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a new report released this week says china is to blame for numerous cyber attacks against the u.s. but as washington blaine's beijing we ask should it really come as a shock we also dive into u.s. dependence on chinese products and manpower. and it's america's weapon of choice in the global war on terror but the top secret drone program comes with a price including civilian deaths coming up a u.s. senator reveals just how many innocent people may have died from drone strikes worldwide. and he is nominated for an oscar this weekend for his documentary broken cameras but a palestinian filmmaker runs into trouble when he lands at a los angeles airport and will speak to the mob or not about his ordeal with immigration officials.
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it's thursday february twenty first four pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our t.v. we begin with the much hyped cyber threat from china the story exploded after u.s. security firm monday on released a report that traced a series of cyber attacks against the u.s. to a chinese military unit and china's defense minister says that there is no proof that china is responsible for the attacks but the white house has taken action and unveiled a new policy that put sanctions on foreign countries that engage in online spying well the whole ordeal has raised fear over the u.s. as a vulnerability to attacks from china but beyond the cyber world are we directing our attention to the very place if you look at u.s. imports from china in two thousand and eleven we're talking ninety eight point seven billion dollars in electrical machinery and. equipment an eight point seven
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percent increase from the year before and ninety four point nine billion dollars in power generation equipment and that is up by fourteen point seven percent so just how technologically dependent is the u.s. on china to discuss brian deegan from the new america foundation joins us now welcome brian so china is the world's biggest export are and a lot of these gadgets end up right here in the u.s. from smartphones to other electronics so if people are worried about china spying on us what about these products that we consume how easily could they be bugged. and so all these devices that we use every single day. any of them could be bugged and you know but that isn't just a fact that is true about devices that comes from that come from china that's true about devices that are manufactured anywhere anywhere in the world and in fact we've had to deal with that in the u.s. in the past with their with their own carriers but the the the thing that allows
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the characteristics of these devices that allow that type of surveillance and monitoring is there a closed nature is the fact that no one can see into them no one can understand how they actually work inside they're actually black boxes and so that is true of almost every single cell phone that we use no matter where it's manufactured so that is the capability. that any manufacturer has over any device that we use and the reason that we're talking about this today is because politically at this point we're scared of what china could could do with its power over its manufacturing but the thing about these devices in order for them to even if they contain what we call a back door even if they contain a vulnerability or they're full of malware or bugs. they still have to operate on a standardized networks they still have to get on the internet they still have to be able to make cell phone calls and these are known these. communication methods
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are known so the risk is how soon for any given device will a security researcher you know explore what that device is doing or dig into it a little bit or how soon will someone try to use it on a corporate network so well yeah. we have these new fears and let's say this sounds scary to sue in america and americans want to stop using chinese products that's easier said than done right it seems like everything's made in china these days how technologically dependent is the u.s. on china. it's as dependent as. long as devices are manufactured in china and they're cheap enough for us to buy so you threw out some statistics earlier and that indicate that china and the u.s. is very dependent but. keep in mind that these devices still have to obey rules to enter operate and beyond networks and it would be you know it would be
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extraordinary for. back doors to be or you know malware to ship and for no one to notice because of the number of eyes that are looking on on any given device. the want to talk about you know china is a is under the microscope right now are possibly being a cyber threat but they're not the only one involved in online spying are they. in order for the for any for any malware or spying to work on any of these any of these devices right now if let's say it came from china and there was a thread on it it would have to contact machines or or people some somewhere else in the in the world that would be very very very quickly discovered the way that you hide that is by making it official and that's what china attempted to do so in two thousand and six by defining its own wife i
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encryption standard that was not adopted by the rest of the world so the question we have to ask ourselves is you know if if spying is going if electronic surveillance is going to be par for the course for any state for any corporation what are the rules that allow that to happen right now china hasn't been able to get any rules on the on the global level in order to enable its spying but there are other states the certainly have. the united states for example we not only have laws and rules that allow us to. to inspect and gain access to citizens' data but since those corporations that control data are based in the united states and many many people throughout the world including chinese use american corporations power over data the united states has through a combination of our surveillance laws has claimed the right not only does to
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inspect americans data but also data stored by foreign citizens on american on american data and i were saying this is a very complicated issue very interesting discussion there appreciate you talking coming on and talking about it i was brian dude in a technologist at new america foundation. well the reports of the chinese military hacking u.s. trade secrets have been covered extensively by the mainstream media take a listen china is officially out of control because don't look now but prove today our sugar daddy is a thief for tonight lifts the veil on a kind of invisible war china unleashing its full spy power let's return to the alleged link between china's military and a prolific hacking group most cyber attacks are being carried out by teams inside the chinese military. but there is more to the technological relationship between the united states and china than hacking congressman dana rohrabacher republican
