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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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egypt's president mohamed morsi imposes emergency law on three rioting cities with unrest flaring up once again imports. the french military machine rolls over islamic militants in mali amid fears the country could be seeking to recall an eis its former territory. and britain's prime minister david cameron finally commits to holding a referendum on breaking away from the e.u. sparking a new wave of criticism both at home and abroad. with
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the week's top stories and today's top news this is r t with the weekly as violent unrest rages on in egypt president mohamed morsi has declared a state of emergency in the cities of portside suez and is mainly echoing the days of former leader hosni mubarak this is amid renewed clashes in port side that left seven people dead and hundreds injured following a mass funeral procession correspondent bill true is in cairo where she has come under clouds of tear gas. in a televised press statement for president mohamed morsi sorry to see this going to take us to me i hears the questions continue in cairo. president had mostly declared a state of emergency for thirty days according to the constitution with that means is that it basically every test will be banned security forces will have the right to arrest. a protest this without charge and in addition censorship may be legalized across these three countries three cities misfeature president mohammed
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morsi also said to be a carthew course the city's between nine pm and six am and t. also a call for dialogue with the opposition things that just escalated to a great extent here in cairo the clashes continue between anti government protesters and security forces who are firing an excessive amount take us to the point where even at this time it's almost impossible to breathe but i've seen people running process past me many are unconscious people carrying are injured protesters back into the square it's a safety of course it continues to be violence across the country in serious for example with the army have been deployed as one is the continued bloody scenes import science which have seen dozens killed and hundreds injured leaving many to question you know how this is going to end with a state of emergency in place this will also mean will be a lot of arrests and possible unrest between security force forces and protesters in the next few days belcher reported for duty there in cairo now political
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activist some a thousand he says the muslim brotherhood still remains silent to the key demands of the protesters. alyse feel that people in the street. challenge them a challenge little thirty particularly in terms of constitutional amendment we are hearing all the times that people in muslim brotherhood do not want to change the constitution and cesar's a constitution is a pistol over the globe. saw i think is the more people exercise placed on them the more they can react positively under try to accommodate all political trends and all political factions within. new political system i'm afraid that the muslim brotherhood would like to manipulate the state operators for the sake people speaking about this issue and we have to build a new democratic system built on. neutral state apparatus in egypt rather than
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a state operator serving one political party. is still an idiot the british prime minister's opponent to get hot under the collar as david cameron pledges to hold a referendum on the country's possible e.u. exit if his party wins the next election that story just ahead. the french intervention force is continuing its advance in mali the troops have entered timbuktu one of the major northern mali in towns occupied by islamist fighters for the last year paris's allies including britain and the us are continuing to provide logistical support for the military offensive but the coalition now finds itself fighting the same sort of people that helped bring to power in libya as political reports from paris. was that very very. you wanted peace you wanted freedom you wanted economic progress france great britain europe
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will always stand by the libyan people of course. but a regional crisis probably wasn't what mr sarkozy anticipated when he was spearheading the military operation to topple moammar gadhafi although the former french president can't say that he hadn't been warned personally i play a significant role in establishing peace in those regions of africa should the situation in libya be unstable al-qaeda will establish its rule a lot and will return and libya will be another afghanistan the terrorists will flood to europe cut to paris and almost two years later mark is out these words could well be ringing in the years of need what i saw was the successor francois hollande having just sent troops to mali france's new leader could well be learning that every action has a reaction so q so not only do the french intervention in libya not help the
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democratic position process which is what they said they were after but it in fact it opened up the floodgates for weapons stockpiles and fighters to leave the country and go sounds a lot more to mali where the recently deployed french military were reportedly stunned by the technologically advanced weapons that are in the hands of their adversaries nobody seems to think that perhaps organized somewhere other than mali it seems they came across the nearby libyan border libya is as i say central to all this problem because all the lot of weapons have been produced by the collapse of the darfur region but also by the prepaid it was time to show any kind of real state you have essentially all these operating in different parts of libya and you have across much of this hour a situation where people are going to sway the entrance of a sense so bribery and corruption. it was commonplace gadhafi was bitter opponent or rather whatever his faults and they know the ability to the chaos in
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libya to face the first effects were immediate a hostage crisis in algeria said to be in retaliation for the french offensive in mali has already claimed the lives of dozens of civilians taken captive when i'm frightened of terrorism this is always been a problem for france whether it's chirac or sarkozy it's just i'm french i was born here and live here my culture is french my origins are there and i was there i was like another country telling me. this you know we're scared of anything that threatens us. france's global allies are showing signs of being sucked into the mali conflict british prime minister david cameron has already acknowledged that battling radical insurgency in the region could take decades rather than months and all this so that france can remedy the knock on effects from its libyan intervention polly boyko r t power s.
