but the coalition of undersell fighting the same sort of people it helped bring to power in libya is probably boyko reports from france which have a very. you wanted peace you wanted freedom you wanted economic progress france great britain europe will always stand by the libyan people of course. but a regional crisis probably wasn't what mr sarkozy anticipated when he was spearheading the military operation to topple moammar gadhafi although the former
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french president can't say that he hadn't been warned personally i play a significant role in establishing peace in those regions of africa should the situation in libya be unstable al-qaeda will establish its rule a lot and will return and libya will be another afghanistan terrorists will flood to europe cut to paris and almost two years later markets after his words could well be ringing in the areas of need what i saw was the successor francois hollande having just sent troops to mali france's new leader could well be learning that every action has a reaction. secu so not only did the french intervention in libya not help the democratic process which is what they said they were after but if actively opened up the floodgates for weapons stockpiles and fighters to leave the country and guns solves a lot of this is new more to mali where the recently deployed french military were reportedly stunned by the technologically advanced weapons that are in the hands of
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their adversaries nobody seems to think that perhaps organized groups come from somewhere other than mali it seems they came across the nearby libyan border libya is as i say central to all this problem because all the plot of weapons have been produced by the collapse of the darfur region but also a complete failure to establish any kind of real state you have essentially all it's operating in different parts of libya and you have across much of this hour a situation where people have arguments for vengeance or extenso bribery and corruption or to grab is commonplace gadhafi was bitter opponent or radical islamic groups whatever his faults and they now have the ability to use the chaos in libya to provide the basis the first effects for immediate hostage crisis in algeria said to be in retaliation for the french offensive in mali has already claimed the lives of dozens of civilians taken captive when i'm frightened of terrorism this is
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always been a problem for france whether it's iraq or sarkozy upward this is just a i'm french i was born here and my culture is french my origins are very you know i was there is another country telling me. if you were scared of anything that threatens us. france's global allies are showing signs of being sucked into the mali conflict british prime minister david cameron has already acknowledged the fastenings radical insurgency in the region could take decades rather than months and all this so that france can remedy the knock on effects. from its libyan intervention. i t. harris. front and stepped up security measures at home fearing reprisal attacks from islam is to have valid to avenge the nanny intervention dozens of foreign hostages were killed when terrorists seized a gas plant in algeria last week middle east expert topicality thinks that further
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strikes will likely be focused in africa i don't think europe is under threat from any terrorist group but while my already said that the phrase war against terrorism is true the united states will abandon it sort of ironic that the french romo taking it up the french intervention which has many people in the south a lot because they're completely desperate but if this intervention goes on it'll get worse and worse because these guys are going to fight back and then you will have probably small groups of people taking revenge as we saw in algeria and incidentally the role of the french played in cheerio vice helping and encouraging the government to stop an election bid way has also left an impact on background kriesel is no doubt it will do. as well. the outgoing u.s. secretary of state has admitted the arab spring revolts which washington backed lead to
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a rise of extremism and shattered security in the region and clinton testified before lawmakers about last year's attack on the american consulate in libya which sought for u.s. diplomat security she took responsibility for failures that led to the assault or stressing that washington should continue to exert its influence across the arab world u.s. senator john kerry is expected to take over from clinton but some analysts doubt a new face will overhaul u.s. foreign policy. well the clinton legacy is pretty much i think the legacy of american wars and a counterterrorism policy that has usurped the usual prerogatives of the state department what hillary clinton did which was more important than anything else during her four years as secretary of state was to be part of the coalition the phalanx if you will oprah war people which really left to president obama no choice but to go along with the forty thousand troops that the military was demanding that