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from california explained it to r.t. . we have build china into a major economic power without demanding any type of political reforms we've given the most favored nation status when we free trade we permitted them to steal our technology they get away with murder. of the latest show of china's economic power purchasing bankrupt u.s. business a one two three one two three systems is an electric car battery maker and you may have heard of this business before a one two three received twenty two hundred forty nine million dollars from the stimulus bill to refurbish two factories in michigan but despite this help from the government the company is going bankrupt now the taxpayer funded technology company has a new owner china that's right the china based company. purchased a one two three and these factories will remain in michigan saving around
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a thousand jobs but the technology pioneered and mighty well now belong to the chinese so while the mainstream media may cover china stealing u.s. corporate secrets it seems that their mum on the times when china since leave by simply behind. and we are going to turn now to the hot topic of drones the secrecy surrounding the drone war in places like afghanistan and pakistan has many calling for more transparency on the drone campaign and because it's been so secret it's been impossible to get accurate figures on just how many people have been killed by u.s. drone strikes but now one lawmaker has put a number out there republican senator lindsey graham reportedly estimated four thousand seven hundred people have been killed and this number he says includes militants and civilians here's what he told a local paper quote we've killed four thousand seven hundred and sometimes you hit
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innocent people and i hate that but we're at war and we've taken out some very senior members of al qaeda now that number is significantly higher than some of the estimates we've heard before and it's not it's unclear how he got that figure for more on this i'm joined now by marcy wheeler investigative reporter and do you we'll done welcome our say since this is so you know we've heard estimates before not this number how accurate do you think this figure is then actually is really close to the number that that your investigative journalism out of london has come up with so. they're pretty rigorous not just referring to news reports but you know kind of circling back in and checking their data after the fact so it may not be far off. at the same time that was there really any way to know how many people have died considering how secret the operations have been. no of course not what's interesting about senator graham's comment though is the administration is getting
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all kind of squirrelly about it as if it's right so perhaps he is right perhaps that is the number you know with drones usually you get a better read of what the truth is when the ministry should start acting all squirrelly than than anything that they actually tell you because they're not they're trying to keep this secret you know another interesting issue at play here is that these drones are now getting into the hands of defense contractors like academy of the company formerly known as blackwater they got in hot water a while ago how does this affect the way that we view drones and they're in danger as well not only that but there was a report this week that china considered using a drone to go after a drug trafficker in burma so we're beginning to see other countries use drones in the same kind of applications we use them in and i just you know i think that question should have always been there for groans what happens when other people use them what happens when private entities use them what happens when other countries use them what happens when terrorists attack them. yeah i do want to go
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and address what lindsey graham senator graham said you know he put this number out there and then he goes on to say you know sometimes we kill innocent people unfortunately. that's what happens when we're at war he says but that's the that's all the the side effect i guess of taking a very senior members of al qaeda and he's not the only one that kind of defends the president's drone campaign saying that it's this tactical. it's a tactic that's used to kill precisely target militants what do you say to that argument these people and there are many of them that defend the use of drones and the way that the obama administration has been conducting this campaign. you know he's right about one thing it is it is a tactic but i think that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to investigate whether
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it is backfiring susan collins a couple weeks ago in the brennan hearing actually asked that question and a pretty and satisfactory answer so there are there is at least one senator who's asking the question about efficacy is it working or is it causing more backlash and till we get the numbers such as lindsey graham wants to offer them up i don't know the until we start getting more data i don't know that we can have that conversation which really is the conversation we should be having right and that's what the opponents of the drone campaign are saying that breeds this anti american resentment abroad because of the civilians that are killed and they say it gives too much power to the executive branch and the president has acknowledged in his state of the union speech that there does need to be more transparency on this program do you think that will happen and i think that's ridiculous for him to say that because just in the last day we've learned the administration is choosing to give republican. republicans are still looking for information on benghazi the
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information they want rather than given even the intelligence committee seven more memos on targeted killings so i mean they say what they want to be more transparent but their actions really defy that actions speak louder than words right marcy appreciate you coming on the show that was marcy wheeler investigative reporter and he will dot net. well he may have been nominated for an academy award but he certainly wasn't treated like a star when he arrived on u.s. soil in mob or not is a palestinian filmmaker and he was nominated for his documentary five broken cameras here arrived in l.a. on tuesday to attend the academy awards but didn't get very far upon arriving at the los angeles international airport he was held by immigration officials for about ninety minutes filmmaker michael moore tweeted about the ordeal he said the mahdi his wife and eight year old son were placed in
