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tv   [untitled]    March 31, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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today's news and of this week's top stories right here on our t.v. people in cyprus are left a reeling from shock after the country agreed to a highly controversial bailout deal which will see large depositors losing up to sixty percent of their cash. rising powers of brics economies set to make international waves after pushing ahead with the creation of a joint development bank that could rival the global financial heavyweights. and lawyers of the guantanamo bay detainees on hunger strike claimed their clients are prepared to die rather than give up the almost two month long protest.
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and broadcasting live from moscow recapping the week's top stories this is r t glad to have you with us now cypriots woke up on saturday to some very unpleasant news those with six figure bank accounts will see up to sixty percent of their savings seized by the government to meet the conditions of an e.u. bailout that's on top of draconian capital controls in the country now currently daily cash withdrawals are limited to three hundred euros per person per bank no checks can be cashed and payments and transfers outside cyprus are limited to five thousand euros a month while those travelling abroad are not permitted to take more than one thousand euros with them now these restrictions have been imposed for an indefinite period and as artie's tests are sillier reports families are already feeling the pinch. like many in cyprus need us as greta says simply stunned at the speed and manner with which the banking crisis in his country seems to be spiraling
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out of control he shows us his wallet no cash a little lottery tickets a single parent unemployed and caring for his sick mother raveling of cyprus's financial woes couldn't have come at a worse time and i feel shame that i live with the pension of my mom all of your life is coming up so i don't you make a plan for the future for the people in the young and the old. suddenly you care about the economy of your country or in the park system these. corrupt so. you standing with an empty hands. a sentiment echoed throughout the tiny island nation. with scenes like these becoming a daily occurrence another day in nicosia cyprus another protest though this one in particular is a gathering of that the police of the country's largest lender the bank of cyprus
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but they worry that the company is headed for collapse and they may eventually lose their jobs so many cypriots told me that they are well aware that this is just the beginning of a long hard road i believe that. europe. germany strolled because we are small economy they felt that the consequences would be minimal what they don't know is that the president has been said and what happened today in cyprus could easily happen tomorrow to italy to front soon to spain we just want to be left alone to pick up the pieces and get on with our lives to cyprus is part of your peer european union system files and for when cyprus was paying the money through the european union to help. the other two contras you may embarrass. no but this cyprus have a problem or it's because you know economy or suffering as economic drama continues
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with politicians and bankers drawing a painful measures to execute the years old i.m.f. back to bailout plan it's all too clear to ordinary cypriots who is going to be very deprived need as his mother for example have a monthly pension cut from one thousand one hundred eighty nine year olds to just over one thousand a month ago why they cut from people who have special needs they cut from the people for his part allies question all cypriots would like answered as well. does or sylvia our team make a c.s. cyprus. and as you've just seen in that report the capital nico sia has been rocked by a wave of protests with people venting their frustration throughout the week business consultant jeremy fever says the way the cyprus crisis has been managed highlights the lack of vision i think the debate here is obviously much water than the particular case of cyprus and the political message that's being conveyed behind
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the behind of the base and been going on for the last week or so are clearly underlining. the lack of a lack of vision behind europe's bailout the particular case of cyprus shows a political move where we're we're we're trying to. to heal a deep wound with a band-aid obviously cyprus is again in particular case but the overall discussion and the overall worry and fear that is that is underlying here is is for every european citizen meanwhile financial analysts warn the cypriot blueprint it could very well be used in other cash strapped countries matthew dalton a correspondent for the wall street journal says the financial shock waves from cyprus are being felt all across europe. the euro group president your own diesel gloom caused a lot of havoc in the markets earlier this week when he suggested that yes in fact
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the cypriot template would be used to deal with other failing banks or at the euro zone and that's that includes imposing losses on an insured bank depositors this is something that is still quite controversial among other eurozone countries and you had a number of countries such as luxembourg france and others saying wait a second you know we've got to think about this before we go down that road a lot of other people say look you're playing with fire when you when you try and impose this kind of solution in a crisis you're really going to have to guarantee a significant portion of bank liabilities that includes depositors that includes even some bondholders and that was the approach early on in the crisis with ireland for example where every single bank liability was basically guaranteed at the start so there's a wide gulf between what they've done for ireland and what they did for cyprus and probably the solution will end up being somewhere in between but it's difficult to say where it will play out and right now in our two dot com we're asking you what's
