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tv   Capital Account with Lauren Lyster  RT  February 28, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv aids lives within a year of a diagnosis of. over six to two percent. are diagnosed with eight specific problems that frankly is substantially preventable it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about it they were really good public health campaigns people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able to have a lot less h.i.v. a lot less human suffering. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot of money used to solve our you know what is my self but i don't want to give us a to feature race and be a liberal
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a christian. because you're really just. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm abby martin and we're going to break that.
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after start this strange new disease affecting healthy young americans looks like this a period between the first outbreak of aids summer nine hundred eighty one and ninety five not only were people coming down with a it's and dying and so forth but nobody knew who had it or who difficult now more than thirty years since its arrival the face of aids looks like this but the social stigma of this disease lingers persons get educated but in the back of their mind h.i.v. may still be a little dirty secret the biggest part of this little secret is its growth across black america. has gotten a hold in the african-american community it's it's it's it's right here and that's spreading out that way right in the african-american community a collective silence has enabled it to spread across gender and sexual orientation
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african-americans tend to have sex with african-americans it's a black man and black men usually it's black men and black women usually who spreading death. among ourselves. both black men down women are at much greater risk of getting h i v compared to their white counterparts youth as well as adults. we began our investigation by looking at men who account for seventy percent of all new infections among blacks but what was surprising is that it's not just men who have sex with men who need to be concerned about hiv said. i did everything
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possible to get in this position yeah i want to now that you know the way i did my life was famous and free so i pretty much got what i was looking for if i'm not mistaken alice and p g communities clone and i think that's why our verse i first fell on top when they told me i didn't believe yeah because i had all these s.t.d. is like now. it a cool way. you know bad i was my thinking about did it overall way but it didn't go away and stanley's response was going now you know oh that doesn't he does like i want to be on with you you know. ok if i get it i want you how are you know i want to get our. and i probably did go get a had a day you know i would not think about it because i know i know and i know me so i
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play and we get home and. you know you tell me i had it all i had a long. who want to know who won i would have buying. so many drugs a jiffy to take my calls for me. and i had a name and one time i had to guess at slight trees have the we. just like. i don't think. that be a neighborhood if you don't wish it was you know everything everything is heavy you know your legs a heavy a very weak and you still gotta get in get it out to get these three shots a week yeah that's the way i think. i had three blood transfusions because it hit me and. so it out was an experience both in the self and after living with hiv for over thirty years if i tell you my story.
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is that all of it you had to go through. and why. everybody's body is different you know everybody's body is different what i go through you may never go through then again you might go through it twice is worse so don't look at me and say oh yeah i'm opposed to sharon i'm not opposed to. someone living with it every. i remember when major magazine said this would never be a heterosexual disease it would always be you know in the in the gay community it would always been the drug community it would now have a spread to they had all sorts of community well that was false but when people heard that it was like all thank god i'm heterosexual i don't have to deal with i don't have to be worried about this you know this epidemic our investigation reaffirmed that men having sex with men are highly susceptible to contract ing hiv
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. what we also learned is that straight ahead roe sexual black men are a rising tide in contributing to the growth of this deadly virus take hundred percent of the population may be african-american but we make up a much larger percentage of the individuals that infected with hiv the any and it is screwing especially among young people a young african-american the centers for disease control have presented strong data showing that youth between ages thirteen to twenty nine are an ever growing population falling prey to h.i.v. . however we learned of a segment of this group that seems to have gone almost unnoticed youth born with this disease i've heard women use the terminology you know he gave this to me
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when somebody gave you something it's because you accepted i contracted hiv from this man i was in a relationship with him and we had a child i love my daughter he meant three i thank him and for whatever reason that god use him and me as a vehicle to bring this challenge to the world h.i.v.'s here the elephant is in the room is what i'm doing with that elephant i no longer. i have locked myself into this anger you know look what he did to me. we're not burned spawn thousand entirely positive i was six years old and. it was on my doctor's appointment and you know how they have a playroom for kids you know when waiting for the doctor and i was in the play room whilst playing and it's a crime i'm out the pay room so i guess those who are paying for the tell me my doctor came out the room and he came and picked me up from the playroom and when we
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went into the room i see my mom and pull up clears so me i'm pulling away from my doctor like mommy i'm still i mean toys or could he not i don't know why my mom was crying and she's like most we hired just come in and the doctors was like you know your mom won and so close i'm like ok and she just told me she just like blurted out i guess i just passed so like stand up and how she just blurt she does blurted out and so my first question was that always going to die because i used to hear like a lot of kids in africa dying from a child being made so that was my biggest fear that i was going to die they broke down somewhere that i could understand they you know there's medications out there that's going to take care of you but you know this is something that's going that you're going to live with forever i shared with the school that raising every possible i never expected outcome i never expected teachers would have discriminated against or even i never expected that administrators would not have
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taken the time to learn and understand how this disease is transmitted so they wouldn't discriminate against it. so when i went to school the next day and i had told my own friend i say you know i went to the doctor and my doctor told me that i had my mom told me that i had hiv and i soon as i said that my teacher she automatically pulled my friend away from me and probably glows around the class so my the fact that her knowing that i was hiv positive i couldn't go on any class should choose to put garbage bags around me like if i had to use the bathroom she let me use the bathroom or myself choose to take my school lunch away from me or do so factor me being a child be positive she was abused she was abused by always school system other children started harassing gravely and she even got older but to know that adults treated this child the way that she did i mean a child was in catholic school. private schools you would think you know somebody