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a holding area and told they didn't have the proper invitation on them to attend the oscars and another tweet there apparently the immigration and customs officers couldn't understand how a palestinian could be an oscar nominee texted me for help while filmmaker he madhumati joins us now from los angeles to tell his story great to have you here so first off what happens. what seventh is a window when we got here in the airport in the los angeles you know this isn't my sixth time that i come to united states and it's was a strange three at the moment i was with my family my son djibril and my wife and the we just got here a. long trip we were very the the immigration started questions me and the dog the they want me to give them more approval and invitations why why i came to united states i told them that i am on
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all scott nominees so for them to understand that the palestinian and also nominated is very was very difficult i give them their a i had their visa and i had the hope that it is a vision of life and i was trying to show them the e-mails from the academy award the invitation by. the lady in the immigration lady their office she she didn't pay attention to me or what was i saying to her and she told me if you don't come up with bruv and more documents we will send you back to do it your country so when you told them that you were nominated for an oscar and they didn't believe you. you know they didn't pay attention to this that it didn't believe that and they saw i it's was like serious i thought that there will send us back and it's was odd for me and my son djibril my son to be last meal what's going on here
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i told him they will send us back so you was very upset and angry because he was very he wants to call me or to divorce lee and the photo and after that the ten dollars car so yes so it's it's not that it's not difficult to do sales job to google to my name or to get the more information by is calling someone so i started they started make mistakes and they send immense total mike and more ought to they could see me art or different friends to tell them that what's happening to me so they could help me why did you reach out to michael moore did you hope that maybe he could help you get out of this predicament. yeah it was very serious. and i. thought. they are holding us here and. there will send us back and so it's serious abroad limbs or might you can help or
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somebody can had been to send them some information about us or. do comments. and they finally did decide to let you go did what made them change their mind. e.-l. finally we get the truth to go. after we for . sometimes in there are all inside the room with my family but in the end the. last of his immigration he was kindly beers on and he started to ask questions too to google my name and to see if the in the end he say told me that they're ok and ok so you can go ok do you think that your experience is unique or do you think that this happens often to palestinians yeah it's happened of them to palestinians to be able who are old palestinian passport and i had this problem
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this is billions in different countries in europe countries also and we have all those this problem and in our place in our home and palestine we go through many cheekbones and many border guards and we were at for a long time and the border guards and this is how the life is this is i was our life in palestine many prussianism us and the it's not easy to live under local bishan for a long time so i wanted i am seeking freedom and peace for my kids to breed and for a generation to change their life and to get peace and the freedom for them we cannot just live like this we are a humanoid saw and we are the only. one all the world that we live on the local bishan and that is that i do call vision now can you tell us you made this journey to allaah to attend the academy awards because your documentary was nominated can you tell us about your film. yeah this film for. very long period of
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filming the common thing the struggle the nonviolent resistance in my village the daily life my life my parents life and my brothers and my son growing up so i when when i started in two thousand and five making this film my son jabril was born the i was following him focusing on him and following the change and how the how he reacted the to the situation and i was following my friend so i wanted to make it the more appealing. about the situation that existed in the village so the film is about the more humanist story it's about the daily life in the village sobibor live get to know more about the situation in palestine and about our life and the film was very successful and we would get the to be
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moved touched by the story because it's more of a woman his story so they feel they are more close to the film and to the story and to the to their be able to so i was a creating this film for the for seven years and i am very proud because is this is the fairest policy in a documentary there are two to be in the scott oscar nominee and nominee and if the film when those got a saw it would be a historic day for the palestinian b.-ball for that but it's this is important because this will draw big at the ancient to the palace scene a situation. i wish you the best of luck on extend my congratulations to you and really appreciate appreciate you coming on the show telling us all about your star and how it's been a a long week for here so i really appreciate it that was a model bernard a color director five broken cameras thank you. i was here say has come under
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fire for invasive pat downs and revealing full body scanners a traumatizing ordeal for a three year old girl heading to disneyland is the latest headline to put the spotlight on the agency. or did when t.s.a. agents asked to pat down lucy whose decision to screen who you're getting wanted to tape you didn't like that i don't know anyone to touch my little daughter with not being able to. certainly not the only one who thinks the t.s.a. goes too far and now in the state of kansas lawmakers are trying to set some rules on t.s.a. pat downs a bill sponsored by a twenty one house members there would prohibit t.s.a. agents from touching passengers private parts it would also prevent agents from searching anyone under the age of eighteen for more on the g.s.a. controversy and what's being done to address the issue i'm joined now by danny pans out truth squad t.v. welcome there danny so that he has t.s.a.
