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heating season firing on three brazilian wonder some back they had trick opening up to thirty four minutes finishing off a need to move on geno we listen for it be a timid center back christopher samba who left for english side q.p.r. in the transfer window right after the restart josina scored the home side second i wonder some doubled his delimeter with with the second full and a minute before time to strike a completed he's had to wait to see and he's human later and down to third. and i've sparred tax european aims to get them to despite glowing out l.a. to all draw with combine the home side went ahead me way through the first tough thanks to the shock of our own goal but of course not our ford back in the second with two goals in seven minutes levelling through and out of us as billy's wonder strike and taking the lead through your view because deft work off the way in those parts i didn't manage to equalise eight minutes from time plus a whole rather firing in the wally two two but the red in would slip to sell and.
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i'd be made that perfect preparations for their forthcoming european encounter against chelsea with a two nil home win always slot and village struggling looking mighty for the guys and side open five minutes before half time is riley be with us marco was quick as to the rebound from kurdistan on salis free kick to score through a sea of defenders legs and three minutes before the end light emitted idun sealed victory by firing in the second rubin are now unbeaten in three games winning two and considering none well look as winless run has stretched to four matches without scoring any goals. in the moscow region dump it but i ask to reach them press if unbeaten run to eight games after a one nil win over struggling rust off kevin cool ronnie headed in the winner in the twenty seventh minute to score his seventh of the season while our stuff have failed to win in four league matches. i.
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knew coach that in and went down and pulled off his second victory from three in charge of more dog as the second bottom side boosted their survival hopes with a vital two nil victory in the basement battle at corliss where the romanian didn't hear that but he did say headed the visitors ahead from a corner after twenty eight minutes and on the stroke of half time it was democrat mansion doubled the score after beating the goalkeeper one on one and two nil it state the victory was my dog is fourth this season as the relegation battle gets tighter with the surround side cutting the gap to third more than cruelly to three points. neither vulgar nor i'm chorus position in the top flight is yet secure and wasn't held by a one all drawing inaugural after both sides scored from second half penalties i'm cards your g.p.a. of give the visitors the lead in some style but will be quiet also from the sport an excess of by golf netting his seventh of the complaint. but the week's big
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a nurse was in need to leap frog plummeting on g. while sports i could only draw as the battle for european sports courts up in snowy russia with eight matches to go. r.t. . well the russian national team are also in good form as fabio capello stretched his unbeaten run in charge to eight games following a one one friendly trail with brazil at stanford bridge which of empathy reports. after the heavy snow in belfast which was russia's world cup qualifier with northern ireland to be called up twice but whenever it was significantly kinder in london with time your capello's men took on brazil in a friendly the venue was chelsea's grand stamford bridge but it was really a home from home for russia wondering about russian for both as one neighbor to meet it is brings to mind about from roman abramovich and over the last decade or phase when chelsea into a major footballing power is going to help russia to try to host the two thousand
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and eighteen world cup prison of world cup before russia two thousand and eighteen and that takes place in brazil next year russia will be looking to join the brazilian span of automatically qualified as hosts philippe scolari's back in charge of a silly sol and it was also a return for him to stamford bridge where he lost to just seven months before being sanctus chelsea manager there is massive expectation from brazil's fans ahead of two thousand and fourteen and defender david luis knows what is expected of his side but the devil is in his service this is the pressure and it doing all the games this is the more pressure on board the fans were certainly out in force and stamford bridge was almost packed to capacity for the neutrals there was a bit of a dilemma about who to support with chelsea being owned by russian for the brazil side had free players from the home club david luis ramirez and all screen their starting line up and queens park rangers manager harry redknapp was also van curry
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thanks ever so much for yes i'm all brings you here tonight thoughts russia just a good game exciting the game to watch you know go players and monday night navigate his own self come along look forward to it and i mean you've run publishing before i mean what are you impressed are you a version for passion good players in a top manager nailing capello and they've got lots of good players so i'm sure. they're doing well in the qualifying group so russia put in a good performance and took the lead after a seventy for. minute scramble for a big to face all in capello's side looks set for a big scalp before fred levelled from close range in stoppage time it did break very well that the break come back. and. the most important think that they still does evening. is that the spirit difficult match i mean what were your full time again it's difficult to imagine i guess i still get to the amazing coach of philosophy to play for voice. think everyone no
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one knows below a couple of always. maybe some strong it seems to me russia. showed that in today as to why it is difficult to work with blocking or they game and you don't have the space to create you some opportunities also but they have a very good game russia will not have a two month break over by two world cup qualifier in portugal on the seventh of june. russia continue their unbeaten record under five year capello in a sign of just how well they've been playing under the italian style be slightly disappointed not to claim victory against one of the main contenders to win by two thousand and fourteen world cup richard don't see london. now after all that look at the best of the rest from the world of sport. thank you.