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your take on the unprecedented seizure of funds from large cypriot depositors here's how you've been voting so far right now the majority says the bailout will become a model for future confiscations this hour just under a quarter of you are expecting a stampede of bank runs across the european union and just eleven percent are convinced the decision could be overturned by public opposition while the remaining few believe that this will be just a one off it's just too unpopular to repeat elsewhere and to r.t. dot com and tell us what you think. now it's been nearly two months since guantanamo bay detainees embarked on a hunger strike mistreatment and indefinite detention have been cited as the reasons for the protest now lawyers for some of the prisoners say that their clients have no intention of giving up their protest even if it cost them their
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lives the u.s. military has been playing down the strike claiming only thirty seven prisoners are involved but attorneys for the inmates say more than one hundred are starving themselves the prolonged crisis has drawn condemnation from numerous human rights groups among them amnesty international and just international went as far as calling guantanamo an american gulag and says the facility has brought pain and suffering instead of justice the white house however maintains that it is committed to shutting down the prison and its monitoring of the ongoing hunger strike but the pentagon is considering spending almost fifty million dollars to renovate and expand the facility saying the u.s. congress has decided not to close the facility at all lawyers. recently visited her hunger striking client at guantanamo here's what she had to say about his condition . i met with him from tuesday through thursday every day and when i first met with him on tuesday i was extremely shocked to see that he had lost about forty pounds
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from the last time that i saw him and he was in a terribly weak state he was bending over from stomach pain and he also said that he had not eaten since february sixth so he was one of the initial hunger strikers and he was in a terribly bad state i've seen it with my own eyes and i heard him tell me he's supposed to have another meeting with his military council in the following week and he told me to let them know that he may not be in a state to meet with them he may be by the time they come to see him he may be in isolation or he may be under medical watch or he may be being force fed by that time and may not be able to meet with them and he wanted me to take that message to them you know the from you know my meetings with my with my client last week and his conversations with other straight you know other detainees and prisoners who are also on strike they are prepared to stand up for the principles of not having
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their religious practices disrespected not having the qur'an desecrated and now it's become an even bigger message that they want to deliver which is that they have been now detained since you know two thousand too many of them michael i and for eleven years now since two thousand and two some of them are cleared for release have been declared in the united states however the u.s. refuses to transfer them and the congress refuses to provide funds for that the obama administration has closed the office that it had set up in the state department to study the closure of guantanamo and carry that out and it hasn't happened and so this has gone beyond the desecration of the qur'an that disrespect of their religion and. they're now also protesting the worsening conditions as these prison officials are essentially retaliating against them and trying to end the strike by making conditions harsher and the detainees have been enduring all of
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this and plan to continue to do so saddam in a score no a spokesman for the red cross says the prisoners there are left defenseless and are being held in a legal vacuum. from our observations stanchions and this anguish they knees are experiencing is clearly related to the lack of a clear legal framework in guantanamo and this is now obviously a real impact and as. it is for some time on their mental health on their emotional al for us would be the issue beyond just what you know we are seeing right now going on is this issues that lawyers are talking about the issue of the legal framework that regiments the detention of guantanamo and this is that you should the administration must address and coming up right after the break the last paycheck the u.k. media reveals the russian tycoon boris berezovsky was due for a massive cash boost shortly before his death nine days ago we have the full story
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in just a couple minutes. the
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international and world in the very heart of moscow. and welcome back here with our team recapping the week's top stories going to have you with us self exiled a russian tycoon boris berezovsky was in line for a three hundred million dollars payday shortly before his death that's according to a british newspaper report which refers to leaked e-mails and police documents the money was to come from the liquidation of the moguls of business assets he was a found dead at his home and nine days ago firth has the details. these are the leaks email and police documents it is being reported show me that an investment
