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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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on line there in full but check out our web site r t v dot com slash usa and you can also follow me on twitter at liz wall we'll be right back here at eight pm. welcome to the kaiser report on max kaiser the end of the currency war is near you can tell because the japanese special currency a jacket it's are being deployed yes to tama cause it turns to traders aka the comic carry traders in order to the front line of the currency war stacey max yes you know that this currency war is raging as the u.s. dollar collapses and the latest big step of course has been germany asking for
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their gold back john sweden netherlands austria everybody's looking for their gold where the heck is our gold well over there in japan where they were famous for their kamikazes especially from one thousand nine hundred four the end of the war revolutionary japan is suddenly the center of world affairs so japan may not slide into genteel oblivion after all to the surprise of the japanese people their country is smack in the middle of two riveting dramas that threaten to upturn the global strategic landscape in short order of course we see the conflict the hot war build between japan and china but the majority of this piece is about their. all out monetary war but now fiscal war and. the new prime minister is basically getting rid of the bank of japan independence because he's saying that they're not financial you know they're not one of these japanese
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special financial units you know they're not doing kamikaze enough and not destroying the currency enough it's only down twelve percent for example this year only since the beginning of the year against the dollar and twenty percent against the euro. right and i read somewhere that paul krugman the american suicide banker economist is applauding the the move gold is it new all time highs and yet in terms of the japanese people are scrambling to get all the gold and so are they possibly can to protect themselves against suicide bankers and a suicide prime minister and this is it's playing out exactly as we started this war and so i'm the. general of this war and i struck the troops to keep buying gold and silver to protect against suicide bankers in japan and a suicide prime minister has decided on a much like ball program of course the only difference now between the kamikaze pilots of the currency unit there and back in world war two is that it's a much older generation so they're all wearing adult nappies of course or adult
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diapers so you have suicide pilots wearing adult diapers which is actually what started with the that nasa pilot woman who was famous for wearing diapers and driving cross-country to go try to kill her boyfriend certainly there's a bully in consequence of the third being their inability to hold onto the printing presses so they print they have diarrhea of the printing press and they're not taking any kind of medicine to stop that now you mention that paul krugman likes this policy and i'll tell you it was actually ben bernanke who likes the policy on which this is modeled because they say this is a mere copy of the remarkable experiment in the early thirty's under cork keo takahashi described by ben bernanke as the man who brilliantly rescued his country from the great depression and what he did was devalue the currency by sixty percent forty percent of the trade weighted basis which prompted
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a trade war with the british empire at that time who imposed all sorts of tariffs but takahashi was assassinated by army officers in one thousand thirty six when he tried to tighten by cutting military costs policy degenerated into pan leader lurched into hyper inflation so even ambrose evan preacher says yeah it was great though from one thousand thirty two to thirty six until he got assassinated in the hyperinflation came when we should follow his policy. right it was great until the assassination darn well you know comparing this period to the thirty's is wrongheaded as well because in the thirty's there was a liquidity crisis yeah they could have benefited by printing more money but this is a insolvency crisis and so you get rid of the terrorists on wall street the city of london no amount of printing is going to end the crisis so you know abi has forced the bank of japan to basically lose their independence and as ambrose evans preacher says in the telegraph it's probably not the last to lose their
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independence and they're setting in inflation target of two percent to be achieved by quote unlimited bond purchases now the telegraph goes on to say about this unlimited bond purchases the liquidity effects of this by the world's top external creditor could be large enough to leak into everything from new zealand bonds brazilian equities and chelsea property a sort of carry trade on steroids yeah this is the fukushima. of interest rate policies and monetary policies so they're going to unleash a tsunami of cash on to the world markets to benefit people who are speculating in the housing market the people who are working for a living will be wiped out. again back to world war two analogy of course this would be the central bankers final solution. and it's not just on the monetary side though that they're going to go full on bonkers on the fiscal side mr al they will launch a combined national and local stimulus worth twenty trillion yen or four point four
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percent of g.d.p. no matter that the budget deficit is already ten percent of g.d.p. or that total financing needs are a record sixty percent of g.d.p. the i.m.f. is advise ing that your japan not to push its luck saying even the i.m.f. is a this is curry's the right no this will this will end up with a hot war with john i mean that's what we're seeing this is a japan basically declaring war on china through through through the currency markets somewhere that we're in world war three japan and china are now at war through the currency markets they're now they've got ships positioning themselves out down and that ridge and they're ready to do a shooting war so we're there betty we're there we're in world war three i would like to encourage you to keep buying gold and silver well the japanese pension funds are starting to buy gold and they do mention that the japanese pension funds are now net sellers of japanese government bonds because of all the please listen to me this isn't me this is liz's look at ok i'm talking to you mrs watson only