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on monday tiger woods was back at the top of golf's world rankings for the first time in two and a half years the thirty seven year old had to endure a rain delay before winning the arnold palmer invitational by two strokes from justin rose it was the american's eighth victory at bay hill in florida equalling his own record of most wins as a single goal of course the fourteen time major winner was back to his best after a career low fifty eight in the world. thanks. len and then on tuesday american president barack obama showed off his football skills after the u.s.a.'s all time leading goalscorer at landon donovan offered him the ball during a white house reception in washington d.c. donovan's a los angeles galaxy team and their ice hockey lakers the l.a. kings were being altered after respectively lifting the m.l.s. and n.h.l. trophies last season were four. thanks.
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on wednesday one young brazilian football that was the apple of his father's all i ask islam a wild shot when a remark toward his made his professional goal at the age of nineteen romario opened his tally in his six game for thirty a couple side press in the n.c.a.a. bought a photo three nil in a local tournament but the teenage striker has a long way to go fused to get anywhere near his father and claims he scored more than a thousand dollars. thanks . then on thursday embattled paralympic star oscar pistorius was cleared by the courts to take part in the world athletics championships in moscow this august the south african sprinter is charged with murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on february fourteenth but could be allowed to leave the country after his bail appeal was upheld in pretoria the twenty six year old. double amputee is a six time paralympic champion and the only athlete to have also competed in the
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olympics. will be due. thanks. on friday at least six people were injured in the brazilian city of salvador as police used tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse clashes between football fans queuing to buy tickets but it's reopened world cup venue the arena from say nova is the third stadium ready out of twelve step to host the next year's showpiece tournament brazil is racing against time amfi for deadlines to complete construction and boost security ahead of the warm up events the confederations cup in june. thanks. on saturday second seed maria sharapova again failed to break a miami jinx after losing two had never sis and world number one serena williams to decide that she was sure october fifth when this final in florida the russian was a set and a break up of the surge and serena reeled off ten straight games to prevail four
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six six three six love and time a record six minute title one of the men's final andy murray saved a match point to be doubted farah returns to the world on the tube thank you. thank you and on sunday life was a breach of the fastest man on earth use a moment as the jamaican can't explain well just a short break on his own world record in the one hundred fifty meter dash in rio watch the six time olympic champion was still in a league of his own pocket full team point zero two seconds the purpose built track in his first race of the season a couple cabana beach and the twenty six year old said he can't wait to run at the rio olympics in twenty sixteen. well that's over about one but don't go away we'll be back after this short break.