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company which controls three all of. these offshore trusts said beginning to liquidate his assets between. thousand and twelve a march two thousand and thirty own family with the aim of providing head with around three hundred million dollars in cash now at the time of course president it's been widely reported he was under pretty severe financial pressure not least because of his recent high profile cool case which he lost against fellow oligarch raman and from a bitch and i said simply it's been said by his friends and family lots of people he was at that call case at the time to not just to put him and financial pressure but psychological pressure as well and the police at the inquest that was a fair and a wednesday said that the cause of death was consistent with hanging the bars by itself he was found with a ligature around his neck there's no evidence at the moment of third party
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involvement or of foul play but police haven't ruled that out yet as he said the details that have emerged as some sort of intriguing facts to this we had reports of record interview that he gave live a journalist the day before he died and which he spake in about losing hope in his life in then of course he got the family and friends coming out he say that this wasn't a man that they would have thought would have committed suicide despite the financial pressures so it's very difficult to i think tally up all the evidence right now. a new strain of bird flu that had not been transmitted to humans before kills at least two in china that third person is in critical condition in the hospital saying. no vaccine exists yet all the details are online plus. jailed and still having fun. putting
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on a music show with doors open to friends and family and. find out how the party never stops. the world's biggest emerging economies have agreed to enter talks to create a joint development bank the decision was taking the fifth brics summit comprising of member states brazil russia india china and south africa it is hoped it will provide an alternative to the world bank and international monetary fund the brics economies are to establish a cooperative council to facilitate joint business projects are going off has been following the blocks annual meeting in south africa. believes of all five bricks member states were very optimistic in terms of the future of the organization they all stress that it is potential is still far from being used to the fore and actually one of the latest initiatives to change that is the creation of the so-called business council to get the business of the five states to get directly
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engaged in more joint ventures in various fears also earlier china and brazil decided to use their national currencies in at least well in nearly a half of the payments between them only the trade turn or between the two states stands at around seventy five billion euros dollars and the general idea is for all other members of the brics to do the same to protect their economies from things like currency wars or the possible negative consequences of the change of the dollar of war the us also the five leaders of the world alternately able to agree on which we know of a joint development bank possibly with a starter capital of around fifty billion us dollars but it's a massive project and it's going to take time to work out all the details but in general for the past two decades these five economies have been the most rapidly developing ones in the world currently it's estimated that their growth is around
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seven times faster than that of the g seven economies it's also thought that by the year twenty twenty combined the brics states will make up around twenty percent of the global g.d.p. so it's no wonder why they want to protect their economies why they want to trade freely and how they wish between themselves and be less dependent on the western financial institutions especially in light of the latest problems with the western economic model in general and what we witnessed here at this summit in south africa is that brics as an organization is transforming from a forum for dialogue to a full scale mechanism for strategic cooperation and more states are voicing their desire to join in their. going to rationing including egypt and russia's president vladimir putin has also met with his egyptian counterpart the ties between the two countries are quite strong both economic and cultural last year or egypt was visited by around two and a half million russian tourists despite all the turbulence in the middle east and
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in northern africa these issues have also been discussed including of course the conflict in syria asia times reporter pepe escobar believes the emergence of a new lender would be a serious a game changer in the global economy this alternatives to the world bank and the i.m.f. some socially essential this is the big deal of the brics and woods system if you think it should be supported by their next rick's list mexico indonesia south korea turkey and the next miss as well this is you know that the stick don't take place of geopolitics a jew economy is changing it's not atlanticist anymore it's the merchants of reemergence finally of the south miss being spread by western guard media that china is the new colonial has the power in ask is completely ridiculous.