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. france has stepped up security measures at home fearing reprisal attacks from islamists who have valid to avenge the mali intervention dozens of foreign hostages were killed when terrorists seized a gas plant in algeria last week middle east expert to wreak ali thanks for the retribution strikes are likely to be carried out in africa i don't think europe is under threat from any terrorist group obama is already said that the phrase war against terrorism is a date to the united states will abandon a sort of ironic that the french are now taking it up the french intervention which is many people in the south applaud because they're completely desperate but if this intervention goes on it'll get worse and worse because these guys are going to fight back and then you will have probably small groups of people taking rangers resawing algeria and incidentally the role of the french played in as cheerio bice
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helping and encouraging the government to stop an election made way has also left an impact on that concrete so there's no doubt it will do stabilise and you realise well. the annual world economic forum was shaken up by a speech this week by the british prime minister david cameron and as artie's enter farmer reports the long anticipated address on ukase future relations with the e.u. has ruffled a few feathers at home as well. british prime minister david cameron has threatened to redraw the map of europe his pledge to hold a referendum on whether the u.k. should remain in the e.u. if they can so says win the next election in twenty fifteen basically he wants more powers returned from brussels to westminster and will try and renegotiate britain's terms of membership but he has warned that he is not successful then the u.k. would probably vote to head towards the exit i was his long awaited european speech and dines at the place many of the euro skeptics within his tory party there are
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many dieties u.k. business leaders for example say that even talking about an exit at this stage will create uncertainty and could scare away tension investors germany's chancellor angela merkel has said that perhaps a compromise is needed but other e.u. members are less sympathetic to denmark says the e.u. is not a self-service buffet where members can cherry pick the legislation that happens speaking to said the e.u. would simply become a mess so while david cameron appears to solve any internal squabbles within his own party particularly a place in the euro skeptics it also appears that he's driving a wedge between britain and other e.u. member states under a farmer from london. and coming up here on r t he may have hung on to his job but he failed to convince his voters israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu clinched a major majority in the country's parliament but only by
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a narrow margin and is now struggling to form a stable coalition on that after a short break right here on our two. what mistry has hidden deep the nice. visit to the north welcome here. traps laid for intruders. and the supernatural cannot rise from nowhere. a human be possessed by the spirit. mistress of the cave. we speak your language.
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or music programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn it into angles stories. so you hear. that troy spanish find out more visit eye to eye. and live from moscow this is our take glad to have you back with us u.s. president barack obama has praised the secretary of state hillary clinton for her work stressing that she has been one of the finest in u.s. history obama and clinton appeared in a joint televised interview which comes as america's top diplomat prepares to step down for some analysis on that we're now joined live by journalist and anti-war activist don de bar don thank you very much for being back with us now you see you
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certainly you saw this interview the president may have praised the secretary of state but what is your assessment of clinton's achievements in the position including on the middle east policy. well look at the condition of the world right now and know that hillary clinton has been active active for four years the really disheartening thing about the show which is what it was shown on sixty minutes exclusively in the united states was they spent an awful lot of time trying to explain to people how these two former primary campaign two thousand and eight adversaries could work together for four years where most of the rest of the world has coalition governments of all kinds of ads serialist trysts sitting down and hashing things out and making things go forward. hillary clinton as. really the biggest achievement was the takeover of libya and the foothold in africa
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for africa and barack obama more or less said the same thing saying if it wasn't for hillary clinton we wouldn't have achieved the success in libya which now of course is being used as an excuse for fresh intervention in mali and laying out the groundwork for much more aggressive action in northern africa which you know you mentioned that this was a bit of a show what do you make of the timing of this interview given that just last week clinton took responsibility for the deadly attack in benghazi you were just mentioning the situation in libya acknowledging the mistakes of american foreign policy there. you know she avoided testimony or testifying in front of a hostile you know quote unquote republican committee in congress over what happened in benghazi. the american ambassador to libya post zama reid was killed he was identified by people all over libya for
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a long time as being one of the cia's point people in libya and one of those most responsible for the american intervention there the fact that this country free which was bombed for eight months by nato by the u.s. and its allies with thousands of people dying many homes on the infrastructure that was built up in the last forty years being devastated in the form of the people shouldn't surprise anyone that it would be people that were angry over that that might want to kill those they identified as being responsible yet the entire presentation here and over the last couple of weeks has been something quite different clinton avoided the actual testimony and so everyone else that testified which is what any witness wants to do because then you can't be contradicted by any subsequent testimony and at this point in time she's leaving with glasses we were reminded several times that are a consequence of the brain injury she suffered that didn't allow her to testify and