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is a federal agency and the state have any control over their actions. absolutely when the federal government is overstepping its bounds and coming in on state property and imposing its will that is in violation of the constitution the states have a very clear remedy which is notification it's the tenth amendment of the us constitution and these t.s.a. pat downs are certainly a violation of the fourth amendment basically anyone who flies is treated as a criminal until they're proven innocent by either being patted down and it's a very invasive pat down i opt out of the body scanners every time i fly for the health concerns as well as the privacy concerns but then that subjects me to a patdown and it's a very invasive pat down if someone touch me like that on the streets they'd be in jail but the t.s.a. the federal government is allowed to do it and the states certainly have the power to say no and no data with what a horror horror story after another way should we show this latest one three are all the girl tried trying to go to disneyland. do you think that we can expect more
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states to take action and more public outcry for change well i hope so i hope that other states follow in kansas with steps and i've been an activist in new york to get local politicians to introduce bills like this to stop the t.s.a. in the tracks the problem is that the states take a lot of money from the federal government especially for counterterrorism effort efforts and so that causes a stumbling block with these politicians because if they start to push back on the t.s.a. the federal government is going to rein in on the money and a lot of these states are now dependent on the federal government for this money so it becomes a you know kind of a strings attached approach where well if you don't want the t.s.a. then you're not going to get all this anti-terrorism security money. and you said that it say you and all along with others find find a hole or a deal quite invasive are there any existing rules that limit how far the t.s.a.
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can go in their searches. well the t.s.a. has policies themselves are constantly evolving every time the public outcry they stop doing something so they recently stopped doing the where they put their hands inside your waistband they allegedly were supposed to stop searching kids which apparently they have not properly disseminated that new policy because apparently in kansas these t.s.a. agents one didn't know that they should be searching kids and two they didn't know that they were it's they're fully within the law to record t.s.a. pat downs of the public that is so these are and this is you can't even claim that these are poorly trained t.s.a. agents because it seems to me like these these policies are put into place on paper but they're never actually enacted or at least maybe they're winking and saying you know well you know as long as you can get away with doing it do it and if they you know rebel then you can back off so i think that it's very important for the public to outcry against the t.s.a.
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to your federal and local elected officials because there's something that every one of us can be doing to push back on this now do you think though that the majority of americans do they approve of the job that the t.s.a. is doing or has it just become part of the traveling process. unfortunately i think that a lot of americans do just kind of put up with it because they're afraid of terrorism we've we've been told that this is what's necessary to keep us safe you know a lot of security experts agree though that these measures are really just theater it's to make people feel better that something's being done but it's not actually security there are a lot of israeli security experts that have come across in the last couple years in response to these t.s.a. procedures since the underwear bombing when it was implemented and you know they kind of laugh at it and they say this is just theater and it's really just to make americans feel more secure but it doesn't actually make anyone safer yeah i think that is the big question there is that we endure this it's kind of become ingrained
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in our whole travel experience does it in fact make us safer there's a lot of argument to that but we're going to have to leave it off there danny that was appreciate coming on that was an append truth squad t.v. and we are going to leave it off there but for more on the stories we covered you can check out our you tube channel that's you tube dot com slash our team america we post all of our interviews and segments on line on that channel there you tube dot com slash our team america you can also check out our newly revamped website our team dot com slash u.s. air where producers are busy keeping that up to date to date with stories that we cover here on the news and some sometimes other stories we don't always have time to get to lead don't forget you can also follow me on twitter we'll be right back here and a half hour say that. well
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into the future to the finish as world class athletes to send on sochi brand new olympic venues are kept safe by high tech sensors behind the scenes congestions battling infrastructure digs deep and deals hard to get thousands where they need to be it's a building bluebook fueled by clean energy while research is pretty new life into gold medal dreams the race is on going to be a day year on. the central. potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but
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what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more powdery down to the bottom line there is still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. piece and it is going to be pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout what's been like nobody's long three drug dealers and some emergency vehicles are exceptions. let me let me respond or not let me ask you a question. here by mr edwards is what we're having a debate we have our knives out. but if you give the scientists back staying there again you're in a situation where being i can't wait to talk about surveillance me.


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