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afghan president hamid karzai is in qatar where he hopes to start peace talks with the taliban the group recently announced that it is ready to enter politics and has opened an office in doha washington welcomed the move as it has long been pushing for both sides towards talks ahead of the nato withdraw at the end of twenty fourteen so far the taliban has refused to talk to president karzai calling him an american puppet but security analyst deepak through puffy thinks that it is wrangling between america and the afghan government that is really getting in the way. informal contacts have been taking place in your heart for the last couple of years but then those informal talks did break down for two reasons accuse the americans of being shaky and vague. they wanted an exchange of
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prisoners president obama didn't want to have anything to do with any exchange of prisoners because of many congressional pressure but also outside the congress from his opponents and secondly president karzai himself suspected that he was being sidelined because the americans were in direct touch via any cities with. under president of the americans have openly accused president karzai of being incompetent and corrupt so there's no love lost between president karzai and the americans and and president karzai doesn't want to be undermined by external forces. israeli soldiers clashed with palestinian demonstrators on saturday at a rally marking an event known as a land day protestors at a west bank border crossing her older brock said troops who retaliated with tear gas and stun grenades the annual gathering commemorates an event almost four
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decades ago when israel announced plans to seize new land for settlements six palestinians were killed back then by police and the unrest is now remembered as a major flashpoint in the arab israeli relations are to talk to palestinian legislator most stuff about gucci who believes his people can use the united nations as leverage to fight for their cars. status of the occupied territories is done to disputed territory but status of palestinian state this would mean a lot if we the palestinians if the palestinian officials proceeds with implementing more actions within the systems including gold to the international court of justice and demanding punishment acts on israel because of its violation of international law also it would require the palestinians ask for the application of all the different conventions regarding the occupied palestinian state and also
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to proceed with membership in various other structures i think we need to do that we need to proceed and we need to the of what the united nations has approved and we also have the right to ask the united states and all other countries to accept our right to be a full member in the united nations palestinians want peace and they have done everything they could to achieve peace they've accepted a terrible compromise of having twenty two percent of the land while they were located almost half of the land by the un resolution yet nothing has happened mainly because the israeli government does not want that peace. is want is that the palestinians would submit to their plans of accepting to live in ghettos and within a system of apartheid and segregation. in israel the military is cracking down on soldiers who are misbehaving a group of servicemen posted a series of dance videos on the web it quickly went viral but as artie's policy or reports some fear the idea of
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a stance could limit the government's ability to use social media as a p.r. tool offensive and damaging or a bit of fun a picture of an israeli soldier with mud on his face titled a bomb a stone posted on facebook by none other than the head of the i.d.f. social media unit should wish the most just as the government uses social media for explaining for complaining for propaganda or for spinning it also has to do with private soldiers using new media every soldier is a broadcast station. it looks innocent enough but this will jerk off two weeks in a military prison. while after posting these pictures on his facebook profile this infantry fighter was brought to book for abuse of power and misuse of army weaponry . these soldiers turned their patrol in hebron into a dance move. it angered the i.d.f. but others felt they did a far better job of showing the human side of the army than any spin doctor ever
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courage under the military code of justice offense and i think that sergeant and above which is in fact any conduct which is unbecoming an i.d.f. soldier would would would be for really potentially at least exposure to criminal liability could actually find yourself in jail but it's not always fun and games neither is it so clear cut the i.d.f. told r.t. that a sniper who posted this image was dealt with appropriately it's the problem of free speech i don't see how you can control it i don't think that the dancing is abusing power i do think that putting your sniper in innocent person is an abuse of power and i think this is the think that the army should do gil you gave was an officer with the paratroopers unit he says he'd brief his soldiers regularly about what they could and could not post online but many were careless or childishly unaware of the impact one clip could have you have to remember that
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soldiers are. kids. eventually they're just they're just kids that misuse the misuse of power just for them just fun is not shooting the kid is not trying to kill the kid the irony is that the i.d.f. itself put so much emphasis on social networks using them extensively to promote its actions. the i.d.f. has taken its war to twitter facebook instagram and even tumblr turning its social media tool box into the most globally visible arm of the israeli defense force it started during the israeli gaza war at the end of two thousand and eight but the idea of social media department for. next it's on my muscles joining the patella incident a year and a half later distributing regular video taken from an israeli assault craft and tweeting in sixteen languages off to the most recent israel gaza war last november
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the ballast i.d.f. social media guru boasted his unit had beaten the enemy some claimed foreign media asked more questions about the idea of twitter activity than about the army's bombings in gaza but when ordinary soldiers start using the same platform all that positive public diplomacy to be undermined one pic at a time. well there's a push towards d. day for drones flying an american skies in just a few minutes on r t how state governments are fighting federal initiatives to allow unmanned flying patrols over the land of the free but are they too late we'll find out what. after more bombings that killed nineteen people in iraq on friday we ask why sectarian tensions are surging in a country desperately trying to get its security in shape this and more after
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a short break. wealthy british style it's time to do it right let's go. to the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on. the .
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. and welcome back you are with r t in bahrain on thursday twenty one doctors finally walked free after spending over seventeen months behind bars accused of taking part in anti-government protests they were initially convicted for instigating hatred and participating in illegal gatherings the doctors insisted they were only doing their job and treating the wounded and claimed they were tortured into confessing to crimes they didn't commit their acquittal didn't fully deflect attention from the gulf states massive internal problems and a crack.


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