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now she's being you know patted on the back by obama forest success in libya that she still hasn't accounted for the failure of is pretty. it's like washington teenagers are now united discussed in this particular topic in the past i'm interested to hear thoughts on this now obama had declared it a success that is administration has wound down two wars and dismantled the al qaeda leadership what's your take. the united states is now war with more nation states than it ever has been since one thousand nine hundred forty five in the aggregate and whether you consider drone attacks an act of war under the old rules certainly drone attacks are taking place in countries that are not included in that total so the world has more or than it's been since one thousand nine hundred forty five. in terms of the number of people who die every day in terms of of the things they get blown up in terms of the assertion of one national extrinsic
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national interest over other national interests on the ground and so for him to claim that you know i've wrapped up the wars things are ok is a joke but it makes sense too because the two things that mobilized democrats against the bush administration the two wars were the primarily the iraq war and also the afghanistan war and now that those are moving off the radar in the news media here empty word democrats are going to sweep and that allows these people broad movement across the world to continue wars as long as they don't make democratic activists upset and briefly some republicans see hillary clinton as a very strong candidate if she is to run for the next presidency of united states what's your opinion on this one. i hope they're wrong. i don't want to see a republican president elected but i also don't want to see hillary clinton elected
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which would be again a republican president her friend is a republican who reminds me would you run a republican against the republicans the republican always wins hillary clinton's husband was the premier republican president of the late twentieth century and he did away with welfare as we knew it he started war again in europe he did away with the possibility of having down the bill and terry after the fall of the soviet union hillary clinton is more of the same and we've seen it with thirds and you were secretary of state or i appreciated thoughts on the subject don de bar journalist and anti-war activist thanks very much always a pleasure to have you with us here on r.t. same show thank you very much. now prime minister dmitri medvedev has criticized washington's move to sanction a number of russian officials for alleged crimes which no court has found them guilty of speaking to c.n.n. the russian premier said the magnitsky bill passed on capitol hill falls outside of international law and only aggravates relations between russia and the us. because
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this in. each country has the right to deny any country citizen an entry visa to his territory this is something normal but it's something that corresponds with international conventions without having to explain the reasons for the united states could and still can prohibit any russian officials entrance to america the same way they can examine their accounts or whatever else they have in america this is exactly what russia can do as well but when it becomes a public campaign with congress saying it will draw up a list of individuals who have been involved in a crime what do you think it is if not an extra judicial execution that convicts these individuals without any trial or prosecution but each of you dmitri medvedev also spoke out on the twenty two month syrian crisis which shows no signs of abating moscow has stressed it does not support any side in the conflict while maintaining that foreign intervention should be completely ruled out but the
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premier did say time is not on president assad side. and your i think there are fewer chances for him to stay on with every new day every week and every month but let me repeat it is up to the syrian people to make a decision but not up to russia the united states or any other state now the main task is to launch a national reconciliation process we should think about the future for instance if the opposition which by the way has been formed outside of syria comes to power which is what is it going to do with its members will exterminate representatives of other islamic movements another confessional they are already doing this that's why there are two options either it will be a process of national reconciliation and held under the control of the international community or an endless civil war and there is no in-between. and you can get more of dimitri medvedev an interview on r.t. dot com. and also online for you right now italy's ex prime minister makes another
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major gaffe praising a former dictator on holocaust remembrance day add to our website for the details. plus prosecutors in romania seem to be hitting a dead end as they set free another group of suspects from an october art theft at the rotterdam museum with details that are to dot com. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu won the country's parliamentary election this week but suffered a serious setback the results gave his right wing likud bet new block in the narrowest of victories with just thirty one out of one hundred twenty seats now netanyahu will have to struggle to form a broad and a stable coalition to govern israel that could be a challenge as other right wing and orthodox religious parties one half the seats in the parliament analysts predict the focus for netanyahu will be bread and butter issues facing his nation not foreign policy and columnist for israel's carrots
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newspaper gideon levy says the controversy over iran's nuclear program is unlikely to give him enough support. and you know very devoted to this issue and he believes almost in a religious way that tease you see the state the fees were in the jewish people from the danger of iranian bomb but he would have been. more difficult this time because at least on this topic he would find fewer partners who would support because i've seen that this kind of adventure with the minister of defense and barak will support at the end will look most probably in the coming government the ten yo we find him more easily to barack obama second. no doubt that he will not let this happen but. you know israel does not react all raising very racial terms soul i wouldn't exclude the because that i was so devoted