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crystal is demanding for afghanistan john kerry will not be able to fundamentally change the course of u.s. foreign policy which is again set in motion a set in stone if you will because of the power that the cia and the military really wield over the direction of u.s. relations with so much of the of the world particularly the middle east and now increasingly in africa as well and there is very little chance that john kerry will challenge any of the fundamental directions of u.s. policy such as for example the drone war in pakistan. coming up here in the weekly on r.t. he may have hung on to his job but he failed to convince his voters is ready promise seventy minute yahoo for a majority in the country's parliament but only a narrow margin is now struggling to form a stable coalition and that story of plenty of others point after show bright.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day. news continues here in r.t. prime minister dmitry medvedev has criticized washington's move to sanction a number of russian officials for alleged crimes which no court has found him guilty of speaking to c.n.n. the russian premier said the magnitsky bill passed on capitol hill falls outside of international law and only aggravates relations between russia and the us. each country has the right to deny any country citizen an entry visa to its territory this is something normal but it's something that corresponds with international conventions without having to explain the reasons for it the united
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states could and still can prohibit any russian officials entrance to america the same way they can examine their accounts or whatever else they have in america this is exactly what russia can do as well but when it becomes a public campaign with congress saying it will draw up a list of individuals who have been involved in a crime what do you think it is if not an extra judicial execution of the convicts these individuals without any trial or prosecution but it. can be timid it i've also spoke out on the twenty two month syrian crisis which shows no signs of abating moscow has stressed it doesn't support any side in the conflict while maintaining that foreign intervention should be completely ruled out but the premier did say time is not on president assad side. your. i think there are fewer chances for him to stay on with every new day every week and every month but let me repeat it is up to the syrian people to make
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a decision not up to russia the united states or any other state now the main task is to launch a national reconciliation process we should think about the future for instance if the opposition which by the way has been formed outside of syria comes to power what is it going to do with its members will exterminate representatives of other islamic movements another confessionals they are already doing this and that's why there are two options either it will be a protest of national reconciliation and held under the control of the international community or an endless civil war and there is no in-between. get more deeply made videos interview on our web site r t v dot com. now to more international news in brief the revised number of deaths in a massive fire at a nightclub in southern brazil now stands at two hundred and thirty to try to place after a band that was performing in the club started launching fireworks off the stage
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however they set fire to insulation with foam in the ceiling of the flames spreading in a matter of minutes as any was packed with people at the time it was only one except in panic spread people try to get out some witnesses claim that security guards try to keep the only way out of the club shot until they were overpowered. thousands of rallied in washington calling for improvements to gun control nationwide among the participants were the residents of newtown connecticut where an elementary school massacre last month left twenty six dead president obama as unveiled the most sweeping proposals for curbing gun violence in two decades including background checks and a ban on military style assault weapons proposals have divided the nation with about half of americans insisting it's their right to bear arms without restrictions. a roadside bomb has killed at least temple who's been in afghanistan in the southern province of kandahar it detonated next to a police truck just as offices and finish diffusing another explosive device is the
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third such attack in the past twenty four hours which in total have claimed the lives of more than twenty people. and over other thousand people have rallied in paris and support of a bill allowing gay marriage and adoption by same sex couples demonstrators waved banners proclaiming equality is not a threat to draft law marriage everyone has been high on president. agenda ever since his election the movie still greatly opposed by many in the country the recent anti gay march gala twice the amount of people and attending today's rally. annual world economic forum in davos in switzerland was shaken up by a speech this week by the british prime minister david cameron and as artie's argued from reports the long anticipated address on the u.k.'s future relations with the e.u. has ruffled a few feathers at home as well. british prime minister david cameron has threatened to redraw the map of europe his pledge to hold a referendum on whether the u.k.