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. welcome back to pont two of the sports show and you really gospel where it says god beat a time champions way on madrid to remain top of their group but could face and all russian match up against team key in the last eight concert a top off has more. i've. been the big first versus second question group e.t.a. is khalid riyadh from the t. ball to the final bozza taking control with solid defense and fast breaks leaving the visitor is little chance to get back into the game sonny weems netted twenty one points and militia dosage sound seventeen to give the army man an eighteen point lead in the third quarter last blank was cut the deficit to single figures
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but it wasn't enough as the home side who is ten eighty one points to say wanted to win their tanf in the top sixteen the moscow side can finish top of group with victory over obama tonight close next week but could face neighbors here in the playoffs would be a good time you know we have chavez much but you know comes a real good team and they may be as up and on the russian league up in their place so we will take over to make the pay i had to play and this can be a good bet of especially for a country. i've made while he will one of four teams tied for second place in group f. with buffalo are all trailing them by a single win and the spanish side did all they could to restore their playoff hopes in the bell to meet week the visitors edge that tied course want to twenty two nineteen and extended their lead to a convincing seventy nine sixty three by the third he came back to within one point of the bet that accompanied him fueled a seventeen points to two run to make it eighty one eighty however
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a couple of our all held on to win eighty six eighty two and leave the sides tied for fourth in group after both with their playoff hopes still alive but he will have to prove their worth the often knockout round sport by winning at reigning champions allenby outdoors on thursday is going to be very difficult to dismiss him out of. their complicated things for solace they were almost certain to roy and top sixteen paid to dismantle to last. they cannot can i bother to can just go out there and practice and try to win the game in paris in a group it's a scary alban tonight gets in their face have all sealed their places in the next round while in group after only bar so warner have so far booked a sport with twelve wins and five teams will battle it out for three berths in what promises to be a thrilling final week of the top sixteen consonant by the above our team and it will also be a busy week for the russian women's eisel key team who are all set for the world
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championships in canada which face off this chiz day and new coach former n.h.l. star alexei ashen faces a tough task to turn his team into contenders as michael craft and co reports. they may not have the illustrious history of their male counterparts but the russian women's ice hockey team is on the up apart from a slip up in last year's world championships they've made steady progress from eighth place in two thousand and five to fourth in twenty eleven and with a new coaching staff and the young manager in former n.h.l. starting say ashen the women are ready to take on new heights i think it's the job to be as and to become a team and i think that's what we're all looking for. together with the coaches stuff with. cocky figuration and a minister of sports you know to make the best possible team to be as a group you know uncalled for we can work at some. points and give them
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the opportunity to succeed the thirty nine year olds approach is a step away from the usually rigid training regime so often used by russian manages working on team spirit and camaraderie rather than emphasizing strict tactics whether or not it will galvanize the team is one thing but it certainly improve morale in the dressing room but the military experience for sure just his presence at training gives us all a lift it's definitely helped us all bond together better while the mood is high there is still a daunting task at hand. since its inception in one thousand nine hundred only two teams have ever won the women's world championships reigning champions canada and the usa but despite such dominance and exuberant yashin believes anything can happen with the flick of a park that is still going to be in. women's khaki it's of everybody else but again the water bench is a tournament where the one game can make a difference. from my perspective for we want to do it again it's what they said
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before like two to put the best possible team on the ice and compete for. four gold medal you know and again some time so you never know what's going to help . let's not forget hockey is a very physical sport so the girls have been preparing extra hard for the upcoming world cup but should they want to compete with the likes of canada and the usa they're going to have to train much harder which is why they've chosen to play against the boys today. maybe in terms of skill the girls in the russian team could hold their own against the men but for the sake of sparing the mean machine any blushes a local team of under sixteen is took the women on instead it remains to be seen whether russia can challenge the be a months of international women's hockey but as manager yashin told me the puck is round and anything can happen. r.t. moscow now let's move to the extreme sport of paris ski which combines alpine skiing and parachute jumping russia won the world championship title four years ago
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and will host the event for the first time in twenty fourteen robert fought onion spoke with russia's head coach. skydiving the most people are going to hardly get more exciting than this well others always keep looking for more and that's where this extreme sport comes to the fore. or ski easy unique persia shooting discipline in the combines two different aspects accuracy lending and giant slalom and according to russian para ski team coach mark but the up of these commission is a perfect match. for. the sky and the mountains are always next to each other and if you're dealing with one of those two elements you can easily grow fond of the other that's exactly what