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about it but sure the chances are much smaller now both because the new government domestically and the old new president in the white house. to some other international news in brief for you this hour a deadly nightclub fire has now claimed at least two hundred thirty three lives in santa maria brazil witnesses say a firework a little by the band performing cause of the blaze the flames swept through the crowded venue in a flash filling the air with toxic smoke many victims reportedly choked on deadly fumes or were crushed as panicking party goers to the exit some witnesses claim that security guards attempted to keep the only exit of the club shot until they were overpowered the brazilian president has called for three days of mourning for the victims of the tragedy. over one hundred thousand people took to the streets in paris in support of a bill allowing gay marriage and adoption by same sex couples demonstrators waved
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banners proclaiming equality is not a threat the draft law dubbed marriage for everyone has been high on president francois hollande agenda ever since his election issue has bitterly divided the nation and an anti-gay march earlier this month gathered twice the amount of people attending the rally today. a bus fell into a ravine in eastern portugal killing eleven people and injuring of thirty two more some of the passengers were trapped inside the vehicle and had to be cut loose the bus was reportedly on route to a tourist location when the incident occurred the official reason of the crash is yet to be determined of though it was raining heavily at the time of the tragedy. a roadside bomb has killed at least eight policemen and wounded several more in the southern afghan prominence of kandahar a group of police officers drove out to inspect an explosive package found in a residential neighborhood their truck hit another buried bomb on the way back is the fourth such attack in the past two days which in total have claimed the lives
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of at least twenty four people. internet mogul kimock dot com founder of a controversial and now banned file sharing service says he isn't golfed in a major political power play the closure of the mega upload web site caused uproar among international online freedom activists dot com told r.t. he believes the american government went out of its way to persecute him. i'm a businessman i'm driven by the success of achieving something in the business world ok that's not a crime there's nothing wrong with that the government is quite exposed here because they went in was completely prosecutorial abuse and overreach and ignoring due process ignoring our rights spying on us illegal search warrants illegal restraining orders illegal spying and i mean the whole war picture when you
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look at it showed us that this was an urgent mission done in a rush to take them down i want them to go and it was a political decision to do that an attempt by a civil liberties group in the u.s. to shed light on what techniques the f.b.i. is using to track american citizens has figurative lee drawn a blank that is after the government agency complied with the request but sent out hundreds of almost fully blacked out documents the editor of twenty four seven news j.d. to seal says the secrecy surrounding government surveillance it gives authorities the ultimate power. the fact is there's enormous power the government now has to surveil the population unfortunately when they blacked out the ministers that we don't know what their policies are if the supreme court has revised the rules for surveillance we have to trust them we have to take their word for that they put their body by the supreme court's decisions so we don't know what policies the has elevated itself we don't we don't know how they're applying that or their surveillance techniques open and free society the f.b.i.
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has to tell us what its procedures and techniques are so we have we can argue about them and then we have the opportunity to challenge them meant that maybe the court says sure they're ok but that's only after the challenged in court that are discussed openly if all we have to go on is the if you say trust us that doesn't give us a very much are we actually don't use them well coming up we join a free diving champion on her search for inner peace in the dark depths of russia's caves that's here after a break on our team. represent the fiasco actually caused a fiasco by singing a song highly critical of president obama ironically at
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a concert in honor of his second inauguration according to the huffington post he was thrown off stage by security for insulting the dear leader the sounds really bad like something out of one thousand nine hundred four where thoughts come out of nowhere the second you say something out of line about the party. to the song looping was singing had been going on for thirty minutes at that point this rant was more like a hip hop filibuster stopping the whole show and dragging on and on and on the so i think security just wanted to silence him in general not silence his anti obama opinions so you know whoopi next time when you want to bring up obama's drone usage or total disregard for the constitution then keep it under three minutes and everything will be just fine but that's just my opinion.
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so the project is called the mistress of basically she looks like the silhouette of a woman on the wall. ledge and speaks of a spirit in the cave called the mistress of a duck she lives there it's true she does exist and you'll get a chance to meet her. are you trying to scare me are you being serious you know i'm being serious. or to be sure the cave entrance is via the river so we'd be sure it's the longest gypsum crystal cave in the world. more than five kilometers long and it's the second longest water cave in europe. some say it might even become the longest of europe years ago did i tell you that i'm.


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