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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bills on the korean peninsula with many south koreans fearing war as pyongyang has buttons x. is so crucial industrial zone joined iran with so. a milestone deal and on the un adopt the treaty is supposed to control global trade of controversial weapons held as a land owned by some but criticized for and lack of clarity by others. on the ten day countdown to the presidential election for example venezuela would be charged as a bloodsucking president in a race against the pro washington opposition leader. international news and comment live from moscow this is all she with me hello and
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welcome to the program. first north korea has suspended a south korean joint industrial zone the latest move in the ongoing conflict with washington and seoul pyongyang also says it will restart a nuclear reactor to beef up its also know how to washington move its military closer to the korean peninsula south korean based journalist drawers of came gauge the reaction to pyongyang's fierce rhetoric on the streets of seoul for us. so often when i do south koreans how they feel about these threats they usually say that i'm very used to it that these threats are meant dain and actually very common but when i was on the streets today and i was talking to the people it was a different sense there was this more a sense of an eerie feeling that they were getting that the rhetoric has gone to a point where they're thinking that maybe this could possibly be true. that the country got enough previous menacing action i don't feel a direct threat but i'm getting
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a little anxious sense can't even the south korean government is taking echo worse this time so it feels like it's getting closer when the u.s. is more forceful it has a less positive effect from the perspective of a south korean citizen i feel anxious and it doesn't feel like protection and one day the combined south korean u.s. training is for our peace and stability defense capability is necessary for that the letter from the perspective of protecting my country i don't think it is worsening the situation or making it more dangerous it is a natural thing to protect one's country south korea's newly elected president has taking a different stance than what she had promised on her campaign trip on her campaign trail she promised that she would reengage in dialogue with north korea but continuously her rhetoric and. her response to what north korea has been doing is saying that she's going to compare is strong deterrence against north korea so right now north korea's rhetoric to south korea has become stronger and they've
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said they would attack south korea at this point however south north korea does not want to engage in dialogue with south korea north korea's primary objective in dialogue and negotiations is the united states we see that the united states is not tary command is actually growing stronger in south korea we see that south korea's role is actually shrinking in all of this so south korea has to come up with a way in which it will become relevant. the u.n. says the deadlock has gone too far now off to pyongyang with claims that it will restart a nuclear reaction which has been shut for six here is north korea allisat its missile units are combat ready and warned of a possible preemptive strike on the u.s. and so and team shark has written extensively about he was foreign policy and east asian politics and believes both sides should know they are playing a dangerous game when you escalate to this point any small mistake can turn into
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a major catastrophe and that's the danger north korea itself knows that if it didn't attack a bit in attack the united states it would be committing national suicide united states would would retaliate in a tremendous fashion worth korea does not want to commit suicide i believe north korea is doing all this so it can get to a point to actually negotiate some kind of peace agreement with the united states but the north korean threats are very dangerous and sound very sinister and i think they look up and they see these b two b. fifty two supplying this is a reminder of the tremendous power firepower the united states inflicted on north korea during the korean war and that's a reminder to the north koreans of the absolute danger of war with the united states but also gives their state kim jong un and his very very monolithic authoritarian state another way to you know we yield this to show the north korean people that indeed there is a threat so in some ways i think by escalating it to this point the united states
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is playing right into kim jong un's hands so gaining access to north korea hasn't been an easy task for foreign media elsie's alexei care shops he is among the few who have managed to report from there were a case of country and and it is shared his thoughts and experiences with my colleague tim on the say. to be honest with you i haven't had a chance to talk to many ordinary people six years ago when i was there in north korea but i don't think the situation has changed i talk to the officials there and i didn't hear a single negative word towards south korea i got the feeling that this was more about north korea versus the west of the us rather than being against the neighbors . and i was and i thought back then i still stand by that by this thought that this conflict between the two koreas is more about something inspired from abroad rather than being an internal issue between the people of the two korean of the two koreas i mean they're very close they used to be one country they used to be one empire they are divided politically by the thirtieth barrel they're not divided by any
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other way so i don't think there actually is so much as hostile as everyone wants them to believe what you know impression on north korea's. main he he's come people have said he's coming to change the if they are really going to do things already changing you know we saw google officials in pyongyang unthinkable just five six years ago we saw dennis rodman i mean it's just maybe just a show but still he wants to show that he wants to be more open than his dad and he's pretty says he's grand who is also a power he recently said he likes american computers mad computers he likes pop culture he seems pretty in touch with what's going on right now you know what when you when i like he's interested in everything happening in the world in particular the technologies he said that the country needs to embrace the technology north korea already has internet north korea doesn't. confiscate cell phones from foreigners at the port like they used to do before this is a major change to what used to before the question is whether kim jong un will be