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paris key is all about that as soon as you see those mountains and hills from the sky you really want to ski down though. her purse keys originals are much more down to earth in the early seventy's rescue teams at all one resorts start employing specialists who had excellent skiing and very shooting skills although a skiing background is still a priority. for little. above but i wouldn't quibble with them as a rule we prefer people with a good alpine skiing background it doesn't take them long to gain skydiving skills they learn very fast but it doesn't work so well vice versa it's much harder for a parachuter to become equally as good at alpine ski. that's what perske going to start with following two runs of a giant slalom course the skiers take to the sky six jumps from a helicopter six chances to heed the landing that look good on the slopes russian
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made their world champ and she was dead in two thousand and three and it didn't take them long to reach the top winning the world title. six years later. and in two thousand and fourteen for the first time russia will host the sport's biggest event the tonight extreme park in south western siberia. and then you can figure the world championships will be held shortly after the sochi twenty fourteen olympic and paralympic games i believe this will help draw more attention to our sport and we'll manage to shine at our home of it. and i also hope it will be invited to sochi to present and demonstrate the sport afterwards at the olympic venues. perske still from becoming an olympic event like going to put you could easily still the show from the lights the. invitations and sooner or
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later. step. on the global sporting stage. there's no money to speak of me to the international olympic committee claims a sport is too technical but the criticism is unfair how about alpine skiers who use a chair to get to the start line ok so we use a helicopter to get to our start line and the parachute is just like skis for the alpine skiers. after swiftly developing from the lifesaving job to world championships board by nine hundred eighty seven it's growing popularity in paris ski will soon be an olympic level. number one in their own party and let's finish with the olympics as michael craft caught up with. who want to speed skating gold at the two thousand and six games in children and looks at russia's medal chances next year. the countdown still
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continues to soar with now three hundred twelve days to go until the opening ceremony this week i'm joined by none other than. who was the two thousand and six gold medal winner in speed skating so. all of us to meet you. just straight to the matter recently the president over the early be committee in russia said that's russian should expect no less than ten gold medals at the upcoming sochi olympics what do you think. if you ask me like. it's have to be like they're very green. because to if you want to be an olympic games you have to think about just first place i really sure that we can get to ten medals because the season was very good for us and we had some problems with sun sports but i am i nor actors who can change the grecian urn during the next year and special invite long because i really looking to buy them on and i'm sure that they can be better than this
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championship and several sports like. louche or. they can get medals because they have facility and they can train there and have more practice and they can get medals too in your opinion as an athlete other preparations going on track and which which sports you mentioned some already but which sports do you think are really certified gold potential and which are the ones that maybe still need a push. now it's a very very it's very it was a very good idea from beating committee when i was in the bidding committee that put all competition one year before test competition won the year before during the games it's very special for russia we have to finish all the vendors the one year before when athletes can try it athletes can say opinion maybe change something during this year. do you have time for this and if you say both there's because
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it's very difficult to extreme sports because the just comes to a program and we may be not so strong and can ski and all freestyle advanced advice we have to do cut but tension and the like and snowboard were good some obvious fraud in other countries then married to russian girls or one guy came from there korea and his is now russian in short read we have some potential from decide to what does it mean to be an ambassador for the soldier twenty four games needs for me it's very important because i i old timer say that it's my medal was in three now and my another medal was in the vita malo when we got to. these olympic games in sochi because i was in a building kind of the alleged director of the dorce and after that and very happy now to be ambassador of sochi i did so many things for the organizing committee and
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i am very happy to be one although this nice team because we started together and it just canteen year and it's it i know the truth is the truth is that the olympic games in sochi be the best olympic games ever well phil and i definitely hope so and of course a lot is being done to make that happen but still ten months to go and still plenty to do but for now janko reporting forty in moscow. and i was over in the sports life and i. you know when the history of any culture there are some dark chapters throughout human history there's been war on every continent and religious strife and oppression every culture has some skeletons in their closet and in recent u.s. history the scandalous prison at guantanamo bay as making patriotic americans scurrying around a decade or so rather than slamming the door shut and get mall i hate that term
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condemning it as one of the greatest mistakes in american history and gloriously declaring on t.v. channels and newspapers the country wide that it shall never be repeated again the pentagon instead wants to blow another forty nine million dollars expanding it even if you are one of the types of things that american gulags are super cool and awesome do you realize it takes over one million dollars per year per prisoner to keep the place open are you sure you don't want that money to go towards something else like your children's education the thing that burns me up about this the most is that obama promised if elected to close guantanamo bay and as commander in chief of the armed forces he could do this whatever he wanted no amount of filibustering by the republicans could stop him obama you promised hundreds of millions of people to do something very simple start the paper work tomorrow buddy make the nation look better that's your job but that's just my opinion.
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