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no bad they do better that was not the case kids used to make fun of me saying that i had the monster or they used to just that i would get things to me like this one guy used to have really long hair she cut my hair off one day like i was when i was watching a movie in class and all of a sudden i heard says gold charm and i just went like and she was like yeah i'm cutting your hair off because you're going to die soon and i just sat there and i love how continue doing it and because i'd just like as i said we've grown up i just felt like you know this is how my life is going to be in a everybody just going to make fun of me but everyone did not make fun of her and the tender age of six trichotomy oprah winfrey and i was a millennium dream at the time that's what made donal's was doing kids that jelling with any type of onus they would send them my to disney world i went on my show and i was sick at that time i had a fever but i was like oh i'm sick i don't want to sit next to me and she just open arms and like sweetheart i don't care what you have you're on my shoulder i want
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you to tell me what what do you go through and like i just remember me saying man talk to oprah and she was just crying my mother just start crying because man just telling everybody i'm having a child being. always sick and i thought i was going down oprah just like well how about if i say no to disney world or something and hope i didn't move on then when they always wanted to go there and i. hope listening to disney world i confronted her dad he said to me ain't life and life will bitch. you know how long i've been living with this he called me and who says mike while he was on the show why did you tell people to eat i'm positive you shouldn't do that how do you think i'm going to look so is like who says like one though he just is like when he hears asked why it's on the magazine our science on the hill just get upset like he's not supportive of lads. as raven grew into our teams life with her mom
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became strained they took thirteen i always tell people i did try taking my life away me my mom started making really auguring and make isis i get really mad i had it was just it was a lot to me at that i say my teenage years was like my most of last year. and i got to the age of like sixteen seventeen i had to make realize like you know even. then do something but you know she didn't know at the time and i had to realize i had to put my lily sense into this like. i was born with that i'm actually this you know i can't be mad at my mother what can she do you know let me make make it make your future better don't don't look beyond the path i don't look at a child we as a bad thing in. and of other youth and raven's age group who are planning to
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contract in h i v. the reaction of people what they think of. the stigma that's the main one i think of the stigma that's why a lot of young kids the skid they get tested me that they discussed being on stuff like that but i'm talking as they young because i'm still in the young generation that you know the us with the big biggest problem is that you know people except being us and the stigma. wealthy british soil. by. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture. global financial headlines kaiser report.
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today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operation the day.
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the americans have having only two major spots in of the family in the church to address whatever crisis they are going through because the church was the place that sent us historically the collets the church was the place of you had the illness the chance of going come and support you you know of someone died you can depend on the church to come and bring the food you know to me come in bring whatever you need even help me to bury your loved ones you know i mean that was the church of whatever you didn't have the chance of going to come in and fill that gap for you. but when the aids first hit black america. family members were caught off guard those two points those points of comfort were not quite there you know thank god some people had great family support. most families back then did not know what he was on they were afraid you know there was
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not a lot of information there was not a myth so we have that myth that it's not part of me i'm not gay i'm not a lesbian oh i'm a lesbian i can't catch it. i'm not in that age group i can't catch it yes it is it's it's it's in the house many victims of a child were shunned by close family members and when they turned to the church to head the state that initially applied to. anybody to come forward with. specially by religious leaders the church you know was caught up in this is a homosexual disease and you know it's you know again you know going to hail and we're not going to you know we're not going to address that that he was so important for the black church to be for the truth. because of the black church did not want to accept it because you are gay or begin to see
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a child being instead of being your sort of impact in that if you're not then allowed to potentially good that busy inone effective jeter but if it did your mother you're onto your brothers your sisters because they've been also felt like maybe they were part of that being the child so in the beginning it's a gay white man's disease black folks it's not issue really when people were dying left and right by nineteen eighty six african-americans accounted for twenty five percent of those infected with hiv causes for this rapid increase were disproportionately low response at the national state and local levels adding to these external factors was the growing stigma surrounding this infection. and somebody. an african-american has each and that person essentially says in a sense. silence by family members and local clergy bound by fears and an
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oil only strengthened the growing prejudice against those infected with hiv every black family has someone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol and someone who was gay you know so that wasn't a new phenomenon what was new was that we were not about to talk about it in public i had a minister to said to me it's a rule reverend cheeks. homosexuality i don't have that problem in my church i said a problem. i said how because the church twelve hundred people has a soul in twelve hundred people and easily to say that ten percent of the population this gay and lesbian and you don't see anybody so you don't have anybody in your choir you don't have anybody on your deacon board on your ministerial staff on you in your administrative office no way you don't see no one gay and as i understand homosexuality and drug addiction are two taboos that were well entrenched within the black family but almost never openly discussed. aids in the
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black family added one more to subject to be consciously ignored many times i would preach a sermon call for family and that would have the family come and say you cannot say that he was gay or you cannot say that he died of aids you can say out of cancer but they can you can say he died of aids are you kidding me all of the whole community no. so the way i used to give a round that was i would have remarks come first and of course people would get up and say well i knew when he first got infected then the family would have never said a word it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about it . we explored internal factors that led to the early growth in the aids epidemic in black america while doing so we learned that silence fear and denial so evident back then as undergone little more than cosmetic changes
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thirty one years later. load . and i have quite a few friends that were raised in the church you know i had lots in search service and then supplied a few church visiting but it was something that i just didn't see. in must fear and still to come to. enjoy the music but a lot of the other rituals just didn't sink in as i became older and found a way islam was the only way that i knew in one place that i needed to go back to.