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should remain in the e.u. if they can win the next election in twenty fifty basically he wants more powers returned from brussels to westminster and will try to renegotiate britain's terms of membership but he has warned that he is not successful then the u.k. would probably vote to head towards the exit i was his long awaited european speech indicted he plays many of the skeptics within his tory party there are many doubts is u.k. business leaders for example say that even talking about an exit at this stage will create uncertainty and could scare away potential investors germany's chancellor angela merkel has said that perhaps a compromise is needed but other e.u. members are less sympathetic denmark says that the e.u. is not a self service where members can cherry pick the legislation that happens speaking to said the e.u. would simply become a mess so while david cameron appears to solve any internal squabbles within his own party to take a place in the euro skeptics it also appears that he is driving
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a wedge between britain and other e.u. member states andrew farmer. london. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu won the country's parliamentary election this week but suffered a serious setback the results gave his right wing likud party the narrowest of victories with just thirty one out of one hundred twenty seats now he will have to struggle to form a broad and stable coalition to govern israel that could be difficult as other right wing unorthodox religious parties one half the seats in the parliament meanwhile some analysts take all hopes on the us influencing israel not to launch a preemptive strike on iran's nuclear sites yet a tour of the online magazine palestine chronicle thinks that tehran's atomic program will be used by netanyahu to divert attention from domestic problems. see. that israelis are growing the becoming more aware of the deterring a deteriorating economy of their own country of the guard between the rich and poor
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of the with a state that is seems to be teetering towards the ultra orthodox at the expense of other classes and other sectors of israeli the society netanyahu might use that iran iran scenario in order for him to. distract perhaps from the problems that are soon to emerge to his new government regardless of the look in the shape of the government but with he is going to actually. asked some of his threats and go after iran and strike iran specially during a period in which obama i do not thinking is in any political mood to go for another war against iran i think it's becoming for and tougher for him to answer. the prospects for palestinian statehood will be another important issue for the israeli prime minister the peace deal is now deadlocked with netanyahu saying more settler homes will be built in his third term actor and director nimrod karma known for his prank videos decided to take another look at the israeli land expansion. my
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name is ne more than israeli citizen living here among. you one housing crisis at all time high the thing is there is another one in jerusalem but i can also live among us and i think i can get that much better deal with the wise over the. would like to see the flood to buy i'm here with some investors from england. we want to invest in this area because i'm hearing the property value might go up to one flat is one million shekels is fathers for that and they're building that this whole new area called zero eight and one begins after those heels despite a few haters in the us almost all these really critical parties support the building and selling of charming flats on palestinian land the latest talk location you want east of jerusalem hello i'm here to show your client wants to buy property
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in this area is a big you want investor understand it's the only building currently built but if i can show him more. hills mall. and no one except. two state solution who cares as long as the property is cheap is a jew man living i want to cash in on my jewishness and i be in touch with my roots . so it's all jewish yeah yeah any non jewish parts because. not. many people so he is not being constructive in the peace process but look how many settlements it constructed i'm hoping. to build a new settlement. this is the future of israel i believe and i'm afraid that if i buy that house and i get a document saying it's mine some day palestinians can scam and say no it's not
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yours because i keep listening to that in the. see. ours chester ain't there's just one thing and. it's funny how those small actions had like international meaning. the moving of stones like monumentally. it's like messing with international law. this scene is the most disputed area you never notice it just because people told us but he says it is like a good place to build a new flat you think they'll build in this area like because my friends want to build some like to buy something before we even constructed it. is coming up. he says this is the fail stone being set for the new god willing of the one facing the holy capital of his well i pay so much money for rent in london in the one in
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london and here in new one and in the big city thing is cheaper and more comfortable it all starts here so beautiful all of us is ours bloody brilliant view you can look down at palestinians this is the new area being built opposite you one i just called this real estate it's called hideout three they send all the flats in this part of town and they say no to seek peace of a settlement and it will never be evacuated they selling more and more how come all the cleaners of the city and all the bills are you should be jewish labor. should be. mean to him and he's going to see a top rated real estate agent to get to the all the legalities. of look at the scale of. him to complete.
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what are you selling your. house by any chance. i have like. we caught up with the filmmaker nimrod cama who says if you want to live cheap and easy in israel he disputed west bank arizona the place for him nobody will. get in the mindset of the religious ones and just want to just come there for the deal and i mean they don't even think about politics for them it's just buying and selling and like they told me that if someone is going to evict them which they
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don't believe but if it was going to happen they're going to even make more money because the government would pay them compensation for them because if you buy flood over there you get good discounts if you've got many kids even if you don't even have to be religious it is really states like actually de facto build another well first day which is the settler jewish only west bank cities and if you just go there and you buy a flat you can sell it to like rich jewish americans some of the people i talked to never going to. give up their house like benign is heavily. into the settlement of the entire west bank and they even told me that like jordan is also the kind of part of the jewish state just like the other ones are just like non-religious people who used to live and you know these the election is all about social justice kind of the whole. the whole like housing prices so pretty
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much if you want to live chip in this world that's the only option. well up next we join a free diving champion of the search for in a piece in the dark depths of russia's caves that special report coming your way and often i'll be back with a news team with more all of the week's. wealthy british style. that's not on the.
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market so why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. so the project is called the mistress of basically she looks like the silhouette of a woman on the wall. of legend speaks of a spirit in the cave called the mistress of a bird she lives there it's true she does exist and you'll get
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