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forget the carriage forget the speculating on that in the icelandic krona buy gold and silver your husband's down at the pub getting drunk right now as he is every night he didn't won't even notice the working stiff in japan they're drunk you need to call up your broker right now buy more gold and silver most wanted of me yes and you have a very lovely daughter. well. this currency war of course they do mention because at the during the first currency war the one nine hundred thirty s. with by the guy who got assassinated by his military man. that prompted the empire of the time which was on its very very very last legs was the british empire that prompted a fierce trade war so that they do also say that the us who is the empire and looks after japan could be very angry about for their currency devaluation as i said it's
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the yen is down twelve percent against the dollar only since the beginning of this year oh no this is history assassinating people who go against central banks seen jim in north j.f.k. in the u.s. you want to go to central banks and in sixty three he was taken out so no he is not going to challenge the paper printers because he doesn't want to end up you know writing in an open top and workable somewhere with brains splattered all over his wife you know that's not a pleasant i think for a central banker is a well that's a good point because this guy had been operating the hasi had been operating this extreme money printing experiment for four years before he got killed by the military. but you know they were fine with it until he tried to impose austerity upon them upon their pay so this is you know this is one thing we've always said is that the millionaires versus the billionaires versus the trillionaire is and once they start fighting each other once they have to give up their bonuses their city bonuses or whatever it is it could you could see the beginning of these elite
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starting to assassinate each other well we can only hope. well speaking of hope ok so we looked at the japanese monetary and fiscal policy now here's the finance minister taro aso remember everybody isn't as oh sure to turn on. the biggest show in japan you can forget him he's a finance minister yes one of them. but he's in this headline let elderly people quote hurry up and die says japanese minister taro aso says he would refuse end of life care and would feel bad knowing treatment was paid for the by the government so he was doing the rounds selling people on this new budget they have for the new government heaven forbid he said if you were forced to live on when you want to die i would wake up feeling increasingly bad knowing the treatment was all being paid for by the government the problem will be solved unless you let them hurry up and die that's right mrs watson of me just some fellow finance
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minister in japan so i want you to kill yourself for the benefit of his paper pushing your buddies down the bank of japan that's not right is it what are you going to do about it how about. some you know if they've got that confessional sushi in japan made out of the blowfish actually much of it it kills how mrs watson on the goes down to this asshole's office and serve it with lunch in deadly say she was like that so well twenty five percent of japan's hundred twenty eight million population is over sixty within the next fifty years it's going to be forty percent and he just doesn't. he did because this guy was to kill him so that he makes money speculating with goldman sachs well you know going back to world war two first of all he's called the these old people doddering old fools basically that should get a job he himself he says seventy two and i work but his background max he is the
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grandson of a former prime minister his wife is the daughter of a prime minister his family's wealth comes from coal mining and he did use allied prisoners of war as slave labor forced labor during world war two so he himself is well off the regional it was mr young to morrow it's only later the public decided to call him asshole but. that was his new adopted me because he's an aristocrat uses slave labor laws to commit genocide above all people because for some reason he's frustrated that is why treats him like garbage study is so well he's proposing a sort of final solution to the budget problem in japan so i want to have a quick final headline here to bring it back and close it with world war two how the vatican built a secret property empire using mussolini's millions purposely used offshore tax havens to create five hundred million pounds international portfolio featuring real estate in the u.k. france and switzerland but max they discovered that the church's international
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portfolio has been built up over the years using cash originally handed over by mussolini and turn for papal recognition of the italian fascist regime and one nine hundred twenty nine so in terms of asos and plans for killing off the old people essentially who is going to be the one that blesses there you know. not going to be jesus. and jesus no no part of that the buddha. jesus checked out of the catholic church long ago because of the embed with the if fascist to spread they are part of london well this is the thing we're going to cover this actually they don't want to get an expert on this but they own huge swathes of london using mussolini's money who mussolini paid them this seed money. exchange for blessing his fascism but this is what the rats of jesus on line what he stands angry.
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i don't i say there were that's all it's got to go thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you. for the second of august making to m i five whistleblower annie may show all. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call i don't know. i'm sorry i missed the guy who cares an awful lot of my songs are you know what kind of my self you know what he was saying the feature is on the on liberal and the christian. confusedly but it's.