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the man to reunite careers and not to go to a full out war with itself let's talk about that a little bit that rhetoric this harsh rhetoric that's been going back and forth between the two koreas how likely is going to come out of that if you ask me i don't believe anything will happen anything bad will happen any war there might. the some tension there might be some border clashes nothing more than that as long as china plays such important role in the region china is basically dictating what happens there and what doesn't happen there it's quite strange to see that the us doesn't want china to become the sole and the most important to go c.e.o. to between the two koreas because china doesn't want this war it would damage its restructure china's already involved in many kind of projects with the south korea so as long as china is there there will be no war and china's position on that has been firm and strong there will be no war. more stories ahead for you including the clock's ticking for venezuelans to choose their successor to the late childhoods with former bus driver president nicolas maduro pledging to preserve the
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commandante is heritage and expert's opinion on the presidential race is coming up in a few minutes. later but now the u.n. general assembly has passed a treaty to control the trade of controversial arms it prohibits exports in violation of arms embargoes or weapons that could be used for war crimes or terrorism it also requires states to prevent controversial weapons reaching the black market but as he is going to shake out reports now are many feel the deal is a big is unlocking clarity. the treaty that the un general assembly passed this tuesday is the first attempt by the international community to try and regulate global arms straight the treaty covers the export of conventional weapons and that's a long list that includes fighter jets worship's tanks as well as small arms the document has knowing foresman mechanisms so the success or failure depends on the will of the world's major export hers and here they are the u.s.
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accounts for thirty percent of global arms sales russia twenty six percent germany friends china seven six five percent respectively the figures are provided by the stockholm international peace research institute they cover the last four years of arm sales by the way this global. is worth around seventy billion dollars and four out of five of the world's largest stakeholders in this business happen to be permanent members of the un security council two out of which abstained from the vote that is russia and china they cite a lack of clarity in the language of the treaty in the part where it says arms transfers should be subjected to risk and human rights assessments first so it's supposed to tie arms sales to the buyers record on human rights which sounds like a very good idea but then this raises all kinds of questions like do brain or saudi arabia have a perfect human rights record so the treaty leaves lots of room for all kinds of interpretation is russia being actually supportive of the effort to regulate arms
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sales says it abstained from voting for the treaty also because it does not then arms sales to non-state actors. this by the because of the number of states it was not reflected using a ban on the supply of weapons to none and this is a significant shortcoming. in that because of the effectiveness of the international arms trade treaty. even though the united states supported the treaty at the u. way congress has made it clear that they will not let anyone tell the us who. to sell arms to so it would be like the kyoto protocol the one that said obligations on industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases the u.s. also signed it and yet there were rectified it gun manufacturers like lockheed martin or northrop grumman have an origami of lobbyists on capitol hill to make sure that their ability to sell weapons and profit is not constrained in any way but then thomas countryman system secretary of state to lead the american
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delegation to the talks defended the treaty saying it will actually give american weapons manufacturers a better competitive competitive position in the world so maybe the u.s. government is actually trying to help its gun producers by supporting the treaty anyway the international community seems united on one thing and that is something has to be done about the unabated flow of arms in the world but as they say the devil is in the details in washington i'm going to. the presidential race has kicked off in venezuela in ten days time become true will choose the successor to the late leader at hugo chavez two main candidates obscene president nicolas maduro and his opposition challenger and prints both stars of the official campaigns with huge rallies enjoying charm this is a blessing to become the next president of durham made a pilgrimage to the late leader's birthplace in pleasure to which he then actually used a full bus driver who rose to be china's foreign minister and vice president and
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has vowed to preserve his legacy opinion polls show madeira is leading the race over his wife a centrist state governor and rick ake a plan that is so capri must preserve the perceived rather as the wealthy u.s. banks can just told his supporters he's not the opposition but this solution to venezuela's problems and my colleague kevin spoke to dr francisco domain of last american studies at mit acis university who explains why in the jury's the feverish to win. nicolas maduro has demonstrated to be a formidable communicate so is his own person disable to use in volley language he used the masses very he conveys very good messages he's very good very astute politically and i think he's doing very well that's why he's leading in the polls is gaining if you like from the spontaneous outpouring of grief or for chavez is he capitalizing or for want of a better word on the grief oh i'm sure there is
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a lot of sentiment about it i mean now of that chavez was a figure of haters in the international media now the population of venezuela realize how much he was loved was two million actually that came out in the streets to be a bit him fair world as impossibly was the biggest demonstration in the history of the country and any candidate whoever they are would be foolish not to use it however the key point is that i think is the message people are saying you know the mother is saying to them do you want the continuation of what you had with him for forty years improve in it perfect in it or do you want to go back to the bad old days of the republic which the british represented and the message in that sense is very clear last for your mother oh i see this is really in between ten to forty percent in the polls. now food for thought while toughening a story saying that families across britain tons of food is being thrown away the
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chair and later on with the volunteers proving perfectly good products a bend for no reason. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have these healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean while they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. to pop deadly pills you can have subway he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him go. this pharmacy really about helping people.