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something spiritually something a little more religiously grounding. from the same date isn't anything in the koran actually says of homosexuality being gay it's just a lot of the other. laws govern by the sharia laws you know things that got a lot of the sort of what the profit were practice. where it goes into homosexuality. it being missing. the point i first found out i was positive. like i said i really didn't think it would be possible i was doing a student teaching and i want all my lunch break to get my answers to get the results. and when i walked out today and he said i was positive it was like i was livin in a fog. but i was in a daze. and i went
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back to work like nothing ever happened but it did it devastate i didn't know where to turn to talk to. how to tell family. i was lost. it was my mother father we were any case in. and my husband says oh hi how are you what's going on and they say nothing you know i had him with me there as well when it's all me you know i need you guys to this is what i'm involved with in a mother was cooking we came in he said he wanted to talk and he came in my husband came in. he told us he had something to say to us and i told him that i was a positive this is who i'm in a relationship with a mother started crying and my father being the man he is asked me so what does mean you want dresses and you bring a little he said i was going out and just life floored me that started the whole
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argument and i just walked out you know that put a big strain on our relationship. is different it's better than it was there isn't a whole lot of conversation or close to none conversation about my sexuality me being gay or maybe in a positive. washington d.c. carries the distinction of being ground zero for having the highest h.i.v. infection rate in america all of d.c. has an epidemic because there are unusual consolation as not being a state not even be in city where a cut out all of d.c. is that a number epidemic level but d.c. is not so unique when compared to other major cities across the nation if you compare metro d.c.
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that is diminished did the disk of columbia and its suburbs metro d.c. with metro philadelphia metro chicago metro miami were about the same there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv aids lives city d.c. is one of those twelve cities. we spoke to medical professionals concerning the disproportionate rise of hiv aids in the black community. fifty percent. with the disease. to prevent it. african-americans. get tested we. always don't get into care particularly in rural. areas we tend to have a physician or a clinician who graduated from school. when i had to cheat persons or. because it was all you remember. infectious disease physicians who treated.
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hiv training for medical professionals the majority of the local hospitals and doctors offices within the district of columbia i think. nurses ancillary personnel understand that this is not a disease of casual contact so that you go in the hospitals now you don't see red bags outside of the door you don't see signs up there of isolation just because a person is a positive you may see it up there for a host of other reasons but not for being impossible. it would seem that this heightened awareness of medical professionals would lead to earlier detection of new age hiv patients six to two percent of patients who actually come into care are diagnosed with aids within a year of being testing positive for hiv let me see that again within a year of
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a diagnosis of hiv over sixty two percent of those patients are diagnosed with aids those patients the majority of them were receiving medical care what it means then is that the clinicians the physicians physician assistant nurse practitioner advance practitioners pharmacists dentists did not know the clinical manifestations of the disease or didn't pay attention. of those who can afford medical care it appears that many medical practitioners are not adequately trained in detecting the early signs of hiv or may simply choose not to treat such patients nobody worries about being positive with syphilis and or nobody even thinks twice about most herpes infections but h.i.v. seems to carry a burden. that we just can't explain. this fear seems to be borne in
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not just the general public but among medical practitioners as well we had i had an opportunity to speak with some young physicians. just finishing up residence and a group of them were talking with a meeting we were recently and votes because each of you being taught in your in your program and told them said to us you know when we're at the hospital do t. shirts and these are residents getting ready to go to become full fledged physicians who said you know go to one of windows patients from the top wasn't ok you know clinicians clinicians with whom he has been a room all of their life. and we were stunned when one young woman talked about being in the clinic. and a patient was each of you both some cook isn't it should be. going to none of. them front of us said to her did you evos each movie posters of cookies.
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little words you're going to think only one out of. a what quote if you've never seen anything like i'm cold.


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