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good for you to distract us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that sell the facials that garbage because of breaking news i'm not a martin and we're going to break that. welcome
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back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to former m i five officer and we're also blower and i may show now of a leap the law enforcement against prohibition and. the report thank you all right and you say there is a third front opened in the global war there is the war on drugs the war on terror and now we have the war on the internet elaborate who benefits from this well i think the military industrial complex benefits the most i mean to something that president eisenhower talked about fifty years ago but i would not classify it as the military security complex because security is big business and surveillance is big business across the planet it's a sort of race between the government and the corporate elite to try to crack down on the freedoms that they use those three rules to do that as justification to have
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the war on terror of course the bush about the patriot act and it shredded all civil liberties in the u.k. the war on drugs has been used for the last forty fifty years for exactly the same purposes globally has caused interventions across the planet on the part of the u.s. and now we have the major corporations major corporations trying to crack down on the internet which of course is vital to the free flow of information free speech as well right so just to unpack this phrase military industrial complex a little bit because people have used it now so much just because. i think it's lost some of its meaning but when you say military it's all about the government and we're talking about industrial you're talking about corporations talk about fascism exactly i mean ushers in america is suffering from fascism get out the they've got the pentagon will go on jon stewart's show you know in the second half and they'll push war and so he totally condones this whole military complex in america and that's consider the alternative media so they love it the for. ochs
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news promotes the military the pentagon goes on fox news they get they gauge american wars and people die and they celebrate that because they're fascist you know fill in the epithet from there all right so you've got the internet. which is becoming going the way the war on terror war on drugs and of course the war on drugs we've got beheadings in mexico what point does an era shorts instead of just threatening to put them into a girl there's a government the fascist in washington just decapitated one psycho mix up well said he was seeing occasional internet activists as well as activists in the real world as domestic extremists and in fact terrorists so for example ok pio streets of london they were warning the police in the city of london that they could potentially be terrorist group so not being classified in that way activists not being persecuted and watched and infiltrated in exactly the same way as terrorist groups or drug cartels and i think we all sliding very rapidly to
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a point where the state will start incarcerating and deeming them to be terrorists and of course once you deem to be a terrorist you are outside the due process anything can happen to you can be extraordinary rendition kidnapped thrown into a secret prison even torches that i know this is all being normalised yes the heading of internet activists will come just as jumping off the heads of folks in mexico i would imagine martha stewart would have to show how to decorate your home with the decapitated heads of your family members that have been fascistic lee. assassinated extrajudicial because they threatened the next hollywood blockbuster so martha that's a good good idea for a show heads on pikes what color well that's what we should be doing is decapitating some of the banks you know you know you. will be doing collateralized debt obligations based on the capitated heads on spikes designed by martha stewart brought in by lloyd blankfein of the making of course little money on this as as as he always does. now you were whistleblower for m i five and part of the whistle
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blowing was about domestic surveillance much of the population today feels that they have nothing to hide. so what do you think about that response is not about having something to hide it's about having a right to privacy why should the government have access to every aspect of your information your personal life and yet without offering it up now we've been groomed by t.v. shows like big brother where if you win that you get on to a cd a celeb lifestyle or for example facebook where again you were expected you're encouraged to help your personal information to facebook for example is doing precisely what the spies wet dream gathering sort of information that we would be gathering on domestic extremists and it's not just the official spies we have to worry about these days we have the undercover cops and we also have this explosion of mercenary spy companies which sent into the middle east the security muscle but also infiltrating only activist groups around the planet including the internet activist groups who can you trust i mean there was a case with the. one of the hacker groups who was one of the leading hackers in
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that group and he was caught by the f.b.i. so who can you trust it becomes very corrosive to cohesive sense of society when you have to look at your shoulder because someone might be living under the stars in east germany right i don't know if you saw the story a couple of weeks ago about scientists. hacked into the brain of a cockroach connected to twitter was he in the senate in the u.s. this was an insect and they had hacked into the cockroaches brain and that was being controlled by twitter so the twitter tweets them coming in through twitter we're having an effect on the cockroach and steering him so i think about americans who are hooked up to these social networking sites being surveyed on by the fascists in washington it's not about that they need to protect themselves or their privacy so much as they're being steered like cockroaches into the consumer and of society into the debt because without the debt and without these cockroach americans being steered by by the. pentagon into being over
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a debt it the economy would collapse overnight well don't forget they've got the military as well to the economy i mean it's be doing the right reasons they say they're going to debt be a consumer whore or will assassinate your extradition but it'll be a look great because martha stewart well do the fabulous color job on your assassination have you heard about fay steele this is some a spin off from facebook where if you are a loyal customer at certain places they will use facial recognition technology in the restaurant you go to will shop you go to feed it back to face steal and then you'll get little updates on facebook saying oh well you know you can get a special discount next time you visit so in fact we're being bribed to allow corporations to spy on earth right americans will give up their liberties for five dollars off a pizza that's unfortunately the state of america today not figure privacy dot com in new zealand is relaunching his mega site leave uploading of of material and you know he was extradition targeted by m.p.a.