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if you. see. this is all see coming to you live from moscow welcome back they turn about and could regain a political foothold in afghanistan as soon as next afghan president hamid karzai says the tunnel benita could run for presidency in the twenty eight fourteen election but the medicine's would hop to now towers. and violence so nato is pulling out its troops by the end of cars ice time with the afghan government pushing for peace talks now every time about now refusing to speak directly with
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president karzai describing him as an american puppet and they recently announced their readiness to enter politics and have opened an office in doha to facilitate peace talks with the u.s. also a contributor option returns he says nato is conduct in the war so it is only helping the insurgents gain political ground. the american public may be thinking what was the point of this debris relatives of all those thousands dead they must be getting a very strange picture of afghanistan if the taliban on the mall obama is going to run afghanistan is it going to be a pullout of course lots of people are asking one hundred fifty thousand nato troops there now and already people are talking about fifteen thousand remaining on five different bases the continuous drone attacks and the atrocities committed by u.s. and nato and i say have troops of course do catalyze pro taliban support it was only in the past week or so the u.s. commando unit were thrown out of new york province after allegations of complicity
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in kidnapping torture and summary executing people in the province because i told the americans they better get out and of course those kinds of atrocities around it i wouldn't support and. has been to afghanistan encompasses the region explains what's behind karzai is a recent announcement. he's made this point numerous times before calling for the taliban to participate in elections is that stand is so open and democratic that even mullah omar working to disarm essentially could run for office of course the reality is that this is a complete political nonstarter because the taliban have been very clear in their position they do not see the karzai government as being legitimate they have openly called it a puppet of the united states they refused to hold any sort of negotiations much less view the constitution as legitimate or offer any sort of candidate so again this is just sort of wishful thinking perhaps or rather a rhetorical remark by president hamid karzai than any sort of reality on the
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ground because the taliban has refused to negotiate with him there really isn't very much that cars i can do in the situation for the taliban the number one position is this affectively to remove all foreign troops from the ground in afghanistan in order to do that why negotiate with the so-called puppet government when we can talk to be occupiers themselves but there's divisions within the taliban as well do they actually hold negotiations or do they fight until the occupiers the u.s. forces leave the country there are also divisions within the obama administration about this because while this war has been incredibly credibly costly to the united states and the taliban have long been an enemy for the u.s. many factions in the administration see the political solution as the only possible sort of way forward i mean it's been more than clear that military might isn't enough to eradicate the taliban so somehow talks have to take place but at the end of the day i don't think anyone actually relist tickly expects peace with the
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taliban anytime in the next few years for sure when i was in afghanistan most of the afghans that i've spoken to have seen this deadline with the looming trepidation in fact they think that once the americans draw down and there's no indication the americans will fully withdraw from the country but of course that will leave a massive power vacuum there is the potential for the country to descend into civil war and it also really remains to be seen what happens with the. twenty fourteen because again if the country doesn't isn't seen as sort of having a legitimate. non corrupt elections it really could spark much much much further unrest than we've seen so far. now in other news across the globe this hour police clashed with female perhaps in the bangladeshi capital of dunc on tuesday just thirty people were injured during demonstrations as women of the islamic opposition demanded the release of one hundred fifty prisoners arrested during the recent riots against the government homemade explosives were allegedly
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detonated before protesters set fire to police vehicles at the same time darker police have reportedly arrested three aces bloggers who sparked islamic anger last month for alleged insults to islam and its profit. it's taken cyprus less than twenty four hours for plays that are going to finance minister who resigned after the country went from boom to bailout the man to take his place as the country's labor minister the learning curve will be steep for cherries georgiadis as he faces fierce opposition to kant's plans to bring cyprus back from the brink of bankruptcy. well the u.k. government is pushing for further thousands of fun is across the country are finding it more and more difficult to pay for their basics even food meanwhile supermarkets and restaurants are embracing a throw away culture building tons of good products each year always point to the volunteers biting the trend that blooms so that's again going to be good going into