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chris dodd i'm sure if he could have just assassinated him on the spot he would have but he's a new zealand so chris sadek hire some mercenaries to go get up but he's really lost mega and he says all about privacy and of course this is a potentially game changer for hollywood because they've done an end around and run around what many consider to be a completely unconscionable copyright laws that destroy the creative industries do you think hill this will have a chance to see it i don't know if you look at make it through. you know i think it's a very good initiative i won't destroy the creative industry because what he's offering is that artists can upload the stuff to his site and they will get ninety percent of the revenue generated by that it will destroy the middlemen the pipes the people who control the publication of books with them creation of musical creation films and it's that industry that is getting heavy in trying to crack down on internet freedoms but. that's a good point to make is that the artists are going to be getting more of the cash.
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they did the distributors in hollywood universal studios a steven spielberg company lionsgate these other distributors who are just taking money and they're lobbying to washington in a way that subverts the whole idea of the creative industry by putting a lobbying for perpetual copyright there's a copyright or is it in a spec there's a doing that the damage chris dodd and the m.p.a. are actually did. sasson aiding the copyright as it was interrupted by jefferson the constitution article seventeen originally i thought so this is a this could be a burst of creativity by getting around the copyright a gatekeepers that are destroying and of course to make up for the revenues they end up producing films that are pornography and violence i mean that's the lions gate brand butters. just violence and pornography but the other issue about this is course if you allow the media corporations to build an architecture on the internet so they can spy to see if anyone's infringing copyright then the architecture is
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there for the spies and the governments to survey says well you can't allow the media corporations to look at this without allowing this post be abused by a segment of government so it's very dangerous part to go down it's like the copyright industry is being used as a stalking horse by all governments by the elites in order to erode still further prophecies and it does subvert the whole democratic process i mean look what happened with actor and copyright trade agreement in europe where the european parliament even the parliament ariens weren't allowed to see the terms of that trade agreement it was signed quietly and it was going to be imposed quietly of course a bunch of activists got involved and spread the word no demonstrations across europe and it was kicked out so we've got to get active aaron swartz as the government told us. what are your thoughts i think they bear a diabolical responsibility this is a man who was turned his back on corporate life wasn't interested in making money was into very interesting internet freedom and walks the walk and for doing that for just trying to copy some files which had an absolute right to access any way he was hounded and face thirty five years in prison in
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a maximum security prison for doing that for trying to free liberate information for the good of humanity now i don't think anything will protest can that is there an end game to those other words if the corporations of hollywood are going to push the public always so far before you have an american spring moment and they seek regime change as is dictated in the constitution that's every american responsibility to overthrow their government if the tire touchingly takes over are we at that moment yet do you think or other americans are just too drugged up and obese i think we're getting very close to that moment and it'll probably tipped when the american economy when people recognize the american economy is bankrupt i mean it is already but most people don't want to accept that so as things get harder as prices go up because of food shortages energy goes up i think that scarcity will tip the popular. that moment but also i think is a sort of alms race between the corporatists to crack down and take away with our freedoms and to make sure it's endemic surveillance society before that point is reached so that when people do take to the streets and trusting the banks to jump
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on the lenten it's too late because every movement can fall it's like some sort of dystopian future that even george orwell couldn't have forseen right it's funny that in america the federal reserve will say well we're fighting deflation meanwhile j.p. morgan and both masters here in london they're cornering all the commodity markets agricultural markets and so are markets the precious metal markets because they know that the economy in america in the u.k. is essentially bankrupt and that hyperinflation is one hundred percent guaranteed and they want to be positioned to be controlling as you make the transition from the paper markets of the post reagan stature deregulatory environment to the new commodity based economy the new gold based currencies will take over for the dollar and these other for the currencies but some for some reason people in america they they see that their prices are going up their standard of living is are crashing but they buy this idea that the fed's fighting deflation is just financial
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illiteracy or do they instinctively know that the fact that they haven't been destroyed yet is due to the cheap prices that come their way relatively speaking to people in cairo or athens because of the fascists in washington in the pentagon i think people are beginning to understand that but i think we are going to be tipping point where there is so much scarcity that people will have to do something about it is going to come pleading obvious we've had it so easy for so long since the war at least in the west we've had no sick city we've had rising standard living and that's of course reversing now and there will be a change a big change afoot i think in the coming years all right annie may show we're out of time thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser reply with me max geyser and stacy herbert i'd like to thank my guest any michel of sleep if you'd like to contact us please tweet us at kaiser report or at facebook dot com flora's last report intellects imax guys
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are saying. victims multiply here each day. it's very profitable to invest in colombia with the very profit of the it is a very high return on investment. you'll know me he has said but i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to pay the armed groups of money by me better than other managers have changed their name and strategy but i just feel the same murderous. high ranking suspects you know comment pretty upset about that mr president the soon. to president putin. but to me. i would give an interview i'm sorry but no.
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investigation is a dead. end up he says sick stuff your bullshit and keep quiet or else you'll suffer the consequences. even if they're your bodyguards to watch themselves because the same goes for them. regards from synch i've never heard of such a case as ours are so much money and gold has stolen so many years. for all the gold in colombia on our t.v. .


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