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the deserts. down here we've got. lots of. again. goods and absolutely free daniel volunteers at the people's kitchen it's an eco conscious collective in east london their aim to say food that would have been thrown away by shops and markets at the end of a day's trading today daniel and chef tom are preparing to wow two hundred dinah's with a feast made from discarded food as a chef i've seen for being wise to every restaurant and i've ever done on a big scale in the supermarkets and i don't even larger scale at these big markets so the through that we're taking is not good enough to so to get to throw away it's kind of in that category there's a big gap that nobody's really doing anything about in the western world and it's just sad really that nobody has respect for the food it's just kind of ok to get someone to and then when there's people starving not just in the other countries
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where this food came from. in this country one in five of the u.k. population lives below the poverty line but there's a dramatic discrepancy the rest of the population spends an average of just eleven percent of its budget on food. institutes of mechanical engineers says that that's fueling a tragic throw away culture with four point four million tonnes of food pinned avoidably each year in this fridge with. its ridiculously loads of reason you can see. these are just perfectly good maybe one or two bad ones but it's just it's really a matter of sorting them having someone to sort them so this is a huge scale the fact that someone down managed to salvage for their kitchen is likely to end up here as landfill in fact over ten billion pounds worth of food is thrown away in the u.k. each year that's a colossal amount of waste to such
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a tiny island and before fruit and vege even hits the shelves up to three quarters of it is discarded by farmers just for not looking good enough. at the moment we pay supermarkets and other food businesses to trash the planet to grow food and then. we need to make a consumers they change their behavior as well when we go to supermarkets and see that straight and all the apples look the same we need. some vegetables and at the same supermarket do with all that. actually they stock fruit and vegetables as they grow in a huge variety not uniformity. markets don't help by tempting customers with deals consumers alert into buying excessive quantities of food. which ends up in the bin or spent many years visiting the skips of supermarkets literally. and what
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you see is a ray of perfectly fresh good vegetables and fruits and other foods that have been thrown away and most people think gosh how disgusting to get food out of the bin it's true it is disgusting but what's disgusting is that with way the consumption food and every link in the supply chain continues to. tom and dan can keep proving that finale there really is such a thing as a free lunch. east london. and on our website for you six european countries declare war on google so how we bonded together to start a legal action against the american search giant on trade once again refused to point a sea policy so head to our website when nobody. else is just a click away although we can expound a judo songe has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k.
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for the pulse nine months it's not a dump and has political aspirations so taking part in the australian presidential race he took home. on a lie of his chances of victory. and back with more news in about seven minutes time and in the meantime it's also he's also labeled documentary so there's breaking. wealthy british style. sometimes it's because we're going to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds of reports.
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transitive lifestyle and long story short i take drugs for a living human drug testing what other people see my scars a think of a drug that is or could ever do i track marks for applejack and heroin but after i
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get about one hundred needles in there is going to leave a mark that's what i'm sure and i've been in studies where we had one hundred sticks and like fourteen days that's a lot more traffic than i going through my veins i mean that's what i'm being paid to do being paid to be a poet prodded. tested and if i don't want to do that i won't be here doing it i have to believe that i'm doing something to help out society i could be seven items that many people but do i really believe that. it's hard. when one stare. my name is robert helms and i am a professional guinea there's a take take relationship between me and the pharmaceutical companies my name is robert helms and i am a professional going to pick they need bodies to do the testing and i need money.
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so no i don't have any moral qualms my name is robert helms and i'm a professional in the real robert jones makes his living as a human guinea pig for scientific it's when you're a guinea pig you have to fit the description they're looking for you have to be drug free and you have to pass a medical screening and the only way to consistently do that over and over is to lie. tell the truth. if you say you've got anything wrong in your medical history you're going to be less likely to get the job than the next guy in line who's very consistently line three it did something happen to you when that made you want to do something like this the doctor who examines you knows that you're lying but why a lot of them only lying so i can get work which a neat ok number two how much do you make the doing something like this to something like three hundred fifty a day now.


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